Basic s**t
Age: 30, too old for your drama.
Sexuality: straight
Gender: female
🐻If you're a different gender i don't care, if you're nice to me, i'll be nice back.
🐻I don't judge or discriminate.
🐻I have short term memory loss, ptsd, anxiety, social anxiety, trust issues.
🐻I own a 5 year old shitzu/terrier/jack russel and she is first above all.

🐻I like swimming, hiking, fishing, beaches, talking, telling puns, being my goofy self, arcades, stuffed animals, dogs, cats, any animal mostly, drawing, movies, reading, playing animal crossing: new horizon, mobile games, virtual worlds, taking pictures of nature, video games, friends, sunflowers.

🐻I dislike snobs, judgemental people, racism, abusers, mean people, liars, cheaters, dust, marshmallow candy(it's a texture thing).

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.