Deja-vu Theory: I have a few things to say about deja-vu. The "official" definition of it is when you do something or go somewhere and it feels insanely familiar, but you know for a fact that you've never been there or done said whatever you're doing. Children, particularly young children, get a great deal more deja-vu then their counterparts, IE adults or older children. I have a theory behind this: I believe that we may live in something that has an eerie resemblance to the Matrix. There is plenty of reason to believe that when you get deja-vu, say in a dream, and it's stupidly strong, I believe that the "system" or whatever controls us, has messed up and given you information that you were not yet supposed to know, perhaps information you weren't supposed to know for weeks. With weaker deja-vu, I think it's the same concept, but more like a "glitch" in the system, kind of like one you'd find in a computer/video game. As mentioned earlier, as a child, people seem to have experienced more deja-vu than as an adult. I think that the reason behind this is the fact that you haven't been in this world for long, meaning you're more easily accidentally overlooked by the "system", therefore accidentally given more information through deja-vu than someone older than you would receive. The reason you generally get less and less deja-vu as you get older and older is because you've been in the world longer, meaning you've been able to be acknowledged by the rest of the world as existing, AND being more seen by the "system" then a young child, as you've been more places than a young kid would be. That's all I have on this. Please leave a comment on what you think, if you think something else, or whatever. Blah, blah, blah, haters'll be deleted. THANKS FOR READING!!!