God, I love my insanity: It's true, I'm as insane as you can be. That's what people have told me because of my ideas, because of what I think, and because of what I wish. But, if that's considered insane, aren't we all as ******** up as you can get (or at least in ONE persons eyes)? I have been called insane, crazy, loony, nuts, and just plain ******** up. But, the reason for all of this is not because of the fact that I am, no. This is because when people learn of something that they don't understand or explain and it makes them feel insecure in any way, they label it, throw it in a category, or throw the people like that together in loony bins. That way they can feel good and orderly when they do stuff; there's no-one questioning, no-one theorizing, no-one with their own ideas, everyone is like a cog and all work in the way people are comfortable with, all nice, tight, and conformed. But when they get someone like me, oh... That's when the machine starts to break down. People start listening to what I have to say, start thinking for themselves, and start to begin to question and theorize. Then the "heroes"come along, shut people like me up, and fix the machine, putting all the cogs back together, making sure everyone's being a good little marionette for either the educational or political system. They tell everyone "Don't worry, there's no such thing as the Holders, no such thing as the Objects; no aliens; no "black box" There's nothing interesting, nothing out of the ordinary. Go back to being good little conformists, good little marionettes." They tell you there's no such thing as either the Holders or their Objects, but then how can they explain the immense attraction towards all of the Objects in spiritual form? "It's just human biology and curiosity." No. It's because we know that there's SOMETHING Holding onto that Object, and we want to Seek it out. They tell us that it's impossible for there to be aliens, but then how can they explain the coincidence of the extreme luck of Earth being the only planet of countless others to hold the only life? How can they explain the pyramids; or Stonehenge/Easter Island; the flat mountains that seem to have been leveled? No matter what deity you believe in, neither God nor Buddha, Nature nor Gaia create straight lines in nature. From people and their minds, yes. But not in nature. They say ghosts can't exist, but how can you explain Shadow Photos on Polaroids? Those can't be changed or faked. Or tell us, "great" leaders how people see Shadows on DIGITAL CAMERAS. There's no film to have possibly printed/copied over to the new photo. They can't explain the infamous "black box" from Coral Castle, so they tell us that the photos are either fake or he used quiet machinery. Pray tell, HOW did one man acquire machinery that's damn near SILENT in the early 20th century, when all machinery was loud as hell itself? I do have a theory on that, but it's so long that I'd need like a day to write it. I'll just edit it so there's not too many TL;DR's going on for it. Anyway, it's sad. People that think are quieted and thrown aside, while the idiots are free to roam, free to say anything, and even free to lead entire countries. This is my rant on insanity. If you don't like it or don't get it, too bad. I sometimes wish I could acquire TRUE insanity, because if you've ever been in an asylum, you'd know that that's the ONE PLACE where people will actually listen to what you have to say, and they add their own logic to it. Then other people see this interaction and call it "Loonies just yapping to each other again." Sit on that for a while and tell me who's truly insane these days. Hope you enjoyed!