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                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.
                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.
                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.

                                            Basch always treated her with the greatest care and respect regardless of her station. He had known her as a princess-royalty, yes. However, her kingdom had branded him a traitor for crimes that he had been set-up for albeit very well because of his twin. Even then… even through the years in bondage, he maintained the highest air of loyalty to his kingdom that had called him a liar when he was always so faithful and honest to the cause. He had every right to treat her with disdain, but despite everything, he stood by her when he had no reason to…

                                            In fact, he had every right to treat her cruelly, disrespect her, and more. If she chose to represent her country, she had humiliated this man… ripped him of his pride and honor. In the face of all that had happened, every time… he chose to stay by her side. She even mocked him as a traitor to his face, not wanting to be near him. The evidence was stacked heavily against him, and this he was conscious off… He did not try to fight it but knew wisely to hold off and stay to reveal the truth in the end. He was a free man that had probably gone through the most trouble for his country… living in it when everyone hated the name Basch fon Ronsenburg and would have been berated for even saying the name.

                                            He may not have been aware of it, but because of all the things he had done… or not done as it were, she felt undeniable debt to him. She felt that there was an infinite gap between them and not because she was Queen and he was not. Just as simple man and woman, there was a huge gap between the good person that he was and all the things she must have caused him and put him through… whether because of the betrayal he was blamed for or for all the times that she had been in trouble or chose the more troublesome option. He was there for, protecting her, fighting with her…

                                            If anything, he would probably make the best King for her kingdom for there was none more loyal and true than he despite not being Dalmsasca-born. He had the heart of a real Dalmascan, and he was welcome within her borders at any time. Whether or not that was a euphemism for something more, she was glad that she did not say it aloud for she was already highly conscious of the implications of her thoughts… Making him king by one certain way… allowing him to stay with her as her equal… perhaps someone above her as he so deserved… Still, despite now intriguing that idea was, it also seemed impossible… There was nothing to say that he wished that nor would it be appropriate for him to express such things at his station.

                                            However, they were talking small steps. She had encouraged friendship from him, and perhaps in this way, he could speak to her as a normal person… see pass that being that was Queen and just the woman called Ashe because underneath her crown, that was all there was. She nodded at him, confirming the words, “Indeed. If it is not too strenuous upon you to think of me as such, I would be honored to have you stand as my friend.” Her voice softened as she added, “Should I correct you, do not think badly of it, would you?” There was a playful twinkle in her eye that was barely visible at this point.

                                            She pulled back slightly as they continued their walk through this foreign land. There was poker expression playing across her features that cracked very slightly when he hesitated upon the word ‘job.’ She supposed queen-ship was her job. It was a full time duty to which she was technically not paid like those that did have jobs, but she received taxes and paid everyone else. She sighed a bit and said vaguely, “There are stresses and tensions as you might imagine with my particular job. It fairs not worse than usual, but it is quite tedious… ” She thought to add boring and lonesome at the top of the ladder, but she withheld those words.

                                            Just as she thought to ask him about how his tasks with Emperor Larsa faired, Basch expressed unexpected words. Balthier and Fran. She looked around, and she spotted the pair walking down the street as suspicious as ever. She murmured, “Yes, I believe it is those very two I see.” Balthier seemed normal enough, but there had only been what seemed to be hume in this city, and Fran stuck out like a sore thumb. The pair together speaking so genially and meeting the gaze of one Queen and Knight spoke volumes of how they had been noticed.

                                            Perhaps there were more of them there. She and Basch were not the only present. What fortuitous events had guided at least a few of them together. She hoped that if there were others, that they were not alone. She thought back to the two hurrying towards them. She looked over to Basch briefly, stepping quickly to meet Balthier and Fran head on. She raised her tone and asked, “I do not suppose it is coincidence that we have run into each other here. You two would not have happened to come by your own volition, would you?” Perhaps the Strahl was there and perhaps these two sky pirates both notorious and cunning especially the latter knew more about the situation than she and Basch.

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In a relationship with Many Fictional Characters

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                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.
                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.
                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.

                                        The two pairs were supposed to meet back up for something eat, but that was so far from her mind. Nearly all her bases were covered at this point. She had a ring around her finger. She was clean. She was a warm, probably a little too warm and at the point where she was likely going to need to wash up again. However, the prospect of actually needing to wash up was far more entrancing than perhaps the effort of washing multiple times a day. By no means did she think that Cloud would mind. She did not mind if she were spending the rest of the afternoon with just the spiky blond swordsman, but she did remember that Vincent and Yuffie, namely the latter may have wanted to spend some time together.

                                        The only reason she had considered the thoughts of their friends at this moment was because she was not sure how much time had passed. She would hate to have her time with Cloud interrupted by the boisterous ninja. That would certainly be a mood killer not that she knew that the gunslinger and ninja across the hall had likely forgotten about their meeting for something to eat as well. Still, getting out in order put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on their door meant getting out of the bath with Cloud. If she couldn’t even get herself hauled across the room for champagne even when attempting to tempt Cloud, actually getting to the door would have taken a miracle and then some.

                                        In the end, she relented and stayed where she was with Cloud. She doubted that too much time was passing or had passed. The water would likely get cold before Yuffie came around so they could go from there. She could feel her own excitement coil more tightly with each passing moment, and she could feel Cloud’s to some degree. A man’s body was significantly more obvious than a female’s. Seeing that they were in the water, it was all the harder for him to gauge her except by her actions and flushed form, which were strong indicators nonetheless.

                                        Her arms were wrapped around him, features dark with passion, lust, and love mixed into to one. She smiled at him, meeting his suddenly very bright features. She thought she would have been blinded. Her heart had nearly jumped out of her chest. If she were any bolder, she might have exclaimed that his smile was probably the most handsome and beautiful thing in the world… The single look caused her to blush even if it was innocent and loving. Her body felt tighter and warmer simply because the gaze was so light, meaningful, and significant as if he were the sun burning into her… a pleasurable look rather than anything terrible at all.

                                        A few moments later after being stunned by a single look that he had given her, she felt herself press against him. She gave him a questioning looking as he pulled her tight and began to stand up. She felt the water drip off his body as well as hers. It was cool but nice against her flushed skin. There was probably nothing good about the way it made her fingers prune-like, but it wasn’t exactly as wondrous as when they first began. Any further thoughts were cleared by a single searing kiss that made her burn and breathless. She moaned softly against his lips, letting out a sound of disappointment when he pulled away.

                                        However, his fragmented heated words full of promise caused her to shudder. She swallowed hard, not feeling nervous as much as anxious. As unfortunate as it was to pull away from him, she needed to dry up. She reached over while Cloud dried to let the water drain before standing up, thinking that she would towel herself off but Cloud was far ahead of her. She laughed a bit, thinking she was probably dry enough. She twisted her hair a bit to ring out the strands. She didn’t bother to dress herself as she slipped out of his reach and headed towards the bed that she noticed had been re-made while she and Cloud had gone.

                                        She passed the bed at first, grasping the little sign to hang on their door. ‘Do not disturb.’ She was sure even the ninja could read. She was very careful not to stand in the edge of the door for anyone to see her. It was rather risky of her, but she was just taking precaution for just in case. She turned on her heel after making sure the door was closed. She moved a few steps back, ignoring the bed and looking for Cloud. She strode over to him, thinking just enough to slow down her steps and not too walk too eagerly. She wanted to enjoy every second she had with him.

                                        Her arms opened lightly, welcoming him there. She slipped her hands beneath his arms, sliding them over his hips and across to his lower back. She took a few steps closer to slowly form her standing body against his. Because of their not so different heights, it was easy to slip her head into the curve of his neck, lips pressing against the soft skin there. She breathed in his now clean, masculine scent and sighed, “There. No one will disturb us.” She pulled her head back with a mischievous grin (the rest of her body staying pressed comfortably against his). She raised one hand, pressing the curve of her palm against his jaw and pulling him down for a soft, feathery kiss that acted as prologue for a second, deeper kiss filled of passion and promise.

