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Miku Hinasaki
~ Fatal Frame 3

Our memories
Still drift vividly

I had been drowning
In my own sorrow

Miku listened patiently to Henry’s words. She didn’t mind the way he became a bit more serious, or the way he seemed to be honest about the doppelganger’s intentions. After all, she had seen many ghosts that were just as menacing, if not more so than the clones. She couldn’t help but giggle though when Henry teased about her “right hook”. “More like I ended up lucky and encountered two people that could actually fight.” The brief look of humor fell from her face though as she become more serious. “But, it was the same with the ones I encountered…though, I didn’t encounter one of myself, and there was a couple of doppelgangers that didn’t match the other two there…I am not sure why that was. Though, I am glad you two got away safely.”

The photography assistant wasn’t sure what she would have done if Rei had gotten injured. However, since neither Henry nor Rei appeared harmed, Miku didn’t have to think on that any longer. Though, she supposed it was only fair the worry was turned on her when her friend questioned her about her physical status. She shook her head and gave Rei a reassuring smile. “No, I’m fine. Just got a little startled was all.” It wasn’t everyday she saw something that appeared to be like magic. However, she wasn’t sure they would believe her if she mentioned the meteorite in the air for instance. Thus, Miku decided that was best to keep to herself.

“Oh? We can visit?” She blinked slightly before she looked at Rei when Rei chimed in about her opinion of traveling to Ireland. She smiled slightly at her before she looked back towards Henry. “Yes, and with me being Rei’s photography assistant, it would only be proper for me to go.” Miku realized that she might have sounded like she didn’t want to go. She shook her head just slightly before smiling a little. “Though, I believe Ireland would be a nice place to go to spend some time away from Japan in general, like Rei said.” After all, Ireland had sounded like a beautiful place. Not only could they possibly get good shots there, but maybe it would be a nice refresher from the gloom that seemed to linger over their lives.

Luckily, Miku didn’t notice the look Rei briefly had on her face. If she had, she would have questioned the photographer, and likely wouldn’t have liked the answer. For if she realized that Yui could possibly be here, what was to say Mafuyu couldn’t be here? With how her guilt towards her brother had made her want to pass on, that possibility wouldn’t end well. But, it was a little hard not to think about Mafuyu at the mentioning of ghosts. Though, at least with the idea of simply trying to help others, ghost hunting didn’t bring about as much sorrow as it would have normally. “Yes, you could say I have some experience.” She kept herself composed to hide her displeasure with having such experience.

Henry piped in after her comment that he might be the one in need of saving. She opened her mouth to tell him otherwise. However, the joke from Rei caused her to giggle softly instead. Even she was able to find the funniness in such a statement. “I’m not sure samurai is the right word, Rei. But, I’m sure we could work with that.” She looked towards Henry with a faint smile on her face. “Though, you never know. Any person that gets involved with ghosts seems to find a way to face them.” While not intending to, her statement came out just a bit ambiguous. For while she meant actually fighting them, there was almost a hint of meaning facing the dead and moving past the association with them. That could be much harder than fighting them for sure.

After she was dragged in the direction of the shop, Miku pointed them towards Cecil and Rosa. After she did that, she walked over and explained to Cecil and Rosa the current situation. After she explained herself, she looked over towards Cecil as he was the one to speak first. She nodded slightly at his politeness. While the photography assistant hadn’t realized he was injured, Miku felt that if they both needed to rest that they should be able to do so. After all, fighting ghosts would definitely be tiresome. She kept quiet though as Rei approached them and appeared to give gratitude as well. She couldn’t help but smile at that while Cecil expressed the sentiment of them seeing each other again. “I understand, and I hope that we are able to meet again as well.”

Due to her past, Miku knew that there was a strong chance of that not happening. However, she felt that with her most recent experience, she should try to be optimistic about the situation. Thus, she didn’t take back her response as she watched Cecil go back into the shop. With his departure, her gaze and attention moved towards Rosa as Rosa appeared to clarify what Cecil had said. When Rosa got into wishing them to be safe, she smiled in a reassuring manner. “We will do our best to stay safe.”

Her gaze looked to where Rosa’s hand rested now. At the sight, Miku felt a thought pass through her mind. The sensation that followed made her remember how she felt before Mafuyu went to Himuro Mansion. While the accuracy of that feeling could have been just a coincidence, she knew it was quite a huge coincidence. However, her mind got distracted from the mental intrusion by Rosa offering to heal them if need be. She nodded once more and smiled a little. “We will keep that in mind.”

She tapped her chin slightly as she decided that she should keep the gut feeling to herself. After all, Miku didn’t want to say something and then disappoint the two if that did not actually occur. Maybe if the feeling came again and was stronger, she would mention it then. But for now, Miku would keep to herself that she felt that a boy might be in Cecil and Rosa’s future. Thus, she fell silent when Rosa addressed Rei.

After the two spoke to each other, Miku noticed Cecil had returned. She couldn’t help but smile warmly at the way Rosa seemed so encouraging about them seeing each other again. It made her feel like the chance of them meeting again might be on the strong side for once. However, Miku wouldn’t speak it out loud as she waved at them and started to walk away from the two. Though, after walking a few steps, she stopped and waited for Rei to catch up before moving forward again. “So where is this place that is haunted by ghosts? I don’t remember you or Henry mentioning the exact place…” Speaking of Henry, Miku looked around with her eyes, only to realize Henry was nowhere in sight. “Though, where did Henry go?”

She couldn’t help but feel a little worried. However, with Henry being a fighter, Miku had a feeling Henry would be just fine. But, that didn’t stop the curiosity from stirring inside of her. “Maybe he just went on ahead.” Miku suggested that to try and keep Rei from worrying, but also to calm down her own curious nature.

You’re gone

I know

I know….

I am in: Assyria Streets with Rei
I am in love with: No one
Weapons on my person: Camera Obscura(Loaded with Type-14 film x 29) and Sacred Stone Amulet
Items on my person: A bag containing a Flashlight, Herbal Medicine x 4, Sacred Water x 2, Type 61 x 20, Type 90 x 10, and Type Zero x 5
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Alice Liddell
~ Alice: Madness Returns

So let go
Yeah let go

And just
Get in

“Isn’t simple the way most people desire things?” She tilted her head slightly as she looked at Dark. “And isn’t wishing better than taking since taking can get you in more trouble than it might be worth?” Alice wasn’t trying to defend morality when it came to stealing. She had seen many steal in the area of London she had lived in. However, Alice knew that stealing usually equaled ending up in jail. Only the best could get away with taking, and in those circumstances, she supposed taking would be much easier. But, Alice had a feeling it took a long time before someone was good enough to never get caught. “That does make sense. After all, people don’t like what is theirs being taken, including myself.” For if someone tried to take her Wonderland or her weapons? They would face her rare moments of wrath!

