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                                                              You take the breath right out of meSTRIFEL o c a t i o n Outside ZionSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Tired: WatchfulSTRIFEYou left a hole where my heart should be

                                                              Light nodded, thinking that Hope's plan was sound. She couldn't help but feel proud of him that he could deduce such a solution so quickly, when the teenage version of him had looked to her to make every decision. It was good that he took charge now. He'd certainly grown up, which was really weird to come to terms with since she'd just seen him, and he was just a kid then... now he was taller then she was, and between Kain and Hope, she felt like a midget... heaven forbid they ever find Snow...

                                                              They took a few steps in the direction Hope suggested when Kain seemed to hear something, though it was a little harder for her to hear anything since she wasn't used to walking around in a forest like this. It was either the areas on Cocoon, or the wild expanses of Pulse... but nothing in the middle. The dragoon seemed much more used to this sort of forest, so she deferred to him in judgement calls on someone, or something, coming up the trail.

                                                              When the bandits came onto the trail she sighed a little. Her gunblade was already out, but she didn't even need it really... Kain used the blunt end of his spear, and she just put her weapon away and stalked up to the closest guy to her and punched him hard. The right hook tossed him back into the bushed, knocking him out cold without doing any major damage... she didn't break his nose or anything, so he wouldn't drown in his own blood... not that he wouldn't be doing the community at large a favor by getting rid of a low life... she wasn't the police, and she didn't care to be completely honest.

                                                              She put her hand up to tell Hope to hold his spells because the last guy was already coming at her. Light waited for him to get closer, then her foot shot out, catching him under the chin and she sent that one flying too. "Idiots," she muttered at them, what did they think, they could even scratch her with their little hunting knives? The one she'd knocked out was coming too, and she looked to him and smirked a little, "I'd get outta this business if I was you, before I tell everyone you got your a** beat by a girl." She smiled at him a little wickedly and he scrambled up and ran off into the brush.

                                                              Lightning was chuckling to herself when she turned back around to the guys, and she saw the look on Hope's face... "What? Just because we weren't killing them, doesn't me we shouldn't teach them a lesson... Sometimes bullies like that need to be bullied back to learn." She shrugged and started back the way she was walking before, taking her point position, her arms crossed under her chest.

                                                              L o v e No oneSTRIFEYou got to fight just to make it throughSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              'Cause I will be the death of youSTRIFEW e a p o n s Omega Weapon
                                                                              'Cause I will be the death of youSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Platnium Armlet
                                                                              'Cause I will be the death of youSTRIFEI t e m s Tetra Crown
                                                                              'Cause I will be the death of youSTRIFEP a r t y Kain, Hope

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                      ASL ' C i e STRIFE O f STRIFE A n i m a AS
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                                                              Some days I feel like I'm wrong when I am rightSTRIFEL o c a t i o n Outside ZionSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: InterestedSTRIFEYour mind is playing tricks on you my dear

                                                              Hope couldn't help but feel a little proud of himself too that Kain agreed with him, even though he was kind of a big shot now, that was with other academics, not with fighters like Lightning and Kain. He was good at thinking things through and strategy, but he'd never been able to show Light what he could do, so he was a little excited about that as well... the first time she could see he'd grown up... even if she wasn't the Light from his time... she probably wasn't much different really...

                                                              Then Kain put them on guard and he got his boomerang out, ready to fight if he needed too, but at the sight of the highway bandits, he couldn't help but be unimpressed. They had small knives, something that could intimidate regular people, but the three of them? What surprised him even more was the three decided to attack anyway... that meant they probably weren't very smart, thinking they were easy pickings...

                                                              Kain laid the first one out fast, and Light told him to hold, that she would deal with it... which she did, with her bare hands... then she taunted them about it... he frowned a little, thinking there was something strange going on with Light, but he wasn't sure what it was... it was almost like she was showing off... but Light didn't do that. She was level headed, and yes her tongue was sharp a lot of the time, but to bully them back? She did have a point, but that just seemed... beneath her. Then again, he hadn't seen her for ten years, and he was young when she disappeared... maybe he was romanticizing her in his mind...

                                                              She started off, and he sighed a little, following behind her so Kain could take the spot behind him. Hope started to think about her behavior... maybe she was feeling out of control and upset about her sister and she was just trying to cover it... he knew that she would never talk to Hope about it... since he'd been there... and he was a protege of sorts... she'd want to make him feel better, which was what she'd done when he'd told her about Serah in the first place... She was angry, he was sure she was... but she wasn't going to talk about it with him...

                                                              He looked behind him then to see Kain, someone Light had come to trust in this world... he was removed from the situation... even though, it was probably too much to ask of him... The silver haired man too a breath and stopped, turning around to look at the dragoon. "There's something wrong with Light... I think it has to do with her sister, with the news I gave her... I know she won't talk to me... if you get a chance, could you talk to her? She bottles things up, but she trusts you... this isn't something I can help her through... I'm too close to it... could you try?" If not... well Hope would try again... but he was pretty sure the same thing would happen.

