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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act V: Yuka Mochida Arc
Still exhausted and gripped in inexplicable pain in his right arm and heart, Yuki Shinohara stumbles into a gym storeroom and slumps onto the wall opposite the door. With everything that happened still fresh in his mind, the trappy Lieutenant wonders if he should even continue on any further. He looks at his Bowie Knife and then at his bandaged-up abdomen as if contemplating suicide, remarking "I should've never survived the Uprising."

Defeated and dejected, Yuki Shinohara sees Naomi Nakashima's ultimate act of mercy as the final nail in the coffin of how little of the original Yuki Shinohara remained. He reminisces about the good times, when he would go to school with Miyu-chan and then just teasingly hit on Naomi just so Miyu could get Satoshi's attention. Tears trickle down the fem-boi's face as he giggles--recalling how he and Miyu were distinguishable by how Miyu made sure to hide 'her' bulge when wearing girls' athletic Bloomers while Yuki let everyone see his Bloomers-clothed bulge to 'make it obvious he's a guy', followed by the one time he 'taught' Naomi how to enjoy a good tongue kissing, which Seiko jokingly commented "It looks like yuri, but it's actually straight~!"

With the reminiscing saddening our trap protagonist even more, Yuki tears up as he readies his Bowie for a painful disembowelment suicide. Just before he's able to thrust the blade into his stomach, the Lieutenant hears the voice of a very young girl--one begging him to stop. Before he realizes it, Yuki-kun finds the touch of the same young girl's hands trying to pry the large knife out of his hands. This girl emerges into view, revealing herself to be Yuka Mochida--the younger sister of Satoshi Mochida who was killed by an illusion of Naomi who tore her bowels out through her back.

The ghost of Yuka Mochida tearfully asks why Yuki is trying to kill himself, remarking that's how she lost her nii-san, Satoshi. Trying to dodge the question, Yuki Shinohara--identical twin of Miyu Shinohara asks the ghost loli if she had seen Satoshi following his suicide, in which she replies no. She continues on by informing the Lieutenant of some malevolent force in Tenjin known as "The Boy In Red", who was ginning up the emotions of hatred and rage following the ascension of the original Sachiko Shinozaki. She points out that she doesn't know his identity, but for some reason feels that she knows The Boy In Red.

Mind taken off of contemplating suicide, Yuki Shinohara thinks back on how Erich Wolfe was driven to kill him, recalling that the Master Sergeant would never act that way in normal circumstances. On top of that, he realizes Officer Cadet Terrence Denel was actively trying to fight his Darkening of hatred and rage and so was the cyborg ninja Miyu Zwei--thus prompting the straight trap to promise Yuka that he'll find out who The Boy In Red is.

With his pain having curiously subsided following Yuka's intervention, the ghost of the loli Mochida accompanies Miyu-chan's heterosexual twin of a otokonoko as they retrace the steps that initially led to poor Yuka-chan's death in the first place. Upon reaching the site of the younger Mochida's death, Yuki asks "Where's your body?", in which Yuka replies "I burned it so you would have an easier time bringing it back". She then presents the fem-boi Lieutenant with an urn containing her ashes. Upon receiving the ashes of the loli Mochida, the fem-boi former child soldier thinks about deceased siblings--trying to hide from Yuka-chan his newfound hatred for those he thought cared for him.

Yuka Mochida continues, stating that she doesn't know where her older brother committed suicide, but when it happened, she felt it. She then remarks that she felt the Darkening that initially left the original Sachiko Shinozaki corrupt Satoshi-kun and both ghost loli and child soldier trap put two-and-two together--just as The Boy In Red appears to the two.

Boss Fight: The Boy In Red (Satoshi Mochida; 1st Encounter)
Yuka cries out to The Boy In Red in an attempt to pacify the distraught soul of her nii-san, Satoshi Mochida. The Boy In Red ignores her as he points right at Yuki--angrily warning him to get away from his sister. Yuki himself tries to talk some sense into The Boy In Red, but gets nowhere just as Seiko got nowhere with pacifying the Lieutenant's rage earlier.

For this fight, Yuki Shinohara finds himself unable to use any of his weapons asides from his Deagle and Bowie, remarking "Every time I try to draw a different weapon, my heart and right arm hurt." As such, The Boy In Red must be defeated by non-lethal means (Read: CQC). As the fight progresses, we learn that The Boy In Red, formerly Satoshi Mochida, was corrupted into believing that Sachiko Shinozaki had returned to her corrupted form and that Yuki Shinohara had allied with her. Yuka Mochida watches this fight helplessly from the sidelines--begging for the both of them to stop.

At the conclusion of this fight, Yuka gets in between the both of them and once again begs for the fighting to stop. Knowing that Yuki Shinohara was trying to protect her, the loli ghost confronts The Boy In Red--trying to remind him that these were things he'd never do as Satoshi Mochida. Their foe denies his identity at first, but then is brought to his knees in mentally anguishing pain. Both the trap and the loli try to make sure The Boy In Red is alright, only for him to scream in pain as he fades away. Yuka Mochida tearfully begs Satoshi to come back, with Yuki remarking "I don't think that's the last of him. Something must've been triggered in his memories, and once that subsides..."

Before Yuki Shinohara can finish, Yuka Mochida already understands. She apologizes to Yuki-kun, stating that she has to try and get Satoshi-kun back to normal, which the trappy Lieutenant wholeheartedly understands. Before they part ways, Yuka points him in the right direction and reassures our trap protagonist that they're trying to help him to. The loli Mochida asks Yuki to not attempt suicide again, in which Yuki replies "I can't make a promise I can't keep."

Yuka Mochida gives Yuki Shinohara a kiss on the cheek in hopes of encouraging him to not throw his life away before the former leaves. As this Act draws to a close, this attempt at cheering up our beloved trap protagonist is revealed to be for nothing, as the Lieutenant breaks down in tears once again, whispering to himself, "Yuka's the only one that still cares...and yet she doesn't know I'm not worth it."

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