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                                                                        Green Mage

                                                                        Fran was quite glad to see that this was infact the Balthier she knew and was partners with. Though as Balthier joked about Vaan going on a joy ride she seemed to narrow her eyes, a shimmer of frustration in her red eyes. She would scold the boy if he harmed the ship, "For his benifit, he better not be. " She said in her usual calm tone, after all Fran wasn't one to show much emotion at all. Though she also knew that the boy was a decent pilot and if Balthier trusted him enough to basically take him under his wing then he was going to be fine. She just was rather possessive of what she saw as her own at times.

                                                                        It hadn't really registered in the Viera's mind that they could be stranded in another world. Though it made sense considering the mist wasn't present as far as she could tell. Balthier brought up a worthy concept of what needed to be done first. She should have guessed that they needed to figure out where they were first before they worried about a ship. Fran just was missing the sky or perhaps wanted a aerial view. She nodded a bit only to almost roll her eyes at Balthier's humor, something she wouldn't admit to missing. " That would be the best course of action. " She seemed to glance off to one of the buildings, noticing that she was the onl Viera in sight. So if this was a new world then perhaps she was the only one in existence...what of her sisters. The dark skinned woman shook her head to disregard that thought, after all it wasn't the issue at hand and would be drawn out later.

                                                                        She followed Balthier as she usually did, silently agreeing with the man as he wondered if there were other people. When they turned the corner it seemed their thoughts were correct as Ashe and Basch were off in the distance. So this place had even brought the queen here? Well that would be a issue as her kingdom might be in turmoil now that their leader was absent. Though Fran let that thought drift off as she didn't really care to delve in the issues of Humes unless she knew them personally or was a cocky pirate which she happened to only know one. When Basch called out their names it was confirmed that the man and woman before them were their old friends and allies.

                                                                        When the Hume queen spoke of coincidence and how they got here she looked to Balthier and then back at the woman only to shake her head. "This perhaps is fate or coincidence but that isn't something that matters as it will not change what is happening now...for how we got here, it was not on our own accord. We were pulled from our time and brought here. As I told Balthier, this place does not bare the mist. " Fran then looked to Balthier as she wondered if the man had figured anything out. He was quite observant so perhaps he had seen something of interest.

                                                                        "Do you know of anything of this area Ashe? Or perhaps you, Basch? " Fran crossed her arms as her fingers rested on her biceps. She was certain that this was a foreign place but at least she had her partner here, if he wasn't then this place would be hell for her. After all Fran wasn't known for her social skills and trust. She just kept glancing around them as some people were staring, more so at her considering she was the only Viera in the area after all. This made Fran a bit on edge as she cared to not have attention drawn to her, unless if was one certain person.

                                                                        Location: Eden
                                                                        Feelings: Concerned

                                                                        Weapon: Sagittarius (Bow) , Assassin Arrow.
                                                                        Inventory: Potions x9 , Antidote x2, Hi-potion x4, Phoenix down x2
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                                                                          Jeanne couldn't handle much more of Bayonetta's teasing. That damn Yuri caused a fire to start and Bayonetta was adding to it. This caused Jeanne to be unable to keep herself composed. THAT SMIRK! It always led to disaster for Jeanne. She glared at Bayonetta didn't give her a straight answer over seeing Jeanne without clothes, dear lord this woman was aggravating! The next comment made her huff and look away ."The only a** in this room would be you Cereza. It is your natural state of mind. " She said in retort even if it wasn't the greatest of come backs.

                                                                          Cereza seemed to take her admitting to enjoying cuddling and used it to taunt her. Jeanne seemed to look at Bayonetta only to gasp a bit and pull back her head as Cereza winked at her and told her she hoped that she found such a source of warmth. First of course Bayonetta had to make it sound reasonable to give Jeanne a fake sense of not being teased only for it to end with that damn kicker. "I fear I have not found a worthy source of warmth. After all I do not trust most to sleep next to me. " Of course this didn't help her case considering she did let Cereza sleep next to her. Jeanne was just continuing to drop the ball , she was just too flustered.

                                                                          It seemed Bayonetta may have picked up on Jeanne's flirting a bit so she now had to decide on how to take this. Jeanne was no where near the level of flirting as Bayonetta was so her retorts shadowed the noble's. She pressed her lips to a fine line as she now had to figure out how to come back to that. After all she wanted to admit that she was meaning it in a naughty matter but Jeanne didn't want to give Bayonetta more ammunition against her. She then decided it was best to talk before Bayonetta figured out what she meant. " My interpretation? Well I have already discussed the matters of wine tasting previously so I do not enjoy repeating myself so of course it doesn't relate to that. As for manners, well I could be discussing them but you know what manners I carry. So tell me Cereza, how did you take what I sad? " She said with a lopsided smirk, she felt like she had won that little battle. After all she didn't deny it but also didn't admit to it and kept her classy attitude.

                                                                          So Bayonetta carried some skill in sexual playfulness? This caused Jeanne to wonder who and who she might have to kill. Though to hear that she was 'tight' enough to be enjoyable it confused her a little. So did she just have the knowledge or did she bear experience? Jeanne wanted to know rather badly but decided it was best to not ask considering it would reveal her desires over Bayonetta. "I see... " Jeanne had a rather stern tone, not wanting to give insight over her curiosity. "I do not laugh at myself, I carry far too much pride for that. " She said calmly as her eyes scanned over Bayonetta's body, "So...no , no never mind. " She deicded it wasn't best to ask more on Bayonetta's sex life.

                                                                          "I could wear a skimpy one if I so desired it!! " She retorted over the heart-attack comment. After all she didn't want the woman before her to pin her as a modest sort. After all...wait why was she battling for her situation of her own modesty?! How did Bayonetta pull her strings so well!?

                                                                          Jeanne was a bit frustrated over not being able to reach her back. She was about to give up but she looked innocently confused as she saw the bottle vanish from her hands. Then the words Bayonetta spoke rung in her ears....wait what?! This caused her eyes to widen completely as her jaw dropped. "Wait wha---- " As soon as she felt the other woman's fingers on her neck she tensed up for a second only for her shoulders to fall limp. Jeanne seemed to roll her neck a little as she muttered. "Thank you Cereza.... " She said in a low tone as she let the woman's rather amazing fingers touch her...something she never expected.

                                                                          When Bayonetta moved closer she seemed to shiver a bit as she felt the other woman's breath on her ear. Those words caused her to blush deeply as she seemed to gasp a slight moan, her mind now falling deeper in the gutter as she seemed to pant only a little...what she never been touched in such a fashion or whispered such things! Especially when it was from the woman she desired! She then muttered something she may regret.... I have always...wanted to return the favor...and turn you on...." The last part was hushed but felt her heart pounding against her chest...how in the hell did she slip up that damn badly?! She just pressed her lips together as tightly as possible. "Mhh hmm...." She said as soon as she just could feel her entire body heating up, muscles twitching as she felt Bayonetta's fingers as she caressed them.

                                                                          It seemed to be done as she then reached back for the lotion and grasped it from Bayonetta as she kept her face down, "Now, its your turn...." She said as she seemed to move behind Bayonetta and lathered up her hands with lotion. She then looked at the bare back of Bayonetta and her fingers seemed to twitch a bit. She then started at the shoulders and slowly worked down . "Your skin...is surprising soft Cereza... " She said in a astonished tone as her hands seemed to travel down her back only to trail along the back of her bikini at the top of the hips. Though as her hands traveled over Cereza's body she bit her lip as she wanted to get revenge...but didn't know how. Her hands then moved around Bayonetta's side and strummed along her stomach as she whispered. "I hope this is to your liking Cereza...you are the only woman I have done this to. " Great, now she just admitted to having no sexual experience...well damn..

                                                                          Jeanne then finished up what she did as she then pulled back , her body felt like the heat has spread through her entire body...she wanted to touch Bayonetta more and the reason she stepped back was to stop herself. She then spoke up as she walked past Bayonetta, trying to avoid eye contact. "Well on to the competition... lets get this over with and you in that dress.... " She said in a stern tone, trying to force the blush out of her face as she made it to the water. She then stepped into the water as she called back. "So when ever you are ready Cereza, to watch me beat you. " She said in a confident tone but it still bared a slight stutter considering of all the sexual innuendos and touching that happened. Something that she was not used to at all.