                                                              L o v e No oneSTRIFE'Cause though the truth may vary, this ship will carry ourSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              Bodies safe to shoreSTRIFEW e a p o n s Nue
                                                                              Bodies safe to shoreSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t None
                                                                              Bodies safe to shoreSTRIFEI t e m s potionsx2, elixir, phoenix down
                                                                              Bodies safe to shoreSTRIFEP a r t y Kain, Light

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                      ASD i r e c t o r STRIFE o f STRIFE t h e STRIFEA c a d e m y AS
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                                                              When you walk awaySTRIFEL o c a t i o n AssyriaSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Slightly injured, sore: WorriedSTRIFEYou don't hear me say please, oh baby, don't go

                                                              Larsa watched her try to get her hair off her back so it wouldn't stick to the wounds, and he knelt down next to the bed and gently took the clip he'd given her out of her hair, then he held the part that closed around her hair in his mouth as he loosely gathered her hair up, away from her face, and he twisted it a little, clipping her hair up and to the back of her head. She wasn't going to be laying on her back for while, and then she wouldn't be pushing and pulling on it and tearing the healing skin on her shoulders.

                                                              "There, it's out of the way now," she told him to go get cleaned up, but in truth he didn't want to leave her like this... this must have been how she'd felt the night before when he'd gotten stabbed... he probably looked just as worried now as she had then. He reached up and took a piece of her bangs and tucked it back behind her ear, smiling a little, but in a sad way. "I'm sure I'm a fright to behold, but I don't really want to leave you like this..." He wasn't the healer she was, he couldn't help her like she'd helped him the night before... he felt a little lost... he'd always had someone with him, even when he'd sneaked away from the palace, he'd still found Vaan and the others... now it was just the two of them, and he didn't know what he could do to help her...

                                                              This time, he reached over to where he hand was resting and he laced his fingers into hers, just to hold her hand. She'd seemed to want to hold his hand, but she was an independent girl, she needed a reason, and just being close wasn't enough... it was embarrassing, he understood... they were both younger, teenagers, but still young enough to be awkward. He took a page out of all the older people he seemed to hang out with and he tossed embarrassed out the window, and he did what felt right... to try and help her feel better.

                                                              He held her hand for awhile, he wasn't exactly sure how long, then he leaned forward and kissed her sooty brow, and he moved to stand up. "I'll get cleaned up, and I'll be quick about it. If something seems wrong, or you need me for any reason, just call me, I'll come out immediately." He let her hand go, but was careful to place it back in a comfortable place so she didn't have to move the battered skin, then he went into the bathroom with his pack and started the shower.

                                                              Larsa didn't dally in the water, it hurt his own raw skin, but he got all the dirt gone, and the blood off his skin and out of his hair. Once he was finished he got out and toweled off, remembering he'd given Refia is other shirt... he still had his undershirt, which was just a tank top, but it was better then nothing. He put his pants on, and the undershirt, before he detangled his hair and he gathered the clothes and stuck them out in the hall like he had the night before... hopefully the laundress could do an amazing job again. He also knew his other shirt would need cleaned, hopefully it wouldn't take too long.

                                                              "Sorry about my appearance, all I have is an extra undershirt... I am still covered... mostly... however you can use the shower now, if you wish to get up..."
                                                              He didn't come around so she could readily see him because... to be honest, he was rather embarrassed to be so unsightly in appearance. He was also rather pale, he didn't see a lot of sun normally...

                                                              L o v e RefiaSTRIFESimple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonightSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              It's hard to let it goSTRIFEW e a p o n s Joyeuse
                                                                              It's hard to let it goSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t None
                                                                              It's hard to let it goSTRIFEI t e m s Many Potions
                                                                              It's hard to let it goSTRIFEP a r t y Refia

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                      ASE m p e r o r STRIFE o f STRIFEA r c h a d e s AS
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ϓuri Ѵoltϵ Ңүuɠa(Shadow Hearts 2)

~ The God-Slayer

I know that
I'm not perfect.

But I keep trying

That's what I said I would
from the start

Yuri would have chuckled. But, at the pounding in his head, he found himself preferring just to shake his head and smirk faintly. “And what did you do exactly?” Before the God-Slayer could get an answer though, he watched as the clone tried to attack Shinobu again. He almost found its grudge against Shinobu funny. However, the fact it held such a similar protectiveness towards Alice made him more annoyed than amused. For only he could be that protective of Alice! No one else could, especially some cheap rip off of him! He frowned some before seeing Travis grab Shinobu by the waist. Then, in what seemed to be normal Travis style, he watched as the head of clone came off its shoulders. The body of it soon vanished just like all the other clones that they faced. But, at least now it seemed there wasn’t any more of those annoying bastards.

He shook his head once more at the cockiness. But, he still found his finger rubbing against his temple. For when the souls inside of him found a chance, they really loved to try and grate on his nerves. Let alone his sanity. Thus, Yuri could hear them faintly within his head. He almost found it ironic that he somewhat welcomed the return of the malice filled voices. For under the Mistletoe curse, Yuri had heard nothing. Why would he when his soul was cursed with an insane amount of malice all the time? The malice inside of him had even produced a goddamn monster! If he could choose between hearing annoying hate filled voices over the worry of monsters coming out of him again, Yuri would always choose the former. Even if the situation was truly picking the lesser of two “evils”.

