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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act VIII: Miyu Zwei Arc
This act begins with the trappy Lieutenant, the bespectacled girl from Paulina Academy, and the fem-boi cyborg ninja resembling Shinohara Miyu fending off against an ambush of New Humanity shocktroopers--the members of said group involved in this attack being inexplicably stronger than usual. As such, the first order of business here is to survive five waves of these mooks--each of whom carry progressively heavier and heavier weapons, from assault rifles, handguns and knives, to general-purpose machine guns, shoulder-fired rockets/missiles, or machetes. They all fight in squads of four and multiple squads will cover each other.

Upon surviving this ambush, Naho Saenoki will bring up her observation--suspecting the very terrorists after both Yuki Shinohara and Miyu Zwei have been corrupted by The Darkening. This latest attack having confirmed for Yuki what Zwei had confirmed before, the trio are tasked with both the rescue operation of Sayaka Shinohara and trying to find a way to prevent the Darkening from manifesting itself in any more New Humanity terrorists. Miyu Zwei replies they can take care of both in one stone, since they still don't have Sayaka's location to begin with. He downloads to Yuki's digital map the locations within Tenjin from where New Humanity was establishing its presence, although he warns that his information may be outdated due to the severing of his data link to their network following his reprogramming.

This is another segment that requires our trappy protagonist to travel all over Tenjin to the waypoints Miyu Zwei had designated. Some may be occupied by New Humanity terrorists and will have to be dealt with either stealthily or head-on. Others may be abandoned and may or may not yield some clues in regards to where Sayaka Shinohara is being held. In any case, holding up a New Humanity unit commander and/or taking him out non-lethally to bring back for interrogation is the primary goal of this segment.

During the intelligence farming operation, Miyu Zwei will reveal to Yuki Shinohara and Naho Saenoki of his origins. He reveals that New Humanity's top brass never trusted Sayaka Shinohara and had always suspected her of being a spy for Japan's Defense Intelligence group. As such, they used Yuki's genetic sequence to create a 'replacement copy' of him once his 'berserk button' was pressed. Naho asks why Miyu Zwei was named after Miyu and not Yuki, with Miyu-kun replying "For New Humanity to name me after Yuki would've made it too obvious that I was created as his replacement. They did know that Sayaka had other children as well--one of them being an identical twin to Yuki by the name of Miyu, and as a result, I was named after 'her'." Yuki asks why he meant by "once my berserk button was pressed", in which Miyu Zwei reveals the entire truth behind the Child Soldier Uprising.

"The Child Soldier Uprising was originally something instigated by New Humanity's high command to weed out Sayaka Shinohara and execute her. They coaxed the 'highest-ranking officer' of the child soldiers--Colonel Vincent Thorne of 'CrossDeather Team 6', into instigating a mass revolt of child soldiers against those who "used them". The idea was that a spy would use this incident to have have one of her moles go wild and take out child and adult soldiers alike." Miyu Zwei continues, "But the Uprising worked too well. Colonel Thorne's charisma was so powerful that he managed to garner a good number of the adult soldiers on base to his side--including a few high-ranking officials and scientists. They were the ones who handed me over to the Colonel, who then had me programmed to hunt you down."

Now, the Lieutenant begins to question his resolve again, now that he learns his mother planned his berserk rampage that resulted in his near-death. Naho asks if Yuki is feeling alright, with Yuki replying "I don't know if I love my mother or hate her right now..." This actually angers Miyu Zwei, who then asks if the Lieutenant is going to kill her? Yuki Shinohara retorts "You heard her side of the story, didn't you?!", which the fem-boi cyborg ninja confirms with the following words:

"I did hear what she had to say about the whole thing. She wanted me to tell you that even if you hate her, she will always love you." Realizing how this was exactly how the late Naomi Nakashima felt over him, Yuki's anger subsides. Naho cuts in to remind both fem-bois time is against them and that each passing moment makes it more and more likely they'll be too late to save her. With the Lieutenant's resolve restored, the trio resume their quest.

From this point on, both Yuki and Miyu Zwei will complement each other when either of them take down a New Humanity terrorist and Naho will complement either of them, if not both, if a malevolent spirit is subdued. By the end of this segment, Naho Saenoki will comment that Yuki Shinohara and Miyu Zwei have become like brothers despite barely knowing each other. She then wonders to herself if this was the kind of camaraderie the Lieutenant once shared with the Colonel as well. Eventually the trio succeed in locating the estranged mother of the Shinohara Siblings...along with her captor.

