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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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Act 2: Sayaka Shinohara Arc
After having angrily parted ways with Seiko Shinohara, Yuki Shinohara feels his heart constantly hurting. This affects him in combat as it causes his stamina to deplete quicker when taking blows in a fight in addition to negatively affecting his aim. Following a gunfight in the cafeteria with New Humanity terrorists that had set up a Machine Gun nest, the trappy agent of Defense Intelligence HQ contacts Sachiko Two once again.

Yuki asks the clone of Sachiko Shinozaki if there's a way he can get a different heart transplanted in place of his current one. She replies it's not possible, although the nervous stuttering in her voice tells the heterosexual wholesome crossdresser otherwise. He begins to believe there was an ulterior motive to the ageless loli that revived him but doesn't press the issue.

Turns out that one New Humanity Soldier survived Yuki-kun's attack and thus the warlike otokonoko gets to work interrogating him. Throughout the interrogation, he learns that Erich Wolfe is still alive following the shoot-down of his Hind-D, but is unable to learn of his former comrade-turned-enemy's whereabouts. The New Humanity Movement then turns the tables on Yuki by surrounding him, forcing the former child soldier fem-boi to hold his current target hostage.

Yuki Shinohara is about to stab his hostage's eyes out, when all of a sudden, his right arm cramps up. This leads to said terrorist hostage escaping and Yuki being shot (again). This time, the bullet punctures him in the chest--just below the heart.

Upon regaining conscious, the identical twin brother of Miyu-chan finds his chest wound patched up, himself bound to a chair, and finally himself stripped of all his gear. The former child soldier finds himself being interrogated by what he first thinks is Seiko Shinohara, only to realize right after that the one to interrogate him is his own mother--Sayaka Shinohara. He recalls feeling 'drowsy' on the night he was kidnapped and realizes Sayaka was the one who did it.

Filled with seemingly unquenchable rage, Yuki struggles to free himself and swears he'll kill his mother with his bare hands. He screams even louder when his mother tortures him via a taser pressed against...er...back there (and right through the back of his shimapan no less). This is pretty much a torture sequence where failure will lead to the trappy combatant's death, but after three sessions, Sayaka apologizes, whispering to her son she needed to comply with the torture orders in order to not blow her cover. Yuki curses at Sayaka, claiming she's just trying to save her own a**. Sayaka Shinohara accepts the fact she deserves her son's hatred and tries to explain why she did what she did.

According to Sayaka Shinohara, the mother in question was actually an agent for Defense Intelligence HQ who was tasked with dismantling the child soldier-farming terror group, 'New Humanity' from the inside out. Knowing she couldn't do this alone, she married the one who would be father to Seiko, Miyu, Yuu, and Yuki--with Yuki having emerged as the 'strongest candidate for the job' due to his willingness to break the law if that what he had to do to protect those he loves.

Instead of quelling Yuki's rage, this revelation angers him even more. He screams at his mother, lamenting that she only raised him to be a killing machine while Sayaka herself continues to try and make amends with her estranged son whom she knowingly betrayed. The guards hear this and immediately point their guns at the mother of the Shinohara Siblings--branding her a traitor. However, these guards are cut down without warning, with none of them able to discern where the attacker is hitting from. As the last one is cut in half at the waist, the third party in question emerges, with Yuki Shinohara shocked and surprised to learn the one who's rescuing him is the same cyborg ninja resembling Miyu Shinohara--Miyu Zwei.

Both Sayaka and Miyu Zwei get to work untying Yuki, with our trap protagonist asking his former foe why he came to help him. Zwei-kun then fills Yuki-kun in on Sachiko Two having used some sort of black magic to overwrite all of his original programming, thus allowing him to act freely. He also states he had met the ghostly form of Miyu Shinohara earlier on and tells Yuki Shinohara where he can find his identical twin 'sister'.

Yuki tries to maintain his temper and not turn his gun on his own mother, who manages to quell his rage with a desperate, motherly hug. In tears, Sayaka Shinohara begs her estranged son to let her'make up for lost time', which causes both the trappy agent of Defense Intelligence HQ to hurt in both his heart and right arm. He reluctantly agrees, but warns his mother that he will turn his gun on her if she betrays him again.