Luckily for Shinobu, Yuri’s focus was more on his headache. Thus, he did not see just how feminine Shinobu seemed to get when Travis found himself still holding onto to her. If he had, Travis and Shinobu would likely not hear the end of it. But, that did mean that Yuri found himself only able to pay attention the moment Travis asked about X. He turned his head side to side. He didn’t see any trace of the blue “robot”. Had he gone away in a similar manner to Vincent? Had he just walked off in the middle of battle? Yuri knew the latter option was always a possibility. However, with how moralistic X seemed to be, Yuri had a feeling X wouldn’t just walk off like that. Though, at Shinobu’s commentary, Yuri faintly snickered to himself.

“I don’t know where he is either. Maybe he disappeared like Vincent did? Or walked off like a pansy?” He decided to voice his thoughts since it wasn’t like Travis could read minds. At least, he hoped to God Travis couldn’t. No one would want to hear what the monsters had to say about him. By now though, the voices seemed to become quieter. Though, Yuri knew they were merely just being blocked out. He couldn’t exactly explain how his mind blocked the monsters from speaking into his conscious like that. Then again, there were still a lot about his fusion ability Yuri didn’t understand. A part of him had hoped that maybe his father could have explained things. But, the dead were dead for a reason. Now he could only hope on an explanation from Saki or Kurendo. That is, if he saw either of the two again.

However, Yuri rarely wanted to linger on the unknowns about his power. Besides, he had figured out enough to know the basics. That was enough for him. He pinched the bridge of his nose briefly as he noticed Shinobu start to pass by him. When he noticed the glare on her face, he raised a slight eyebrow at her. His lips pressed themselves into a thin line as Shinobu started to talk to him. If she had tried for conversation only a few moments ago, he might have told her to ******** off. Instead, Yuri stood there and listened to what Shinobu had to say. “Yeah. I have nothing else to do.” He waved his hand dismissively and shrugged a bit himself. “Though on the time travel thing…I wouldn’t be surprised. For your…“master” has talked about “TVS” and “anime”, and neither me or Alice knew what that s**t was.”

He relaxed his arms at his side as he took note of Travis approaching the inn. “But if that is the case…I recommend not ******** things up too badly…Don’t want to go back to your time and have a crazy Travis on your hands.” That was a worst case scenario of course. However, that was a possibility. Then again, didn’t he have his own time travel issues to worry about? For Alice was here. Alive. While in the time he came from she was…dead. How could he ever to explain to her that she had died and he had failed her? That he couldn’t even keep his own promise that he made to her that day? He could still remember that conversation as if it happened yesterday. For that was one time he had ever talked about that night to anyone…

He could feel almost a sense of embarrassment at the way he was talking. He was admitting things he thought he would never admit, like how his views of his power had changed because of Alice, or how he thought over “stupid things” like if what he was feeling was happiness. He could hear the way Alice seemed sad at how he thought he was sounding stupid. But how could he not? He always thought speaking in such emotional terms was stupid! He just didn’t know how to! However, as he turned his back to her, Yuri realized he couldn’t care less. Because if he lost her like he did his mother…then she needed to know these things. But, it was the promise he had made to himself that she really needed to know. A promise he was determined to fulfill.

“I don’t know how this battle is going to turn out, but…” He paused briefly. The words were on the tip of his tongue, yet a small stubborn part of him still refused to admit his attachment to Alice. However, Yuri pushed through that stubbornness for Alice, and her alone, allowing the fateful words to slip past his lips.

“The day you die, I’ll die too.”

Yuri snapped himself out of the memory as he looked towards Alice. He knew the fact she was here meant he would have a second chance. Yet, the guilt of his failure still stung at him. The sadness over losing her clung onto him like an unwelcome bout of seasickness. The idea of having to go through all of that again intensified those emotions greatly. But, like always, Yuri pulled a small smirk as he moved towards her. Though, for her sake at least, he allowed himself to relax a little and show his slight fatigue. It was the least he could do considering he couldn’t bring himself to show what he had just been thinking about. “You alright?” Why did he ask that first of all things? He stopped himself from frowning as he noticed Shinobu and Travis had already disappeared into the inn.

“Shinobu’s hand didn’t try to do anything did it?” He really needed to just shut up! “For you can never know with dismembered parts.” Yuri felt like he was digging himself into a deeper hole. However, at least he was doing it only in front of Alice. Not like that made him feel completely better though. “But, you think we should follow them? Have a feeling we’ll have to keep them from doing anything we wouldn’t do.” He smirked faintly and finally felt like he was sounding like himself. Even if he would likely earn a cute little frown for his ambiguous statement. “Well, I should say Shinobu from doing anything…since she does seem to have a master fetish…” What? That was what she got for calling Travis, master! “Perfect for pissing off Travis some more though.” He found himself smirking more as a bit of mischievousness entered his ruby hues.

I'm not alive
if I'm lonely

So please, don't leave

Was it something I said,
or just my personality?

