Ok. Now that I'm serious and focused on entertaining again...it's time for stories from Gigglepie."Sanctuary."
We rush towards the house. Derpy was there. Not a scratch on them. She must've been lucky sbd found it....wait....her wings were ripped off but she was alive...A pegasus pony that could never fly again is sad but one of her legs was broke and she could barely walk too. I helped her in. I've had to get stronger to protect myself. My extra strenghth helped as she leaned on me for support. We got to fluttershys base and Twilight took care of Derpys injuries. Derpy finalky talked."I.....I.....Just.....Don't.....Know....What....Went....Wrong. I was almost here. Almost to this Sanctuary. They.......Surrounded me." Raritys jealousy grew but at the same time she felt sorry for Derpy. Ever since Derpy wound up alone Rarity actually acted as her mom. She goesnover and wraps one front leg around Derpy. She was gentler then she was with us."Its ok Derpy. Mommy's here now." Derpy rested her head on Raritys shoulder and started crying. She'd never be able to fly agaij she's afraid those creatures will get her and she has no way to fight back with that injured leg. We can only hope that Sanctuary is exactly what this place is.
Man I got a bit harsh on what happened to poor innocent Derpy but trust me.....the villains are not gentle. I'm still stuck at the same spot in Rise Of Nightmares. My Sims time. "My Sims Theory".
I notice some facts about the My Sims characters. They all seem....realistic. You have your goths your geeks your food addicts your nature lovers your book readers your music lovers your vampires and even your jocks....But....They are all friendly. My tgeory is they are all afraid of the main character. That if they bully someone they would be severly{Ugh....Don't know if I spelled that right. Certain words cause me trouble.} punished. That is why the towns so friendly. Cause the main cgaracter forces them.