Here comes Face Biter Yuki....What's this character really? Well you'll find out my thoughts.
Ever wonder about the face biter Yuki....They say this sim is a troll but she looks nothing like a troll. I have 3 theories her.
1.She's the legendary creature knowm as the Grister.(I actually have reason for really believing these theories too.)
2.She was raised by animals.(First the grister theory. Supposibly gristers can take any form and they can get violent when noticed. The raised by animals is also an explanation for her violent nature along with an explanation for her being hyper.)
3.She's an oni.(Heres why this makes sense. The game has a japanese theme for the most part so a japanese spooky sim probably would be an oni and Yuki looks like an anime character to me so she's probably supposed to be japanese.)