Where I can be found: Outside of Zion Inn with Alice, Travis, and Shinobu
Love: Alice Elliot
My weapon of choice: None at the moment since fists and feet don't seem to count as weapons.
My Appearance: Human, Fusion Form – N/A
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                                                  Rei felt the other woman tense up a bit in the hug, she guessed it was sorta sudden and surprising so she didn't expect that. Then again she was overwhelmed with happiness at seeing the person she thought was dead so she had no sense of control over her joy. She was just happy to feel the woman hugged her back, even if it was very faint and not that much there. It was a big step on both their parts to be brutally honest. When Miku spoke of her happiness over Rei being better she chuckled very faintly only to whisper back ."What made me better is seeing you...I thought I lost you...I am so happy Miku.. " She admitted again, after all she wasn't able to hide much of her emotions right now considering she was able to see a dear and close person to her and know she was alive.

                                                  When Miku and her own reunion melted down a bit it seemed Miku thanked Henry for protecting her. Though Henry seemed to state that it was a simple walk in the part as she seemed to frown, crossing her arms and giving him a mock glare. "Far from Henry...you saved me from those weird dopplegangers! You did more then walking in a park, a park really wasn't even included. " She said only to yet again to show how the jokes didn't really crossover that well via the languages they both knew. Then when Henry asked to not be called mister and that he wasn't that old she couldn't help but let out a faint giggle , deciding it might be best to tease the man , "Is that a grey hair...right there... " She said pointing at his head playfully in hopes to keep him in high spirits.

                                                  To hear that her friend Miku was willing to help with the ghosts made her smile appear a little more, both sides of her lips tugging up this time. "Really ? That's wonderful, thank you Miku...with you I am certain we can do this. " Her voice was still faint but there was a glimmer of hope in it now as well. After all she had a very close friend with her now and a newly made one! This world wasn't that bad and to be honest....she never wanted to return home considering if she did she would lose Miku again, and a second time would take a huge toll on her heart. "Yes, it seems that even Henry was stolen from his time but I wish to help him get back to his wife...? Or was it fiancee...? Or girl friend..please forgive me Henry. My mind is a bit frazzled. " She bowed to the man only to stand at full height again, feeling sorta bad for forgetting about such a important thing.

                                                  When Miku asked if they could bring some more people this caused Rei to blink and tilt her head to look where the girl had came from. She was trying to see who she was talking about and honestly wanted to thank them too considering the situation. Though it was more up to Henry if they came or not considering he was the more so leader of the group in her eyes. With that sword and all considering he was the strength and protected her and all. When he said he was fine with it she seemed to nod to it as well. "Anyone you trust Miku , I do as well. They are free to come along, plus I want to meet them. Come on. " She said as she grasped the hand of the other girl and then Henry, yes even Henry was subjected to this and started to tug them towards the group . " Miku, you will have to point them out for me though... I sorta was more caught up in seeing you... " She said as she blushed faintly in her embarrassment considering she should have been paying more attention. Then again her heart was singing currently considering the situation.

                                                  It was then she let go of both of their hands only to cough into her fist, trying to regain her normal composure and be her usual self. Her eyes moved to Miku as she then seemed to smile again, she wanted to touch the girl's hair again , not in a odd sense but in the way to make sure she was really there. Perhaps that meant that Sylvia was here as well? So then even Henry could be happy? That would be great news to her! She then started to think over what all would happen now and for once she was able to think of a happy outcome, unless she thought about the what if they were pulled back to their world. The tattoo curse was still acting up but she didn't let it bother her currently as she was just eager to put her curse to good use and help out so she could feel better about what she was given. "After we go out and banish the ghosts...would you like to get something to eat Miku....Henry? " She said in hopes that they would, it could be like a victory dinner or something! They also were going to get paid for this job so with that money why not celebrate a little?

                                                  Location: Assyria with Henry and Miku

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For once Alex found one of Vergil’s comments to be ironically on the money, even if it hadn’t been the ******** intention. Mean how could he, when the Kid would have no damn idea that his defensive comment was what Alex dealt with on a constant basis. Foggy, incomplete memories that still plagued him and the only means of piecing together what he’d lost was consuming those that knew “what” happened to him. It made Alex in some ways parasitic, leeching off others to fill in the gaps but…he couldn’t say he regretted it. Not when all the people he consumed that knew him? They made him question what exactly made them “human” it certainly was morals, if anything they were worse than Walkers and Hunters. Annoying bastards as they were, those infected with Blacklight that weren’t Runners were instinct based, their mind far too gone to formulate morals and that s**t. They only thought about survival that pure based instinct that was animalistic, monstrous. So…which was worse then, a monster or a human who ******** over others but KNEW what they were doing by planning each action in an intricate web of deceit or betrayal? Alex believed it was the humans, because in his eyes deceit was inexcusable. There was something more dastardly about being manipulated than there was being flung into a wall with a snarling Hunter barreling forward. They were predictable, mindless, the people he consumed…were just inexcusable, responsible for atrocious acts against themselves. Yet even still Alex found himself fighting against Blackwatch and Greene. Two entities that sought perhaps just complete annihilation if their own right.

