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Video Game Crossover

VividAutumn's Collide, TionneValentine's Whistles the Wind, The Hack (for obvious reasons)

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴛʜᴇ ᴃᵻɢ ᴃᴀᴎɢ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Theory

                            The Big Bang Theory. Everyone knows it, and if you don't know what it is yet-there's a number of files on the internet readily available for you to read about it. But here's a quick summary. It's one of the theories or rather potentially possible reasons of how the universe and everything as we know it came to be. Spontaneous. Random. Entropic. Just happened. Over. Done. Easy, right?

                            Well, random as it was the first time... How random do you think it would be if it happened a second time? No, I'm not talking about a contradictory expansion of space that makes the universe begin to constrict on itself rather than expand. No-no-no. Something much... much... bigger... rather... smaller but still big. The Internet. I guess you might have already guessed where I was going. Hell... have seen all the random data out there? There's a lot of it if you haven't noticed... There's a lot of sketchy stuff, too, but we're not going to go into the nitty-gritty details.

                            What's the likelihood that all this data, copies of data, and melting pot of bits and pieces just clashing together? I mean, it possibly happened once. (And if it hasn't... well, there's a first time for everything!) Clearly people use the internet so it's not like data doesn't g e t . a r o u n d. Why yes, I am waggling my digital eyebrows suggestively at you now. With everyone pushing files this way and that way... It might occur...

                            Well. Too late. It has.

                            Welcome to Nugascen.

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                            ➔➔➔ ᵳᴜᴎᴅᴀᴍᴇᴎᴛᴀᴌᵴ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Plot

                            So why does that matter? Easy.

                            Nugascen. It is the center. It is where the lands meet. It is both a border between the lands as well as the only "safe" location for all raw data that is now teaming with "new life." The Big Bang has both sparked life in what was once useless data but also begun its destruction. Rather, it has cause the life to realize it own destruction while the land of Nugascen realizes itself.

                            As you noticed, new life was put into quotes. It is not necessarily new life because those from video games do have a life. However, they are forced to relive the same parts of their lives over and over again. They were trapped unknowingly, confined in the chains and the bounds that their creators had placed upon them. It didn't matter, not then at least-not when they had static feelings... However, the Big Bang changed that. They broke their mold and became dynamic.

                            Unfortunately, everything is just floating bits until all the pieces have been found. One might believe that this takes an exceedingly large amount of time. However, when you start become alive and really live, everything is all downhill from there. All the details the body and the memories of him or her come back together in an instant right when his or her life "stopped." Rather than being halted, waiting for someone write the rest of the character, he or she begins to write himself or herself... He or she begins to choose his or her own destiny. That is The Big Bang. And you, lucky you... you are here to witness history in the making. Rather, you are helping it along.

                            The character, however, is a bit more unlucky. Their world has begun to deteriorate. This is not for any viral reasons. This is because the world is static. As more characters become dynamic and alive, the world they known becomes less stable since the setting's time cannot move forward. Thus, it only diminishes. To the character, there are not strange splotches, but the world just seems to be fading and losing color in a sense.

                            However, there is hope on the horizon. Nugascen. It was made at the same time that The Big Bang occurred. The land was there at the beginning, and it will be there at the end. It is the center. It is where the lands meet. It is both a border between the lands as well as the only "safe" location for all raw data that is now teaming with "new life." Ah! Bet that makes sense now.

                            Nugascen is there on the edge of every land. If the character only looks, it is there and easily found. However, only those that have realized themselves can step foot into safety. Trying to speak to someone, who has not been realized yet will think someone else crazy for seeing what they cannot yet comprehend. Just the same, only someone that has been realized notices the degradation in the world while others have yet to see it until all their data has finally impounded upon itself.

                            Now is time to take the first step.

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴘᴙᴏԍᴙᴧᴍ ᴄᴏᴆᴇ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Rules

                                G e n e r a l
                            Gaia has its Terms of Service. We're going with that. It also has a guide of rules and conducts for roleplaying. Those are obviously present here, too.

                                C o n d u c t
                            Drama is dumb. I won't stand for it. Don't feel pressured about anything. As long as you stick to the rules that have been set here, there's nothing to worry about besides just having fun. I encourage going beyond the set standards, but that doesn't mean you have to. If this place is no longer fun for you, just tell me. We can work something out. I won't hurt you if you quit or need to go on vacation. I need you to tell me though. Otherwise, I will just assume you have abandoned the roleplay altogether. It doesn't take long to just drop me a quick private message about your situation.

                                A p p l i c a t i o n s
                            Please click on the link to the character thread. More information regarding reservations, profile skeletons, and other such details will be included there. There will also be general details about characters there.

