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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act VI: Naomi Nakashima Arc
Torn by his desire to stop fighting and the recognition of his need to survive, Yuki Shinohara formerly of New Humanity's child soldier division makes his way to the location pointed out by the ghost of Yuka Mochida. He continuously wonders if his life is even worth it, despite the comfort Satoshi's little sister gave him. Upon spotting the headless and armless corpse of a young girl sticking out of a doorway, Yuki-kun can't help but stare at the corpse's pantsu--thus triggering a memory from back then.

In this memory, Yuka Mochida can be seen weeping in embarrassment after having wet herself in public. She stopped crying when she found Yuki Shinohara offering her one of his spare pantsu to wear--promising the then-alive loli Mochida he wouldn't tell anyone about her accident. This cuts into a montage of memories where Yuka would lovingly refer to Yuki as 'nii-san' as the two enjoyed their time together.

These memories end with Yuki remarking, "Yuka really cared for me then, and she still cares for me now. Still...I'm not worth it anymore--I have blood on my hands." He tears up when he says this. Following this, the fem-boi Lieutenant is unable to fight effectively. If forced into battle, he's repeatedly mutter "I don't want to do this anymore. What am I fighting for?" and suffer from less accurate aim in addition to being more easily counter-able in CQC.

As Yuki Shinohara nears the location Yuka last saw Seiko and Naomi, he receives a CALL from Sachiko Two. At this point, our trappy protagonist is revealed to have become extremely paranoid, accusing the tentacle girl of trying to set him up--something she angrily denies. With equal anger, Yuki agrees to meet with her in person and also threatens to kill her if she tries to double-cross him before hanging up on the clone of Sachiko Shinozaki.

Following the above, the former child soldier will no longer mutter his self-doubts in battle, but curse himself for not killing more effectively. Once he reaches the rendezvous point, Sachiko Two approaches the one she 'rebuilt', telling him she's not angry with him. Before Yuki can respond, he finds the tentacle girl accompanied by the ghosts of Seiko and Miyu, along with the current Girl In Red--Naomi Nakashima.

The very sight of this is enough to drive the deranged fem-boi Lieutenant into a rage--accusing all four of them of playing mindgames with him. Naomi begs Yuki for a chance to explain herself, but Yuki won't hear it. Sachiko Two refuses to let our protagonist pass her and get to the others, only to be shoved aside instead. It's at this point where both the ghosts of Seiko and Miyu do the same to protect Naomi, but nonetheless the former child soldier is undeterred. Yuki Shinohara declares "I'll kill you all."

Boss Fight: The Girl In Red (Naomi Nakashima; 2nd Encounter)
Unlike the last time, Naomi has backup in the form of both Seiko, Miyu, and Sachiko Two. Yuki has a 20% damage bonus during this fight but a 30% penalty to his Stamina due to his rage making him go all-out. Naomi fights in the same defensive manner as before, but is not as easy to counter in CQC. On top of that, Miyu, Seiko, and Sachiko Two will try to grab Yuki and drain him of his Stamina, so hesitation in this fight almost guarantees defeat. (In other words, just go berserk.)

As the fight progresses, Yuki will constantly scream as he shoots, Miyu will lament over the thought of killing the one who protected him the most, and Seiko will fight her grief by stating she doesn't recognize the one she's fighting as Yuki Shinohara. Along with this, Naomi will continuously beg Yuki to stop and Sachiko two will lament over "not having used black magic to alter your (Yuki's) memories."

Upon the conclusion of this fight, both parties will end up completely exhausted. With a heavy heart from having caused Seiko's death, along with Yuki's that led to his 'revival' and complete degeneration into rage, Naomi Nakashima--the current Girl In Red, walks up to the fem-boi that used to have a crush on her. In tears, she says she doesn't want to fight anymore--adding "If it'll put your heart a peace...then kill me. I just want you to know that I love you."

Yuki-kun, still gripped in rage and hatred, points the IMI Desert Eagle in his left hand at the forehead of the girl he once loved, but curses at himself for not being able to steady his aim. He repeatedly asks himself why he can't shoot, eventually breaking down in tears as he can no longer distinguish how he feels. Naomi Nakashima, feeling heartbroken to see her friend having fallen so far from grace, goes over in an attempt to comfort him. However, she stops in the middle of the hallway when she 'senses' something.

Without warning, a tentacle wall rises up to Yuki's right, protecting him against a hail of 20mm rounds. The very sound of the weapon those rounds came from immediately tells Yuki who the new attacker is and as such, tries to warn the very girls he tried to kill. He is too late as a second burst of such rounds tears through Naomi Nakashima--tearing her left side open. Almost as if by instinct, Yuki goes over to catch her in his right arm while opening fire into the hallway with the Deagle in his left hand.

