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I play World of Warcraft and Tera- message me for details
I love sparkly things and I love dressing up my Avatar
I have been on Gaia since 2006, I am here for my friends, I love to chat when I am online. <3

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500 posts- completed
1000 posts- 939//1000
5000 posts- 939//5000
10000 Posts-939//10000

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to get all wishlist items (never ending crusade)
get to Level 100 in Lake Kindred 17//100
get avatar art 0//100
become an omni moderator

things to know
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Donated over 2 trillion gold/items and still going
-Do not beg or message me asking for things-
I donate at random.

Profile is updated regularly or as many times as I like too..
well that is about it for now..check back for more later
I Night Skye I