Heres a seemingly friendly character. The mysterious fortune teller and voodoo queen. Another one I forget the name of but I think it was a play on the name of a fake fortune teller in real life.
Ever wonder about the fortune teller. Why does she seem to be hiding something? My theory is she's not a fortune teller nor is she a voodoo queen.(Sorry this isn't scary but this theory comes from her name connection with the real life fake.)She's trying to blend in with a new crowd to escape the torment where she lived but thinks the only way is by making herself seem like a psychic and voodoo queen. he's afraid to be herself.)Bonus pasta....This one is about Sonic the hedgehog as if there wasn't enough of those....The main focus is Tails. I was spending my time playing my favorite Sonic game when I realized Tails barely shows up in any of the new games. My theory is the Tails Doll had infact killed Tails but Sonic managed to destroy the doll leading to Sonic having to adventure alone. Before you ask yes I know Tails Doll was a main focus in Sonic R but he also appeared in the comic so who's to say Tails wasn't killed by him eventually.(Note to others....No use of hyper realistic. It doesn't make the tale more realistic. Also no saying the Tails Doll is gonna get anyone here. Thats just the dumbest one because Tails Doll can't go through the tv.)