                                                                          Location: Arcadia with Bayonetta
                                                                          Mood: Flustered

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Lady (Mary)

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                                                                  Lady looked to Dante as he walked in, knowing he woudl enjoy the sight of the pizza. Though she hoped he would enjoy the sight of her in the dress as well. After all she wasn't the dress sort of girl considering she was a demon hunter. She saw him sit down in his usual fashion as she held back a chuckle , after all it was nostalgia. "Seems like it might be Dante...but don't count your slices yet...after all I owe you something still. " Lady was referring to the bet that the white haired man had won. After all she gave herself a pep talk about confronting Dante. She may not have been able to admit her feelings for Dante a year or so ago but she wasn't going to lose this chance. Lady just hoped Dante didn't take advantage of her admitting it and think it was a fling. Lady was a devoted sort of girl, that was why she got jealous of Trish when they competed for Dante.

                                                                  When the man seemed to talk about the pizza and how he figured out how it wasn't all for him she arched her brow a bit at his usual cocky banter. She couldn't help but grin when he offered her some of it as she shrugged a bit. "I hope so. " She started to walk towards Dante as she let her hand touch his shoulder once she got behind him ,"I did make it for you after all. So... " She then did a cruel move as she leaned over his shoulder, her breast right next to his head as she grasped a slice of pizza and brought it up to her mouth only to take a bite. She then stood up and began to walk away, making sure to sway her hips a bit, what? She was advertising and Lady wasn't too experienced in the concept of flirting. She made it to the chair near him and sat down, crossing her legs as she continued to eat the pizza. "I got sauce on my shirt thats why I am wearing this. Plus some other reasons. " The last part was hushed a bit as she took another bite. Lady wanted to make sure to wait a bit to make sure if Nero and Kyrie were coming or not.

                                                                  After some time it seemed they didn't, that was kinda odd. Perhaps they wanted to give them alone time? Great, was her feeling that damn obvious. Though she was grateful that the boy gave his "Mom" time with "Dad" to sort out the fine print. She then finished her pizza slice and licked her fingers, slightly suggestive but how could the action not be with her company. Lady then stood up and turned her back to Dante as she glanced at the bed...was she really thinking about doing that with him...? It was her first time and was she really willing to give it to the son of Sparda...? She smiled sweetly as she realized that she wanted that more then anything. Dante was the one, at least in her two colored eyes.

                                                                  "So Dante....last time I checked you won a bet right? " Lady started to walk around the room, her heart already racing as the walking was to build up the courage to present her feelings. "So I guess I owe you some information on the guy I want to well...you know... " Lady cleared her throat as she didn't want to be that lewd. "Well this guy is one of a kind...well he has a twin but he is unique... he was also a bit of a cocky a** that thinks he can carry the world on his shoulders. " She then walked to where she was behind Dante and had her arms crossed. " He also showed me something that I needed to learn...that not all devils aren't bad.... and you shouldn't judge a book on its history or its make. Well....and he also helped me with my dad..." Her voice got a little more innocent as if she was losing her courage. Her tone was like it had butterflies in it considering her stomach was filled with it. "He also gave me my name.... " She started to step back and squeezed her biscep, " The guy's name is Dante...the son of Sparda...Dante... I.... "She swallowed the large lump in her throat. "Love you Dante.... " She said as she felt the wall hit her back only for her to squeak a little. She didn't expect it to be there.

                                                                  She then took a deep breath and then walked towards the bed and sat down, pressing her fingers to her forehead as she closed her eyes. Lady was blushing as much as she could considering she just admitted her feelings to Dante. " I know its stupid and I know you could get any girl you wanted. I also know I am just a stupid human girl and you got a girl lke Trish but... I owe you a lot. " she bit her lip and continued to talk," I owe you my life and a lot more. You proved to me that I was wrong...and then it happened, it happened at the tower. When you almost kissed me.... I started falling for you. " She then opened her eyes and looked at Dante, "I love you... I love you a lot Dante...You don't have to tell me how you feel. I don't want to have our friendship ruined or partnership...I just...wanted to get that...of my chest. " She sighed a bit as she fell back on the bed, her forearm covering her eyes as she started to regret what she admitted to Dante.

                                                                  "I...saved myself for you .....Dante...pretty stupid huh? You even took my first kiss a few minutes ago which wasn't my ideal kiss situation..." She then decided it was best to change the subject, maybe if she did then perhaps Dante would ignore her little love confession. "So where is Nero and Kyrie...? Are they on a date or something? " She asked as she was trying to calm down her heart rate. She wanted to hear something back from Dante but also didn't due to her fear of being denied.

User ImageBayonetta(Bayonetta)
~ Umbra Witch

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Bayonetta shook her head a little. Jeanne hadn’t had much experience in comebacks, did she? “I suppose. But, in some circles, my mentality would be considered the more desirable out of the two of us. For, as some say, who wants to be around someone that is stuck in their ways? Or as they shortly put it…stuffy?” That didn’t necessarily mean Bayonetta always thought Jeanne to be stuffy. Though, the Umbra Witch would be lying if she said that Jeanne was never stuffy. For between the two of them, Jeanne was more true to the Umbra way than herself. Then again, with her being a half-blood and Jeanne being a pure-blood, Bayonetta had to admit that was likely something that most would expect. “Though Jeanne? Word of advice….you should really work on your comebacks.”

She wouldn’t be Bayonetta if she didn’t mess with Jeanne over the whole matter. After all, it was not every day Bayonetta found herself with such fuel to play with. It would just be wrong, or even sinful, to not take advantage of the situation. Though, as she did so, Jeanne said something that caused her head to tilt slightly. Was that so? Did that meant Jeanne trusted her, or was she just too annoyed/flustered to realize what she had said? Her arms soon crossed over underneath her rack as a faint smirk graced her face. “Is that so? Well, by your definition, that must mean you trust me, right? After all, you did say yourself you didn’t trust most to sleep next to you, and I didn’t exactly see any protesting last night when we did that.”

A part of her actually felt curious about the trust between them. Did they mutually trust each other? Did only one trust the other? Was there no trust at all? Bayonetta knew how she felt. But, the Umbra Witch had no idea about Jeanne. That in itself really bothered her more than she cared to admit. However, with Jeanne’s interesting words, Bayonetta was able to get her mind off that subject. Now her mind was trying to decipher Jeanne’s exact meaning. For there was no way Jeanne was just talking about wine tasting. No one talked like that and truly meant only what they said. There had to be some secret meaning within those statements. But, was it a perverted kind meaning, or something else? Before Bayonetta could figure it out for sure, Jeanne started to speak, which caused her eyes to blink as if refocusing on Jeanne.

At that moment, the Umbra Witch had to admit Jeanne had played that card well. Cause now, either Bayonetta would come out more perverted than normal, or come off as a complete idiot. While the former wasn’t too horrible, the latter was something her pride just would not allow. Thus, even though she smirked faintly, her mind felt itself swirling with many different interpretations. Eventually, after a few moments, her mind settled on an answer she hoped would put this battle of words in her favor. “Hmmm….well…let’s just say that I thought your version of wine tasting and showing of manners would involve something along the lines of…something fun that you believe should only occur in private.” She wasn’t sure that was her best line. But, Bayonetta felt pleased she had been able to come with anything at all.

There was no way Bayonetta would bluntly tell Jeanne about her sex life. At least, not right now. But, if Jeanne’s interpretation was that she did have some prior experience, she would be right. Though, how much, she would let Jeanne decide. Even if her words on “remaining tightness” should give some clue that her legs rarely opened to just anyone. Let alone taking advantage of the other way around. “Alright Jeanne. You can just keep telling yourself that.” She chuckled as Jeanne seemed to get into one of her prissy moods. The Umbra Witch felt her interest peaking more. For why would Jeanne ask about her sexual experience? Did Jeanne not have any and wanted to have some, or was she possibly…jealous? The latter caused Bayonetta to mentally smack herself. For that would never happen in a million years.

Then again, the former wasn’t too likely either. But, at least it seemed more plausible than Jeanne actually being into her, especially with her being a half-breed and all. However, just like before, Bayonetta found a distraction from her thoughts. She chuckled and shook her head. She just could not picture Jeanne in a skimpy outfit. No matter how hard she tried. “I have a feeling pigs would start learning the ways of the Umbra Witch before you would ever wear something skimpy. For that would ruin your…modest prude image after all.” Her lips formed into a smirk before seeming to grow even more. Why did her smirk grow more? Well, it was not every day she got an opportunity to mess with Jeanne in a more physical manner. Not unless the two were fighting. But even then, Bayonetta wouldn’t consider that full on playful.

