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About The Trappy Bunny Boi

So, a guy with 7-2 offsuit goes all-in pre-flop--and wins. The rest of us are driven insane in the process. >.<

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THANKS, CELE!!! @u@ x9000

Lord Hebi-Chan
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Thanks, Hebi-Chan! Added similarities to a Chibi Tieria also wins. >w<

Gaia Combat Walkers--Crappy Concept Art

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Link to a site of a good friend of mine.

In case you play UT2004 and have seen what look like Len and Rin in Panzer Mecha Musume get-ups running around or have seen someone in GMod with a Tiger-I Girl as their player model, below is the site where all that was made possible:

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Xenoaisam's 3D character models are win--check his site out to see his works of win and future works, especially if you want something for UT2004 and Gmod that is completely different. @u@


Siggy under construction again since no TekTek equivalent and stuff. o.o

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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota

This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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unidentifarian Report | 08/27/2015 3:08 am
Thee Pie Man Report | 06/07/2015 10:22 pm
Thee Pie Man
My pleasure; thanks for selling! xp
Kitotoka Report | 12/21/2014 9:37 pm
gaia_angelleft cat_biggrin gaia_angelright
Spiffy Pumpkin Report | 09/06/2014 3:18 am
Spiffy Pumpkin
I actually bought it to use in an alchemy formula, but I know I'll enjoy the product of the alchemy for sure.
Gengar xX Report | 09/02/2014 11:10 pm
Gengar xX
You're welcome. B]
ZoeyProasheck Report | 09/25/2013 8:21 am
I will~ thanks for putting it on the marketplace! C: helped me with the cosplay avi~ X3
Ninja Juggalette Report | 09/03/2013 11:39 pm
Ninja Juggalette
Just dropping by for the annual profile lurk

*commence lurking*
xLil_Miss_Cookiesx Report | 06/26/2013 3:19 pm
They never had that here ._.
xLil_Miss_Cookiesx Report | 06/25/2013 6:12 pm
o: They have McRib there? O.o
xLil_Miss_Cookiesx Report | 06/25/2013 5:52 pm
O.e If I hadn't eaten so much just now I would want that d: