Celestia calls Cadence to her. "We must help our element of laughter. The recent letter from Luna says Pinkamena is poisoned. Luna and Giggle Pie are dead by now. I might be able to cure the poison." Cadence looked worried. "Let me do it sis. We can't let you risk your life. After all you just got married." Cadence ran off to find Pinkamena. Seeing Pinkamena breaks her heart. She uses the best of her power to try and help. pinkamena blinks from the bright light then seems to be herself....however before she returned she brutally killed Cadence. She looks at the knife in her hand and screams so loud everyone in ponyville heres it. "I..... didn't...I wouldn't but it was...why?" Fluttershy wraps a wing around Pinkamena and in her usual quite voice tells her everything.