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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act IX: Reconciliation Arc
This Act begins with Sachiko Two and the ghosts of Seiko and Miyu Shinohara preparing a set of urns containing the cremated remains of everyone who had died in Tenjin/Heavenly Host. The tentacle girl cloned from the original Sachiko Shinozaki receives a -CALL- from Miyu-chan's twin brother, learning from him that he's "ready to come back". He also adds "I also found a survivor and..." before asking for Seiko and Miyu. Both ghosts come to the tentacle girl's side, all three of them learning that their mother, Sayaka Shinohara, is alive.

At the news of their estranged mother's survival, Seiko begins to feel mixed feelings. On one hand, she's glad that Sayaka is alive, but on the other hand, the eldest of the Shinohara Siblings feels the need to confront her on why she abandoned the family the way she did. Miyu-chan then asks "How's that other me doing?" in an attempt to take the subject off of their mother--only for Sayaka herself to reply. "It's because of me.", she replies. Sayaka Shinohara begins to weep as she continues "It's because of me that he died...", with Yuki replying "Mom, it's not your fault~! You would've done the same for me if I were held captive."

As Yuki-kun continues to comfort his mother, Seiko and Miyu Shinohara hear the latter's older twin brother. Miyu realizes something had to have changed in her trappy nii-san's heart for him to have become "like he used to be", but Seiko begins to break down in tears--unable to tell if she loves or hates her mother. The former child soldier of a wholesome crossdresser hears his onee-chan's sobbing and tries to comfort her over their Radio conversation, only for Sayaka Shinohara to cut in.

Sayaka Shinohara, the mother of the Shinohara Siblings, continues her weeping as she reveals why she took Yuki with her and abandoned the rest. From this conversation, Seiko Shinohara, along with Miyu Shinohara, learn for the very first time that their mother was a black ops agent for Defense Intelligence who was tasked with taking down a child soldier breeding terrorist group, of which Yuki Shinohara became a part of. She continues, saying, "What I did to Yuki-kun is even more unforgivable than what I did to you, my daughters. It's because of me that your brother has blood on his hands and struggles to live a life without constant battle. In the end, I should've put you before my duties...but I didn't."

Sayaka Shinohara now completely breaks down in tears, lamenting "I...I used the very children I loved...to destroy an organization that does on a regular basis what I did to you..." Miyu-chan tears up as 'she' replies, "Mom...are you..." while Seiko cries even more. Seiko Shinohara, through her tears and sobbing, asks "Mom...you're hurting too?", but Sayaka is too gripped in grief to continue. The eldest of the Shinohara Siblings cuts in. "I used to hate mom like you guys, only worse. The last time we met, I even wanted to murder her...but...I can't hate her anymore--especially after seeing how much suffering she went through. You guys and Naomi were the ones who showed me how to be compassionate again...and I beg you guys...please show mom the same compassion..."

This lengthy radio conversation ends with us cutting to Yuki, Naho, and Sayaka--the former who ends said conversation by saying "We'll see you soon." With gameplay resumed, the trio must make their way back to the Infirmary (the same place where Yuki first found Miyu's corpse, which has long since been cremated) to rendezvous with Sachiko Two, Miyu, and Seiko Shinohara. Resistance from New Humanity elements are pretty much minimal at this point, but paranormal hazards such as tentacles that are ready to tear Yuki's intestines out of his a** (again), flying scissors, and other random crap are very much prevalent here. Other main enemies in this segment include malevolent spirits that cannot be taken out non-lethally (Read: Shoot 'em dead) and only a handful of New Humanity terrorists patrolling the hallways.

Along the way there, Naho asks "I heard your little sister murmur something about you becoming something like the way you used to be. What did she mean by that? Yuki replies "I wasn't always the battle-hardened emotional wreck that you see nowadays", said description of himself being a self-lampooning of his angsty nature as of late. "In fact, the only way you could tell Miyu-chan and me apart was that I was into girls and 'she' was into guys." Miss Saenoki remembers the first time she say Miyu-chan's decapitated corpse, replying "Oh, right. Your little sister is a guy like you.", and Sayaka Shinohara joins in the conversation. Smiling, she adds "Yuki-kun over here was quite the perverted girl-chaser. I raised both him and Miyu as girls, but Yuki's personality was always male. He loved to peep in whenever either Seiko or I were in the bathroom and would trip up stairs on purpose just to look up girls' skirts." Yuki himself blushes whilst adding onto that, "I loved girls so much that it became the reason why I embraced my wholesome crossdressing. Since Miyu-chan was in love with Satoshi Mochida at the time, I would distract Naomi-chan, sometimes with the help of onee-chan. But as time went on, I began to have feelings for her."