How ironic…maybe it was the fact Alex considered himself human and had no idea him and Greene shared a disturbing similarity. Whatever it was, Alex used his own means to crack into the mystery and stop Greene, whether it was just selfishness of wanting memories restored or an older brother’s fierce loyalty to a sister. Both were debtable but right now Alex found himself focused on Vergil’s comment….foggy memories did not make one defenseless, he should know if anything it made one more dangerous. After all Alex was many a thing but weak. He couldn’t afford to be not when she needed him and he’d been gone for those five years he couldn’t even recall! Again, he had to keep his mind off of Dana…for now, even if it admittedly was the only thing that caused a pang to go through him. Guilt, yes, for not thinking about his sister, the only person to treat him like….he was someone. For her sake he needed to focus on getting back otherwise…well….for once Alex felt uncomfortable with what may lay in store for his sister. A girl….dragged into something that was not her fight to begin with (it never was….he….was sorry for that). In some ways ******** was the perfect distraction for these scenarios only because he was so damn annoying yet because he was his ally….he had to “tolerate” him. Like…him…commenting on, god damn it! He was ******** tired he didn’t mean to phrase it like that! Leave it to this asswipe to try and make it sound like he suffered blows to his cognitive capabilities! Even…if you could argue that because he was an amnesiac that might….actually….oh ******** that! “Oh like you don’t say weird s**t when you’re tired! I wasn’t the one that got a ******** free nap Kid so shut the ******** up!” he growled out, mean sexual fantasies of that old a**? ******** nasty! He had enough nerve to bring up all the weird s**t Vergil said while they were in that bathroom! Oh the idea of rubbing it in was tempting especially him saying those two words! Yet….for some reason Alex bit his tongue, unsure why.

Mean…was it that sad that this Kid of all people was the only damn person to ever thank him for anything? Maybe he just selfishly wanted that praise, needed it even. It was weak as hell so, that could explain it knowing full damn well if Vergil would have a ******** s**t faced expression he’d also take away that little bit of gratitude from him. Maybe he was just tired, he couldn’t recall caring so much while he wasn’t but….he wasn’t going to have him take it away. So he kept it to himself, bit his tongue, glowered and all but resisted the urge to get back at him. It took a bit to do so, even if strangely seeing Vergil eating that doughnut and making those noises didn’t annoy him but made him curious. If anything they could be another means of payback, as the train stopped, he was kicked into the aisle (********); Vergil finally took off that gay a** dress, and revealed well….s**t. Who the hell wore that!?

Mean s**t that was almost as distracting, if that was even possible! Could this Kid not pick out inconspicuous clothing? Though….one could argue Alex’s hooded appearance ( or once hooded thanks to ********) just screamed “suspicious”. Whatever…he just wanted off this damn train as he gathered himself up off the floor and caught up enough to Vergil to shout his accusatory statement. Even if the little b***h started it off without locking gazes, a sign…Alex always took either for, deceit, lack of respect, or fear. But man did his answer rub him the wrong way “ Only nice”? Only ******** nice!? Steel blue hues blazed with an unkindled fire. This Kid had no IDEA, no ******** clue about s**t! Alex Mercer did not act “nice” for shits and giggles, this just furthered his earlier musing that he would’ve taken back his earlier delirious form of gratitude. “Oh ******** get off your damn pedestal you little s**t faced a**! I don’t give a s**t if I “need” you to sense those ******** demon a** sandboxes!” Alex seethed as eyes narrowed. “If its one thing you get through that p***k faced head of yours is that me being “nice” is not for your damn benefit to make you “stay”. Go off for all I ******** care and try and get that b***h to tell you how to get back!” Stepping closer, he made damn well sure when Vergil turned, that he caught his gaze. He would make damn well sure this little brat knew full well he would not take his s**t. And calling out his character that all he was, was some self seeking a** kisser was not settling well with his tired mind. “ Then you don’t know s**t so I suggest you piss off, before I damn well drag you back there myself!” the male hissed. For…Alex needed Dana, but his concern was genuine, not fake, not feigned. Alex needed Ragland but he didn’t slack off when he needed to keep the mortician away from infected. Point was…being his ally assured one thing, if only of his few positives. He was loyal and did not “fake” s**t. But he also wouldn’t have Vergil say he was “sure” and talk about him like he knew him! ******** you! Alex didn’t even KNOW crap about himself so how the hell could some little gay a** dressed son of Sparta know him!?

Alright…then next time you damn well pass out I’ll expect some reward or leave you according to your logic….” Alex all but rolled his eyes though at the last part, the fingers on his hand twitched. a feral look flashed over his features at that. For Alex could never….ever….bring himself to be like HER! Her blue eyes, still bore into his, fake promises, fake sympathies, everything fake. Lies all stitched together to give Alex a false sense of security that he had found another remnant of his past not seeking his demise….oh how wrong he was. “You ever do that to me even once…this…”feigned” kindness s**t you’re accusing me of ….?” Alex trailed off for a moment, his anger that was usually so brazen now subtle, strained even. As if Alex was holding back something much deeper that he knew even he could not control. And hell if he’d let Vergil get the satisfaction of knowing a weakness he also…shamefully had. “ …Suffering will be too “nice” of a word of what will happen to you, I’ll see to it…personally” his tone was low, not yelling not screaming, yet chilling a fatal promise coating the words. But as quickly as the change had come it melted back to Alex’s aggressively loud nature, as he scoffed. “ My mistake it must be a ******** huge a** drill lodged in there…explains your damn bitching” yup, rude as always and not giving one damn s**t about it. You pissed him off, that’s what you got simple as that.

