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Name: Josh Target
Age: 21
Birthday: May 5th
Gender: Male
Race: Human / Half demon
Occupation: Exotic Dancer / Cross-dresser
Height: 5'7" (approx 173 cm)
Weight: 149,6 lbs (approx 68 kg)

Likes: Rain, preferably rainy nights. Men and women, views himself as a pansexual. Freedom. Dancing and playing around. Games, mostly dating games.

Dislikes: When people demand things off him. Prejudice. Sweets & candy but he still enjoys eating cakes.

Background story & relations: Working progress...

Personality & traits: Open minded and cheerful type of person, high self-esteem and kind.
Very limber and talented in dancing, both regular as well as pole. Speaks 4 languages, english, japanese, chinese-mandarin and korean.

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