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Name: Shane McCallister
Age: 34
Birthday: November 14th
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf / Human
Occupation: Paid assassin, freelance
Height: 6'1" (approx 187 cm)
Weight: 178,2 lbs (approx 81 kg)

Likes: Boys, specifically shota boys (Hiro being his type), killing bad guys, getting paid, blood and supernatural thing

Dislikes: Lazy & stupid people, cats

Background story & relations: He works as a paid assassin, got into the line off work when he was only 15 years old. Always had this odd fascination for blood so the nature off killing always has seemed natural to him. He has rules to never kill women or children.
Secretly likes Hiro but would never wanna confess to him, for Hiro's own safety since Shane has a lot of enemies.
He's what modern people would call a werewolf. But he never fully turns into a werewolf, he chooses not to. Since he can control his form, except for when he gets excited. Then his ears and tail appear and reveal his true self. Like when he's on a job that he feels burning passion for, he can't help but have his ears out~ the more he keeps em out, the more heightened does his werewolf abilities get and he gets even more powerful.
Only in the company of people he doesn't trust, does he keep his cool and hide any trace of his werewolf.

Hiroka Yasui happened upon Shane when he was in the middle of a job. She tried to hinder him in finishing off a poor man, who was his target at the time. Shane dislikes Hiroka and her to positive pure view on life. And in the midst of his anger he tried to kill her even though killing females is against his code.

One night, after doing his bidding, Shane met with Hiro, who at the time was in his demonic transformed state. It was love at first sight for the butch Shane. Something he’d never experienced before.
The morning after when Hiro had turned back to the usual self he is, it was Hiro’s turn to fall in love with Shane. Though Shane was disappointed he still sensed that wonderful darkness within him and the eyes.. the eyes that had made a man like him, weak in the knees. Their relationship is complicated to say the least.

He's never really liked any of his bosses even though he hasn't had to many off them. But... Gus Kane, is not your ordinary boss. He demands a certain work flow and doesn't accept flaws or mistakes by the men he employs. This is something Shane utterly respects and admired. He likes things clear and that's what his relationship is with Gus. They have a very simple and strict boss-employer relationship. Both of them have the same sexual orientation but they choose to remain friends, mainly because Shane already have strong feelings for Hiro. But if Shane had never met Hiro, he would probably have the hots for Gus, since bad boys are obviously his type (knowing how he and Hiro met and all)

Personality & traits: Hard working and very punctual. Earnest and kindhearted to people he likes. Awesome killing techniques. Very limber and work out freak. Unbelievably good sense of smell.

Tektek Versions
w/o Hat & Hat
(everyday wear with and w/o hat)

Excited state
(tail grown & ears out)
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