==== A b o u t M e ~! =====
Hi ninja
My Name is Alumn Lance
I'm from Philippines emotion_yatta

I'm deaf in rl so im wearing hearing aids everyday ^^

i am dude

||May 18,2000.||Height: 5'8 or 5"7||Catholic

There picture of me:

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heart LOVE K-POP heart


Love watching ANIME and YouTube heart

Favorite Colors: Blue,Light Blue, Black, Red, White, Gray, Aqua

Favorite Food: All Asian food, American, and sweet food

I started in Gaia since 2010 i was ten eek

I'm always wear color black but i been werewolf avis before

I love Gaia to online everyday ^^

~Er... I'm always being busy .....~


Instragram: alumnkayukizo
Pinterest: a l u m n ▓■
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