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тнє ηαмє'ѕ χує
(ι'м α мαgι¢α gιя ιη ιѕgυιѕє)

Age: 26 years old

Hobbies: You can probably find me playing video games in my spare time.
(I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, but really I'm a fan of most games.)
If I'm not playing video games then I'm usually:
baking something delicious, writing, drawing, or making some type of music.
I love: things that look dark/disturbing to others, but I also love cutesy things, different cultures, and people
Favorite types of fashion: punk, goth, nu goth, pastel goth, and fairy kei.
Favorite Beverages: tea, water, and Dr. Pepper
Favorite Person: The Hubby
I'm obsessed with: Alice in Wonderland.
I dislike:
mushrooms, (I really hate how they taste and I don't like their texture at all.)

I am also a Christian and a True Believer of Christ. He is my Savior and Friend XD
He saved me January 30, 2007
I sometimes stumble, but that only makes me human.
Thanks by the grace of God, I can pull through, and overcome =)

So anyways that's enough about me =)


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DragoD5 Report | 02/08/2018 1:14 pm
That's okay, I understand you are busy. I get the abdominal spasm once in a long while, thank God for that because If I got it more often I would have to go see my doctor. My brother's Basil is growing like the bean stalk in Jack and the bean stalk, and my light green lettuce is trying to keep up... I keep raising the light and they keep growing bigger. blaugh Alas we have had problems with green mold, but I think I have found a way to prevent it. I really do enjoy nurturing our plants, giving them tender love and care. From when the seeds germinate, to when you first see those tiny little leaves... and when they grow up. Well that's it for me, hope to hear from you again. Clyde.
DragoD5 Report | 02/01/2018 4:23 pm
Thank you. Good to hear you are still doing your artwork, I know how much your artwork means to you. I'm doing pretty good, had a wicked abdominal spasm. I get them once in a blue moon and thank God I don't get them often. Plants are doing good, we have been using the lettuce already. We have 3 full grown lettuce varieties, and 3 younger lettuce varieties. We have 4 cherry tomatoes that have just just produced flower buds, and 1 golden cherry tomato that is still just a baby. We have 2 pepper plants that produce green, yellow, orange, and red peppers, they have no flowers at the moment. Also we have 1 Jalapeno plant no flowers, 1 full grown genovese basil and 1 younger thai basil, we have thyme, a chive, and I am waiting for my dill and mint to come up. Some times we get white web like mod that grows across the top surface of the grow sponge, they are easy to remove. However the green mold that appears at the surface requires me to remove the grow sponge from the plastic holder and then wipe and blot the sponges top on a paper towel. There will always be some seeds that fail to germinate or little seedling that perish. But you do what you can to help them along, and once they get growing you know you have a healthy plant. I'm sorry for the long comment.
DragoD5 Report | 01/31/2018 5:29 pm
Hi... Aw you look cute in your animal avatar. So how are you doing?
Epic_Fail_ef Report | 01/15/2018 4:02 pm
Great. Just started watching No Game No Life. Although, the Internet here has started to slow and act up
Epic_Fail_ef Report | 01/15/2018 3:29 pm
Hey there
Indigo Oblivion Report | 01/05/2018 2:48 pm
Dont be ! <3 its good to hear from you
Indigo Oblivion Report | 01/05/2018 1:23 pm
Thank you! <333 I miss talking. inbox me sometime when you have time?
DragoD5 Report | 12/30/2017 3:39 pm
So far I have two little sprouts, one herb and one lettuce. My brother has three, two lettuce and one herb. I look forward to seeing tiny little leaves on tiny little seedlings, like babies in a nursery. wink
DragoD5 Report | 12/29/2017 2:13 pm
Thank you my friend, I am hoping my brother and I will have nice little gardens. We check every day and fill up to where it says fill to here. Also it has a clock, and turns the planter's lights on and off. It also lets us now when to add the nutrients. I think it will be a fun little hobby for my brother and I, and if all goes well we will have herbs, lettuce, and heirloom cherry tomatoes to eat. wink
DragoD5 Report | 12/28/2017 2:06 pm
Eating Christmas leftovers, and my brother and I each have a miracle grow aerogarden harvest elite, we set the clocks, added the water and nutrients, and set the light timers, and set the seed pods into the holes and placed the little domes on top. We have about 7 to 14 days to wait before they germinate. For my brother and I, it is something to share and enjoy... and later eat blaugh


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