…I don’t know do you get some weird a** satisfaction at coming across as some annoying little p***k? Because if that’s the case? With how you act all I see is some ******** pmsing, b***h face that brags about s**t that ******** no one cares about! Oh you’re so “******** smart” like you have nothing better to do!” Those “idiot” comments making the male really want to morbidly consume just to see what he knew, what damn “secret” intelligence he had that made him feel he was so damn superior! “ ….And keep your tiredness to your self don’t want to carry you’re sleeping a** when you “should” be ******** old enough to suck it up and walk when tired” he countered back tired of this ping ponging. Even if….in his tired state he thought of Dana….damn it! S…stop it, Vergil couldn’t hold a damn little “spark” of what Dana was. And that was an example of the humanity everyone else around him lacked or so ******** abused. As it stood, he was again saved from having a guilt trip with his favorite a** sag and accompanying b***h. Sourly and given his state the insults just rolled off of him in waves. The old man simply shrugging, the way he never said a damn word almost seemed to annoy Alex even more! Damn it! He didn’t trust these two! Why the ******** did they always come over!? Alex almost wanting to lunge over and rip the man’s throat to shreds what he perceived to be a “sarcastic comment” Even as he tried to rip both Seven and a** Sag a knew one leave it to damn ******** to agree with the people they had no damn idea about to oh…yeah let’s meet back up again. What the ********!? They would’ve been freed from them! And a** Sag’s smile towards Vergil just seemed to make the hair’s rise up on his already riled up state.

Especially when he walked away like everything was FINE! As Ezio and Seven split off for “now” Alex was ******** fuming! Left to glare at Vergil’s back of all he wanted to scream. Unaware of the inner workings of manipulation that had Alex been exposed to in Vergil’s noggin he would’ve been disgusted. It would’ve been just another notch to why he sometimes…hated humans….even if Vergil had prattled on about being half human and half demon. ******** that crap he still had a half that was “human” and ******** manipulating really? In his mind manipulators were sick twisted cowards that got off on the games they played, the death and lies they spread. Quite frankly Alex was probably best to not know the workings of Vergil’s mind. It might’ve made him turn against his ally and call it off right there. But Vergil’s comment quite literally fell on deaf’s ears, it seemed like everything became muffled the moment he spotted that woman. Her mannerisms too…familiar that he couldn’t ignore, as his steps slowed till he was at a standstill. A possible runner stood not that far from him seemingly out of it with some red headed girl. If she was a runner….maybe she was connected to Greene, if she was….oh hell maybe she knew where Dana was! At the idea of reuniting with his own red headed sibling and her safe, he was on auto-pilot. His body moving for him, with long careful strides as if to not startle his prey away. Even if by the time he reached the duo, he made his threats known, the possible runner for her part eyed him up before….she looked…uninterested? Was she…oh ******** no! She was thinking he was not worth it! Brows furrowed when his little pet peeve of not being acknowledged when he spoke was done. …Freak? What the hell Greene wasn’t ******** all there and this ******** b***h was on the ******** ground! She was now pushing herself up, crimson and steel blue clashed as he growled at that. “ You ******** little….” He trailed before his mind reasoned…c**t? Well see…she knows about Dana she’s playing games with you. This b***h dissed Dana, this little b***h a**…..oh ******** no! She was already dismissing his presense as if he was nothing more than an annoying stranger bothering her and her little b***h friend. Oh….he’d do more than bother now.

Oh…and yeah that little red head? She just made his s**t list…what the ******** was it with people and saying s**t to unstable shape shifting male? “ …I didn’t have a damn problem with you but now I’ll just punt you into a damn wall you little ******** brat” And what the hell was it with people calling him idiot!? You’d think maybe he’d take the hint but…apparently not. And again with this!? Wasn’t the guy in the bathroom enough! (note to self….still need to find and consume him too ) “ I have ******** problems with everyone so shove the ******** off” But….she….started to walk off!? …..Well actually that worked in his favor, he had a feeling she’d have more annoying memories anyway ( yet strangely Alex did not get runner vibes off the girl…he instead just wanted to punt her if she came back ). So if the girl walked off good…till she…what sis…? Sister? Memories of Dana for a moment came in rapid succession making Alex wince at the last part of Dana’s hand reaching out for him ‘ALEX! ‘. Placing a hand on his temple he gritted his teeth as the red head bantered with the red eyed woman. He could’ve cared less even if he wasn’t experiencing a s**t storm of memories. All he knew, was he heard a garbled….sis…. leaving…..choice. …Choice, he made his a long time ago apparently, and now it was time to change that choice and do anything to get to her. His hand darted to grab Jeane’s shoulder, now that her back was to him. “…..You’re not…leaving” his tone was strained, not with anger necessarily but with hints of pain. “ Not until…you tell me where “she” is….if I have to consume you to get those answers…..so be it” fingers curled a bit more, unaware of the fact this woman really had no idea, he probably just appeared more crazed. Thankfully…even if he didn’t notice, Vergil was gone, away for the moment. That meant he didn’t have to do any awkward “who the hell is she” explanations. “ It’ll be one less crazed b***h to deal with” he glowered, just as the other hand once more flickered with thin wisps of reddened tendrils. Just waiting for their hosts command to what form they should take if need be.


