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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act 3: Miyu Shinohara Arc
Immediately after encountering his identical twin 'sister', Yuki embraces Miyu as he breaks down in tears--having longing to want to see the 'little sister' that helped keep him alive. However, Miyu-chan gently pushes 'her' identical twin brother, asking him what he just became. Yuki is shocked to find himself rejected by the one sibling he looked after the most, learning that Miyu Shinohara knows of the rift that developed between him and Seiko and his intention to kill Naomi.

In an attempt to defuse this newfound tension, Yuki reminds Miyu that "you (Miyu), never liked Naomi because of how much she was around Satoshi-kun." This incenses Miyu-chan even further as the trap who was yandere over the late Satoshi Mochida begins to ask if he's even talking to the real Yuki Shinohara. It's at this point that Yuki-kun explains what happened to him and their mother from the time they disappeared up until now.

Miyu Shinohara learns from 'her' more masculine-identifiying twin brother of a crossdresser that their mother drugged him (Yuki) and brought him to a facility run by the child soldier farming group 'New Humanity', with the intention of turning him into a child soldier that would destroy the terror group from the inside out. He continues by saying that when he confronted their mother, Sayaka Shinohara, for the first time since his near-death and return to Japan, he longed to kill her out of revenge, only to find himself being merciful (albeit reluctantly) to their mother following her (Sayaka's) desire to 'make up for lost time'. From this revelation, Miyu-chan forgives Yuki-kun for his previous behavior, but makes him promise he'll make things right with Seiko and Naomi.

Believing his intent to forgive to be pure, Yuki Shinohara agrees and even asks Miyu to accompany him in finding the two girls in question--the younger twin giving the older twin the ashes of Seiko, along with 'her' own. The twins' travels take them past the boiler room, whose door is curiously left ajar. Yuki and Miyu walk in to investigate, the former shocked when he finds Sachiko Two wounded--holding her upper left arm in pain as it bleeds. Sachiko Two then warns the Shinohara Twins of a sniper in the area when a second shot hits the boiler from the opposite side of the room. Yuki and Miyu quickly take the wounded Sachiko Two and flee from the boiler room before the boiler in question ruptures.

Yuki Shinohara suddenly gasps as he sees in a vision a boy wearing a jungle green camo-patterned, high-leg leotard underneath a matching skirt, flak vest, and thigh-high boots. This boy, Yuki recongizes, as his old unit's Hard-Target Marksman..

Boss Fight: Officer Cadet Terrence Denel
Officer Cadet Terrence Denel, like Master Sergeant Erich Wolfe and 2nd Lieutenant Yuki Shinohara himself, is a wholesome crossdressing child soldier armed with a big gun. In Denel's case, he wields his surname's namesake--the NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle, which he is able to somehow wield as if it were a battle rifle. For some reason, the cloud of steam is such that when it finally dissipates, Yuki, Miyu's ghost, and Sachiko Two find themselves in a dense forest, with their attacker nowhere to be seen.

Anyone who's fought The End back in MGS3 should recognize this setup, but should also note one crucial difference--Terrence Denel's shots are lethal and will kill Yuki-kun if allowed to successfully strike. This is where the PTRS-41 from the Hind-D battle shines, as Yuki can only engage his former comrade in a sniping match. This battle is designed to be long, with Terrence Denel constantly shifting positions to snipe at his former comrade and friends from multiple directions.

Once his HP is lowered to 10%, Denel will drop from his current sniping position, drop his namesake Anti-Materiel Rifle, and draw at Glock 18c and Survival Knife. Both Miyu and Sachiko Two move in front of an exhausted Yuki to protect him, but Yuki manages to get up, get in front of his identical sibling and the tentacle girl he befriended, and confront him on why they even have to fight in the first place. Officer Cadet Denel replies "I don't want to do it, Lieutenant Shinohara. You've been like a big brother to me, but...orders are orders. Please forgive me."

This marks a transition into a CQC fight, where Yuki and Terrence fight only with their handguns and knives while Miyu and Sachiko Two are forced to watch from the sidelines. As the fight progresses, the forest-like setting flickers back and forth--eventually becoming Tenjin/Heavenly Host once again the second Terrence Denel is defeated.

Upon this fight's conclusion, Yuki drops to his knees in exhaustion while Denel reluctantly points his Glock at Yuki--intentionally aiming for his chest instead of his head. However, the ghost of Miyu Shinohara gets in between the two, vowing not to let Yuki get hurt. Denel swallows up his emotional grief as he pulls the trigger, only for Miyu-chan to accidentally send a screwdriver flying into his forehead--killing him instantly as said tool impales him in the center of his brain.

Miyu Shinohara is shocked beyond belief upon realizing 'she' took a life just like her trappy twin brother. When Yuki realizes this, he snaps as he berates Miyu for killing the Officer Cadet who looked up to him. Sachiko Two watches in fear as Miyu tries to explain what he did, only to be held up at gunpoint by the very same Yuki Shinohara who swore to protect. Sachiko Two, the tentacle girl who 'rebuilt' Yuki Shinohara, is forced to use those same tentacles that 'rebuilt' Yuki to restrain and bugger him through his shimapan. As the heterosexual half of the Shinohara twins tearfully continues his cursing, he finds himself getting drowsy as the tentacle stuck up...er, yeah, fills him with a serum that's causing him to get sleepy.

This tragic act ends with the grief-stricken Lieutenant fading to black as he falls asleep. The last thing the straight trap hears is Miyu Shinohara's ghost saying "Nii-san...no. I'm not worthy to call you nii-san anymore, after killing your friend. I'm so sorry...Yuki-kun..."

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