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Edo,Gambit, Alchemy Freak... I have many names

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Heaven's Guide To Every Living Creature.

XxEmily_Aoba_SeragakixX on 08/15/2018
GoldenBeloved on 08/12/2018
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XxEmily_Aoba_SeragakixX Report | 08/15/2018 1:09 pm
hey how r u
Kymber Darkus Report | 08/14/2018 7:22 pm
I haven't really done it before? I've done it in video games before, but never in writing. I'm not opposed to trying it out though. Why do you ask, lol?
Nephilim Pride Report | 08/12/2018 8:23 pm
Lmao. It kind of did
Gemini x Knight Report | 08/11/2018 7:32 pm
Nice!!!!! That'll be fun!!!
Gemini x Knight Report | 08/11/2018 7:10 pm
Hey there all is going well, just been busy how have you been doing
Nephilim Pride Report | 08/10/2018 10:05 pm
Im actually gonna take a sec and admit that i kind of miss "short hair Daryl" because as much as his long(er) hair is gloriously him, he seemed a little more lively then he does now. Like sure he was still kind of merle back then but atleast he was good mood when you least expect it :/
Nephilim Pride Report | 08/10/2018 7:08 pm
Yes lol twice cause i cant scentence good
Nephilim Pride Report | 08/10/2018 7:08 pm
Lol nah its cause i dont specify the things i say lol
Nephilim Pride Report | 08/09/2018 9:45 pm
Lol im saying the moment they pm'd me was like a slap to the face xd
Forever Masked Report | 08/09/2018 7:44 pm
For sure!

"Broken by love but not as heart's most".

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