I'm a pretty quiet person at first sight but I can get really chatty once people get to know me. I work as an operator in Costumer Service for a Company that sells agriculture products, among other things as well. Don't make much but at least I manage to pay my bills which is the most important thing. I'm 25 years old, which kinda intimidates me, having done so little with my life. But I guess I just live a quiet life, nothing wrong with that.
I'd love to travel tho I'm undisciplined to save money better. I consider myself an otaku and I love yaoi. I love cats and am in fact a cat owner of a cat called Hiro (yes my Avatar was named after my cat) X - X
My taste in things varies depending on the topic in question.
Tho when it comes to music I pretty much listen to everything and anything. Although my all time favorite and forever idol is the japanese singer Miyavi <3

March 23th 2014 Krakow, Poland - Miyavi Concert was amazing !! And I got to meet Cookie~<3 one of my dearest and closest friends here on Gaia. We had a lot of fun. Next time, make sure to come visit me xD

Oh yes, and I'm a female. I just prefer to have a male Avatar. cos they look so smexy.

Love random comments

Also, please check by my store, perhaps you'll find something you like?



Hiro Minosh

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Occupation: Costumer Service Operator