But this? This was playful. Her fingers moved over Jeanne’s exposed neck and back as she nodded slightly. “Just being…fair as they say. For we wouldn’t want you to lose due to getting your pale skin burned by the mean old sun.” Her voice oozed teasing as she continued. For while Bayonetta was doing out of niceness, the Umbra Witch was too prideful to admit to such. Though, just because she was being nice didn’t mean she couldn’t still tease. Thus, she moved closer to Jeanne and spoke into her ear. However, Bayonetta didn’t completely expect the way Jeanne reacted. The sound she thought she heard almost caused her cheeks to warm. She felt an urge to do it again just so she could make sure she heard correctly. But, her attention was soon drawn to Jeanne’s voice.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to figure out what Jeanne had said. Something about returning the favor…and turning who on? Why did she suddenly feel a bit of fire spark inside her chest? She had to keep herself from pressing her fingers hard against Jeanne’s skin. Luckily, the Umbra Witch noticed she was done. Thus, her hands moved away from the other Umbra Witch. Her mind completely focused itself on pushing back the oddly powerful emotion. As she did so, Bayonetta didn’t completely pay attention to Jeanne taking the bottle of lotion from her. However, her mind snapped out of it when Jeanne mentioned how it was her turn. She nodded slightly as she turned to where her back faced Jeanne. Her hands moved to grip her hair so that she could move it out of the way.

That was likely a very good thing as the moment those fingers started working on her skin? She had to bite back the urge to make a faint sound of her own. Causing her to tightly grip her own hair to get rid of the urge. “Is that so? Well, I do like to believe I take care of myself, which would include my skin.” Bayonetta kept her gaze focused on a random lamppost nearby as Jeanne’s fingers continued to work along her skin. Though, the further down Jeanne got, the more Bayonetta felt her stomach area twist slightly. If she wasn’t so sexual herself, she might have been embarrassed by her body slowly reacting to Jeanne’s touch. But, Bayonetta just did her best to hide it. If only to keep Jeanne from teasing her. However, she almost faltered when Jeanne whispered those words.

The implication though caused her to smirk. So maybe it was the former after all. Well, Bayonetta couldn’t exactly say she would refuse the challenge of educating her pure-blood counterpart. But, until she was for sure on if Jeanne wanted that, Bayonetta would just have to tease the truth out. “I will admit your hands do know how to work along person’s body well…for a novice.” She just couldn’t help herself. “Maybe you should get some practice….I’m sure someone will offer themselves as a test dummy…or even offer to…teach you the ways.” That was the closest Bayonetta dared to admitting her offer. Anything beyond that would be too blunt and uninteresting for her liking. Shortly after what she said though, Jeanne pulled back. Luckily, that allowed the Umbra Witch to slowly concentrate on easily away the tension within her body.

Bayonetta nodded as Jeanne reminded her of the competition. She almost forgot about that due to the interesting way they had gone about protecting themselves from the sun. She took the bottle back from Jeanne to work it on the rest of her exposed skin. By the time they were at the water, Bayonetta was done with her sun protecting routine. After all, she couldn’t afford to suffer from sunburn either. She moved towards the water just as Jeanne called out to her. She smirked faintly and entered the water herself. “I’m always ready.” She winked before looking forward. “And it will not be you beating me…it will be me beating you.” With that, Bayonetta started to swim and thus started to swimming competition.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more

Where can I be found: Arcadia Beach with Jeanne
Love: You shouldn't ask a lady such things~
My Weapon of Choice: Scarborough Fair
Powers Active: None
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                                            When Yuri commented about not wanting to see Travis to go through with turning him into a shish kabob, the otaku chuckled with a slightly menacing grin plastered on his lips as he commented, "Yeah, cuz you won't be laughing once you find this up your a**."
                                            Travis held up his beam katana as he referred to it in response to the other man, knowing Yuri didn't want to further taunt him about it. He went on from looking devious to one suffering confusion at its finest as Shinobu started speaking about something that supposedly happened that upset her and asked if he remembered which made Travis frown. Frowning more so out of frustration at the confusing situation because he couldn't recall whatever the hell she was talking about. Or was she talking about her arm...? Oh! He was sure that was what she was speaking of now as he was positive that anyone wouldn't be happy about getting part of their arm severed. But what do you expect when you fight the best assassin around? "I cut your arm off. Big whoop. Looks like you got a replacement anyway," He motioned his weapon at her right arm as he commented with a typical flippancy, seeing that she obviously must have gotten some kind of prosthetic, but was covering it with a glove.

                                            When Shinobu told him to just shut up and focus on the fight, Travis' brows pulled together as the need for defiance came, "Nobody tells me to do s**t, got that?" He waved his middle finger to next couple of comments from Yuri as he continued to fight the odd beast. Chuckling when the younger assassin suggested that he was rusty as he went to cut off the beast's arm, "You should get a pen and a pad so you can take notes!"

                                            After Yuri had changed into some kind of feminine beast-thing, Travis laughed obnoxiously when he heard Shinobu ask Alice if she knew that her boyfriend was a drag queen, making Travis chortle, "HAHAHA! Good one!" His amused expression didn't leave him as he knew that Yuri was probably pissed off, but hey that was for the ***** comments earlier so paybacks a b***h!

                                            Before he could question why Yuri was being silent, Yuri's monster clone took a swipe at Shinobu, ripping her fake arm off, and making it fall towards Alice's feet. He couldn't help, but smirk a little in amusement as the young woman appeared to be hesitant about picking up the thing after Shinobu asked her to keep watch over it, before she eventually did as she decidedly stay out of the fray. When he turned his attention back onto the beast he noticed that there was two of them suddenly. Looking around himself, he didn't see Yuri's strange woman form so it didn't take long for him to conclude that the guy had switched forms. Making a mental note that he would have to ask Yuri how in the hell he could do that besides the apparent notion that they all weren't from the exact same time frame.

                                            Before Yuri could deal another blow at the clone, light surrounded him again and he was back to himself...but it seemed like something was wrong. Like he might have over exerted himself, but his brief moment of concern disappeared as he heard Yuri banter at him and Shinobu about them preferring him to do all the work. "Dirty work? All you did was turn into some ugly a** turd beast!" He didn't bother to wait to leave who was going to finally take the clone out up to debate as he saw the monster get back up on its feet and charge at Shinobu once more, but before it could achieve any kind of attack against her, he instinctively grabbed the dark-skin woman by the waist with his free hand, pulling her out of the way as he swung his blade. Slashing the beast across its neck before kicking the beast's body away, making the head roll off its shoulders.

                                            "And that's how its done," Travis said with every ounce of cockiness dripping from his tone, switching off his beam katana and clipping it back to its rightful place on his belt.

                                            "Safe now!" The otaku waved his hand at Alice, calling out to her, only to realize that he was still holding onto Shinobu as she was close to his side. He looked at her through his shades, blue eyes looking her down and up, consciously noting that she looked pretty damn nice up close, but didn't linger on it any longer as he dropped his hand from her waist. Looking about himself, he noticed that one person was missing. Did that robocop a*****e run off to hide like a baby? "Hey? Where's that blueberry shithead at?"
                                            X was nowhere in sight so he guessed he was either killed or hiding, but he didn't see his lifeless body anywhere so unfortunately it wasn't the first. He shook his head, remembering that he left Jeane in the care of the owner of the inn, beginning to walk off towards the inn without warning as he was now only concerned about the well-being of his kitten because that old fart was going to be in a world of pain if she wasn't alright!

                                            ① (location) - Zion//Outside Inn
                                            ② (mood) - Confused, pissed off, and everything else that is under the damn rainbow!
                                            ③ (weapons) - Tsubaki Mk-III
                                            ④ (currently) - with Alice, Yuri, and Shinobu

                                            "Travis speaking"

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                                                    xO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
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                                                    ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                    detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ NERGAL // down from the surface liftxxxxxxxxx
                                                    xx R E S I D E N Txxx E V I L
                                                    xxȻᴌᴀᵻʀᴇ Ɍᴇᴆᵳᵻᴇᴌᴆxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!