Alice tilted her head slightly again and shrugged faintly. “I suppose? Boring does seem to be the enemy of fun, and that would mean if one is boring, they cannot be fun, and vice versa.” She was used to people not directly answering her. That didn’t mean she liked it any. But, what was the use in getting angry when her question didn’t involve something overly important? Due to her focus on other things though, she missed the immature murmur of Dark’s. Then again, Alice likely wasn’t the best judge of maturity. She could be considered childish by those whose minds were ruled by logic and reality. Though, with her mind in the current state it was, Alice probably couldn’t even see what others might see in her, and in all honesty? Maybe that was for the best.

Soon, she gave an answer to Dark’s question. She noticed he appeared more impatient than normal. However, Alice didn’t feel enough curiosity to question him about the matter. All she knew was that something around her seemed off other than Dark. Alice didn’t know what, but she had been in too many situations to not notice the feeling of being watched. She tried to brush the sensation off as Dark started to talk to her. “Why are they far too round? Couldn’t I say that your ears are too pointed?” She spoke that impassively before shrugging. “You could say that.” Alice blinked a bit at Dark’s “wisdom”. Alice understood what he meant strangely enough. However, that didn’t stop her from shaking her head slightly. “While quick is more of a challenge, wouldn’t something slow be easier to catch? Unless you must find by going through a challenge of quickness?”

After Alice tried to explain to Dark what she meant by on and off, Dark explained to her what Sheikah were. Though, that soon went on to her talking about instincts, which caused Dark to ask her some questions. She looked at him impassively before briefly looking away. “I can’t be for sure if my instinct is wise and good. That would require my instinct to have a mouth to answer, and my instincts lack such.” That would be odd if her instincts suddenly gained a mouth to talk. Wouldn’t that mean she would have two mouths? The idea caused her to furrow her eyebrows as Dark stared to go into the Sheikah again. She blinked slightly and looked at him with almost a hint of confusion.

“I am not sure if I do. For I have always been content with the pair of eyes I have, and I am not sure my instincts need a set of eyes when they already have one.” She held back the urge to blink as she looked around her impassively. “I suppose in this case that my instincts aren’t able to see the on in this scenario. Maybe because they lack a second pair of eyes?” Her tone was too monotone to even be close to joking, even if most people would likely assume that was a joke. Alice didn’t even know how else that statement could be taken as her eyes slowly moved about the area. As her eyes did that, Dark commented on buying. She looked towards Dark before looking back down at the gold coins.

“If you wish to take, I will not stop you. For taking or buying will get you the object.” Alice could not argue with the logic that either could get a person something. She just went along with morally based customs because that was how she was raised, even if she now lived in a morally deplorable place. How ironic. Since Dark didn’t want the gold coins though, Alice decided she would keep the coins and go along with the “moral” path for now. But, if push came to shove, she likely wouldn’t be above taking. Not when she still thought she was in Wonderland, and in Wonderland, taking wasn’t as big of a deal as in London. Her mind was brought away from the coins though at something odd up ahead. She pointed out to Dark and well…that lead to a discussion of “that”.

“Because I can ask?” Alice almost looked confused since she wasn’t sure what Dark was getting at. Nether the less, she didn’t prod anymore as Dark went over to talk to the person. The conversation didn’t last long as they were soon handed a piece of paper and some gold. She gathered the new gold with the old gold and put the two together in the same bag. After all, they didn’t need more bags than they needed. Unless Dark wanted an extra bag? She tilted her head at the thought as she placed the extra coin bag on Dark’s hand. “Here. Maybe you will need it. I don’t.” She bluntly pointed out as Dark now asked her what they should do now. With Wonderland on her mind, Alice knew what she wanted to do, and thus choose to go on the quest.

She looked over at Dark and shook her head slightly at his response to her answer. “I didn’t realize moving could be considered the “best”.” Once again, Alice noticed that Dark appeared quite confident. She didn’t know if it was over-confidence, or if was the confidence men tended to aspire towards. For if a woman tried to go for the same confidence, they were considered very “bad”. Alice didn’t understand why. She just knew that was the case. Either way, Alice didn’t know the answer to her own curiosity, and found herself looking away from Dark. “Is that so? We shall see.” Her words were blank and full of no emotion. With the question asked, Alice’s mind was already focused on walking forward and towards their next destination.

As they moved forward, Alice noticed the physical form of Dark was gone. She had a feeling where he was, but she couldn’t be for sure. After all, Alice hadn’t seen him go into her shadow. Her suspicion was confirmed though when she stopped to ask him which way to go. Simply because she didn’t want to find herself with a shadow telling her she was going to the wrong way, and also because…she was trying to be…nice? She furrowed her eyebrows at the thought as Dark answered her question. “I guess there are a lot of proofs down there….But…what are Gorons?” Alice could only assume they were large if they could crush someone that looked similar to Dark! For Dark was just a bit taller than her! Alice found herself wanting to see these Gorons now as Dark told her to move.

She decided to do just that as she started to take some steps forward. As Alice continued to move, with a shadow in her shadow, she heard said intruding shadow ask about her wants for the gold. She gripped the coin bag and looked down at the coins, letting her fingertips move across them lightly. “It will depend on if I need anything. But I use currency to get things like food and clothing for instance. Though, I don’t think I will need gold to get food or clothing currently. Not when we are traveling about and my dress has a mind of its own.” While her mind was still focused on the conversation, Alice started to move towards what appeared to be some highlands? She didn’t know what they were called for sure. But, if that was the direction Dark wanted to go, she supposed she could go that way as well.

As they moved in that direction, her dress slowly started to morph once again. The blue and white started to reveal itself from disappearing black and silver. Her hands appeared exposed once more as well as her arms. Once the morphing was complete, her outfit once more resembled what her dress looked like upon appearing in this place. Though, why her dress did such was unknown, since her previous outfit likely blended more with the area around them. But, maybe the dress decided it should show off instead of being stealthy. Then again, Alice wasn’t exactly the epitome of stealth, and the dress was likely just conveying that truth.

Oh it is so
Amazing here

It’s alright

Cause there is beauty
In the break down

Where am I?: Outside Nergal heading to some Highlands with Dark
Who I am fond of: “Wonderland”
Weapon of choice: Vorpral Blade, Teapot Cannon, Pepper Grinder, Clockwork Bomb, Hobby Horse
Hysteria: Active, Not Active
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Oerba Yun Fang

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"I'll tear down the sky if it'll save her."

"Now, don't you worry. I'll come and find you, no matter where you go."

"I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you."

Location: Xion
Mood: Happy and well just happy
Game: Final Fantasy 13

                                                                          Fang's little dance with the bird was quite entertaining and only slightly painful to be honest. In truth Fang had had a lot worse injuries then a few scratches induced by a bird but still a wound was a wound in Vanille's eyes. She watched as Vanille plucked the plant and finally got their goal as she seemed to smirk a bit, that was her girl. The woman then saw the bird return to its destination as she seemed to sigh a bit and ruffled her own hair, "Well that certainly was a fun lil' dance. " She chuckled as her eyes moved to see Vanille heading her way. She couldn't help but smile seeing her beloved trot towards her. She called out ,"Well 'ello there cutie---- They aren't that bad Vanille...~ " She knew Vanille was going to heal the wounds considering that was just who Vanille was. She was the kind care taker that Fang was bless to know. After all Fang would have died plenty of times if Vanille wasn't around taking care of her.

                                                                          When Vanille said it was best to get back before the bird come back to thin of them as a meal she couldn't help but chuckle ," I don't blame 'er...you are quite delicious.~ " She snickered as she lead the woman back towards where the sick girl was. Though her teasing expression fell as Vanille said such true words about helping others. "Yeah...just think we will get to do this all the time and then take care of our lil' farm... " She winked at Vanille as it truly felt nice to take care and help others then curse people and bring about destruction. "Maybe we can arrange some sort of ceremony to make our lil' engagement a little stronger~ Though Light will 'ave to be there.~ " Fang meant tying the knot but she said such as the two of them were walking through the doorway of the sick girl's home so she could not get a word in. After all she enjoyed being the tease or playing around with Vanille...she was just too cute not to.

                                                                          Fang then walked up to the caretaker with Vanille who nearly fainted at the sight of the herb. " Oh my thank you!!! I am very grateful for everything!!!! You both are angels! They will live because of this, thank you girls... " Tears welled up in their eyes as they took the herb only to wander off and then create the cure for the sickness. Though it seemed that Fang and Vanille were approached by another person only for them to bow their head. Fang scratched her cheek and looked to the side, a bit stunned by being thanked for something for a change. The tanned Oerba seemed to then chuckle, "Anything for someone in need.. Vanille and I 'ere are regular 'eroes ain't we Vanille? " She said as she nudged her counterpart in the side teasingly. Though Fang noticed a bag of money before her as she took it and then smiled a bit more, " You really don't need to pay us but thank ya for your kind gesture.. " She said a she pased it over to Vanille and walked out the door, waving goodbye to the family and goup of people. She would let Vanille wrap up anything she wanted but Fang needed some air.

                                                                          The warrior stood outside with her arms crossed as she drew in a deep breath and looked around, wondering how life here would turn out. The thought almost seemed like it was too good to be true or perhaps their own personal heaven. Fang just shook her head and glanced off. "I never want to leave this place...might 'ave to find Light and tell 'er this... " She sighed a bit and wondered how the soldier would take the news. There was no way Fang would want to get rid of all this happiness she was able to finally give Vanille, not after the personal hell they all have been through. She just hoped Light would be okay with it considering what Fang wanted to offer the woman, which she would discuss with her next time she saw her.

                                                                          "Get 'em! Shred 'em! Unleash Hell!"

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Fluff Bunny

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The time is now Dusk.
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Fluff Bunny

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                                          xxxxO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
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                                          ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                          detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                          ▸▸▸ ZION // inn xxxxxxxxx
                                          xx SHADOW xxx HEARTS
                                          xxxxxxɅᴌᵻᴄᴇ Σᴌᴌᵻᴏᴛxxxxxxxxx
                                                I’ll never forget taking this ( j o u r n e y ) with you and meeting you. B.e.i.n.g with you.
                                                I’ll never forget taking this ( j o u r n e y ) with you and meeting you. B.e.i.n.g with you.
                                                I’ll never forget taking this ( j o u r n e y ) with you and meeting you. B.e.i.n.g with you.

                                          Travis and Yuri seemed to get along so well. Despite the smirk on the pugilist's face, she got the feeling that Yuri really did enjoy Travis's company more than he liked. He might not say it aloud, but Alice recognized that Yuri didn't always have someone that he got along with so quickly or so well. She thought Travis was nice enough, and even after a bit of a rocky start, Shinobu had warmed up to her. Alice would never really understand why Shinobu seemed so put off by Alice's presence since they had never met before nor was Alice trying to actively hunt or even hurt Shinobu remotely. However, what it was was quickly dispelled... Perhaps some defense mechanism for Shinobu, an act of self preservation.

                                          Alice perked up a bit, "Maybe we'll see him again. You never know." The exorcist casually allowed the comment about using 'master' as something other than the respectful turn it was to flow under the bridge. She was sure that she would find herself digging her own grave if she tried to scold him about it. Regardless, he was old enough to decide for himself how he was going to act or what he was going to say. She had learned after spending so much time with him that he didn't listen to anyone if he did not want to. It was all the more endearing when he did take the time to lend his ear to her on the occasion.

                                          Her gaze scanned the rest of the inn. Yuri was right. Everyone seemed to be fine. When she looked for their strange doubles, there weren't any. They had dissipated from where they had fallen as if they were spirits that did not have physical forms. However, when they fought, she certainly believed their forms were physical enough. They could not have just been hitting thin air. She was not completely new to the concept of corporealization. But the difference was that regular people often responded badly to monsters. These people were scared, but they went right on with business as if that were normal. Was it? She certainly didn't think so.

                                          Alice didn't even notice that they had left anything for them. She followed Yuri as he walked around to the various droppings... She initially considered them something bad, but they were pieces of gold. "Yuri, do you think it is truly all right to pick that up? What if that money is cursed?" She asked, always the voice of concern and caution. For all she knew, carrying around the gold would have been cause for concern if it summoned more of them. Besides, it didn't seem like anyone else was going for them... Then again, no one was avoiding them either. She supposed, it was like looting the body of one of their aggressors, but it felt oddly convenient.

                                          "No one else seems to want it. If you think it is all right to keep, and you don't feel suddenly sick holding it... I suppose that it is all right to keep." She said, examining his palms full of gold but not going to touch it right away.

                                          Alice took a seat on one of the couches while Yuri headed towards owner of the inn. She leaned to the side, listening in to the questions and answers the owner had to offer. The man had never heard of London before. Perhaps they were very far out, but even in the eastern countries, they seemed aware of the large city of London in Britain... heard of it even if they could not pinpoint it exactly. Se herself had troubles with naming large cities in China herself so she did not blame them.

                                          Yuri returned and explained as much. It was clear that she had not been hearing things. She wrinkled her eyebrows a bit. That certainly changed things. They could continue to ask around, but having never heard of the places that Travis mentioned, she suddenly got a gut feeling that their search would not be as fruitful as she hoped. She pressed her lips together, "That is a little strange." This town was small, and she'd never heard of it before so it was quite plausible.