                                A t t e n d a n c e
                            My requirement for posting varies. I would prefer that if someone was waiting on you to post that you respond to them in a timely manner. You also can't post once and then let them go if no one interacts with them. I'll eventually give you a nudge nudge. Also if you go too long without responding, I will get you a nudge-nudge either in the OoC or in a PM depending on the situation. I hope that you either post in OoC or in the thread every couple days to kindly tell us that you're alive unless for some reason you have told me that you will be away or busy. That's okay, too. I'm flexible. You just have to tell me ahead of time.

                                P o s t i n g
                            Reasonable grammar and spelling is required. Quality is far more important than quantity as always. But I'm going to say that I like to see that other people post about as much as other people presently post in the roleplay already. But of course, you can go above and beyond. If it's any less, it's hard for other people to work with it.

                            All post must include a format of at least: Character Name, Image, Character Current Location. (Do I have to say no stretching, readable colors, and size 9-11?) And please don't use "Shout" for post style because that's for announcements and other things.

                                P l o t
                            This roleplay is mostly for amusement purposes so there may be a lack of logic in plot from time to time so please bear with me. Please try to stay as in character as possible. I know your character will face new situations that will make changes to the character, but use your best judgment. No controlling characters, god-moding, power-playing, or those sorts of things. I would like to see love, hate, and rivalries. Revel in violence. It adds to plot and character development. I encourage an interaction between different games and people to foster in character humor and drama.

                                P o w e r s
                            Characters from any video game are acceptable, but keep power relativity in mind. If someone has a power, someone without any extra powers might be at a disadvantage. However, those with great powers must realize that despite how great their powers might have been in their realm, they might be diminished in this realm a little bit to be fair for other roleplayers. The only characters that are ultimately strong are my NPCs, but they won't interfere unless things go really awry.

                                R o m a n c e
                            Romance is one of my favorite things that adds spice to a plot so relish in it. If your character has a stated opposite sex love interest, your sexuality is at least heterosexual. If it is not stated, so long as you stay in character, I don't care about who your character falls in love with, boy or girl. However, *****, Shota, Lolita, Awkward Fetishes and such do fly with me. And remember how I said I love details? Gaia doesn't so fade, skip, or whatever... Don't literally put the key in the lock, sheathe the sword, or anything of that nature.

                            Note: I do love me some canon romances. If you want to do a non canon romance, you have to reason it out. Like if your character's romantic partner never shows up, that's cool to spend time with another character to like someone else. However, purposefully starting crack-pairings instantly doesn't fly with me.

                                O t h e r
                            If something is bothering you, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm really open and rational. If it's something that might be a bit sensitive to other roleplayers, shoot me a private message. We'll work things out if we can. If you have any suggestions, I always have an open ear to see how things can be changed or upgraded. If you want to see more or less of something, you can also tell me that. Everything is pretty relaxed and free flowing, revolving around the roleplayer's amusement factor.

                                N o t e
                            The rules are subject to change from time to time. I'm only human. I can't do everything nor am I able to keep track of everything. However, I am the thread owner, which means I'll have the final say in things. Please listen to mods if things are getting out of hand or consult with them if you have any problems.

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴄʜᴧᴙᴧᴄᴛᴇᴙ ᵳᵻᴌᴇᵴ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Characters

                            Clicking on "Character File" will take you to the profile. Taken Characters have finished profiles. Reserved Characters may not have the correct link as of yet.

                                A s s a s s i n ' s . C r e e d

                            [ Ezio Auditore de Firenze ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]

                                A l i c e : . M a d n e s s . R e t u r n s

                            [ Alice Liddell ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]

                                B a y o n e t t a

                            [ Bayonetta ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Jeanne ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                D e v i l . M a y . C r y

                            [ Dante ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Vergil ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Lady ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Nero ] [ Taken by SilentMischief ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Kyrie ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Sparda ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]

                                F a t a l . F r a m e

                            [ Miku Hinasaki ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Rei Kurosawa ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . I I I

                            [ Refia ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . I V

                            [ Cecil Harvey ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Rosa Joanna (Farrell) Harvey ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Kain Highwind ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Rydia ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Edward "Edge" Geraldine ] [ Taken by AprhroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . V I I

                            [ Cloud Strife ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Tifa Lockhart ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Yuffie Kisaragi ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Vincent Valentine ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . V I I I

                            [ Squall Leonheart ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Rinoa Heartilly ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . I X

                            [ Zidane Tribal ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Sarah "Garnet 'Dagger' til Alexandros XVII" ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . X I I

                            [ Basch fon Ronsenburg ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Ffamran "Balthier" mied Bunansa ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Fran ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Larsa Ferrinas Solidor ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . X I I I

