About myself
My life's a mess, who's isn't.
I get depressed a lot
Mentally/physically disabled somewhat
I prefer dogs over cats (cause I have a severe cat allergy), still love cats.
I like dinosaurs , badass historical creatures, history,English, quizzes, blah blah blah, just ask.
I have short term memory loss, suffer some PTSD,I cry a lot, does that mean I'm weak. I have shitty lungs, asthma , ulcers.
I'm not racist, I'm not very social, but if I get to know you better, I can talk for hours on end. Been on this site 10+ years.
I have a puppy, she's got the coolest personality. I love all animals. I don't care about your gender/nationality, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, simple as that.
I like going to arcades alot. Winning stuff huehuehue.
Skeeball is my favorite thing.
I also suffer anxiety, especially in public places.
I'm usually happy/bubbly. Unless I'm depressed which is most days. If you think you can handle me, then let's be friends.i was I have injuries that I wish would go away, don't we all

Basic s**t
Age: 27
Sexuality: straight
Gender: female

Art done by some amazing artists( I forget the names of some because this was about 6-8 years ago, some are art of my mule account as well.)


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