                                                    A girls’ day out? She cocked an amused eyebrow Jill’s away. She could hardly imagine herself going to the mall to get her hair/nails done or just swapping out clothing. At least, that was what Claire defined as a girls’ day out. What she imagined was probably, her and Jill finding a nice shooting range somewhere and probably practicing. And if they wanted some target practice on each other, maybe they could find a paintball arena. She couldn’t remember the last time she had gone to one of those. Perhaps it was the last time that she and Chris had gone. Between paintballing and shoot ranges, that was pretty much how time was spent between the Redfield siblings.

                                                    Often times, the closest she ever got to a girls’ day out was going with Rani and her Aunt to go shopping for groceries. Talk about a real stellar activity. No, she really enjoyed herself with Rani and her comrade. However, it wasn’t exactly classified was fun times, although nowadays, mundane things like going shopping and picking out which head of lettuce was more ripe… those were little pieces of peace and bliss that didn’t come around often enough anymore. Hell, she was glad just to see her brother for the thirty seconds she had with him, which was more time than she had spent with him in like the last year. She was glad to see him well and joking… and that bear hug that she loved to hate.

                                                    Sure, it’s something to look forward to.” She said, glancing to Leon after his less than enthusiastic response. Claire wasn’t a big shopper unless one counted those times when she splurged on new motorcycle or gun parts, which were several times heavier than just bags of clothing. “I’m sure you’ll be a star-bag- ” Her voice was cut at that moment when the strange creature came out to greet them. She supposed it wasn’t really a time for them to be conversing and joking when they were in danger. Then again, when weren’t they in danger?

                                                    She ducked out, taking the chance to become the distraction. After all, she was the one with the light after all. She was the most easily seen both by the creature and by her two comrades. They would recognize her and would be less likely to shoot her rather than try to shoot each other. She also knew when she was out-skilled with respect to shooting and combat. Better than the average person, but these two people were not average by far. They were the cream of the crop as far as she was concerned. Both would better put their skills to the test when taking down the creature if they focused n that. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time she had gotten out of a slippery situation.

                                                    It was following Claire as far as it could see with its one good eye until Leon knocked out its second. Jill had moved swiftly behind and shot down the backs of its knees causing it to stumble before getting around again and pulling what might have been considered an insane stunt if done by anyone else. Jill and Leon weren’t just any normal people… not perfect shots to the eyes and not getting right up close and personal to a mutant and sticking her gun in its mouth to finally take it down. Claire was far more concerned than she really needed to be. These two were professionals, and watching them work together, she saw that more clearly. And like them, her brother was ranked up right there with them. She was proud of her brother, and she loved him a lot regardless of her insults.

                                                    Yeah. I’m fine. You guys took it out pretty quickly. I don’t have a lot of ammo, but I feel like we could get by if we were careful with our ammunition.” She was personally a careful sort of girl. She didn’t waste ammo unless he had to, and watching Jill, Claire noted that Jill was a fire-power sort of girl. To keep up with Chris, she wasn’t really surprised. Claire was a handgun/shotgun sort of girl herself…

                                                    She flicked her light around at Jill’s behest, trying to find where they had just come from and where they were going. Leon was right. With all that noise they had just made, they were bound to draw attention-unwanted attention. She stopped looking around to shine her light where Leon requested-on the full map so he could copy it down. When he was done, she shined her light back towards the front. There was something lighter ahead… It was more tunneling, but it looked to almost change somehow… When she looked at the map that Leon was copying, she was sure that the straight stretch would be longer.

                                                    The tunnel ahead of them had changed and was changing. “I don’t think that’s on the map…” She cautiously approached with the light shining ahead, but it seemed to be getting brighter… not unnaturally brighter but almost like they were approaching natural light somehow. It was a one way road so it was either back where they came from and possibly more of the mutant’s friend or head forth. Finally, they hit a ledge overlooking what looked like a city. There was a banister keeping them from jumping over and a path that winded downhill towards the city itself.

                                                    She paused and looked to Jill and Leon with great uncertainty. Then she looked back at the dark tunnel they had been traveling through, and it was gone or at least nothing like the sewers they had been traveling through. “Hey guys, turn around… I don’t think that’s where we came from before.” The new tunnel, more earthen and less cement in appearance drew back towards what looked to be a station lift like an elevator. To where, she had no idea. “I’m not going crazy, right? We were just definitely in a sewer, but that doesn’t look like a sewer.” She pointed back towards the lift. Unbeknown to her, there were other changes including a missing vial.

                                                          xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // fine
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // confused

                                                          xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ flashlight ][ combat knife ][ glock17 (14) ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ lockpick ][ lighter ][ f.aid spray ][ empty ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ h.gun ammo (34) ][ empty ][ empty ]

                                                    locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                                    ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

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                                                    xL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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I'm not sure if this applies to anyone, but Atoli has been removed.
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                                                                  Jill was kinda glad that Claire seemed to be going along with the joke, she could see that she shared a lot of the same personality of Chris but she wouldn't vocalize that. After all last time she did Claire got defensive even if it was just playfully. She just cocked a brow as she watched the other two interact, crossing her arms as she was glad they both were safe after that damn creature attacked. Of course they were though, they were all zombie survivors so what was a little mutant lizard thing in all honesty? Jill had to deal with that blond b*****d Wesker even.

                                                                  Though as the group moved on she seemed to hold her head and stumble a bit, perhaps it was just a simple head ache or that newly found addiction she acquired due to her capture. Though when her vision came to she seemed to frown a bit, furrowing her brow as she glanced around noticing nothing looked the same. She shook her head and rubbed her eyelids letting out a soft groan. "What in the hell just happened?... " She muttered to herself and loud enough to the group around her so they could hear. When Claire pointed out that this didn't look like the sewer she seemed to nod and crossed her arms ,"Well with the hell we have gone through, we might be labeled as crazy...but right now, this isn't crazy. " Jill started to walk towards the lift ,"Seems like what ever is in charge of us likes moving us around like a board game...so as far as I can count, we have been transported a total of four times, including back where we came from. This is getting really old, really quickly. " She sighed only to check her guns to make sure they were fine and dandy. She then seemed to feel something in her chest lighten up. Maybe what ever brought them here also brought Chris here. She pressed her lips into a fine line as she then seemed to smirk a bit, "Well lets just hope this place is a little friendlier then the last. Though if its too friendly, I might want to go back to the mutants. " She said with a soft chuckle, feeling like her old self, pre-Wesker blond hair self.

                                                                  Though her eyes took in more of the world around her as she seemed to only wish for this all to make sense. " Well guess we got the same goal, find a way out of here and then some good answers. Might as well head over that way. " She motioned her head towards the lift as she began to walk towards it. She rolled her shoulders a bit as she approached the lift. Once there she rested her hand on the control panel and seemed to arch her brow. This seemed way too easy to be honest. The controls were even easier then she thought, just like their old world. She then glanced back to the group with a lopsided smirk ,pointing up then down. "So which way we going guys? I suggest up as I can probably speak for the rest of us...I kinda miss the sun. " She joked and walked away from the control panel, letting the other half of the group choose where they want to go.

                                                                  She then leaned back a bit and crossed her arms, thinking over what in the hell just happened. After all they were just in so many different places, Jill's head was spinning. She was really wanting to have some good old fashion R&R right now. Perhaps a good nights rest or something like that. She could even go for a hot bath considering the circumstances. It was obvious that she was thinking about Chris as she zoned out with her arms crossed and looking down. That twinkle of worry and thought about Chris was in her eyes. She seemed to let a sigh out of her nose as she then just waited for the others, wondering if her partner was here and fine. After all she needed the man's company. Considering what she has been through and that Chris and here didn't get much time to talk it out after being rescued from Wesker's capture and his death.

                                                                  Though Jill slowly snapped out of it as her eyes looked around, warning signs about not going to the surface were around her as she frowned a bit. "Well looks like I get to miss it a little longer. " She said calmly as she then walked off the lift, half tempted to kick it but decided against it. Her eyes then wandered to the nearby town looking area as her hand pointed off into the distance. "Guess we gotta go there...seems nicer then where we were. " She joked lightly as her mind was still half gone, after all she had a right to daze off with all this s**t that has been going on and not to mention what has happened to her recently.