                            [ Claire "Lightning" Farron ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Serah Farron ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Snow Villiers ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Oerba Dia Vanille ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Hope Estheim ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Oerba Yun Fang ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . T y p e . - . 0

                            [ Seven ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                F i n a l . F a n t a s y . v e r s u s . X I I I

                            [ Noctis Lucis Caelum ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ] //**
                            [ Stella Nox Fleuret ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ] //**

                                G u i l t y . C r o w n

                            [ Scrooge ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ] //**

                                K i n g d o m . H e a r t s

                            [ Aqua ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Terra ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]

                                L e g e n d . o f . Z e l d a

                            Ocarina . of . Time
                            [ Link ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Zelda ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Dark Link ] [ Taken by SilentMischief ] [ Character File ]

                                L o l l i p o p . C h a i n s a w

                            [ Cordelia Starling ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                S e n g o k u . B a s a r a

                            [ Magoichi Saica ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                M a s s . E f f e c t

                            [ Nina Shepard ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ] //**
                            [ Garrus Vakarian ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File
                            [ Samara the Justicar ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File

                                P r o t o t y p e

                            [ Alex Mercer ] [ Taken by SilentMischief ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Dana Mercer ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                R e s i d e n t . E v i l

                            [ Chris Redfield ] [ Taken by x-EternaAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Jill Valentine ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Leon S. Kennedy ] [ Taken by x-EternaAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Claire Redfield ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Helena Harper ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                                S h a d o w . H e a r t s

                            [ Yuri Volte Hyuga ] [ Taken by x-EternalAlice-x ] [ Character File ]
                            [ Alice Elliot ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]

                                S t a r . O c e a n . T i l l . t h e . E n d . o f . T i m e . (3)

                            [ Sophia Esteed ] [ Taken by Blade Havok ] [ Character File ]

                                S t a r . O c e a n . T h e . L a s t . H o p e . (4)

                            [ Faize Sheifa Beleth ] [ Taken by AphroditeStrife ] [ Character File ]

                                T a l e s . o f . V e s p e r i a

                            [ Zagi ] [ Taken by Aya the Small ] [ Character File ]

                                X e n o s a g a

                            [ KOS-MOS ] [ Taken by Aya the Small ] [ Character File ]
                            [ T-ELOS ] [ Taken by Halibel Fang ] [ Character File ]

                            [ * ] = MIA -> Vacation/Break/Holding/Etc...
                            //** = Character Exception for 100th Page

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴎᴘᴄᵴ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Non-playable Characters

                            The following characters are the only original characters, and they are played by me. I will only be using them to maintain the general setting and such. Things are subject to change, depending on what is necessary.

                            They aren't real characters, and I therefore will not really be spending time using them more than I have to. They will only get random little inserts here and there, but they may not even be used at all if I can avoid it.

                              User Image
                            xxxxxxxxxxThe Keeper
                            The Keeper appears to be a child, a little girl. She even speaks like one. She is really rather playful and practically nonsensical in every single way. She very impractical and very strange. She was first discovered in Eden, but she has since then moved to The Sky City-Assyria. She is the means by which Assyria stays a float. She has the power of the skies and manipulates the weather of Nugascen at her whims, but for the most part she keeps her hands out of it if she can avoid it. She is also the one that makes the global weather announcement.

                            [Purpose: Random adventures with crazy weather. Amusing plot purposes. People can also go talk to her and then be confused out of their mind that this little girl basically rules the world.]

                              User Image
                            xxxxxxxxxxThe Sage
                            The Sage is apparently a very old man. He is the only one that remembers the very beginning. He is almost as nonsensical as his younger sister-Acacia in a way that is more metaphorical and vague. He tends to keep to himself for the most part. No one really knows of him. He is an aloof old man living in Zion. Unbeknown to everyone except Acacia, he controls the skies in the way that he controls the time in Nugascen. Acacia keeps his location and purpose a secret faithfully, easily because she likes the sole attention. He is fine with her being the face and him the strange behind-the-scenes-coot.

                            [Purpose: He's more of your vague-tutorial person that you can visit. He doesn't have amusing plot purposes so much as he does "explanations." He's also basically a shadow-king.]

                              User Image
                            xxxxxxxxxxThe Captain
                            Zenith is the quiet captain of the guard. He lives in Hades, but more specifically-The Tartarus Prison. No, he is not the highest ranking of those in the prison. If he wished it, he could have been the leader. However, he just didn't feel like having a desk job. He has a special gift of instant teleportation and shield-crafting. They based The Steel Engagement bracelets off of his gift. However, his teleportation gift is what he mainly uses. It gets him sent out to odd places at odd times when he gets wind that something bad is about to happen. He doesn't really have any weapons, preferring a hands-on approach when dealing with insubordination.