                                          She stood up and crossed over to the window. She peered outside, the afternoon glow running thin across the world around them. "There is very little daylight left... We could use what we have left of it to ask around, but I think it would be best wait until tomorrow morning to set out. We do not know what dangers lurk outside the city, considering the sort of dangers that we found within them." Between the thugs and the doubles that were aggressive, she was obviously apprehensive of what the wild and/or country-back roads might turn up... Dangerous and desperate people and creatures were not beings to test.

                                          They could continue to ask people around the inn, but she felt like asking a new crowd might help them. There was not a lot of day left, but there was a little bit. They didn't have to waste it away. Perhaps it would give them a good start for tomorrow. There were plenty of other buildings that housed people. Who knew if they were more traveled than those in an inn? Although an inn seemed to be the epitome of travelers, taverns and other locations of the like might offer different perspectives than those at their present position. She was a little weary about places like those that people with questionable motives may have favored, but she also knew that it would not be her first time questing into places of different standards.

                                                xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // healthy
                                                xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // thoughtful

                                                xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                xxxxx▸▸▸ EQUIPMENT // Holy-Flesh Book
                                                xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEM // 1 x mana extract, 2 x faerie sigh
                                                xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEM // none?
                                          locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                          ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                          ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                          User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                          xxxxL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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ϓuri Ѵoltϵ Ңүuɠa(Shadow Hearts 2)

~ The God-Slayer

I know that
I'm not perfect.

But I keep trying

That's what I said I would
from the start

Yuri nodded to the idea of seeing Travis and Shinobu again. Their chances of reuniting were likely slim. But, as long as they were alive, there was a chance. He just wasn’t going to get his hopes up.

After he made the comment about how everyone appeared fine, he merely shrugged off the reactions of the people. It wasn’t really any of his damn business if people just went on with their lives. Though, the harmonixer couldn’t tell if that meant these people were used to this kind of thing, or if the people were just a little touched in the head. Yuri didn’t care to put any effort into finding out as he noticed shiny objects on the ground. The shiny objects, on closer inspection, turned out to be gold coins that might have been left by their previous foes.

The harmonixer crouched down and picked them up. As he did so, he looked over his head at Alice when he heard her say something. He looked back at the coin and looked over both sides of the coin. The appearance of the coin didn’t give off the vibe of being cursed. However, Yuri knew curses weren’t always obvious in nature. He flipped the coin a bit before looking back at Alice. "Well, that is a possibility.” Yuri turned his head towards the gold coin. “But, I don’t sense any bad vibes from the coins. So, I’m not going to pass the chance up on some “free” money.” He wasn’t obsessed money, but he knew all too well what it was like to be completely broke. An annoying state if he had to say so himself.

Thus, Yuri picked up the rest of the coins and showed them to Alice. It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. He nodded to her words as he put up the coins. “I don’t feel sick, and as to the right part…well…isn’t like the bodies are still around.” Yuri looked back towards the area their doppelgangers should have been…if their bodies hadn’t disappeared. “So, they probably were monsters…and I could give two shits about looting off a monster.” Sometimes that didn’t end up well if a monster’s spirit decided to curse him. However, he was a bit too used to “monster curses” considering how their malice loved to try and consume his soul. “Though, if you start sensing bad vibes, we’ll get rid of it alright?”

Yuri felt he should offer Alice that since he didn’t want to bring her any bad luck, especially since he knew what luck the Four Masks had brought her. The harmonixer quickly shoved that from his mind though as he went about asking the inn keeper about how to get to London. He didn’t expect the answer he got. Zurich he could somewhat explain, since Zurich wasn’t as well-known as London. But, he didn’t know how to explain how these people didn’t know about London. Was this place really that far removed that they had no idea about London? Then again, Yuri had never heard of this place before arriving here unexpectedly. Maybe the distance theory was possible then?

He furrowed his eyebrows as he walked over to Alice and explained what he had been told. When she gave her response, he nodded and looked briefly around them with his eyes. "Yeah. It’s similar to how we didn’t know about Santa Destroy.” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Alice. "Expect this time, we are talking about a major city that is kind of hard not to know about.” Yuri shrugged as he continued to look at her. “Don’t know if that means these people are just idiots…or if we are really that far away from London and Zurich.” Strangely, Yuri had a feeling it might be the latter.

His ruby hues looked towards the window of the inn. He could tell by the way the sunlight started to turn a bit orange that dusk was starting to approach. While he had no issues traveling through the night, Yuri did understand the dangers of doing so. With how many dangerous people he had entered in his town in the past two days, Yuri could only guess just how friendly the people outside the town borders would be like. The idea of dealing with annoyingly violent people caused him to frown a bit. After all, the love of fighting only went so far before the fights started to become just a nuisance. “Guess that isn’t a bad idea.” Yuri looked towards the entrance way of the inn. “No need to waste a free room after all.”

Yuri wasn’t sure if the ability to stay at the inn for free would last a long time. If it did, the harmonizer would likely find that great. But if it didn’t, he supposed it was simply back to sleeping by the fire. “Better start asking around then. The daylight isn’t going to wait on us.” He walked towards the inn entrance and walked outside the inn. His gaze looked about the people and tried to figure out who he should ask first. Merchants tended to know a lot of information, especially if they were of the traveling variety. Thus, when he noticed that the shops were still open, Yuri started to move in the direction of what appeared to be a weapons shop. As he walked towards the shop, his eyes caught sight of a familiar red head and brown head out of the corner of his eye.

He turned his body slightly in the direction of the two. He smirked and placed a hand on his hip. “So, you’ve been doing anything interesting?” He faintly teased Fang as he gave a brief glance towards Vanille. “I have a feeling that will be answered with a yes.” Yuri continued to smirk and looked towards the weapon’s shop. “Though, if you two aren’t too busy, you want to join me on my own…interesting task?” His tone continued to remain teasing as he pointed towards the weapon’s shop. “Cause me and Alice are trying to figure out if anyone knows where the hell London is…and well…maybe you two will be able to go sight-seeing there if you help?” He felt he should ask. After all, the more the merrier in information gathering. But, whether or not they actually took the offer was up to them.

I'm not alive
if I'm lonely

So please, don't leave

Was it something I said,
or just my personality?

Where I can be found: Nearby Zion Weapon’s Shop with Alice, Fang, and Vanille
Love: Alice Elliot
My weapon of choice: None at the moment since fists and feet don't seem to count as weapons.
My Appearance: Human, Fusion Form – N/A
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                                                                          Jeanne glared at Bayonetta as she chose to let Jeanne suffer her humiliation slowly but surely, it was truly fitting of the raven haired woman to do so. She was quite the tease to be honest as Jeane just groaned, "I know not whether to thank you or curse the land you walk on for such a thing. Though, next time it will be you that loses. " That was one thing that you could never take out of Jeanne, was her competitive edge that laid deep inside of her and to be honest Bayonetta had full reign over that. Considering Bayonetta was the only woman or being she saw worth her time and effort to fight against in any and all senses.

