Extraterrestrials: People say that there's no way aliens could exist, just because they've never seen them for themselves. There are MANY flaws and holes in that theory of theirs, one including our own world: In around the year 1324, people first discovered that the world was round, thanks to, let's just call him "Beta", as that was his nickname because some (many) people were jealous of his much higher intellect. When he discovered this, people figured "Hey, if the Earth is round and not flat, that means we can circumnavigate it, right? And where there's undiscovered lands, there's undiscovered people!" And lo and behold, there WERE other people on the other side of the world. The human race is as of now around 2.6 billion years old. Do you see what I'm getting at? It took us damn near most of our pitifully short, yet long-term existence (at that point, our ENTIRE existence) just to figure out that there's more than just neighbor Jimmy and Hobo Steve around Neighborhood-ville and that there's more than Neighborhood-ville in the world. If it took us that long just to realize there's more people in the world than we thought, than it's probably gonna take a LOT longer to be able to prove that there's other "intelligent" life out there on other planets. But, there could very well be life in our very own solar system soon. On Titan (one of Jupiter's main moons) earth-like qualities are supposed to be at an increase of 2.1% per year over the next few years. It's predicted to have the same gases as ancient ancient ANCIENT Earth did back 3.5 trillion years ago (that being a deadly for people amount of oxygen, helium, hydrogen, and other gases) the helium will eventually burn off and out of the atmosphere, as did with old Earth, and oxygen levels will lower. "Well, big friggin' woop..." is probably what most of you are thinking by now, right? "So there's some gas that's the same as on old Earth." Well, it kinda is a big woop. Titan is rather notorious for having electrical storms. If you take al of the gases that were on old ancient Earth and put them in a sort of container, then produced an electrical shock and applied that to the container the gases are in, you'll very soon see a thin coat of primeval slime coating most if not all of the inside of said container after giving it electrical charges. And that's just in that container. Now imagine it on a much larger scale. That's where I believe we could first run into intellectual life in our own galaxy/solar system. Also, think of it. Wouldn't it be a waste (and sad) if we were the ONLY living creatures in the ENTIRE universe for all of forever? I mean, if that's true, we may as well kill ourselves now; there'd be nothing to explore and nothing new to meet. We're in a remote part of the universe stuffed into a small corner on the very (lonely) end of one of the Milky Way's many arms. Could you just imagine? Anyway, I'm tired, so once again: thanks for reading, leave a comment down below on what you think of it HATER COMMENTS LIKE "LAWL, ALIENS DON'T EXIST, STOOPID" WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY AND THAT PERSON WILL BE REPORTED FOR HASSLING OR HARASSMENT OR WHATEVER. But other than that, please do.