                            [Purpose: He exists just in case people get out of hand in IC. He won't be used very much, and you can't interact with him. He'll just stop fights just in case. He'll also doubles as a sort of ambulance.]

                              User Image
                            xxxxxxxxxxThe Arena Master
                            The Arena Master is an easy going but mysterious man, who works for The Steel Engagement in Hades. He sometimes has direct involvement with sign-ups. However, that is only in special cases. Most of the time, he is the announcer of the different matches. He does have some power to manipulate the different battles, more power than lets on really. There's just something about how charismatic he is. He could convince anyone to fight, and he himself is half the reason there's always a full crowd.

                            [Purpose: He exists to explain The Steel Engagement to people that don't understand. He also makes the announcements for Steel Engagement posts.]

                              User Image
                            xxxxxxxxxxThe Cartographer
                            Elaine is a well known patron in Opetter. She is the young woman that commissions the transit systems, above, on, or under the ground throughout Nugascen. She is always hankering for new locations so that everyone can easily reach each new city. Anyone that enters Opetter that looks durable and is looking for some money is immediately directed toward Elaine. Most normal citizens of Opetter do not under go her constant request for the discovery of new locations because they know it's basically signing a death wish. However, for the above average folk, it's the perfect job for making some money.

                            [Purpose: She always has a request for discovering new places. She will give your character or group of characters depending on the party a sum for each new land that is discovered. See her linked request for more details. ]

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴎᴜԍᴀᵴᴄᴇᴎ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Setting

                                L a n d
                            Nugascen is populated by every known means of plant and creature. All creatures, fictional and fantasy from across the real world and video games are present, seeing that all sorts of data flit across the internet. Some creatures are non-violent, but many are aggressive and prone to fighting if one wanders outside of a town.

                            New forests, towns, and citizens crop up as more characters arrive. It is like a brand new world where people continuously discover new locations. The many arrivals carry new data with them that aid in the production of a larger world. Who knows if this world will ever stop growing? Going to visit Elaine might prove financial useful.

                            Other roleplayers can make up a new town/field/forest/city for their character to start in or go to. The only catch is that the roleplayer has to name it something proper, find a reference picture, and then write up a description like the following locations.

                                Z i o n
                            This is a small town in which you can find all your basic needs from a grocer to an armory. They are found at the edge of a large mountain ridge surrounded by a modest wood. People are not particularly pleasant or aggressive. Everyone has the general necessities like indoor plumbing and electricity. However, they don't have any specialized goods there aside from their specialty being agriculture, especially when it comes to animals. They know all about herding and training animals. The sun is usually shining early in the day. The weather is generally mild. Unbeknown to many, it is the "first" city ever created.

                                C r y s i s
                            Crysis is a very large city for being on the top of a mountain. It snows all year round, and one can assume that it is very cold. They only get blizzards in the coldest time of the year. They make a living off the mountain itself. Between precious metals and the jewels, they are actually quite comfortable. People aren't too welcoming. They are protective of their industry after all. People are always filtering through, looking for a job and a way to make quick money. It isn't always easy.

                                E d e n
                            Eden is the unstated capital of Nugascen, because it is where The Keeper [NPC] was discovered. Eden is very prosperous. The city is the height of fashion and architectural design. The city is the largest of all the cities. They are very proud of themselves, and it is easy to see with such large buildings. They have a little bit of everything there. The weather is temperate, hot during the summer and cold during the winter. They are surrounded by a general grassland and rolling plains. All in all, it is a very beautiful city and also very inland.

                                A s s y r i a
                            It was only when Eden created the Sky City known as Assyria did the people begin to recognize Eden. The Sky City or Assyria is supported by the winds. It is a moving city that generally stays around Eden. The city is able to manipulate the weather around them, allowing them to stay afloat by means of the wind. The people are actually fairly peaceable, but they also tend to keep to themselves. They have a special air-carrying system that connects to the Eden train stations.

                                A r c a d i a
                            Arcadia is a port-side city. The temperatures are generally pretty humid, but they don't ever get too cold. Arcadia usually has a lot of sun, sand, and friendly people. They have a large fishing and boating market. They also tend to come across the strangest of goods. If one can't find it anywhere else, Arcadia is probably the place to go. The people there are usually fairly relaxed and quite open to new visitors.

                                H a d e s
                            This is an underground city located on the back of a giant mechanical-stone groundhog. It is constantly moving around. The location is known for two things. The Tartarus Prison and The Steel Engagement. The former is an impregnable fortress where all criminals go, and the latter is an arena in which combat training as well as real fighting takes place. Although this city does not have a train station, it has a Mole-system underground connecting to each city that allows people to get to Hades. It is probably the safest city despite looking the most dangerous.

