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Name: Sasha Diamond
Age: 25
Birthday: May 18th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Club Owner of The Dark Room
Height: 6'1" (approx 187 cm)
Weight: 156.2 lbs (approx 71 kg)

Likes: Glamour, night life, being a club owner, manly men, drinking, fashion, colors red, black, teal, and beige & clothes; especially dresses that highlight his fabulous legs.

Dislikes: Yakuza, taxes, loan sharks, noisy people, pets

Background story & relations: Sasha is his real name but he changed his last name to keep his family from being mixed with him. Since he comes from a wealthy family, where it's not acceptable to behave and have the kind of life style that Sasha has chosen to have.
He's always known he was different from others. Liking things that boys normally didn't like. Having hardly any friends at all growing up, except for his most beloved childhood friend, Mazin. They were complete opposites but at the same time they were just what both needed to fit in the frames their parents had set up for them.
High school wasn't easy, being sent to a Private one where the demands were high and the students weren't so open-minded about things. He was very quickly labeled the outcast and bullied.
Though all in the shadows, he could tell there was someone who was trying to protect him. A boy, who was also labeled an outcast, but for different reasons. This boy became very special to Sasha. Though he never cared to find out his name, knowing nothing would come of it, he had a very good memory for faces.
And when they two were reunited one faithful night when Sasha was cleaning the trash for a gay bar called The Dark Room, he was the owner. Sasha had had his ups and downs, and the club was his light. And now, he had met a man, a man that could someday be a partner he'd cheerish. His own. But this he'd never be first to admit. Though he could tell but Gus Kane's actions that he too felt strongly towards him. This made Sasha feel safe and even more confident in himself. Gus also became a frequent regular to the club.

At the risk of having to close down the club a few times because of yakuza gangs terrorizing the neighborhood the clubs were situated at. And Sasha dislikes the yakuza more than anything, though luckily he's been able to gain some protection though Mazin's connections and gang members keeping other gangs out of the club. He could never hate his childhood friend no matter his background, nor could he hate Gus, for whatever reason, he felt strongly towards him just as Gus did for him. There was no explanation, it was just how things was.

Sasha pretty much lives at his club. Wanting it to have the best atmosphere possible, he went on a hunt for some talent to have preform at the club.
One night when he was just walking the streets near the club, he meet upon a petit looking boy named Levi, with a voice like an angels. Sasha decided right than and there to take him in and help him get back on his feet as well as bringing more costumers to the club.

The club has many many costumers, though one of the most recurring costumers is Hiro. Sasha and Hiro have a very complicated relationship... it's a bit of love and hate mix. But overall they usually get along.
**Levi & Mazin are owned by Helina Soultaker

Personality & traits: Very high spirited, flirtatious, strict, stubborn and outgoing. One of his biggest traits is that he can tell when people are lying.

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