                                                                          " Is it wrong to simply want to enjoy something so divine? Trust me , I will know when to stop, I have drank before. " To be honest she had drank a little in the past so she didn't know her limits at the slightest so if allowed to do so she would probably ended up wasted, "Plus no matter what I will be able to control myself and never be disorderly, alcohol will not best me. " Her naivety was showing as she stated something so false, if only she knew how much alcohol would allow one to 'cut loose' in a sense.

                                                                          Jeanne had a feeling that Bayonetta wouldn't ignore what she said about no longer having a purpose, Cereza could be such a pain. Jeanne wished she had the ability to rewind time and unsay what she had spoken before. After all all she needed was Bayonetta to tease her or mock her for showing a sort of weakness and detachment she felt. After all without the Umbran Witch order, what was she? Jeanne seemed to snarl a bit as she glanced away from Bayonetta as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I am only thinking responsibly is all, why spend more money then we need to? "Plus my little dark secret best stay a secret or you will wake up in a rather uncomfortable situation. " She stated in a sense that she admitted to enjoying it but was in denial. She hoped Bayonetta would not pick up on such hints as she really didn't wish to delve into it any further then she had to.

                                                                          Jeanne seemed to arch a brow as Bayonetta admitted she didn't want to look for another bed partner? So did this mean that the white haired witch was more of her liking or perhaps was she just that lazy? She knew Bayonetta was lazy but in this situation if Bayonetta desired to share a room with another she would look. Jeanne just seemed to chuckle, time to turn the tables. "Or is it perhaps that you only wish to share a bed with me now that you have had me once? " Two could play at these games but she knew that Bayonetta had much more experience in this sense but that didn't mean Jeanne would stop trying to one up her. " Perhaps or perhaps not, either way a world without those damn angels might be pleasant and as for that Yetti...if that is all this place has to offer then I fear boredom in my future. " She said in a cocky way as she usually did, she knew she had the skill so why not back it up with words?

                                                                          Though it seemed that Bayonetta desired Jeanne's attention as she glared at the woman, "What now Cereza? " She said but he expression soon changed as the words washed over her. What Bayonetta had to say made Jeanne sit up and turn to the woman as she had a rather shocked expression on her face, her eyes filled with awe as it seemed that Bayonetta was attempting...to soothe her woes? Was Bayonetta truly attempting to cheer her up and give her a better look on the situation. The words were completely true as Jeanne now realized she had nothing keeping her from exploring herself and no ties to a dying order she had to hold up. Though the comment of a world that only consisted of the both of them caused a stirring sensation in her stomach as well as her heart fluttered...damn emotions , "Cereza.....I... " She paused for a moment and then glanced down, "Thank you... you didn't have to say such things but thank you Cereza... I believe I could enjoy a world with just you in it and nothing else. " She said with sincerity in her tone only for her eyes to widen...damn that could be taken in the wrong sense but in the right direction. Considering Jeanne did have those sorts of feelings for Cereza but she really didn't want to admit it in that sense.

                                                                          She blinked a bit, appearing slightly lost when the woman seemed to toss such a intimate subject aside for alcohol but then again she wasn't all too surprised. "Well we could just enjoy what ever this alcohol has to offer. Though I do believe it will not give us the buzz we need to fully get intoxicated. " She said ony to look at Bayonetta with a inquisitive look as she was rather interested in this sweet that Bayonetta had to offer, " Sure, I wouldn't mind trying something that the mighty Bayonetta craves, it has to be good if your palate desires it. " Jeanne said as she took another sip only to smile a bit, her finger tips felt quite tingly. "Hmmm? So what are some of the signs of being intoxicated? I am just curious if you know is all. " Well she just gave a hint to the fact that she had never tried alcohol before. This liquid was truly delightful and perhaps being in a world without the Umbran Witches had its perks...

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Back in New York City, Alex was aware of very two strong fundamentals that he never usually broke stride from. One, was Black Watch was unmerciful and beyond repentance no exceptions. They were the mar on humanity that promised salvation yet Alex saw through their cleverly disguised deceptions. If nothing more Black Watch was simply humanity’s version of a virus, spreading death and plague wherever they were ( ******** ironic). That sort of eased into Alex’s second ground rule, working alone because trust was fragile, easily breakable and malleable. He still felt the stung of Karen’s betrayal, not just the physically sting of that parasite growth that had formed on his back but an emotional one. Where Alex was overly wary, eyeing people the same way an abused animal sees the world around it. Full of cruelty and hurt, desperately seeking solace, but too jaded to easily accept it just the same. And here was Alex breaking his code, with someone who never once proved to him their intentions weren’t cynical towards him! But….he’d become desperate, his sister’s morality teetering on Alex’s choices. And as much as it hurt his wounded pride, his sister’s life was far too important to allow his past experiences to cloud his judgment. So he had proposed this truce, this….alliance for the sake of getting back home faster. With ******** little sensing ability of demons, and his ability to consume, all seemed peachy right? Wrong. Because Alex now found, every syllable that oozed out of Vergil’s mouth made his finger’s twitch oh so dangerously to throttle this obnoxious brat!

”He” made it seem!? This white haired p***k had the balls to say that to someone that normally would’ve punted him into a field of Hunters for shits and giggles. Damn it that just pissed him the hell off! Because Alex wouldn’t have PROPOSED the idea of alliance otherwise! It was a sore spot to ask for assistance, but he needed it for his sister! He “needed” her! So yes in some ******** up stupid s**t way he loathed he did “need” him, because he needed all the time he could muster. But he couldn’t bark out his misgivings, all Alex could do was grit his teeth together and take it all in. Hearing the Kid say something snarky about Dana would’ve made him seen red. He would NEED to be blown to bits, and blow up again just not punch the living s**t out of the Kid. “[******** you” Alex replied heatedly back in answer. “Make yourself “clear”? “ Alex hissed, now that Vergil was fully facing him. “That some kind of ******** up joke? Because as I see it you need the damn clarification” if Alex had blood, it would be boiling with the recesses of utter irritation he had towards this anointed little a**. “I don’t know who the ******** you think you are, son of annoying damn Sparta but I MADE this alliance so I MAKE the damn points here.” Alex cautioned “Sure you agreed to it, ******** dandy but don’t you dare take my words and use them to your bigheaded conceitedness. “ Alex warned. “Necessity or convenience…whatever the ********, YOU still AGREED to it, if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t have taken the offer so….just damn well suck it up” Alex glared back.