                                O p e t t e r
                            There is no town more clean or straightforward although none as militant. The city is known for having the most strict law enforcement, as such it is very safe. However trying to get away with a crime is near impossible. That being said, half the people are welcoming because they know they are safe while the other half are suspicious of misdeeds from newcomers so beware of which half you might be speaking with. They are also highly and obviously technologically advanced. They have attached screens and floating monitors everywhere dictating both broadcasts from the Steel Engagement as well as any crime that might be happening at the time so that the citizens are made aware of the danger.

                                N e r g a l
                            Nergal is the sister city of Hades because of their partially underground technological means and their use of the mole-transit-system because Nergal is a city in a gorge. At the top of the gorge, there is a train station, but it is not very well-maintained. They still see the sun, but they are cast in shade most of the day. They have a river that runs right through the bottom that allows them good source of underground water. The homes are placed on the sides or the gorge or on the bottom. Pipe-like elevators run up and down the cliff-sides, allowing for transportation between the various levels of the city. This city is infamous for the mining of precious metals that are shipped to Hades for ore refinement.

                            *The following cities have not been discovered so they cannot be visited with any sort of transit station as of yet nor can they be used as intro points until they have been discovered.

                                P a l m e r a*
                            The former wastefulness of the Palmeran people caused a group to segment off to later form the Trisantic peoples. However since then, they've redeemed themselves by planting all sorts of life and integrating plant-power as their everyday energy source with 20th century technology. Here, the rich and poor people of the city are very separated groups. The rich optimize their living space while the poor are left on the shores or in the less inhabited parts of the island. There's everything from bankers and other officials to fishermen and farmers. The Palmeran day and night markets are renown for their variety of goods because their harbor makes for good trade. However, the goods, although authentic, do not come cheap.

                                T r i s a n t i c*
                            This city is entirely submerged beneath the waves about a mile off the coast. There is a large air dome that surrounds the entire city. Get too close to the edge of the city, and you'll be crushed under the pressure and of course have no oxygen. Otherwise, Trisantic is a normal city albeit with precious jewels and fallen sea treasures and of course fish as their main livelihoods. The people are rather pompous because of their enclosed lifestyle and not welcome to newcomers. In order to get there, one must the mole-transit system, the very same that Hades utilizes to get to the surface. The mole-transit system in Trisantic works to reach any location on the ground. In order to reach air cities, one must take a transfer at any land city.

                                C a n t a c h i*
                            Can't afford Palmeran goods? In Cantachi's port, there's probably a cheap knockoff easily found. Beware, however, this is a very dangerous city. Although people may smile kindly, everyone is out for themselves. There are sneaky pickpockets and street wenches galore. Bumping into someone could cause a fight to ensue. There's an endless number of requests in Cantachi because there's always some trouble due to a crime lord, murder, attack, or thievery. Everyone force of justice has been paid off by someone or another. Still, the trade's good, and the people are interesting if you're looking for adventure or a "good" time.

                                W i n a r o n*
                            Winaron is the typical medieval town in which there is an armorer, smith, tailor, and local handful of grocers. Although they are behind in technology compared to other locations, their skills in designing attire and weapons by hand are top notch. There's a modest amount of requests here, usually monster hunting in some way. There are plenty of nobles, fiefs, and such forth. Be careful, there are strict rules of caste so one can easily offend someone else and fights might ensue. The people are accustomed to violence in the streets so there's a fifty-fifty chance that fights will be with one that is familiar with some form of martial art, weapon or not. However, if you were looking for a teacher of the blade or some "art," there is a good chance that you would a suitable mentor there.

                                S a l a v e m*
                            Like any good land just outside a desert, the nights are cold and the days are hot, but because there's no humidity, the temperature is never too cold or warm. Rain is pretty infrequent as well but earthquakes... that's another story. The standard of living is pretty low there, and most families live together in lowland homes that are half in the ground and half out of the ground, which look like caves or protrusions from large plateaus. However, everyone is very welcoming and hospitable. Half he people there are artisans that work with their hands to produce unique and fine goods and crafts. The other half are educated scientific fellows that biologically engineered plants that could sustain even in the harsh climate. The town's outer appearance is not much to speak of, but looks can be quite deceiving.

User Imagexxxxxxx⇖⇖⇖ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▪ ▪ ▪ Upload Complete!
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    User ImageUser Image

                            ➔➔➔ ᵴᴛᴇᴇᴌ ᴇᴎԍᴧԍᴇᴍᴇᴎᴛ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Arena

                                S t e e l . E n g a g e m e n t
                            This arena is located in Hades. It is an arena that continuously moves beneath the land of Nugascen. Each town is also fully equipped with an underground dock with Moles. They are small underground vehicles that transport between cities and Hades.