Yuki spots Colonel Thorne having bound Sayaka Shinohara up by the wrists and suspended from the ceiling. Miyu Zwei gets ready to move in, but Yuki holds him and Naho back, wanting to hear from his mother and once-close friend. The trio hide from view as the wholesome crossdressing child revolutionary slaps Sayaka in the face. He laments, "To think that my most trusted confidant, 2nd Lieutenant Yuki Shinohara, was nothing more than a drone~! If not for monsters like you, he'd still be with us today~!" Sayaka replies "I know I'm going to Hell for involving my son in this, but I did it so children like you don't have to suffer anymore~!" The Colonel slaps the older lady in the face, retorting "So-called 'adults'--maintaining a legitimized form of discrimination against 'children' in order to maintain an order in which future generations are always enslaved to the generations before them. Scum like you I normally dispose of without of a thought...but...the fact that you used my best friend as a weapon..."

Naho notes the Colonel having fallen silent, with Yuki realizing why. "Vince...he's...crying..." is what Yuki whispers to himself as he, Naho, and Miyu Zwei witness a grief-stricken Colonel Vincent Thorne slap Sayaka in the face again. Yuki Shinohara learns from this that his mother is so guilt-ridden for her crimes that she wished to pay for them with her life, and these words trigger memories of mercy bestowed upon him from those he had tried to kill in Tenjin. Both Naho and Miyu Zwei then see Yuki step out of hiding to confront his former commanding officer.

Boss Fight: Colonel Vincent Thorne (3rd Encounter)
Yuki Shinohara, former member of 'CrossDeather Team 6', confronts Colonel Vincent Thorne just as he's about to blow his mother's brains out with a P90. "I've heard enough, Colonel, and now I realize how completely and utterly twisted you've become--all because of New Humanity." In shock, Vince asks "Y--You're forgiving her?!! You're forgiving this woman for all the suffering she put you through?!!" The Lieutenant looks into his mother's eyes, and fully recognizing the sorrow within her heart, confirms this. "Yes." Colonel Vincent Thorne laments this, replying, "You've reverted back to the old ways--the ways we were called upon to erase." while Naho and Miyu Zwei walk up to Yuki-kun's side. The crazed child revolutionary then cuts Sayaka loose from the ceiling and grabs ahold of her--taking the mother hostage.

The third encounter against Colonel Thorne is different from the first two in that this time around, he is staging a 'fighting retreat'. This means Yuki and crew have to chase the crazed wholesome crossdresser of a child terrorist wherever he goes in Tenjin while trying to not get ventilated by his Man-Pack Vulcan. As a matter of fact, attacking the Colonel will cause him to blow poor Sayaka's brains out with his backup P90, resulting in a Game Over.

The way to free Sayaka Shinohara this time comes halfway into the pursuit, with Sachiko Two calling Yuki to inform him about a spike in malevolent spirit activity all over Tenjin. This reveals to us that Sayaka Shinohara can be freed if the Colonel is forced to retreat into rooms where such paranormal hazards are present. All that is needed is to force him to enter at least one of these rooms and the pursuit ends.

Colonel Vincent Thorne will have the still-bound mother of the Shinohara Siblings as his hostage whilst evading his former Lieutenant and allies--not realizing the room he had entered contains the same kind of tentacle monster that killed Shinohara Miyu. When Yuki, Naho, and Miyu Zwei catch up with him, they find Sayaka, arms bound behind her back, running towards the trio whilst Vince is violated up the back-end by tentacles. Immediately Yuki cuts the ropes bounding his mother and the two embrace, with Sayaka begging Yuki to save him. Recalling how close a friendship he once had with the Colonel, the Lieutenant agrees to do so, only to see the Colonel manage to bring his Man-Pack Vulcan to bear on them.

It's too late for Yuki, Naho, and Sayaka to react, but Miyu Zwei makes the save by trying to deflect the gunfire with his HF Blade. He succeeds in doing so, but neglects the tentacle monster's presence long enough for said monster to pierce him through the abdomen with one of its bladed tentacles. Miyu Zwei shouts at Yuki Shinohara to take Sayaka and Naho out of there--just as Colonel Thorne inexplicably absorbs the monster into his very being. The tentacle monster is revealed to be nothing more than a manifestation of the Darkening itself as it disappears.

The fem-boi cyborg ninja, down on his knees and vomiting blood, once again begs the trio to run as he tries to get on his feet and bring his HF Blade to bear on the Colonel. However, the Colonel seems equally horrified at what just happened and simply retreats. With Vince having disappeared from tracking again, Yuki, Naho, and Sayaka run over to Miyu Zwei's aid, but it is too late.

Miyu Zwei, the cyborg ninja designed after Yuki Shinohara, has died. Sayaka Shinohara begins to weep as she blames herself for his death and Naho's normally calm and collected mannerisms break as she cries as well. She remarks on how Yuki and Miyu Zwei became like brothers even though they didn't know each other for long, but Yuki punches the ground in rage--holding Colonel Thorne responsible for taking the life of another person dear to him. This Act ends with the Lieutenant swearing to take revenge on the crazed child revolutionary.

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