                                                                  Location: ???
                                                                  Allies: Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy
                                                                  Feelings: Lost in thought.

                                                                  Weapons: x2 Skorpion vz. 61 , Heckler & Koch P8, combat knife.
                                                                  Ammo & Supplies : Sub-machine gun clips x3, Pistol x4, Green herbs x2, First aid spray x 1, Lighter, Lockpick.
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User Image

                                                                        After she paid respects to her dead sister it seemed that Leon was ready to do what needed to be done. Though to her surprise it was a far different outcome. Even though Helena's actions helped cause the hell they went through she was then offered a spot on the team?! Did Leon have a hand in that decision?! She wanted to know but right now wasn't the best time to ask considering the old saying that you never look a gift horse in the mouth. Though as she accepted the spot she was about to toss the compact to Leon as she turned around to look at the agent but froze as s he noted something was off...well the whole area was off to be horrible honest.

                                                                        As Helena looked around she noticed that she was no longer in the graveyard but some sort of odd city, one that sorta matched the underground ruins she found when she discovered her sister. This caused a small turn in her stomach as her hand went for her Hydra shotgun but soon she settled down and let her hands fall to her sides. " The day gets better and better. " she then flipped out her phone and noticed that she got no signal, what the hell? These things got signal no matter what it seemed unless there was a damn good damper in the area. Though unknown to her she wasn't even in the same world. The young agent then seemed to walk down the street, her guard on high but her curiosity was about at the same level.

                                                                        Helena then felt something odd in her pocket as she slowly puled it out and saw it was Ada's compact. She then narrowed her eyes as her lips were almost tempted to frown. She didn't dislike Ada but she just didn't like her, after all Ada did save her a few times. She just didn't enjoy how she lead Leon along but that was Leon's business and not her own ."Guess I will give this to him as soon as I figure out where the hell I am. " She spoke softly to herself only to make her way down the streets. Though as she walked further down the path it seemed that the city was getting more and more advance. This caused her brow to perk as she then smelled a oddity....her eyes then settled on raw ore as she then muttered, "Mining? How.... " Her thoughts started to wander over how she got here.

                                                                        The woman then wandered into what looked like a bar as she seemed to look around, all the people seemed normal.enough. She then walked up to the bar and asked a few questioned ."Hey, can you tell me where I am? I am a bit lost. " She leaned on the counter only for the man to look at her oddly. " Well miss, you are in the mining town Nergal. You must be one of those out of town folk. Well I gotta say we welcome ya as much as you can but watch your back. You might have some friends around here if ya look, after all new people are poppin' up everywhere. " She then seemed to glance down a bit and to the side. " Nergal...? " she then waved her hand to the waitress ."Can I get a water and a table to sit and think? " She asked with a slight smirk only for the woman to lead her to the spot she requested.

                                                                        It was there Helena pulled her phone out and set it on the table, her eyes locked on the device as it still stated that there was no service. She started to search through the contact list only to reach the name of Leon Kennedy. She paused as she tapped the table only to hit the call button which resulted in nothing as it said that it still had no signal. She then brought her other hand up and massaged the brow of her nose, a slight bit of frustration washing over her as she didn't like to be left in the dark with no answers. "Last time checked there is no Nergal where I came from. Either this is a bad joke or I am in over my head.... " She muttered to herself as she was about to add that she also lacked her partner but she didn't want to seem too dependent on Leon, even though the man and her been through hell and back as well as he saved her life quite a bit.

                                                                        Location: Nergal // Bar
                                                                        Feelings:Confused and agitated

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                                                          Henry chuckled at Rei's jesting about her friend, Miku, possibly being able to give him a nice shiner. "She sounds like she can give me hell so I believe you," Henry gave her a good-natured grinned in response. He saw the Japanese woman pocket his handkerchief after having dried her tears from her eyes, nodding in agreement when she explained that she would like to clean it first before returning it to him. Though the words that followed left the Irishman in doubt despite the convincing smile that graced his lips.

                                                          I wonder if she still feels that way? He thought to himself at the mere mention of Sylvia being lucky to have him. That moment of doubt left an unpleasant sense of being worthless to her. Like an old toy that finally lost its charm and was tossed aside after a child grew bored and searched for more flashy replacements. He knew after a couple of years of marriage that things start to get old so he knew that it took work to keep the same fire a marriage held since the first vows were said. He never suspected that whatever he was doing when it came to Sylvia's love wasn't satisfying the blonde as she would still coo to him sweetly about how much she loved him. It was just that his love wasn't all that she needed to have her stay by his side. The suggestion that her desire for material possessions was far bigger than her desire for his love and company stung, but he covered his pain with a pearly-white grin.

                                                          Luckily his mind wasn't left to linger on his wife as Rei was reunited with a friend whom she thought was dead. As the two happily embraced and expressed how pleased they were to meet again, Henry quietly stood by, not eager to interrupt the warm reunion as it was something Rei really needed. "Pleasure's all mine," the assassin gave Miku a faint grin as he greeted her back.

                                                          "It is no problem at all. Been more of a...walk in the park?" Henry offered a much broader smile. Protecting Rei from those strange doppelgangers wasn't so difficult when the assassin looked back on the event, but maybe he had grown accustomed to fighting so much it would really have to take a long strenuous fight to make the man consider how much effort he must have put into it.

                                                          When Miku asked if he was from this odd world, it was only until he heard her add a "Mister" to his name again that caused him to shake his head with a good-natured smile on his face,"Henry will be fine. I'm not that old." A chuckle followed as he continued on to answer her question.

                                                          "I am just as lost as you and Rei are. My home is in Ireland and last time I checked, this isn't Ireland by a long shot. Only floating sky cities existed in one's imagination."

                                                          Looking past Miku as he saw the young woman look over her shoulder, mildly curious as to what she was taking a look at, he noticed a shop not too far down, but before he could ask, Miku already answered for him as she brought up the possibility of her two companions she met joining them. "As long as they can keep up, I don't have a problem with that," Henry shrugged his shoulders, blue eyes looking at Rei as if expecting to hear her response to having two more tag-a-longs.

                                                          ⅱ⇜moodAt ease, but confused.
                                                          ⅲ⇜weaponsCross Sword
                                                          ⅳ⇜currently With Rei and Miku

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"Henry speaking"
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                                                          All he could do was stand there and watch as the facility appeared to be engulfed by fire. A part of him felt relief at seeing that abomination destroyed in its own birthplace. Yet, his lips couldn’t help but form into a slight frown. For while all of Neo-Umbrella’s work was destroyed, there was one thing that facility took from him directly. A partner that didn’t deserve to die the way he had. I just hope you don’t regret your choice, Piers…He placed his hand lightly against the tiny glass window. The demands he made for Piers to open the door still rang in his ears. He still couldn’t help but wonder why Piers ignored his orders. Was the younger man worried he would lose control of himself? Was he worried he would just end up killed the moment they were saved?

                                                          Unfortunately, Chris had no way to answer those questions. Only Piers Nivans could give him those answers, and the honorable man was likely now nothing more than dust. “Rest in peace Piers….you deserve it.” His heart clenched more and more the closer the escape pod got to the surface. There were so many things he wished he would have said to Piers. But, Chris had always assumed they would have just a bit more time. He just….always thought Piers would be around. Like he always assumed the BSAA would be around. Like he always assumed Claire would be somewhere safe, and Jill would be there for him. But, life had a way of reminding him of how quick it could end. He leaned his forehead against the cool glass as his eyelids hovered over his eyes.

                                                          “I just wish I could have told you…just how grateful I am to you, Piers.” After all, Piers had pulled him out of the hell his amnestic self had thrown itself into. Not only that, but he always seemed to keep a metaphorical mirror to him. A mirror that showed him the self before Edonia, and the fact that he could become that self again. Those reminders didn’t really get through his hardhead until he saw Leon again. He didn’t know if it was Leon himself, or the fact that Leon was friends with Claire. Maybe a bit of both. But either way, Leon had said the thing that finally snapped Chris out of his vengeance against Ada Wong. A part of him wished he could have snapped himself out of it sooner. “So if you can hear me….I just want to say thank you….for everything…”

                                                          He closed his eyes just a bit tighter. Not only because of the fact he felt tears stinging his eyes, but because of the fact it suddenly seemed so….bright. Chris was no ocean expert, but he thought he still had some time before he breeched the surface. Maybe he had been in that contemplative state longer than he should have been? The BSAA Captain moved away from the glass. The light seemed a little less intense, but it still made him want to keep his eyes closed. However, if the source of the light was an enemy, he could not afford to let his guard down. Thus, slowly, Chris allowed his eyes to open. Strangely enough, the light now appeared more bearable to his eyes. Then again, the light also appeared to be very…colorful?