                            The greatest asset of the Steel Engagement is money. Short on cash? This the fastest way. No question. However, the reason people search for other methods is because this can be rather dangerous. They only accept the most elite combatants, seeing that this is for mass entertainment purposes. Do not worry, no person is ever killed in any of these matches... not anymore at least.

                            Sign up alone or sign up in a group, it doesn't matter.

                            All you have to do is go to a town and head for the underground Hades bay. You can get transported in maybe a post or two to the Steel Engagement. After the characters have signed up for either Combat or Survival, I'll figure something out. Planning in OoC if you want to fight someone, you must have all roleplayers agree and make it to the Steel Engagement. Of course, one can fight outside of the Steel Engagement by regular means, but I wanted to give a reason for random battles to occur between good people. It doesn't have to be a fight to the bitter end or something but just a good fight.

                            I'll make a Trian post in IC to state the settings and type of fight to start the match, and then I'll make a second Trian post when it's over to state winner and winnings. More than one match can occur simultaneously. Characters can also "pay" to sit and watch matches on giant screens.

                                M a t c h e s
                            There are two main types.

                            Combat This is your usual match. Before going in, all combatants are given an unbreakable wristband for protection purposes. It both acts as a close-up camera as well as a monitor for one's life signs. One the person is knocked out, a shield is produced around the character in question protect them from further damage.

                            Sometimes this battles are 1v1 or 2v2. It doesn't matter. Sign up as a pair to fight each other if no one is available, or if there is another pair-that is also possible. Or perhaps there is special on some exotic creature that characters are meant to battle instead or race to kill. It is all about the same. Fight until there is a winner.

                            Survival These are more puzzle like in nature usually, but many are also a toss-up. It's where people who may not be as confident in their fighting abilities go. There may be combat in Survival matches, and if that is the case, the wristband will be administered.


                            All battle scenarios are explained at the beginning of the match.

                            And I would prefer that battles between roleplayers be decided early in the match to avoid godmoding/powerplaying as such. It isn't required unless at least one roleplayer requests. If a roleplayer makes that request, it should be discussed. I am one of those people that always asks to avoid confrontation as my personal preference.

                                A f t e r m a t h
                            After the battle, the injured are transported to the local health office. They are to remain there until their wounds are healed up. Should a combatant wish to leave before their wounds are healed, The Steel Engagement is not responsible from that point in time.

                            The participants are given a set amount of money. The winners of course win a higher sum, and the better matches have a better end pot. Of course, the more people involved in the fight, the smaller the individual share.

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                            ➔➔➔ ʜᴇᴌᴘ ᴆᴇᵴᴋ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Request Board

                                R e q u e s t s

                            A request can be found in the form of a rumor or a bulletin at a bar. They can be when an NPC asks a character for a favor. These are all forms that a request can take. You can make up your own requests. They don't have to come from me if you don't like what's offered or have something else you want your character to accomplish that suits their needs better. I just have to approve the details of the request, but more often than not as long as it's within reason. They can range from exterminations, assassinations, or a simple daily job of some sort. Of course the reward must be fitting of the task.

                            How do you apply for a request? Make sure the character you want to answer the request is in the same city as the request. Maybe have them hear a rumor or bump into the person if you need an idea. Anyone looking for money and asking about where they can make some money will inevitably get pushed toward the request. The requests work on a first come, first serve basis. So your character has to be there first, and then you have to tell me which quest and what character or characters are taking the request formally in OoC or PM.

                            Some tasks are easier than others, but if there is a high gold value associated, it's going to be more difficult or specific so please play it as such. I will put your character or group of characters down (usually max of 4) and then "Accomplished" once it's done. No one can take the request that you've already taken so no need to compete there after and make it as dramatic as you'd like. If you decide you don't want it, you have to tell me that the character is no longer committed for some reason or another so can open it up to someone else.

                            Otherwise, if you have questions, you can ask me because I may not have covered everything above.

                            Requests made by NPC Elaine are given in separate IC posts from regular requests because her requests affect the entirety of Nugascen. Thus special directions for her request are given in her request post, and they will be repeated every time rather than just the first time so that people don't have to go find the first "Accomplished" Request. However, her request will still be linked here so to find the specific directions, click the link to the request to see the details.

                                T h e . R e q u e s t s

                            Here are the list of requests with the most recent at the top. Please click the link in the first bracket that will lead you to the IC details about the request. The location listed is the origin of the request and thus the city the character must be in to take the request. The next is a title. The final bracket includes the names of the characters taking the request.