It was then he stepped closer, a battle of ice and steel clashing in an almost standstill of differing intensities. Every time though, ******** opened his mouth he somehow succeeded in further agitating him however. Simply because as infuriating as it was there was a point to his words. That just vexed him further. “And shouldn’t you be more aware of your limitations before you pass out in the middle of the damn road, because you ignoring that s**t isn’t helping either “if Vergil wanted to throw that in his face? So be it, he could to. But he swore, if Vergil tried to paint him again as some damn brown noser….the results would not be pretty. Then again Vergil’s sarcasm made him want to smack him upside the head so damn. Somehow he quelled that desire, and instead focused on reeling back his most….”vulnerable” weakness. It was a weakness that caused his usually brazen tone to dip down to something that littered his very syllables with poisoned tips. He’d never make that mistake again, he’d never let someone show him kindness like that, concern, only to use it as puppet strings. The subtle manipulation blinding him to their true intentions as they had their way with him….because that had ******** hurt. Even if he couldn’t remember her, he had believed she cared…he just hadn’t realized she cared for all the wrong reasons. That was why Vergil’s words of gratitude affected him so….because maybe somewhere deep down inside, the still unrealized virus longed for just that…simple recognition. That simple acknowledgment, not necessarily care but a….honesty, something even he could trust in. Something that just….proved he wasn’t like Greene or Black Watch, that Alex had humanity…somewhere deep within despite the bloodshed.

However that seemed a tad too sentimental for his tastes, so the Black light virus would deny it. After all he could just as simply blame such a “strange concept” on his tired state, it preserved his integrity and made it so Alex didn’t question himself. He had more pressing questions to attend to anyway, ones that involved getting back home, finding Dana, and figuring out what the hell really happened to him. Getting stuck on something trivial that normally he never gave the light of day? Felt rather pointless to him, especially when what Vergil said next had him at attention. How would he know….before he could bark out in that usual aggressive manner, Vergil further elaborated. Something about the explanation didn’t come across as Vergil’s usual uppity demeanor. Why….if he didn’t know better it almost seemed….insightful? ******** he really must be tired to think that. But for some reason Alex couldn’t think of the proper heated words he usually slung out. He only could manage to frown, was it….was it possible to be even more untrusting than him? If everyone was naturally deceptive….and Alex trusted both Ragland (to a…minor degree) and Dana, then Alex sensed flaws to that logic. If it was naturally embedded to be deceptive….then why did Alex speak the truth? Why did Dana help him when she could just as well have turned him over and been alright? Why did Ragland rid him of the parasite when everyone was aware he was “Zeus” and that equated him to being a terrorist?

He found Vergil drawing just a step closer, as if to make his point convey through those frosted over hues. “If I didn’t know any better “Kid” I’d almost call that concern” but Alex did know better….thus why his words held gruffness to them. “Wouldn’t that include you? Or are you somehow not “part” of everyone? “Alex countered. “ I’d have my ways of knowing, ways that'd be very….very painful, however I said “if” because I won’t waste my energy on some “kid” “ the virus bantered back not wanting to take Vergil’s s**t. Even….if Vergil did have a point, and perhaps that’s why it had for the moment before made him silent. He wouldn’t have known without consumption it was how Karen had played him before, and the idea of this Kid doing it just as well unnerved him. But just the same, this wasn’t about his insecurities right now, this was about getting to point A to point B as quickly as possible. He didn’t like it….but his disdain for Vergil was outmatched by his devotion to protect his sister. So….if that meant enduring this annoying male….then so be it….even if, his words still swam in his head. For how could something meant to scold him, making it seem like Alex was ignorant come across….like a subtle warning?

He was probably reading too much into something that wasn’t there as he faintly smirked at the Kid. Really? Speaking of reading into things “Oh there is, it’s ******** lodged up there so far that’s why you walk like a pompous little a*****e” mean who else but a damn Kid wouldn’t understand the analogy of having a “stick up the a**”? While amusing to him to some minor degree, the fact the kid bitched way too much was more grating. More so when Vergil just….did he really just say that? Oh….oh that was ******** just…..he was damn well lucky due to this alliance he couldn’t smash his face into the ground. By some miracle, Alex managed to not snipe back a comment, even if the next comment that left Vergil’s lips made Alex tempted to instead answer back with his claws out. Dignity, what the hell did this brat know about dignity!? Especially when half the time he always turned away, not even able to hold his gaze! Though after the b***h and a** sag had to ******** appear and further sour his mood…Alex had about had it.

Until of course, the b***h with the red eyes, and her sidekick ginger runt came into play. Everything suddenly changed then, because in that moment Alex convinced himself she knew. This red eyed b***h knew where Dana was, because in his mind he reasoned she was a Runner and thus connected to Greene. He had no proof, no way to prove this, all he had was desperation, and that in itself was powerful motivator of ignorance. Considering the woman rebuffed fear for something he wasn’t used to, Alex further believed her to be a runner. Mean how many people were so aloof when a man obviously not normal was heading towards you? The way she was further agitated him, touched in the head!? “ I’ll show you touched in the head!” Alex snapped before eyeing the little red punting object “I’d shut the ******** up before I decide to just disembowel you!” how dare she damn well agree when he said SPECIFICALLY his problem wasn’t with her. Well you wanna know what? Now she was too, but before he could act more, the red eyed b***h said a comment that made his eyes widen, before glowering pure death her way. ********? Did she just….imply…? That he….and….the ******** little gnome were? Apparently digust both ran in each other, as he felt a gaze on him, followed by a rambling of ews, weirdo, and not cute. Well….no ******** s**t he wasn’t cute! He had to kill black watch bitches not slam women down into the bed!

Especially miniature sized ones. But really “I don’t have ******** TIME for this!” Alex growled, eye twitching in annoyance. The moment, the blonde though decided to move? He was there about ready to grab her shoulder and yank her back into place, but….he found his hand smacked with surprising strength away from her and those red eyes on him again. That just proved it, a regular human wound not have been able to still his movement like that. Nor….would a fist be so damn….fast, Alex suddenly finding a fist colliding with his face, making him actually….stagger! For a moment Alex was stunned, that punch? Actually damn well…..hurt! That….that b***h! “And I told you to tell me where she is!” he roared, hearing the little b***h pip up something about sister. Wait….sister? s**t! That one was a runner too!? “ Then I’ll shut consume both of you an----“ before he could finish though, he suddenly found something kick out his legs from underneath, the virus colliding hard to the ground. Hissing at whatever had enough force to do that, steel hues snapped open to see metal, and the further he looked….he saw icy hues. b***h ******** what the HELL was he doing!? If glares could shoot daggers Vergil would’ve had a face full, the foreign sensation of something sharp against his neck making him grit his teeth. What the ******** was the brat doing!? Was he actually betraying him? “ [******** you! They know!” Alex couldn’t be reasoned with, very much less from the likes of Vergil. And right now the Kid was getting in the way of him retrieving intel on Dana! It wasn’t like Alex could move back or forward not without risking the blade being stabbed through his neck. As much as he witnessed how the virus seemed to make him have regenerative capabilities, he did not chance seeing if he could regrow a severed head. Cursing his fate, Alex sneered at that, the blade pressed enough against his neck that normally someone would bleed. But the thing was….Alex wasn’t normal…he didn’t bleed, and you know what? He….never questioned that simple human commodity….maybe the virus just altered him? Having no idea that it was just that a human commodity, something he would never have….and never did have.