I may not be Alex Mercer, I'm something greater
Mood: Very pissed, guilt ridden, tired (...******** needs a consume), slight discomfort from memories, possibly out of it

Black-Watch, I'm taking you down one by one...
Objective: Find Dana / Consume...another Runner? / Figure out where Assyria is

Zeus was a God, I'm just as elusive, just as deadly
Location: Eden Streets with Vergil(who unknowingly goes into a clothing store)....a runner? ( Jeanne) and some red head ( Alkaid )

Predators kill without mercy, their prey fear their steps
Music: Alex's Theme

Trust no one, This is what you've taught me
Love: ...Watching Black Watch crumble


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Alice Liddell
~ Alice: Madness Returns

So let go
Yeah let go

And just
Get in

Admittedly, Dark, at that very moment, looked quite odd to her. His lips were pouted out in such an exaggerated manner, and his ears were drooping quite lowly. The shadow looked like an upset child, or even a pouting dog! She didn’t know if she found the sight amusing, or if she found the sight just simply odd and nothing more. As her mind tried to figure that out, Alice noticed those ears twitch slightly upward. She noticed that occurred shortly after an irritated sounding noise. That really solidified in her that Dark’s ears were like an emotion translator. They translated his emotions when his words lacked an answer. She found herself tugging at her own ears, as if hoping that she too could gain the ability to show her emotions so easily. But, her ears seemed incapable of such.

Though, she still lightly tugged at her ears as Dark spoke. Her bright green hues remained impassive at Dark’s elaboration. Even if she found some curiosity growing inside of her. For Dark’s explanation made Hyrule sound like sanity, yet he described it as a place. How strange. “So you simply wish to take it back from its status as lost?” The words held nothing but impassivity. But if one looked, there might have been a hint of curiosity lacing her words. Her expression never gave away what she might be feeling as Dark responded to her next remark. Her gaze looked around them and twirled her Vorpral Blade slightly within her hand. “Since you are so sure, then changing your mind sounds like the least preferable course of action. Though, I’m not sure how you could go to a boring mind exactly.”

Briefly, Alice looked up in the direction of the sun. Even in Wonderland, she found herself unable to stare directly at the ball of light. She supposed it had to do with the fact the sun was just so bright! Such brightness admittedly made it easy for Alice to comprehend Dark’s annoyance. “I suppose it would only make sense to want to shield yourself from that brightness. It is very strong in its brightness.” After that, Dark got the gold coins from the person, whose name she couldn’t even recall. But, after he had given her the coins, she felt off. It did not help that Dark seemed to be acting off, or just more impatient. She could not tell which one was the cause. That only made the situation more annoying. For Alice had been in too many situations to know that the unknown usually hurt people.

Thus, Alice asked Dark a question. She watched as he looked at her, the glance soon followed by a rolling of the shoulders and a chuckle. A short chuckle if she had to say so herself. However, even when Dark appeared to indirectly admit to hearing something, Alice’s impassivity appeared to never waver. For now that she knew there might be something out there, she could simply prepare herself for the inevitable. “I am not sure that my ears are useless. But, I do agree there are more interesting places than this one. Though slowness…I suppose that depends on if you are looking for slowness or quickness.” They both had their uses. Though, she did have to admit she preferred quickness. If only because getting through battles slowly was just a bigger pain than necessary.

She decided to further elaborate on her point. She appeared to show a bit of confusion herself at Dark’s confusion. She tilted her head slightly as Dark seemed to ask about on and offness. Her eyebrows furrowed a little while she started to look down slightly. How did she know if something was on or if something was off? Alice believed it had to be a…gut feeling. An instinct. Yet, how did one explain instinct or gut feelings? Her thoughts almost distracted her from Dark answering an earlier curiosity of hers. One she had almost forgotten in the midst of all the other curiosities. Her mind found itself divided due to her still pondering, yet wanting to listen to Dark answer her question. Somehow, Alice absorbed all his words like a sponge without losing her train of thought completely.

“I believe it is more of a…instinct. You just know.” She tilted her head slightly again and faintly shrugged. “And I’m not sure why a person would want such eyes. Maybe they wish to always know the truth, or wish to never be deceived?” She almost sounded like she simply spoke a thought out loud. Though, knowing Alice, she was actually responding to Dark’s statement. Alice gave a nod to Dark’s next statement. The blade disappeared from her hand before she tempted a response. “It could be worse.” That was all Alice felt she could say to that statement. Though, her mind was soon focused back on the money. She needed to make sure they hadn’t been swindled. If they had, they would need to get on the male for doing such a thing. Even if Alice had a strong feeling Dark’s punishment would not be as merciful as hers.

Luckily, all the money was accounted for. Thus, the male would not have to face either of their “wraths”. After that, she broke the silence. With how much Dark talked though, it would have been only a matter of time before silence would find itself gone. “No, something is off here, but maybe things will not be off over there.” She shrugged and kept up an impassive façade. “Because taking is easy, but easy isn’t always the best route.” Sometimes, the “easy” route was simply a trap. However, Alice didn’t care to elaborate on her past experiences. For now, her mind was focused on getting away from here. “I will keep the gold then.” Her thoughts became briefly distracted by Dark’s odd comment. How was gold ugly? It appeared to be simply a yellow color to her. Was yellow an ugly color to Dark?

