Stories of Gigglepie will be written in pink. Also I think the Cutie Mark Crusaders should come to the sanctuary. {Couldn't let them die}
I heard a knock and got nervous. I opened the door slowly and the cutie mark crusaders and Spike rushed in. Twilight had told spike to protect the kids. He was covered in wounds but the kids were unharmed though technically they weren't kids now. Rarity looked sad. She decided to admit she loved Spike a few years ago so seeing him hurt really hit her hard. breaking through her jealousy. She rushed to her beloved and hugged him gently as I closed the door. She was crying. "Spike. My dear Spike. You did a good job my darling. You did a good job. We will beat Ernst. Mommy promises we will." She was truly sad while trying to act tough for Spike. He woke up. "Rarity. What happened to you?" He said looking worried. "Mommy just got caught by Ernst but its ok. Mommy's able to help keep us safe. If necesary mommy will face Ernst on her own."

Well how was that for exciting. Anyways On to the next My Sims pasta. "DJ candy Theory"
Everyone is entertained by DJ Candy. Why? The dance club is popular even amongst none fun sims. What's the secret? Well I think she's using mind control and her fans are her army. She plans to take over the world using her music.