                                                          Cautiously, he took a step closer to the light. His hand rested near his knife as he leaned over towards the light. However, the images reminded him of a kaleidoscope. Interesting and amazing to the eye, yet very hard to define depending on the image. “I hope this means I haven’t gone nuts. He nor the others would like that at all.” He chuckled faintly as he noticed something. Where was the escape pod door? His eyes darted left to right as he took out his combat knife. Yet, after a few moments, nothing seemed to happen. No water came rushing in, and no enemies jumped at him. He blinked slightly and put up his knife. “Guess I got nothing else to do right now…” Besides, Chris didn’t see any other way out of his escape pod.

                                                          Thus, with caution, Chris stepped into the light. For a few moments, he closed his eyes tightly. However, once the light seemed to dim greatly, he opened his eyes. Those same eyes soon widened as he noticed he was somewhere way different than the ocean. The faint smells reminded him of a mining town. Ironic considering he had just been on an oil rig. He started to move alongside what appeared to be a river. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about getting access to water. As Chris moved about though, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He walked towards the building the figure had gone into. As he looked up at the name of the place, Chris chuckled faintly. “Damn…maybe it is a good thing he isn’t here right now…”

                                                          His heart clenched faintly. Yeah, that was a bad move on his part. But, he knew Piers wouldn’t want him to linger on his death. However, with it being so recent in his mind, Chris found it hard to not think about it. It definitely didn’t help that his last image of Piers was of his partner appearing to faintly smile at him. He shook his head to get rid of the image as he moved into the bar. His brown hues looked about the bar before spotting the vaguely familiar figure. She appeared to have the same hair cut as the woman Leon was partnered with in China. However, her outfit was different. Thus, Chris had to wing it as he moved towards the table she was sitting at. Upon closer inspection, her facial features definitely reminded him of Leon’s partner.

                                                          “Helena right?” Chris waited for her to acknowledge him before moving to sit across her. “At least, I believe that is what Leon called you back in China.” Luckily, Chris was still wearing the same outfit he wore in China. That would mean recognition would hopefully be easier. However, Chris didn’t want to take any chances. “We met during that brief confrontation before you two went after Simmons, and I and my partner went after Ada?” He hoped that would jog the woman’s memory enough to remember him. If it didn’t though, oh well. At least there was a familiar face in this place, even if he wasn’t sure if he trusted the woman. But, if Leon trusted her enough to work with her, Chris would give her a chance. Though, the moment he looked towards the bar, his throat started to become dry and scratchy.

                                                          He had to push back the urge to drink so badly. After all, Chris knew all too well how one drink could turn into two, and then ten before one could even blink. However, maybe he could get himself some cigarettes. He wouldn’t find his conscious getting on him for that right? But, as Chris looked back at the woman, Chris realized he had to focus on the important matters right now. Relaxing himself could come later. “So you have any idea where we are exactly? Cause I have no idea how I got here from where I was previously.” He wasn’t sure he should mention he was in the damn ocean before finding himself here. The woman would likely find him crazy, and Chris wouldn’t be able to hold it against her. “Just saw a bright light and went towards it…and well…I think you can figure out the rest.”

                                                          A part of him wondered if others he knew were here. Though, that was extremely pushing what faint optimism still lingered inside of him. For what could bring not only him and Helena here, but others as well? Chris just couldn’t fathom it, and wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

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                                                          LOCATION : Escape pod in the middle of the Pacific Ocean // ....Great....he is probably not going to like where I am right now (( Bar in Nergal))
                                                          TEAM : No one // Helena Harper
                                                          WEAPONS : Combat Knife, Nine-oh-Nine (x30), Assault Shotgun (x12), Grenade Launcher (x5), Assault rifle (x80), and Semi-auto sniper rifle (x15)
                                                          INVENTORY : Green Herbs (x2), Ammo for his gun, Ear Piece for communication purposes, and a cell phone
                                                          LOVE : That's....confidential....

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Leon Scott Kennedy
~ Resident Evil: Degeneration

I’ve had it
Up to here

You know
Your end is near

Leon always felt relieved once a fight was over. That meant one less enemy that would come back to try and kill them. Not only that, but it was one more time Death didn’t decide to claim them. But, Leon wouldn’t feel completely relieved until he knew Jill and Claire were alright. For an injured teammate would require them to take extra precautions. But, as long as they all got out of here alive, Leon could care less. When Claire confirmed she was ok, he nodded slightly. However, Leon didn’t want to interrupt Claire, who yet again was showing her careful nature. That trait, along with others, was what made Leon think of Claire as an admirable individual. For while she wasn’t a frontlines person like Chris, Jill, or himself, she still was helpful in such situations. Even if that helpfulness only came in small little reminders.

But, any reminder was better than none, especially when things tended to get crazy around them very quickly. “Yeah. We’ll need to also be careful on who or what we decide to fight as well.” After all, sometimes retreating was actually better than fighting. While it could be considered cowardly, retreating was better than finding one ’s self six feet under. “Though hopefully, we’ll be able to get to the exit without any more hitches.” Leon didn’t put a lot of faith in his words. However, Leon knew always thinking negatively rarely ended well. Thus, the government agent didn’t regret his words as he started to finish up the map. He appreciated the help from Claire. For without the light and pen, he likely wouldn’t have been able to draw a map. Let alone see it.

Once he was done, Leon looked towards where Claire was shining her flashlight. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly as he noticed how it appeared lighter up ahead. Were they that close to the exit? He moved towards the flashlight briefly enough to use its light to illuminate the map. He tapped his chin and looked forward. By the map, they still had a ways to go. But, why else would they be seeing a light? Maybe the map hadn’t been updated in quite some time? That wouldn’t surprise him considering all these mutants that seemed to be living down here. However, as he looked towards the light again, he found his hands gripping tightly onto his Glock. After all, it wasn’t everyday a tunnel literally started to change right in front of him.

“While I will be bordering on being Captain obvious here, I do agree with your observation.” Cautiously, he moved forward along with Claire. He assumed Jill was following as the light strangely didn’t seem overly bright. However, the way everything seemed to be slowly changing around them caused him to keep up his guard. Eventually, they seemed to hit what appeared to be an edge of a cliff? He blinked a little as he looked over the edge to what appeared to be a city. Unfortunately, Leon couldn’t tell much from up here. The only thing he could tell was there did seem to be some activity. At least, from the few figures he could make out from up here. Leon looked away though when he felt eyes on him. Noticing the great uncertainty in Claire’s expression, he frowned slightly.

He wished he could tell her anything at all. However, behind his calm and collected expression, he was just as confused as Claire. But, Leon felt he couldn’t afford to show his confusion in an outward manner. Though, when Claire pointed out something, he looked towards the direction of the tunnel. He furrowed his eyebrows again as he glanced over it. The tunnel now appeared more earthen and drew back towards what appeared to be an elevator of some sorts. Now that had definitely not been the tunnel they had been in what felt like only moments ago. Leon took a few steps closer to it as his ears finally registered what Jill had said. He looked over towards her just as Claire seemed to be asking if she was going crazy. The government agent shook his head as he looked back at the tunnel.

“No, you aren’t. I’m seeing the same thing you are, and it definitely doesn’t look like any sewer tunnel I’ve seen before.” He looked towards Jill now and held back the urge to shrug. “And unfortunately….I have no idea what just happened either.” After that, Jill appeared to try to reassure Claire in her own way. Then, Leon watched Jill moved towards the lift. He moved himself to stand nearby Claire as Jill appeared to try and talk through the past events. He found himself agreeing with most of her points. However, one point caused Leon to look over at Claire briefly. Had they gone back where they came from? He knew he had been brought from the helicopter to ghost town version of Wellington, New Zealand, then to some sewers full of mutants, and then here. However, he couldn’t recall being back in the helicopter.

