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I REALLY like people that love themselves as much as I love me...
I think I would have a lot in common with a lot of people that love themselves...
I don't know what it is about being around self-confident people...
But it just makes me feel...I dunno...
More SELF-CONFIDENT, of myself...
You know what I mean...
I guess I just want to meet people that want to meet me for me and only me, nothing else...
That would be fun...
If I tried to add you, it's probably because I think you might be cool...
If I'm wrong, then...OOPS!
I like talking to random people all the time...
Which is BASICALLY why I would add you out of nowhere in the first place...
And truthfully, you aren't reading this, so forget it...

But if you did read it, then I'm just kidding about everything sweatdrop

Truth is I'm just a guy living life and trying to figure things out.
It's somewhat difficult when you don't have an instruction manual telling you what to do and what not to do.
I mess up sometimes, but I guess that's part of that figuring thing.
I really don't know what to say here...
I'm pretty open-minded about virtually everything, and I have something to say about everything as well.
Good conversation awaits if you choose to stop waiting.

***Profile modded a bit from Perfumey***

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 02/11/2024 9:34 am
Ya it definitely is a rough kind of thing to go through. I’m sorry for your loss too. May cat that had to put down had the start of cancer. But I hear ya there I’m still not used to him being gone either. I’m glad you were able to get a dog. I was able to get 2 kittens last October I believe.
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 02/05/2024 9:34 am
Ah ok. That’s fare, it has been a really long time since we last spoke. I’m happy for you finding someone who gets ya and is there for ya. As for me I don’t know if I mentioned to you awhile back but like 2 years ago it was rough because my cat who I had for almost 19 years had to be put down. But about a year later I adopted some kittens. They have been wonderful!
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 01/30/2024 6:44 am
I hear ya there. Things are good on my end for now. So anything new?
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 01/29/2024 2:32 pm
I’m sorry it’s been rough but that’s nice that you’re taking care of them though. Right now life is pretty good but sometimes it’s hard. Especially during the end of April and Halloween time.
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 01/29/2024 2:05 pm
I hear ya, life tends to be that way for me too. So what are you up to right now?
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 01/29/2024 2:01 pm
I’m awesome and ya?
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 01/29/2024 1:56 pm
Heya! Long time no see!
vanguard ensemble Report | 01/11/2024 9:27 am
it's almost your birthday! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. heart
Elventin Report | 10/28/2023 1:48 pm

heart Thank you for buying from my store heart

If got junk drop it here
ydq Report | 07/26/2023 1:25 am

Lurkers o.o;

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