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Birthday: 08/22

im 22, a double major, i love to cook and i have like 1 million plants
feel free to shoot messages about any of those things really

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fatirex Report | 08/22/2019 1:35 am
happy birthdayyyyyy hope u have an amazing day and year heart
rniIk Report | 08/04/2019 1:16 am
yes sure !!! u should pm me the details <3
rniIk Report | 08/02/2019 9:55 pm
o uyes sure !! wat u want drawn
rniIk Report | 08/02/2019 5:49 pm
i dont sad
but hrnng u can buy me..gcahs..
hoegrain Report | 07/31/2019 4:38 am
ure sooooo cute imy
kucingwanita Report | 07/24/2019 12:09 pm
Sorry i saw ur comment too late sweatdrop
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 8:08 am
Ms Pixel
Not sure where you heard that from but many here are poor. Its also cheap to drive to Malaysia to get booze because Brunei doesn't sell booze at all. Its illegal.

Driving in Brunei is also a necessity as its not like in other countries where they have good public transportation.

Sweet sour pork is my favorite. Wanton soup too.

I don't know how to make pasta.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 7:28 am
Ms Pixel
I guess its pretty expensive but then again its not worth coming here if you are looking for entertainment as its really boring.

I wish I could cook but sadly I don't. :c My mom always cook for me. Chinese dish mostly. I don't like sushi or Korean food. -Cough-

I love Italian, Chinese and maybe Thai food as well.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 5:50 am
Ms Pixel
Nah I am not from there but I had friends who lives there. I am from Brunei. Not sure if you heard of it. Its a really small country close to Malaysia. We also have the same timezone.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 5:14 am
Ms Pixel
Hi whee I was just curious when I saw your profile stating you love to cook. Hope I don't come off as a creep. Heh whee

That's really detailed of you. So I am guessing you are a Pinoy from Philippines? You're a girl right?

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