No new My Sims creepypasta today but I need
Rarity is trying to think of what to do. Fluttercorpse seems really worried about her animals. The animal are dead already and we need to find a way to beat my father. i walk over to Fluttercorpse. "The animals are dead. I looked. They're bodies....there's nothing much left but bones. Even Angel is gone." I notice Fluttercorpse start crying and I hug her. Fluttercorpse eventually starts talking. "its not fair. I know Angel hurt me once but he was my rabbit and we cared for eachother. Ernst will die for this." Her eyes are permanently in stare mode. Ernst breaks through the door and Fluttercorpse runs over. "You....bully! You think you can just hurt people?! I'll show you hurt! I'll show you pain! I'll show you....death!" She attacks more violent then I ever saw her attack anyone before. She rips my fathers head off. Todays my last day. I am accused of being a murderer but they forgot about Ernst.
Twilight finishes reading. "This confirms her insanity." With the new evidence Giggle Pie is sent to the new insane asylum where her mother Pinkamena Diane Pie was sent after attacking several ponies while shouting "Cupcakes!" the 2 can now be reunited.