Its time for Pinkamenas Tale.
I.....don't know where I am. I just know I want cupcakes. it all started when my own blood got into my cupcakes. "Well that's no good...still a shame to throw them away." I ate them all and had been targeting ponies...well and griffons and dragons and....anything really. "Wake up Spike."
Spike looked around worried. "Pinkie Pie? What's going on? Why am I tied down?""You're not tied down. You're nailed down silly""N....nailed down? Why?""So I csn have fun with you." I slacee away a piece of his leg. Shoving it in his mouth. He was the first to actually eat it but he felt disgusted. I id my work in the most gruesome way. Blood and organs were everywhere. My next big moment was why I'm in the insane asylum. "Cupcakes! Must eat /ore cupcakes!" The police shot a tranquilizer in me. So here I am.Thinking why am I obsessed with cupcakes?