Hey all welcome to my page ! Hope ya love
well lets see.

heart My name use to be angelwarrior007. I recently change it to: l StarChild l. heart

Anyway !! ~~
My name is Kairi
I am:
105 lbs
Japanese/Black Mix

Im a very nice person who loves fun, but i do like to hit people lol <3
Im all about sexiness and cuteness which is what i hope you get out of my profile :3.

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amorremanet Report | 03/02/2022 10:12 am
Love your avi! heart
Toasted Bunni Report | 02/01/2022 10:51 am
Toasted Bunni
Happy Birthday 🎉
Toasted Bunni Report | 11/16/2021 6:48 am
Toasted Bunni
I've been ok. Super busy. But that's a good thing right? 🤗

Ooo pins! How fun!! So what have you been drawing?
Toasted Bunni Report | 09/02/2021 4:16 pm
Toasted Bunni
Yes I'm ok. And yes! It's been forever!!

Hardly anyone comes on anymore. So what have you been up to? Are you still drawing? Are you married? Kids?
Toasted Bunni Report | 09/02/2021 4:06 pm
Toasted Bunni
STAR!!! OMGG how are you?!! heart
Toasted Bunni Report | 01/03/2021 7:20 am
Toasted Bunni
Hi sweetie! How are you? How is your New Year? So happy to see you on!! 💗💗💗💗
Toasted Bunni Report | 10/04/2020 4:09 pm
Toasted Bunni
Hi Star!
oXMarioXo Report | 01/31/2020 6:21 pm
Kronic Dreams Report | 07/24/2017 6:27 pm
Kronic Dreams
Hey long time no see Star.hope all is well with you.if youd like im on my main more than this one its Gosu Plz
if you ever wanna talk about random things im always here plus i use the app as well ^.^ have a nice day
Toasted Bunni Report | 06/09/2017 7:14 am
Toasted Bunni
Hello old friend 💞


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