♪Angel Subscriber as of 5-15-18! (I'm baaAAAaack!!!!)♫
Also North Kitten Subscriber...8-1-2020! (Too much excess Inventory!)

Reverted back to my Original username!
Past Usernames: Angel Cooties & others I can't think of momentarily...

My very 1st Alchemy Wings were Crafted on May 14 2016 @ 11:53p.m. EEST!
WING MASTERY ACHIEVEMENT acquired 5-28-2019 @ 12:12a.m. EST!

Center of Attention, Heavenly Spoiled Angel of ALL Gaia❤!
~Platinum Blonde~Baby Blue Halos~Pansexual~Single by Preference~Fun Size~
Curvy in ALL Ћ right places~Child @ Heart~My Avi's Base reflects me IRL.

Happy-Go-Lucky Gaian, Poll Whore, Tipper, Overprotective of me BESTIES!
Fav. Gaia Stores: Salon Durem & Cloud 9!
Avi, House, Car & Aquarium Items aren't for Sale; You no can has mine!

Proof!! of me 1st EPIC Kamilla Kill: December 12th, 2011! (With ELITE Crew!)
Proof!! Featured in January 2012 Gaia Online Magazine (Pages 15 & 16) about Angelic Halo!

Achievement Points Whore: Currently 44,250! *STILL #1 among me Friends!
(WAS Ranked #2 on Gaia: 1/15/2013 @ 7:14p.m.EST to 1/23/13 @ 1:56a.m.EST!)*
*An Achievement I'll likely never reach nor surpass EVER AGAIN!!!
Level 10 Alchemist acquired June 26th 2014 @6:19a.m.!
Heralds Of Chaos - Faction: Kingdom - Rank: Chief - Level 48!

Acquired EVERYTHING I ever wanted on 8/6/2016 @11:07P.M.!!!
Now just collecting a few sentimental things I forgot about back then...

Other questions answered when I know you enough first (and ONLY then)!
Is that everything......I believe so! ~Svetlana~


Inside Angels wittle world!

Current Events!

A little something for those who want to know a little more~!


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Asian Sins Asians

Report | 09/18/2020 8:24 pm

Asian Sins Asians


Report | 09/18/2020 4:35 pm


Awesome Skittles items, the lot of ya!
Do you have any spares you're willing to sell?
king hazy

Report | 09/09/2020 9:56 am

king hazy

i feel that in my soul lol

Report | 08/29/2020 10:30 am


i gotta know how y'all make your avis look like that O////O

Report | 08/29/2020 2:54 am


I think you’re simply amazing! You’re so interesting. I’m always at your store lol.
Love your bio! You’re incredible & we def share the nude avi luv emotion_rainbow emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Asian Sins Asians

Report | 08/13/2020 11:08 pm

Asian Sins Asians


Report | 08/11/2020 8:10 am


hello redface can i know what item is your body? thank youuu sweatdrop

Report | 08/10/2020 9:54 am


ty for buying!

Report | 08/02/2020 1:58 pm


I usually don't do this.. ahaha it literally says this as a rule in my store, but you are the first that i have ever said this to. maybe my only customer (because i always found these comments annoying ahah or spam)
But, thank you for purchasing all 5-6 of my heart charms. You emptied my store. so thank you.
I read your bio it was interesting, fascinating. so you probably have been on gaia for years? since its inception, you must be loyal.
I think the Gaiaonline Magazine sounds awesome, I read an issue, and I loved the poetry section at the end. I am a poet, and I am always looking for places to publish to. whether magazine, newspaper, hardcover, paperback, website or email weekly whatever medium. I tried the Gaia News Weekly, its a newsletter by email, its in PDF format and I saved the issues that I did, two issues. Its really cool
Does the gaiaonline magazine still exist?
Also, I think its awesome that you are an Angel subscriber here, I would but I am lacking funds, expensive and I am broke.
Your avi is awesome too!~
How long have you been here? I registered in 2008. I was 17. I last logged off at age 23. I only logged back on at age 28, but I am 29 now. My birthday was april 29 2020 and I turned 29. I had to update my bio in my profile. My username here was Luyiasha when I first came on. I have since changed my name several times, I made my avi a vampire, with the blood potion from skin tyte. So I came up with this vampire persona for my avi. I am XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX. Before that I was a Mistress o.O ahha lmfao.
Its nice talking to someone who has been online for many years, still logged on, maybe the same age as me? And have changed their username several times too. anyway, have a good day!~ hope we can be friends, if you want to.
Under Granny

Report | 06/22/2020 11:14 pm

Under Granny

Thanks for the sick shop!


Back from 4-5`ish year hiatus, FOREVER Gold > Platinum...

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...Wing Mastery Achievement acquired on 5-28-2019!!