Naho notes Yuki blushing as he looks right at her. The heterosexual otokonoko continues, "To be honest, I've practically developed a crush on every single girl I've become friendly with to the point I don't even know who my soulmate is. The one day I will wear guys clothes is during my wedding day, when I am married to the girl who will be my waifu." Naho replies "That girl we were speaking with over the Radio--the one with tentacles. She seems to care for you alot--almost as if she were your waifu." Yuki blushes even more when he thinks out loud "Is that why she went through all the trouble to rebuild and reanimate me after I died? Why she was always concerned in a way that...Sachiko Two...is in love with me?" Sayaka giggles as her eldest son blushes even more, Naho joining in the blushing when trappy adds "Well...I did like it when she comforted me with her tentacles up my--", Sayaka cutting him off as she teases "You're a naughty boy, my little Yuki-kun. I guess you know your mom likes rear-end violation too." The trio share a good laugh as they learn how carefree yet perverted Yuki Shinohara was prior to his 'reprogramming' as an elite child soldier.

Upon meeting up with Sachiko Two, Seiko, and Miyu, Yuki and Naho watch Sayaka Shinohara immediately run over to embrace her two other siblings--immediately crying as she hugs both ghosts tight. Seiko, realizing how much she actually loved her mother, cries hysterically as Miyu sniffles. 'She' says, "Mom...you came back to us." Yuki Shinohara wipes away tears of joy as he hears his mother whisper to Seiko and Miyu "I...I love you...I'll never abandon you guys again--I promise~!" while Naho Saenoki and Sachiko Two meet up with each other. The bespectacled schoolgirl from Paulina Academy tells the tentacle girl the tale of how she was able to not become corrupted by The Darkening thanks to Yuki, also thanking her for making that very meeting possible. Sachiko Two replies "I saw something within Yuki that was still pure--despite the fact he had blood on his hands. In fact, if it weren't for his then-hatred and rage, his soul would've left his body and I wouldn't have been able to reanimate him.

The tentacle girl then shows Naho the urns containing the ashen remains of every person that has died. Yuki joins the two, spotting these very urns. It's at this point the straight trap reveals his 'legit' reason for having come to Tenjin in the first place--"When I woke up following the end of my child soldier days, I found myself under high security when a man from Defense Intelligence wanted to speak to me. He offered me a pardon in exchange for investigating the disappearance of many a student of Kisaragi Academy over the last two years. Having been haunted by nightmares of Seiko-chan's and Miyu-chan's deaths at the time, I believed the whole thing with Tenjin had something to do with it. I accepted the mission as a cover for my initial quest for revenge...but now that I think about it...I feel more than compelled to carry out this task." Yuki Shinohara continues, "I want to bring these remains back to the living world--even though I know that I'll never be able to live a normal life again." Sachiko Two frowns, remarking "It's because of the way I reanimated you that you can no longer age. I...I made you like me.", but Yuki-kun replies "It's okay, Sachiko-chan. You're...lonely, aren't you?"

Sachiko Two finds Yuki looking into her eyes with a warm smile as the girl-loving wholesome crossdresser holds her hands. He continues "I...I want to be your husbando.", these very words immediately drawing the attention of his mother, Seiko, and Miyu. Seiko asks "Yuki-kun? What about--", with Yuki looking back at her, replying "Onee-chan...I always new that Naomi Nakashima was the right person for you, and that as much as I loved her, I could never take her away from you." Sachiko Two and Yuki Shinohara then look into each others' eyes, and they whisper out each others' names, almost as if about to kiss, only for the tentacle girl to blush and halt. The two of them find Naho, Sayaka, Seiko, and Miyu blushing beet red as they then realize the tentacle girl's tentacle tails are reaching around and almost about to slip up the heterosexual trap's shimapan legbands.

This tender (yet humorous) moment ends as the crew see the ghost of Yuka Mochida run in, clearly worried over something. Through the ghost that showed the former child soldier compassion earlier on, Yuki and crew learn that the ghost of Naomi Nakashima is currently fighting against The Boy In Red and needs their help. As such, our trappy protagonist and crew mobilize into action once again.

(This Act has no bosses as it's purely storyline development.)

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