At this point, New Humanity will be on constant CAUTION Mode, making it harder to evade pursuers for long. Eventually, the trio reach a room they believe is safe to rest in, and Yuki Shinohara gets ready to CALL Sachiko Two on radio for support.

Unfortunately their rest time doesn't last long as a sudden explosion rocks the room they're in. The blast is such that Sayaka and Miyu Zwei are blown clear of the room's center while Yuki falls into the hole said blast generated. Sayaka screams out her eldest son's name whilst reaching out to him, but is then saved by Miyu Zwei when he pulls her into the nearby hallway to evade gunfire from reinforcements.

Yuki lands on his feet in a place that does not look like Tenjin at all. Instead, the armed wholesome crossdresser finds himself in what looks like a military-grade underground tunnel complex. He recalls the place from an infiltration operation executed three months ago, but doesn't have time to figure out how nor why he's now there as a series of 66mm incendiary rockets streak his way.

Upon shooting down all four rockets with nothing but his IMI Desert Eagle, Yuki Shinohara finds himself looking at the same blonde-haired, wholesome crossdressing boy of an Erica Hartmann crossplayer who attacked in the Hind-D earlier. He is equipped with one M202A1 FLASH over each shoulder while his backpack stores what appears to be a 'Lefty MG3'.

Boss Fight: Master Sergeant Erich Wolfe

The venue for this fight is nothing more than a large room full of wide pillars that divide the room into a grid-like pattern. Fighting Erich Wolfe means staying clear of his line of fire--the second he sees you, he'll launch a one-two barrage of 66mm Incendiary Rockets. This means attacking the boy who looks like a trappy genderswap of Erica Hartmann will have to be done from either the side or behind--similar to the second fight with Vulcan Raven in MGS1 or the fight with The Fury in MGS3.

During this boss battle, Erich will brand Yuki a 'tool used by adults to destroy our Movement from the inside', while Yuki explains he's angry about being used as well, and that he will kill his mother for using him as such. The trappy Master Sergeant questions why the "Lieutenant" is fighting his former comrades, in which he replies "You bastards used me too, and you'll pay with your lives along with my mother~!"

Halfway into the fight, Erich Wolfe will run out of ammo for his twin FLASHes. He discards them and brandishes out his 'Lefty MG3'. Now, Yuki must make absolutely sure to not get in his former comrade's line of fire as unlike with the FLASHes, the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds spewed from the mirror-imaged GPMG are unavoidable (hitscan) and can kill Yuki in a single burst. Unlike previous bosses, Erich must be defeated lethally as the battle will not end if he is simply knocked out.

Upon depleting the Master Sergeant's health to 0, we see Erich Wolfe attempt to dump all of his remaining MG3 ammo in one final attempt to ventilate Yuki Shinohara, only for the latter to beat him to the draw and place two shots in his former comrade's chest. Yuki's eyes widen as he begins to remember the camaraderie he shared with Eric as the latter falls. Yuki-kun begins to feel remorse as Erich, mortally wounded, reminisces about the "good times--when The 2nd Lieutenant (Yuki Shinohara) was a model member of New Humanity's movement to free mankind from the definitions of 'child' and 'grown-up'". Before Yuki can reply to his former comrade's rambling, Master Sergeant Erich Wolfe passes away from his wounds.

Yuki Shinohara recalls the one moment back then where he and Erich were able to stall a whole detachment of light armor from a rival mercenary group using nothing more than the latters' M202A1 FLASHes and the M134 Minigun mounted in the former's then-signature weapon, the Dual Weapons Case. Upon the conclusion of this flashback, Yuki Shinohara finds himself back in Tenjin, holding Erich's lifeless body in his arms. He then breaks down in tears, cursing his mother for "forcing him into killing his brother."

As our grief-stricken protagonist leaves Erich's body to rest in repose, he comes across the site of Seiko Shinohara's death, but does not find said elder sister's beheaded corpse there. His heart begins to hurt as he hears a voice say "Onee-chan's and my ashes are right here." Yuki Shinohara turns around, gun in hand, to find out who snuck up on him--immediately lowering his gun as he finds himself looking at a ghost that looks identical to our protagonist sans medical eyepatch and head bandages. The Lieutenant immediately recognizes this ghost as that of his identical twin 'sister'--Miyu Shinohara.

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