Then again, maybe they had been and only Jill recalled it? With all these unwanted teleportations, Leon wouldn’t be too shocked at that possibility. “I will agree that this is getting really old…whoever or whatever is doing this will definitely be hearing from me soon enough.” Whether he was being serious or teasing was a bit hard to tell. He looked over his two guns while Jill looked over her own guns. Once he was sure both guns were ready to go, Leon put them back in their holsters. A faint smile and a shake of his head followed Jill’s little joke. “Hmmm, I beg to differ myself. For I could go for a nice hot shower and a comfortable bed myself.” He cracked his neck and stretched his arms as if emphasizing his point.

“After all, I’m sure those mutants could find some other playmates for a bit.” He faintly smirked before letting his arms relax once more at his side. His eyes looked about the place as well to try and see anything familiar. He walked towards the railing once more and looked down at the city below. Occasionally, his nose picked up smells that reminded him of a mining town. Unfortunately, those smells brought back memories of Los Illuminados and the Las Plagas. He forced those memories back for now since he didn’t want to linger on the past. Not when that mission had been successful and he didn’t find himself one of Saddler’s little puppets. The moment he looked back over at Jill and Claire, Jill mentioned how they all had a common goal. “I thought that was quite obvious.”

A light tease and nothing more from the government agent. He watched as Jill moved towards the lift. He still debated whether or not going to explore the town would be a good idea. He didn’t see any tall tale signs of it being affected by an outbreak. However, Leon couldn’t say he had ever seen a city built into the side of a cliff before. Could that mean it was actually a facility in disguise? A bit of a frown formed on his face at the thought. His mind continued to think over all the possibilities as Jill seemed to ask them which way to go. He blinked a little as he thought the only way was down, unless he hadn’t noticed more levels? He looked up to see nothing above them. However, instead of pointing it out, Leon looked towards Claire.

“Yes, which way should we go? Up towards the sun or down towards the center of the Earth?” By the lightness in his tone, it was obvious he didn’t believe his own words. But, they were in no immediate danger. Thus, a little humor wasn’t bad right now. “Though, if I’m allowed to make a suggestion, I say we should go down and check things out. The city that I was able to see over the cliff looks like it has some form of activity. However, the way it looks and smells makes me think we should be on our guard if we do decide to go down there. After all, we won’t know how friendly these people are towards curious odd strangers like us beforehand.” Due to focusing on giving his input, he didn’t notice Jill zooning out nearby the lift.

Thus, when he looked over at Jill, he just noticed how she seemed to be snapping herself out of something. He kept himself from showing any curiosity since he wasn’t any of his business. Also, luckily, Leon didn’t hear Jill’s next statement. Otherwise, Leon might have been tempted to tap her forehead and ask her if the sewers had messed up her sense of direction. Though, with how dark the sewers had been, Leon could see how that could happen. After all, without the flashlight or the maps, Leon knew he likely would have had a hard time making it out of there. He simply stood there though as Jill walked closer to them. His eyes followed the direction of her pointed finger and gave her a nod. “That is what I was thinking.”

He wasn’t sure if Jill heard what he said to Claire. For that reason, Leon didn’t elaborate on his point once more as he moved towards the lift. Leon noticed the control panel seemed similar to control panels back where they came from. That both made it easier to work with, but also a bit unnerving. For why would this place have control panels so similar to home? “So, anyone getting on the Kennedy express, or am I just going to be by my lonesome self?” He joked once more as he waited for the two to get on before messing with the controls that would allow them access to the city below.

You had to have it all
Well have you had enough?

You greedy little b*****d
You get what you deserve.

Where I can be found: Sewers(Iria City Underground) then…somewhere else(Nergal: Near Surface Lift) with Claire and Jill Valentine
Who am I willingly bound to: No one
Weapons on my person: Silver Ghost, Glock 30, and a Mercworx Sniper Combat Knife
Items on my person: Radio and now a crudely map
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                                                    User Image
                                                    Shinobu (Scarlet) Jacobs
                                                    xxxxx No more Heroes 2

                                                  Shinobu was a bit confused now considering Travis seemed to think why she was upset was over her arm. She really wasn't upset over that considering she knew the risks of what being an assassin was and just missing a arm wasn't bad. This caused her to think a bit, if he didn't remember why, did that mean he doesn't remember rejecting her sexual advances? Then again...wait was this Travis from the past?! Did this Travis not reject her?! This caused her eyes to widen a bit as she pressed her lips to a fine line...did that mean she had a second shot at it? This caused her lip to tug up into a smirk as she seemed to wonder if that was true, something she most definitely would have to test later. For now she would play dumb as she shrugged, "Yeah, guess you are right master, I forgive ya. " She said as she seemed to wonder exactly how to go about this now, after all she wanted to know all of what Travis actually remembered so she could know what sort of ball game she could play.

                                                  When Travis was being definate she just rolled her eyes a bit only to groan,"Well I don't want to fight this things weak a** all day, so do what ever the hell you want. " She said in a calm but slightly agitated tone as she saw the banter between Yuri and Travis escalate. The two seemed like they were twins separated at birth or something, kinda really ******** scary to be horribly honest. Though her eyes moved over to Alice as she saw the girl pick up her severed her arm causing her to chuckle a bit, "Yeah, thanks. I really don't want to find another one. If it twitches, sorry. " She said simply as it had a habit of twitching when severed, ya know circuits touching and what not.

                                                  Travis seemed to enjoy her jab at the gender bending Yuri quiet well as she seemed to look at him out of the corner of her eyes, "Thanks master! " What? She enjoyed the praise from Travis even if it was a joke. She was still truly infatuated with the otaku and was trying to figure out a way to lure him into her skirt...as lewd as that sounded it was her goal after all.

                                                  Then it all happened in a flash as she seemed to watch the clone of Yuri come for her with a mighty swipe, this caused her eyes to go wide as she was about to raise her hand in defense, not wanting this to connect. She then felt a hand touching her waist as she was stunned for a moment. Her eyes seemed to travel to the hand as she noticed who it was right off the bat , 'MASTER?!?' She thought only to watch the creature fall to its death after a neck strike by Travis. Though as the dorky otaku called out it was done she could feel her heart pounding and currently residing up inside of her throat. Her one hand was now resting on Travis' chest as she saw the man looking down at her through his shades. This caused her to bite her lip, a blush entering her checks as she spoke out in a rather feminine and petite yet flustered tone. " M-m-m-master...I.... " She then seemed to look down, her hand grasping his shirt for a moment. "Thank you for saving me master.... I am in your debt...I will pay you back anyway I can... " She looked up and was about to purse her lips into a kiss, what? Could you blame the girl for trying? But it seemed she ran out of time as the man let go of her causing a burst of anger to shoot through her which was dashed with disappointment. She just sighed and shrugged, walking towards Alice ."Hell if I know, I don't pay attention to pansies or bitches...he fit both terms. Hey Alice. " She said as she approached the woman with her hand out ,"Can you give me a hand....." Her face fell flat as she realized how horrible of a joke that was, not intended either.

                                                  Once she got her hand back as she then began to re-attach it, connecting the needed cords and what not. After a few moments of tinkering she seemed to gain the ability to move the digits again which caused a content smirk to appear on her lips. "There... Hey thanks by the way. And yeah... " Shinobu really wasn't much of a social butterfly as she seemed to look for Travis only for a outline of where he was to appear, at least in her eyes, as she looked around for him. She finally saw him as she then started to jog after him ,"Hey! Wait up master! We need to stick together! " She said as she passed by Yuri and glared slightly, not knowing who he was ."You comin' ? More the better if those freaks appear again I guess. Lets just figure out what in the hell is going on, after all my master doesn't remember the right s**t...which makes me think some weird time traveling crap is going on, if it is...then we might be in trouble. " She sighed a bit as she then shook her head only to continue after Travis as they made their way back into the inn.

                                                  When she got to Travis' side she laced her hands behind her back as she looked as if she didn't care ,"So master, whats the last thing you remember between us? Just curious... " She said as she was looking away from the beam katana wielder. After all she didn't want the man to figure out her motives, if so then her plan might as well be trashed!

                                                  Location: Zion
                                                  Feelings:Confused and possibly happy
                                                  User Image

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