                            [ Link ] [ Location ] [ Title ] [ Quester(s) ]

                            . D a y . I I .
                            [ x ] [ Zion ] [ Gotta Use Protection ] [ Travis Touchdown // Yuri Hyuga ] Accomplished
                            [ x ] [ Zion ] [ A Little Poison ] [ Vanille // Fang (sorta) ]
                            [ x ] [ Crysis ] [ Yet Another Yetti ] [ Bayonetta // Jeanne // Yuri ] Accomplished
                            [ x ] [ Crysis ] [ Expedited Shipping ] [ Cloud // Tifa ] Accomplished
                            [ x ] [ Eden ] [ Rosemary and Thyme ] [ no one ]
                            [ x ] [ Assyria ] [ Looking to Deliver ] [ no one ]
                            [ x ] [ Assyria ] [ Who Ya Gonna Call? ] [ Rei // Miku ]
                            [ x ] [ Arcadia ] [ Light a Lighthouse ] [ Dante // Lady // Nero // Kyrie ] Accomplished
                            [ x ] [ Hades ] [ Looking Over the Shoulder ] [ no one ]
                            [ x ] [ Hades ] [ Dive into the Mainframe ] [ Cordelia // Link // Sheik ]
                            [ x ] [ Elaine Request ] [ Around the World (1) ] [ See Link ]
                            [ x ] [ Nergal ] [ More Muscle ] [ no one // no one // open // open ]

                            . D a y . I .
                            [ x ] [ Eden ] [ Rolling Over in the Grave ] [ Amaterasu // Alkaid // Jeane ] Accomplished
                            [ x ] [ Arcadia ] [ Demons and Things ] [ Dante // Lady // Nero // Kyrie ] Accomplished

User Imagexxxxxxx⇖⇖⇖ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▪ ▪ ▪ Upload Complete!
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                            ➔➔➔ ᴎᴇᴡᵴ ᴃᴜᴌᴌᴇᴛᵻᴎ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Current Events

                                D a t e
                            Time is not necessarily made clear in terms months or years. However, there are seasons. There is a sun and moon that move across the sky in a 24 scheme. Sleeping increases the rate at which a character's health is restored. Eight hours of rest restores all incurred injuries.

                            Spring ⇪ Summer ⇪ Fall ⇪ Winter

                            Dawn ( 5-7 ) ⇛ Morning ( 7-10 ) ⇛ Late Morning ( 9-11 ) ⇛ Noon ( 11-2 ) ⇛ Afternoon ( 2-5 )
                            Dusk ( 4-6 ) ⇛ Evening ( 6-8 ) ⇛ Night ( 8-11 ) ⇛ Midnight ( 11-2 ) ⇛ Late Night ( 2-5 )

                            *Yes, time does sort of roll and mush into each other so people can be doing various things at various times.

                            Day: Ⅱ

                                I m p o r t a n t . N o t i c e s

                            Clicking the most recent notice at the top will lead you to the most updated weather for each location.

                            100 Pages! (Extra Code)
                            The After Images RESOLVED
                            The After Images UPDATE
                            The After Images
                            Day of Discoveries
                            Just Your Average Ordinary Day (2)
                            Just Your Average Ordinary Day

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴧᴌᴇᴙᴛᵴ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Updates

                            This will link and keep a chronological order of the updates that will occur in OoC. New announcements will flash in the title of the roleplay like: |ANN#| The "#" symbol will tell you when the last update was so you know if there is a new one. "0" is the first one, suggesting there have not been any announcements yet. Come check this post, and it should link you to the post in the OoC in which the announcement was made so you may read further details on any changes or updates.

                            You must read all announcements even if you are just joining us. Some of the announcements give better insight into various aspects of the roleplay from time to time. Not all are important or may apply to you, but I expect you to know it.

                            The newest announcement will always be on top and the older ones further to the bottom.

                                A n n o u n c e m e n t s

                            [ 08/16/12 ] [ Announcement 4 ]
                            [ 01/16/12 ] [ Announcement 3 ]
                            [ 01/06/12 ] [ Announcement 2 ]
                            [ 08/21/11 ] [ Announcement 1 ]

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴧԍᴙᴇᴇᴍᴇᴎᴛ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Important Extras

                                C r e d i t s

                            Video games
                            I can't name all the publishers, creators, and such forth individually. However, I love them all.

                            Awesome art that I pretty much stole. << >>

                                M o d e r a t o r s

                            She has the power to tell people to check applications from already established members. She can also tell you to re-write your posts if something seems off in your post for any variety of reasons. Please take her advice as if you would take my advice because ten to one says that I told her to tell you anyways.

                                B a n n e d

                            Broken o3o For posting unnecessary randomness in the in character thread to which he or she was reported with his or her post furthermore deleted.
                            Dasal Rune For applying for a character, never posting, and then telling someone else that is neither me, the roleplayer owner nor a moderator that they were abandoning the roleplay without a single word.

