The universe: So, we all know about the universe, right? You're wrong if you think like that. We know all about the OBSERVABLE universe, but nothing about what's beyond it. In this entry, I'll describe different theories. The first and most obvious theory would be that in the observable universe, stuff will change not for a very long time, but nonetheless, it will change eventually, because of the stars beyond the observable universe (which extends upwards of 8.1 billion light-years.) Past the 8.1 billion mark, we've yet to have seen anything, physical or light, but that's as I said, beyond our observable universe. I have no idea when we'll be able to see the other stars past said 8.1 billion mark, but there's also a possibility that there ISN'T anything anywhere past our observable universe. Say we're in one part of the universe (which we obviously are.) What if we haven't seen anything else because the light from the stars goes from one end of the universe and comes out at the other? It's the same concept as the classic game "Asteroids" where if you go up to the top, you pop out at the bottom; if you go to the far left, you come out at the far right. What if the universe works like that? "Well, why don't we see multiple constellations of the same type at once than?" You're probably wondering. Remember, the stars are still around 8.1 billion light-years away. It takes a while for them to show up, which is why we don't see repetitions. Or when the Earth was first formed, it could very well be like "Asteroids" again. Some debris would've shot outwards in every direction possible; some may have disintegrated, and others could very well still pass us by to this day because of the "Asteroids"-like theory. I believe that this is what Haley's Comet is, just some left-over debris from Earth's birth. We are also all on the same point of convergence as everything else in the universe if this is true. Think like a sphere. One thing could be on one side, and on the opposite side of said sphere at the same time. It's really hard to describe online, but I'm trying. Trust me when I say, this theory is a lot easier to think about and describe in real life than it seems online. You get the picture/idea/whatever, right? I'm just gonna say, leave comments, blah, blah, blah, HATERS WILL BE DELETED!