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Birthday: 04/12/1986

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Xye_the_Whimsy on 02/22/2024
DarkRybrin on 10/05/2023
Fluffy Floof on 09/24/2023
Kittea Cafe on 07/29/2023
Star on 02/06/2023
Mori Stardust on 09/05/2022
Miku8020 on 07/23/2022
Shane Diesel on 03/12/2021
StxchStxch on 12/23/2020
Melancholy Cat on 10/15/2020
Not Toast on 07/22/2020
Tempest Lorelay on 06/19/2020
Chiriku Muzikku on 05/12/2020
Asru on 03/03/2020
Lilith Septim on 01/21/2020
-Michellaneous Me- on 11/20/2019
KittyKatlin on 10/05/2019
Pokemon Trainer Jess on 10/01/2019
Apothecaring on 08/20/2019
I Night Skye I on 06/14/2019

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i Love anime & movies... i love to draw anime as well... i am obsessed with hello kitty & tokidoki as well as anything super kawaii!!! i LOVE awesome makeup!! especially eye shadows! heart i love to work with photos of me and/or friends on photoshop to make them cooler. i love thunderstorms & my fav. color is lilac.... i really love movie scores & soundtracks. i am trying to keep my friends list small. talk with me for a while first & then we can become friends.

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DarkRybrin Report | 05/09/2024 11:44 am
Thank you very much! You're looking great in creamy candy too!
Amelina Vance Report | 05/04/2024 12:34 pm
Amelina Vance
Aww....thank you! So is your avatar! heart
I hope you're having a fabulous day today! whee
Amelina Vance Report | 04/18/2024 10:10 pm
Amelina Vance
You're very welcome! I'm glad that you like them! Everyone deserves some surprises and spoiling on their birthday, so I was more than happy to gift them to you! heart 3nodding
DarkRybrin Report | 10/14/2023 9:44 am
Thank you for the complement!
DarkRybrin Report | 10/05/2023 9:23 am
User Image

Hello! This is the item you're looking for from your post in the CSU!
Empress Boa Report | 03/29/2023 4:58 am
Empress Boa
Thanks Manda how are you? ❤️
Amelina Vance Report | 03/02/2023 4:52 pm
Amelina Vance
Hi Hi!! I adore your current avi, it's awesome!! I hope you've been doing well! heart
Empress Boa Report | 11/06/2022 11:12 am
Empress Boa
oh haha. i have a spare if you need anything let me know
Empress Boa Report | 11/05/2022 12:07 pm
Empress Boa
oh no! sorry to hear that, but glad you're getting better. i had corona a few weeks ago. ive been having allergies lately and it's bothering me. hard to sleep and i can't breathe ahh. need to get some medicine. what are you up to in gaia nowadays?
Empress Boa Report | 10/25/2022 12:22 pm
Empress Boa
Hi Manda! biggrin how've you been? love your avi so colorful mrgreen heart

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