Fighting online (again): Well, looks like I just made some 12 year old cry to their mom again... XD See, when you start an argument with someone who hates all s**t pop ******** over punk and s**t, you'll always; ALWAYS lose. I mean, I even listen to this song the entire time I disprove people or make them angry or whatever online or IRL. Long story short, one of my sisters friends was over, they didn't like my music, I turned it up louder, and we got into an argument. I just talked, and they ended up crying because they couldn't get their own way. That just proves my OTHER theory, that ALL little barbie-conformist shits will cry if they don't get their way. I mean, it'd be funny whether I won or lost in my argument, considering how mad this little ******** was. I really wanna know what they'd do if I revealed to them that good looks get you no-where in life... I will have to find this out before summer's over, I HAVE to. (Yes, I may enjoy this a bit too much, but, eh... Who the ******** cares, ya know?)