To question it would just be a waste of time, something he couldn’t afford anymore, that the moment the tooth pick was removed from his neck, he sat up. Vergil’s words buzzing in one ear and out the other as his eyes widened at the fact, the two women had started to walk off. “[********]” Alex declared starting to scramble to his feet, attempting to push Vergil away from him. “Get the hell away from me they KNOW!” with how frantic he sounded, Alex probably did sound crazed, as the women started moving further and further away. But Alex wouldn’t have that….he’d hunt them down, to the ends of this weird ******** up place! Alex’s mind too zeroed on them to take notice of anything….anything but their retreating forms. However there was the issue of the little obnoxious brat."Know what?!" the faint growl at the tips of the exclamation should’ve been a warning. But in Alex’s state, the words went once more on deaf ears. Those runners were key to finding out where Dana was! And like hell would he risk losing them. Unfortunately…Vergil didn’t feel the same because in one moment he was suddenly in front of him. The sudden movement caused Alex to halt. Mostly….because of the toothpick once more digging into his neck threateningly. "I will not allow you to deviate from our goal unless you explain to me what you are talking about!" was Vergil ******** NUTS!? “I don’t need to explain s**t!” why to have Vergil use that against him? No way no how was he allowing that. “Now get that toothpick away from my neck before I shove it up your a**!” the angered male warned.

Too bad as he was doing such the women where moving, and slowly but surely, unbeknown to either, they started to become…transparent, as if they had been merely ethereal beings. Right now though, Alex had a ******** to get out of his damn way! "Unless you want to break the alliance...then by all means...go after them...but then that gives me free reign to leave you behind." The icy glare, battled against the steel one of Alex’s. s**t…that would make this all that much slower! “You don’t make the calls” Alex snarled, enraged how this little a** thought he was so in control. “Free reign my a** if that was the case you would’ve left….you would’ve…..” but suddenly….for a moment….Alex….unfortunately was out of his blind rage to notice….Alex’s bare arm were covered. In fact….he was in some… “What the ******** is with the nazi get up?” Alex blurted quirking a brow. “Wait….you wasted our damn money on THAT!?” who the HELL would waste their damn money on THAT!? “I should kick your damn a** for that and would you get that away from me!?” Alex glared down at the toothpick. But when he did, he remembered…..the runner! Eyes shot up scanning about, seeing various people all right. But….no runners…..mouth set in a firm line while internally? He…..was kicking himself…..if they were gone from sight? They were gone….hidden and Alex without a means to seek them.

God damn it….” Alex muttered under his breath, half heartedly placing his hand on the blade. “Fine…..I got better s**t to do…. anyway now get that away from me” Alex stated lowly, trying to mask the disappointment that threatened to coat his syllables. No longer were his answers right there, they were gone, and Alex was back to square one once more. Releasing the blade, Alex eyed the outfit, and wrinkled his nose. “ But ******** if I’m walking with a damn nazi, if you get a new shitty outfit, I get a new hoodie” Alex reasoned. “ Now….hurry the hell up!” Alex barked starting once the blade wasn’t threatening to make a hole in his neck. ‘And get you some ******** normal a** clothing, speaking of causing scenes…. ‘He thought sourly to himself. Like it or not, one way or another Alex was getting a new hoodie for the one destroyed and he would one or another force Vergil into some normal attire.


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                                                                        Dana seemed to narrow her eyes at Scrooge as she came back with the map as if she was trying to figure out what he was thinking. The rather emotionless man was kinda a pain to read, least her brother was pretty simple. Ya know? Anger, rage, and pissy-ness are pretty blatant emotions to be honest. Though She felt kinda bad that she couldn't help Scrooge out either, considering she hadn't seen that Carol chick but then again the tall man hasn't seen Alex so she guessed they both were up s**t creek without any paddle in sight.

                                                                        Scrooge asked a pretty blunt question but she was having a inkling feeling that this man was the type to do so. He inquired if she was a decent fighter or had the abilities as her inner Mercer side wanted to roar with pride and state she could handle herself but the thinker half decided it was best to be honest. After all she was in a weird place and didn't know where it was or if it was still on Earth which would be her luck. So with a simple shrug and a side glance she said in a nonchalant tone. "Nah... I can't really fight.. I mean I horsed around with my brother when we were kids and well I live in New York but thats about it. So I guess I am pretty useless but if you stick me in front of any tech that is where I shine. " She said simply as she hoped that was good enough to keep her around. After all she had no idea if Scrooge was a hacker or a computer geek so she could help him out there!

                                                                        When Scrooge gave her ideas on what to do she glanced down at her clothes and shivered at the thought of the outside weather. The red head could handle the cold but that didn't mean she had to like the s**t. The blunt comment that Scrooge had to offer made her face fall flat with a unamused expression as if she was just more or less dumbfounded by the obvious this man spouted. "Well no s**t... actually you helped me, see I was planning on running around naked out there but now that you say that, I remember cold is bad. " She said only to stick her tongue out slightly, letting the man know she was joking around with him. If he was going to be so blunt then she was going to take her jabs and jokes where ever she could.

                                                                        She seemed to tap her chin and then looked up to the taller man. "Well I guess we can chill here for a bit but I would like a little bit thicker clothes. I am not a fan of being a ice cube but if you are I won't judge you. " Dana offered a lopsided smirk as she was trying to make this little interaction as awkward free as possible. It was kinda hard considering this man looked like the sort you didn't talk to in New York but then again her older brother was all sorts of red flags so she didn't really see much harm in Scrooge currently. Plus the way he spoke was kinda funny, the next bit about if it wasn't Earth then there would be aliens made her chuckle a bit ,"As long as these locals keep their probes away from me we are good, I don't like those sorts of surprises. " She shrugged, after all she was pretty sure if there was any probing going on she would at least want dinner or something.

                                                                        "Well we can keep bothering people around here for answers or maybe hit up another store.... I wouldn't mind finding a place to rest, kinda was in a coma not too long ago. " She said with a faint chuckle, it wasn't a joke but she did find it ironic considering how screwy this was she could still chalk it up to being all in her head. She said simply as she glanced out the window with Scrooge only to press her lips into a fine line as she thought over their choices. "Well leaving this frosty s**t hole is kinda a bad idea considering if we were brought here first then maybe we were brought here for a reason. Just a guess, either way maybe if they have a place with information stored away, I can poke my nose around. I know my way around a computer and library after all...." She then paused and nearly sighed, man that made her sound like a geek. " Because, I like to stay up to date and s**t... " Okay so perhaps that helped a little but it was all she could manage as she made her way to the doorway, "Lets see if we can get any more information around here, lost ******** like us or just a pamphlet or something...sound good Scrooge....? " She asked as she seemed to wonder who in the hell would name their child Scrooge, there were like a million more that sounded better then a Christmas Carol character...maybe he had a stick up his a** and was stingy with money?

