So, uh, I've been writing stories lately and had just remembered about this one that I started writing way back in the summer going into eighth grade, and that was my VERY FIRST "Interesting" story I'd ever wrote. Since then, my writing has increased and stuff.. And I just realized that I still don't have an ending to it... So, here it is...

It was a hot summer day, the kind where you can see the air when I first saw her. Five foot two, a flat chest, black hair down to her waist, a pale complexion, one red and one green eye, stockings, boots, and a dark-maid uniform. I think that as soon we met we knew s**t would happen. I figured that, despite the fact I didn't know her, and that I'd no idea what she was like I would at least try to talk to her. "So... I, uh... I was wondering; you seem nice... And seem like you're a cosplayer of some sort. I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime, mayhaps tomorrow?" she responded in a voice that sounded like a siren that would've drawn sailors to their death naught but 200 years ago. "Sure, I'd like that! You see, I just moved here and everyone seems to avoid me as though I were the plague! Meet me near the site where they're building a new complex tomorrow at nineteen hundred hours!" and took off, blushing redder than a rose in full bloom. She shouted over her shoulder "Oh, and if I'm not there, inquire for Seraphim Hellscythe at 223 Wrather Avenue!"
"Well, awesome!" I thought to myself as I walked home. "You've actually managed to talk to, and impress a hot girl! Now... How should I kill time, I wonder..." and so I went out, buying groceries and necessities. The next day, late in the afternoon, my alarm went off. "Oh, s**t!" I said aloud. "Already fifteen? Damn, I needed to set my alarm earlier..." and grabbed my skateboard on the way out. I had about an hour or two to kill, so I went to munch some burgers and sip a milkshake, look around town, and before soon it was nineteen hundred. I waited about fifteen minutes when I remembered 'Inquire for Seraphim Hellscythe at 223 Wrather Avenue.' So I set off in the general direction I knew it was in. About a minute or so after I knocked on the large wooden door, Seraphim came to answer. She was dressed in naught but an oversized shirt and striped panties. I was about to say something but she yawned as she said "Oh, hi... Wait... I feel like I'm... Forgetting... Something..." as she finished her sentence, I noticed JUST how sexy she was; as if it wasn't enough that she was in only an oversized shirt and her striped panties, her hair was a mess, all in tangles and knots and such, like she hadn't combed in at least a week. "Uh... It's me, the guy from yesterday... Stereo?" And suddenly her face reddened to almost the exact same shade as I'd seen yesterday as she actually woke up. "Oh... Yes, I see... I- It's not like I f-forgot or something like that... Just give me a second..." so I waited about five minutes and she was soon outside in her boots, stockings, and maid uniform cosplaying gear. We went to burger king and just walked and talked. "What, you don't have a car?" she asked. "No. Nope, no way." I said with an air of awkwardness. "Well, why not?"
"Because I'm... Well, it's because I'm scared of driving; especially on highways. Whenever a big truck passes by I feel like it's gonna fall over and crush me. I also hate how bad it is for the environment." At this last comment her face lit up. "Oh, you care for the environment?" she asked enthusiastically. "Well, yes. I do."
"Well, that's just grand! Come with me, I've something to show you." I followed her and soon realized that we were heading out of the city into a clearing in a grove of trees. "I like to come out here and think." she said as she sat down on the grass. As I sat next to her, I could hear her breathing get faster and shallower, her face reddening again. When I turned to try and tell her how she came across this place, I was met with a kiss planted hard on my lips. I was confused at this point, but knew what was going on. As we sat in the clearing and kissed, her breathing got even faster and shallower then it had already been. Soon I could've been able to see her breath steaming if it was just a degree cooler. With her face red and breathing fast, she started to take off her boots. I guess she must've seen me looking at and admiring her stockinged feet, because the very next thing I knew, she was asking "D- Do you have a thing for st- stockings?" I couldn't lie to her, so I said yes. It was the best time I've ever been honest. The very next thing I knew, Seraphim had pushed me back onto the grass and was sitting on my knees. "Wait, what the hell are you doing?" I asked, not exactly freaking out, but confused none the less. "You'll find out s- soo- soon enough..." she said in her siren-like voice that was shaky now. She reached across to my belt, undid it and soon had my zipper down as well. She re-positioned herself on my knees and brought her feet up, rubbing them against my crotch, rubbing and re-rubbing until she could plainly see that I was fully aware of her and her feet on me. As soon as she saw that I was aroused, she eased my boxers off and wrapped her small-ish feet around my d**k. She started out slow, moving her feet about as fast as a minute-hand on a clock, slowly working. As she worked, she noticed that I was getting harder with every stroke. "Oh, do you enjoy feet this much?" she said "Well, I'll just have to punish your filthy disgusting c**k even more!" and with that she started to move her feet faster, faster, and faster still. Soon her feet were moving at a speed very similar to of the second hand on a clock. At this point, it was just too much and she knew it. "Oh, are you going to c** over a footjob? Are you really that perverted? Are you really that filthy?" and with that hot splooge was squirting out onto her stockinged, slender legs. "Oh, you enjoyed that, didn't you, you filthy pervert?" And seeing sperm on her stockings just became too much. I didn't respond, but instead helped her out of her uniform; unzipping the back, taking off her stockings, and tossing it all casually aside. She stood before me almost as I'd seen her late this afternoon, in striped panties still, but this time without a shirt as well. She took off her bra and turned around. Never before had I felt so amazingly lucky than before now. She moved toward me, and as I sat up, she crouched down; moving her head slowly down until it was above the tip of my d**k. She said "I get the feeling we'll become very good friends, you and I; Stereo..." and immediately started to lick and then slowly take me in until she was almost choking. Then she moved her head rapidly up and down, the way one would eat a popsicle as a child. Soon, inches before cumming, I stopped her. She looked up, smiled, and started to sit down on my crotch. As soon as she was fully settled, she started to shake her small a** all over my crotch, going in circles, going up and down, even bouncing. This was amazing, I was actually with a hot girl, who was not only horny, but was also amazing at what she did. She soon got herself thoroughly aroused, stripped off her panties (which by this time were soaked through) and pushed me back on my back. She soon straddled me and was aiming herself. "I... I- I've never done this before... This far, at least... You're my first, Stereo..." and slammed herself down on my still-raging c**k. She bounced up and down, her small thighs jiggling slightly. **And this is where I left off. I'm just going to upload this because I've lost my notebook filled with it and don't wanna write it up in Word because it's a shared computer... So that'd end awkwardly, and you know...**