-hello and welcome to my profile-

♥ Is breá cairdeas dílseacht

my name is Skye
I am 10x2+9
member since
I play wow, tera and FF 14

if you want to know more, pm me

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I donate randomly, so do not ask or even beg me.
-donated over 3 tril. and still going-
and no...sending me a friend request will not help
you get anything any faster from me stare

my friends list is almost at it's limit, so if you do want to
be friends with me, send a pm first, otherwise I will ignore it~

I update my profile regularly and I am always on the Gaia app
so that is about it, check back for more later ♥




Welcome to my store.

Feel free to browse and buy my items.
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Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.


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I Night Skye I