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Bayonetta chuckled and gave a light-hearted smirk. “I’m quite used to either, Jeanne. Though, I do admit the former does sound just a bit more pleasing.” Her pride always found it too amusing when someone thanked her, or even tried to kiss the ground she walked on. But, that was something she liked about Jeanne. She never got the impression that Jeanne ever wanted to kiss her feet. In fact, Jeanne always gave the impression she wanted others to kiss the ground she walked on. Thus, having someone that didn’t want to do that to her had both infuriated her and intrigued her at first. For it wasn’t everyday someone was able to resist such an urge towards her. Now though, Bayonetta simply took advantage of the fact that made the two equals. Both in their skills and in their hubris.

However, while they were equal in hubris and skill, they weren’t equal in their knowledge of all things of a pleasurable nature. Thus, Bayonetta raised her eyebrows when Jeanne admitted to having drank before. That was something unexpected to say the least. “No, there is nothing wrong with that.” She shook her head slightly and faintly smirked to herself. “Though, you really think that?” Bayonetta crossed her arms underneath her breasts, letting her hands rest against her forearms. “I would beg to differ myself.” She uncrossed her arms and gripped the wine glass she had placed beside her chair. “After all, alcohol can do many things to a person, even to people that have such…great self-control.” She winked slightly and chuckled faintly. “For it wouldn’t be a relaxer if such people were…immune.”

The topic changed though and Bayonetta couldn’t help but chuckle. “I would huh? Though, what kind of uncomfortable situation are we talking about here?” She grinned slightly and tilted her head. “Because what you might find uncomfortable…I might find quite comfortable…maybe even….exciting depending on the situation.” Her grin once more turned into a smirk and she took a drink of her wine glass. “But, I do see your point on the money. After all, while I like to indulge…I don’t like to be broke either.” She shrugged faintly as she swirled the wine within the glass. “I think most people are like that though….for who likes to stare at something they can’t get for themselves?” Her tone made the comment just a bit too ambiguous as to whether or not she was meaning objects…or people.

She tilted her head slightly and rested the side of her face against her hand. “Hmmm….maybe? Does the possibility of that being the case intrigue you…Jeanne?” Bayonetta knew how to play this game all too well. “After all, would be nice to have a…dependable source of warmth every once in a while.” Her smile, which bordered on a smirk, held nothing but devious intent. That smile stayed on her face as she mentioned the Yetti and the things the world may or may not have to offer. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the cockiness that oozed from Jeanne. Then again, that cockiness easily matched her own. “You might be right there. Would be boring if all this place had to offer was Yetti’s.” She took another drink of her wine before continuing. “Hope this place will provide things to spice it up.”

Her mind shifted from that though as she remembered what Jeanne had said earlier. She got the other Umbra Witch’s attention before telling her opinion on the matter. She wasn’t entirely sure if she was trying to soothe Jeanne, or if she simply didn’t like the idea of Jeanne acting so…purposeless. For if Jeanne could possibly be driven to such a state, wouldn’t that mean that she too could be driven to that point? Selfishly, Bayonetta never wanted to go back to those short-lived days of not knowing what her purpose was, and she wasn’t about to let anything drag her back down to that state, including Jeanne. But, could she really say it was all for selfish reasons? She furrowed her eyebrows slightly as she listened to Jeanne’s response, doing her best to keep her mental debate hidden behind her facial expression.

Though, Bayonetta found herself simply looking at Jeanne at her words. She could tell by Jeanne’s widening eyes that she too saw the other way that could be taken. But, now that left the question…of which way she should take those sincere words? She looked down towards her glass to hide the pensiveness that had entered her expression. “Don’t mention it….” The words were soft as she looked over at Jeanne. The smirk on her face showed she had already recovered from her moment. “And I’m sure you will, because the world would be too dull without me.” Her smirk morphed into a grin as she took a drink of the wine, noticing the glass was getting close to empty. How dull.

With her mind now focused on the alcohol, she easily tossed the intimate subject aside. Intimacy of that sort never did feel pleasant for long. “You are probably right. Wine isn’t well known for making someone intoxicated quickly…unless you just happen to be an unlucky fool.” There was also the option that they just didn’t know how to control themselves. But, those people were just asking for it then. However, Bayonetta found herself wondering if a certain kind of food wouldn’t make things more interesting at the moment. But, they would have to actually go get it, and the Umbra Witch didn’t feel like moving from her spot. “It is quite good, for chocolate-covered strawberries are associated with many…fun things that only make their taste more delectable.”

The Umbra Witch looked over and raised a slight eyebrow. “Oh I know well the signs of intoxication.” She took another drink of the wine glass before looking back at Jeanne. “Depending on your level of tolerance, you might feel light-headed, like you are on cloud nine.” Bayonetta crossed her legs over each other and kept a tight grip on the glass. “And you will feel quite relaxed…in more ways than one.” After all, while alcohol relaxed the muscles, the substance also tended to make people loose in their morals. They might do things they wouldn’t do otherwise, or more realistically, do things they wish they could do while not drunk. “Otherwise, most of the symptoms won’t come until the next day…when you start to suffer from a hangover.” She moved an arm behind her head as she spoke.

“Don’t worry though. I think we’re immune to the hangover bit.” Bayonetta only assumed that because she couldn’t remember ever getting a hangover. Then again, she naturally knew her way around the drink, and knew when to quit before she would regret it. “Then again, that is why you show moderation in such regards.” She took the last sip of her wine glass and sat the empty glass beside her “As in, you drink only as much as you can handle.” While Bayonetta couldn’t be for sure of Jeanne’s experience in alcohol, she could only assume that Jeanne had to have some experience, based off what she said. Though, how much experience did Jeanne have? As Bayonetta looked over Jeanne, she had a feeling it wasn’t much.

“You know that…right?” Her voice continued nothing but teasing. However, as her grey hues focused on Jeanne, a hint of curiosity shined through them. After all, since she had never seen Jeanne drunk before…then maybe she could get the prude drunk. The sight would surely be interesting, and definitely amusing. She smirked faintly at the thought as she waved her hand at the same person Jeanne had waved for earlier. “Yes…can you bring us some more wine?” Bayonetta watched as the person nodded and walked off. “Might as well enjoy some more wine…don’t you agree?” The smirk remained on her face as she waited for more wine to come to them. For the more alcohol they had, the quicker she could possibly see the prude Jeanne become an interesting and amusing mess.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more

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You were all probably waiting for this day to come eventually, and it's a wonder I didn't do it sooner, right? Yeah, I know. You guys will no longer have to put up with me.


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