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x-x-xDevon Alice Koenigx-x-x

XXName:Devon Alice Koenig
XXNickname(s): Dev
XXAlias(es): D. A. Koenig
XXCodename: Scorpio
XXMutation(s): Shapeshifting (Centruroides margaritatus, "Central American bark scorpion" ), biochemical secretions (see below for analysis)
XXAffiliation: X-Men, The Zodiac (former)
XXIdentity: Secret
XXCitizenship: American, Irish (former; residential)
XXBase of Operation:(formerly) Wallace Estate (Killaloe, Ireland)
XXDate of Birth: 11 November 1993
XXPlace of Birth: Cambridge, MA, USA
XXOccupation: Freelance writer, part-time Congressional lobbyist, unlicensed psychologist
XXEducation: Salem State University (MA in English, minors in psychology and history)
XXMarital Status: Single
XXFamily: Henning Piotr "Harry" Koenig (grandfather), Milena Basia Gotowka (grandmother), Emil Rupert Koenig (father, deceased), Dulcinea Martina Piatek (mother, deceased)
XXHistory: Devon Alice Koenig was born into an entirely human family. Her father and mother were killed just prior to her fifth birthday in an accident, and she went to her grandparents. One of her fondest memories is visiting the former site of Auschwitz with her grandfather Harry, who had survived the concentration camp as a political prisoner. When her mutations began to manifest at the age of twelve, she was approached by a teenager named Ciel Leandres and offered a place on the Wallace Estate in Ireland, where she could learn to use her powers and be home-schooled with the rest of the girls there. Ciel introduced the group as the Zodiac: Ciel (Libra), McKenna (Leo), Nadya (Capricorn), Brooklyn (Taurus), and Arlen (Cancer). Under their watchful eyes, Devon got her shapeshifting under control and learned to fight to defend herself and her home.
XXXXXWhen Devon was eighteen, a fire broke out in Nadya's computer lab due to excessive heat. Although the others made it out alive, Nadya had a sprained ankle at the time and couldn't make it out of her lab before succumbing to the smoke and flames. The fire crew found her burnt beyond recognition. The Zodiac then dispersed, scattering to the winds in the face of the tragedy, and Devon returned reluctantly to America, where she enrolled at Salem State University. She got involved in lobbying against the Mutant Registration Act during her college career and continued it on after she graduated, even though none of her Congressional contacts knew she was a mutant herself. She joined the X-Men after graduation and combines her passions for writing and history into short stories and doubles as a counselor to high school students who don't want to talk to someone affiliated with the school. Devon tries to remain neutral but she won't hesitate to give someone a good thrashing if they threaten her or someone she cares for.
XXIdentifying Characteristics: Hard brown exoskeletal plates down her back that don't fade regardless of what form she takes
XXOther: Speaks German, French, Spanish, and Korean with varying fluency; sings when alone because of silence anxiety
XXVenom Analysis: Scorpio's venom is almost identical in chemical structure to that of the Central American bark scorpion. However, hers has the addition of an enzyme which acts on the mutated X gene. It has the effect of "turning off" the gene temporarily. There is no information on the effects of the venom on humans or on mutants of much higher class than Scorpio herself.


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Marveling Adventurer Report | 01/26/2018 8:42 pm
Marveling Adventurer
whee I see you! emotion_yatta
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 9:40 pm
I do, on occasion, randomly shout or say words that make no sense in context. Puppy is aware of this. He is also aware that I will tease him. The porg thing is a major one I use against him. If I use it in a sentence and it makes sense, I'm teasing him. If just by itself, I want your help sneaking away.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 8:08 pm
That works for most of the time, but there will be times we can't use it. How about I say porg? That way Puppy thinks I'm trying to tease him.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 7:56 pm
Thank you. Though I'll probably need your help to sneak away from Puppy. We'll have to come up with a code or hand sign so you know when I need your help.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 7:40 pm
Like Puppy is going to let me be too far from him. Though I would appreciate a space for my own use and some space.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 7:25 pm
Mine is not that big. Yours is just a bit slimmer. I know how it goes, thanks.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/05/2018 4:49 pm
You know, that might be a bit more than I needed to know about the General. But as long as you have fun.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/04/2018 9:09 pm
Speak for yourself. Puppy rants for a few minutes, then decides he's been unbearably rude and makes everything slow and torturous. I only get rough and fun if he's in a mood or I say I agree with the General.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/04/2018 8:26 pm
You laugh, you cry, you eat popcorn and egg them on... Fun is had by all.
Spectre_Josephine Report | 01/02/2018 3:53 pm
I don't think anyone does, least of all them. They could argue over if water was wet or a desert in the daytime was hot.


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