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Name: Gus Kane
Age: 28
Birthday: Febuary 21st
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: 2nd in Command and 5th Generation of Yamaguchi-gumi clan
Height: 6'4.8" (approx 195 cm)
Weight: 204.6 lbs (approx 93 kg)

Likes: His cigarettes, you'll never see him without one in his mouth. Loyalty; expects nothing but from all those beneath him. Ramen noddles and the soothing atmosphere of his favorite Club; The Dark Room.

Dislikes: Failure and disloyalty. Weakness in people. Waking up early in the morning, he always sleeps in til' noon, if he's able to. Vegetables, unless they're well-cooked in a meal.

Background story & relations: Gus has never had it easy. Ever since he came to this world an was officially announced as the 5th generation of the Yamaguchi-gumi clan. There was always a lot to be expected off him, being the first born son. He hated how growing up, people automatically judged and disliked him. So he naturally became a delinquent all through his school years. You could say the only friend he ever had, was the son of his fathers right-hand called Misato Futaishi. He was the same age as Gus and thus by nature, the boy became his future right-hand as well.

Forced to this life and what was demanded and expected from him, Gus noticed at an early age that he wasn't like the other boys. He had unusual desires. Gus found himself catching the eyes of a few boys through-out the school years. One in particular caught his eyes in high school. He was in his 2nd year for the second time, when a First Year named Hamada, Sasha Hamada. He was half French and half Japanese. Poor boy wasn't liked very much, being different too. But in another way. He clearly had the same desires and air around him as Gus did, but he also had this feminine atmosphere about him. Poor boy was teased horribly throughout the years, Gus became obsessed, he did all he could to protect him without Sasha finding out.

Years passed and Gus became second in Command when he came of age at 21. His father still saw him unfit to take over the clan, but he was on the great path to becoming a fierce and good leader. Having his small amount of people working under him, Gus got more and more confident in his actions.
It wasn't until one night, when after a drinking party with his underlings. Gus got separated from them and stumbled upon the opposing Yakuza clan. He was ambushed and thus beaten to a pulp and thrown into a dark alley.
He was awoken by the feeling of chilling sensation on his forehead. Someone was cleaning his beaten face with a wet cloth.
Slowly opening his eyes, his vision met the most beautiful face he'd ever seen. Yet, he knew those eyes. It was Sasha, from the same High School. Yet he looked more feminine than he'd ever had. He had fake eyelashes on, lipstick and it all suited him.
He then and there declared that this time, he'd make his feelings known. And thus he became a regular at the Dark Room Gay Bar, which was owned by Sasha Diamond himself. He had changed his last name, probably to hide his true identity, this was Gus's guess.
The only ones who knew Gus true feelings for Sasha and sexual orientation was a person, a paid assassin the gang hired from time to time, called Shane McCallister. He and Gus bonded on a level of instant trust and respect for one another. And he knew that one day, when he'd make his feelings known to the entire world, including his family, that had no inklings of the matter. Shane would be there to support him on every step of the way.

Personality & traits: Very loyal to those who are loyal to him. Stubborn at times, just like his father and has a cheeky side. Very talented in the arts, thought he doesn't show his works to anyone except his right-hand Misato.
He's also very skilled in the arts of Karate as well as the majestic art of Kendo.
Very keen sense of memory and talented in calligraphy as well.

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