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Name: Hiro last name unknown
Age: Unknown
Birthday: October 31st
Gender: Male
Race: Half Demon / Half Human
Occupation: Stylist at a salon called Formositas
Height: 5'9" (approx 179 cm)
Weight: 151,8 lbs (approx 69 kg)

Likes: Cute & fluffy things, dressing a little feminine, animal ears, boys, the color purple, accessories

Dislikes: Darkness and evil, his family heritage, all green food
**Likes and Dislikes change slightly when he turns into his demonic form.

Background story & relations: Hiro is part demon, part human. His mother was a nice and shy human who meet Hiro's father one cold night when it was a full moon. That was the night Hiro was conceived. Thus ever since Hiro was born to the world, on every full moon~ he transforms into his true self. A demon. His horns grown to twice their usual size and his tail grows out as well. And the mark of the demon appears as a tattoo on his right arm.
He's always known he was different and hates it. So he loves to accessories to try and hide his tiny horns that sadly, never go away.

He is completely in love with Shane McCallister, and keeps harassing / stalking him everyday since the day that they met for the very first time.
And that was when Hiro actually was in his demonic transformed self.
The morning after when Hiro had turned back to the usual self that he is, Hiro feel in love with Shane at first sight, not remember that they had meet earlier the night before and spent all night together.
Their relationship is complicated to say the least. They both share feelings but can't make it official for different reasons. Hiro's reason being that he's actually envious of his Demon self, whom Shane actually prefers.

Hiroka Yasui was being threatened to be killed by Shane and Hiro stepped in to calm down the situation. That's how they came to meet Hiroka for the first time.
Hiro finds that Hiroka actually reminds him off his sister that past away when he was no more than 7 years old, which was a long time ago.

Hiro often hangs at this club called The Dark Room. He's friends with the owner Sasha Diamond, as he's also a frequent costumer at the salon Hiro works at. The have a great deal in common, a few which are their common love for fashion as well as men.
Another person he often meets at the club is Levi. A cross dressing performer, who often sings at the club. They've flirted a couple times but the chemistry wasn't there so now their just friends.
**Levi is owned by Helina Soultaker

Personality & traits: Happy, sweet, spontaneous and a little shy. Fabulous fashion sense and loves to over accessories. He also loves to sing when he's in the shower.

Personality & traits (after transformation): He becomes wild, bad boy, stubborn and easily provoked. Pretty much the total opposite off how he is normally.. Also, his hunger for male flesh is, in a sexual way, increased by 250%

Tektek Versions
Outfit 1 w/o shirt // w/ shirt
*on the shirt~ skip the moon and yellow stars

Outfit 2

Demon transformation
*ref sheets will come

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