Time: Time is nothing more than man's way of his want to be able to explain everything that happens, from random phenomena to seemingly "ordered" things. But the reality is, nothing is ordered in this universe of ours. Yes, the sun rises and sets at (about) a given time, but there is no order. We think it's ordered because that's how we want to see it, that's how it's written in textbooks, and that's what your teachers tell you your whole life "Everything is ordered, everything has a certain schedule." The schedule part may be true, if only half. The only reason anything has a schedule is because that's the way that we perceive it. The Earth has its seasons of summer, fall, winter and spring, we have equinoxes on fixed dates, and we can figure that this'll happen then. But, let me ask you: what would be left of these "schedules" if humanity never existed or was wiped out? The animals are really the only things with schedules, like when to sleep, wake up, and that's about it. There's no lunch, dinner, or breakfast. If you were more of an animal, you'd eat when you're hungry; nothing more and nothing less. You'd sleep with the rest of your kin at a (roughly) estimated time, and you'd all (roughly) wake up at the same time. I know I say that stuff doesn't have schedules and then go and say that, but think about it: birds have no idea of time, but roost when it's dark. Moles have no sense of time, but arise when it's dark and leave when it's bright. Our earliest human ancestors were about the same; eating when hungry, sleeping when tired, etc, etc. But do you think that on Mars or Jupiter time would still matter? It'd still technically exist, as long as there's one person on the planet, so it should oughta, right? Well, to people it would. But as stressed in one of the above sentences somewhere, it wouldn't make the flying creatures, animals of the sea, or serpents, mammals, fish, etc, give a flying f*ck either way, where we are in the universe; time has no meaning to them. "But there has to be Order SOMEWHERE in the universe, right?" No. There couldn't possibly be Order in anything so big. Do you remember Egypt from just a few months ago? How everyone was rioting? There was no order there, Chaos ruled over everything. There were no specific leaders during that time. Even with leaders, people will abandon their false hope in Order and switch to the supreme ruler of everything, Chaos. Egypt has only a few million people. The universe has countless things, countless worlds, countless stars, countless galaxies, nebulae, solar systems, countless EVERYTHING. If Chaos could so easily take over from Order with just a few million people with no leader, what's to stop Chaos from reigning over all in the universe, the ultimately largest place with no leader/ruler? There is no "figure" to enforce false Order, and there is no figure to try and stop Chaos. Even if someone was foolish enough to try and stop Chaos to introduce Order, they would easily be overwhelmed by Chaos in all of its glory. So, if you figured that this is a TL;DR thing, here's the short version: No time, no Order, Chaos rules over all. Feel free to leave a comment below. Haters'll be deleted, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for taking the time to read another one of my long rants on stuff.