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Name: Pierre Arcand
Age: 19
Birthday: November 8th
Gender: Male
Race: Feline, part man part cat
Occupation: Underling for Yamaguchi-gumi clan
Height: 5'8" (approx 173 cm)
Weight: 149.6 lbs (approx 68 kg)

Likes: Fish, especially tuna sushi, loves to win in everything; he's an exremely competitive person. May not look it but he likes to read thriller and fantasy books, when not on his job you'll easily catch Pierre with a book in his hands. Loves tattoos and piercings. Favorite color is yellow/orange, the music he listens to is Techno and Nightcore.

Dislikes: Dogs, obviously for natural reasons. Flowers, cos they wither and die. Seeing people acting weak or when crying.

Background story & relations: He doesn't know much about his childhood. A car accident when he was 16 years old resulted in him having a permanent memory loss. Rehabilitation took him over a year and when he turned 18 years old he came across the Yamaguchi-gumi gang, the largest and most famous yakuza group in all of Japan.
He befriended the 2nd in command named Gus Kane and has been an underling ever since.

Pierre doesn't get affections for people very easily but the feelings he has for Gus is more than just respect and admiration. But since he nows that Gus doesn't like men and wants his women to be extra feminine and girly, he doesn't stand a chance. Thus he keeps his feelings hidden for no one to see or know but only himself.

In the line of work, walking the streets and making sure the loans the gang gives out gets paid back with interest. Pierre has come across a freelance assassin the gang hires many times over to complete different asignments, his name is Shane McCallister. He's part wolf, and being a feline himself they sorta have the obvious cat and dog relationship. They both dislike each other a great deal. But have learned to work without having to cross each others paths more than needed.

Personality & traits: Can be little rough around the edges but he's generally a nice guy once you get to know him. Kind-hearted to people he likes and very loyal to his gang members. Very flexible and has stealth abilities better than any ninja you'd meet. He's also very skilled in the art of Kendo.

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