With the short-haired tomboy mortally wounded, the trappy Lieutenant realizes that Naomi had not only saved him twice, but also that what he felt was not hatred, but love. He weeps bitterly lamenting "All I tried to do was kill you, and yet...you still..." before finally acknowledging her role in the death of his older sister, Seiko Shinohara, was an accident. Naomi--The Girl In Red, smiles weakly as she replies "Even when you hated me, I still loved you. That's why I already forgave your for earlier on, and also for now."

Seiko, Miyu, and Sachiko Two gather around the two as the dying Naomi Nakashima utters her last words--"Yuki-kun...please forgive yourself. It hurts to see you like this...Yuki-kun...". Our protagonist, realizing that the girl he once loved is no more, holds her corpse tight as he cries hysterically while the ghosts of Seiko, Miyu, and Sachiko Two weep as well--knowing full well that Yuki Shinohara did indeed love Naomi after all.

This period of mourning and, on Yuki's part, guilt, comes to an end when the quartet hear what sounds like approaching tank tracks from the hall the straight trap fired into. Seiko, Miyu, and Sachiko Two find themselves staring down the tri-barreled array of a heavily modified M61 Vulcan. When Yuki Shinohara sees this, his rage flares up again--calling out Colonel Vincent Thorne believing him responsible for Naomi's death. However, it turns out that it's not the otokonoko child revolutionary he's facing, but instead...

Boss Fight: The Boy In Red (Satoshi Mochida; 2nd Encounter)
Seiko Shinohara expresses extreme shock upon realizing the one who killed the girl she loved was none other than the corrupted Satoshi Mochida--The Boy In Red while Miyu Shinohara tries to deny in 'her' mind that the one who killed Naomi was the guy 'she' was yandere over. Yuki Shinohara demands The Boy In Red give his reasons for killing Naomi, in which he replies "She killed Yuka...SHE KILLED YUKA~!!!" Upon hearing these words, Sachiko Two recalls that the one who disemboweled Yuka Mochida from behind did indeed look like the now-deceased Naomi Nakashima, but also indicated it was not Naomi who did it. That said, The Boy In Red who was formerly Satoshi Mochida accuses the tentacle girl for lying and threatens to wipe out our heroes.

As Yuki is too tired to move around from the last fight, Sachiko Two will summon a barrier of tentacles from underneath the floor to protect herself, the Lieutenant, and the ghosts of the latter's sisters. The tentacle girl then fishes out of a black magic portal a R/C Missile Launcher to give to Yuki. In order to do any damage to The Boy In Red, the trap of a former child soldier must guide the R/C Missiles to hit the possessed Satoshi-kun before he can shoot them down with the Vulcan. The ghosts of Seiko and Miyu Shinohara will play interference as they draw The Boy In Red's fire, but even then he has to be completely distracted by either of the two for the missiles to reach--otherwise the corrupted Satoshi-kun will just shoot them down.

(HINT: Fire the R/C Missiles into the doorway opposite of where The Boy In Red is currently located at and steer them to hit from behind. If done right, Sachiko Two's tentacle wall will prevent him from even seeing the missile just launched.)

Upon the conclusion of this battle, The Boy In Red will retreat--fading into nothing as he does so. Yuki tries to pursue and catch him, but only manages to catch the Vulcan instead. Miyu Shinohara begins to cry--unable to accept that Satoshi Mochida is indeed The Boy In Red--even as Yuki himself confirms once again that not only is this true, but that he learned this from the ghost of Yuka Mochida. Miyu-chan asks 'her' trappy twin brother about Yuka, in which Yuki replies "She's been trying to find a way to break the spell gripping Satoshi-kun for quite some time now."

Seiko then asks "Yuki-kun? Are you...going to go after him?". Yuki nods to confirm this, but follows up by saying "...but it's not to kill him. I have to free him somehow before I make another terrible mistake. I lost Naomi to my obsession over revenge and almost lost you guys as well." Seiko responds by asking the Lieutenant to not blame himself anymore, repeating that she, Miyu, Sachiko Two, and Naomi have already forgiven him. Nevertheless, a guilt-ridden Yuki Shinohara gets up and announces he's going to continue on alone. Miyu tries to stop 'her' identical twin brother, only for Sachiko Two to stop 'her', saying-- "Yuki-kun needs time to himself. He...he feels really guilty over what just happened."

The chapter ends with the trappy combatant walking away as he overhears Seiko Shinohara say "Yuki-kun will come back. I know he will." Touched by such mercy, Yuki Shinohara tears up.

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