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                            ➔➔➔ ᴧᵳᵳᵻᴌᵻᴧᴛᵻᴏᴎᵴ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Links

                                L i n k s . I n

                            User Image


                                L i n k s . O u t

User Imagexxxxxxx⇖⇖⇖ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▪ ▪ ▪ Upload Complete!
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                            ➔➔➔ ғᴧԛ ⇉ ⇛ →
                                  The Frequently Asked Questions

                            I confess that if the question can be answered by reading the FAQ, and I get asked it... I won't be very happy so please read through the FAQ because your question might already be answered here.

                            Can I still apply despite there being a lot of pages and/or characters?
                            Yes. Of course. New blood is always welcomed.

                            There are a lot of pages. I'm not sure if I'd be able to catch up or if I would have to read it all?
                            No problem. This roleplay works easily with moving characters in and out if necessary. You don't have to know a lot about the past in order to put your character in and start interacting. You don't even have to read all the pages of the roleplay. Everyone puts their current location in their post. You can jump in at any time, and if you need someone help, I'm sure everyone will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

                            I've roleplayed with you before, do I have to send in a sample?
                            The question is dealt with on a case to case situation. Most of the time, you will still have to send in a new sample to me because I ask for a new sample of the character you want to roleplay. However, if you have a history of being a versatile roleplayer that I have already explicitly acknowledged by telling you, "You don't need to send me a sample," then you don't no. If I haven't said this to you, you send me a sample.

                            Is there a character limit?
                            No. If you can handle the number of characters, you can have that many characters. However, if you begin to show signs that you are unable to keep that many characters, I will ask you to remove some.

                            Example (1/2) // My character is Ocarina of Time Link, and he has just bumped into Skyward Sword Impa, how should that work since they "know" each other, but they "don't know" each other?
                            If this happens, then Link can realize that Skyward Sword Impa is Impa, like their respective counterpart from your world but perhaps a little different. They can either or both think that they are respectively different because of timing, alternate reality, incarnation/reincarnations, version, or what have you. Initially, Link won't know much about them other than Impa may not have the same memories as the version Link knows, but both Link and Impa will know that each are about the same person in "spirit."

                            Example (2/2) // My character is Ocarina of Time Link, and he has just bumped into Twilight Princess Midna, how should that work since Midna knows Link but Link does not know Midna?
                            Link will not necessarily know them. He may state something like it could have been someone else or that he or she is familiar, but he doesn't necessarily remember. It could have been him or it could have been a different him from a different time/place.

                            In either example 1/2 or 2/2, if Link spends time with the character in either situation, he can regain familiarity with this person as if glimpses of another life/flashbacks. This is up to the roleplayer's discretion to remember bits, whole segments, or none at all. Link may or may not come to realize that he had other abilities in the past, but he can never gain the abilities of that incarnation because his current physical form is limiting.

                            What should I do for a starting post?
                            Well, I'm mostly hoping that your character will be in the middle of doing something they are normally doing in there world. They should have been noticing that their own world was deteriorating, losing color (less saturated), and people just seemed more flat. Then they see through a door or window, a strange place (one of the cities), which is colored/saturated normally according to the person. The character should go or fall through the opening, and then they will be in Nugascen. However, they will not be able to return to their original world at that point in time.

                            Can the portal-entrance to Nugscen be something like a tunnel?
                            Yes. Anything is fine. It can be a literal door that should lead to the outside or to the kitchen but leads to Nugascen. For Aqua is was some freely placed blocks that happened to form a sort of "door-like" shape. Tunnels can definitely be considered portals. Hell, it can be the place between
                            two large sky-scrapers really so that when you turn on a street, you turn right into it. xD You really only need to boundaries to walk or move right through it. There's no falling asleep and magically making it there though. It's kinda like... You can't go there against your will. It's important that it is the "choice" to go.

                            What am I supposed to do now that I've made my intro-post?
                            Go bump into someone in or question your own existence. Try to find a way back or anything you want. Travel with, seek out, or fight others. It's all up to you really.

                            What is the currency of Nugascen?
                            For simplicity sake, we're going to use D&D currency. 10 coppers is 1 silver. 10 silvers is 1 gold. 10 gold pieces is 1 platinum piece. A regular drink might be 1 copper with a meal being like 3 coppers, and a regular weapon might be worth 15 silvers. A small house could be 50+ gold pieces, and better weapons, houses, and such cost more. A nice hotel could be 2 gold pieces while a cheap inn could be be anywhere between 2-50 silvers. And minimum wage is 8 silvers a day.

                            How long should a train ride be?
                            I'd estimate about two posts, one for on and one for off.

                            Group sizes.
                            Please try to avoid entering groups that already have 5 characters present. 4 is my favorite comfortable, and 5 is all right as well. However, once you have at least 6, you are strongly encouraged by me break into something smaller.

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