She kept her eyes on the gold as she moved towards the train. When her eyes caught an odd sight though, her thoughts ceased on the gold. Such things could be figured out later. Right now, Alice needed to know what that was. That strange metal looking object that the person nearby was holding. She asked Dark, but Dark seemed to take her comment differently. She believed that meant he didn’t know either. That.” Alice emphasized the word and pointed to the object. At this point, she could not hide her curiosity, and asked Dark what their next move should be. She had no idea that Dark might have taken her words the wrong way. Thus, Alice simply took Dark willing to talk to the human as his choice to check it out, and not some way to soothe his hurt ego.

Alice simply stood there and watched as Dark talk to the person. She found it odd that Dark called the person “that”. But then again, that could be the person’s name. After all, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter weren’t very common names either. Neither was Dark. Though, her mind seemed to zone out on Wonderland for a bit. Her memories of the peaceful Wonderland and the twisted Wonderland went through her mind. The images went so fast through her head that they were almost blurry. Yet, with having gone through those events, she knew what each blurry image contained. Even with the memory being so fuzzy currently in her mind. The sequence ceased when the object was opened and a person appeared within the scene? She barely kept herself from looking completely surprised!

She could only nod as Dark commented and the woman started to speak. She moved her hand towards the object in an attempt to examine it. Unfortunately, the person pulled the portal away from her. She faintly frowned as they soon received a paper and fifty gold. They would get even more if they found this place the woman mentioned. As she put the fifty gold pieces with the gold pieces they got from the male, Dark spoke to her. She looked down at the paper briefly. Her bright green hues looked over the words before she nodded to him. “Perhaps this shall help me find both, and possibly help you find Hyrule. We shall do this then.” Plus, if that meant she could avoid being on a train, Alice was all for it.

“We should move and try to find this place then.” Alice still had not realized this was not Wonderland at all. She would eventually come under the need for food, water, and sleep. She did not have the immunity to such urges like she did in Wonderland. However, naivety was a double edged sword. Thus, Alice started to move and expected Dark to follow. Whether that be in her shadow or physically behind her, she did not care. Either way would work fine. Eventually, Alice found herself at the edge of the city called Nergal. She looked to see a couple of different paths they could take. Her bright green hues lingered on a path that lead to some highlands in the distance. “What do you think of going that way, Dark?”

She was not used to asking someone before taking a path. But, with Dark seeming like someone that might stick around for a while, Alice felt the need to ask. However, with her mind already set on that path, Dark’s disagreeing would likely not stop her from taking it. It was the thought that counted though….right?

Oh it is so
Amazing here

It’s alright

Cause there is beauty
In the break down

Where am I?: Outside Nergal with Dark
Who I am fond of: “Wonderland”
Weapon of choice: Vorpral Blade, Teapot Cannon, Pepper Grinder, Clockwork Bomb, Hobby Horse
Hysteria: Active, Not Active
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Ezio Auditore Da Firenze(Assassin’s Creed Revelations)
~ Master Assassin and head of the Italian Brotherhood

When I was young
I had liberty
But I did not see it

I had time
but did not know it

He smiled faintly when he heard Seven laugh. He always did find laughter to be enjoyable. For it really did lighten the mood, and usually proved a person was in a generally good mood. While no one could be in a good mood all the time, it wasn’t safe for someone to be in a bad mood all the time. Thus, he laughed along with her and allowed himself to soak in some of the pleasant energy. “Yes, exactly. Though…if he does push it with me…I might mention the cat thing….You know, just to get him back.”The way he grinned show he was joking. Even if Ezio would be lying if he said he hadn’t had the urge to get back at Alex. The side of him that leaned towards getting someone back was still there. He just had better control of it now than he did in his youth.

Ezio held back the urge to raise his eyebrow at the mention of a movie. Was that another word for a play? Since he already felt quite silly for not knowing a lot about these strange technologies, Ezio didn’t want to make himself appear sillier. For that reason, Ezio simply smiled at the suggestion Seven was giving. “I will admit that does sound quite pleasant. Though, I do believe that would be my first…double date?” He hoped he phrased that correctly as he smiled a little more. “By the sounds of it though, it will be quite enjoyable, and I am sure Sofia would love to experience such a thing.” After all, Sofia did tend to like to learn about new things and experience them if she could. Thus, Ezio had a feeling it would go over well with her. “So I look forward to it.”

For a brief moment, Ezio blinked a bit. He believed she said that with humor lingering off her words. However, the bluntness of the word threw him off for a moment. But, once Seven clarified, Ezio found himself chuckling faintly. “I think you almost had me there.” He chuckled some more before smiling good-naturedly. “Though, I am glad that you do not see that happening. For, it will not.” After all, unless an ally betrayed him, Ezio would have no reason not to be loyal to that person. “I swear it on my life.” Though, the moment someone did betray him, Ezio’s loyalty to them would be immediately cut. Betrayal was one thing that Ezio still had yet to learn how to forgive, as evidenced by his actions towards the Assassin turned Templar.

He watched her wave her hand at him thanking her for understanding. Admittedly, Seven almost reminded him of when he was younger. When he didn’t take things as seriously and let things brush off him easier. It was sort of refreshing to say the least. But now, Ezio found himself looking at Seven with raised eyebrows and a tilted head. He could remember giving a similar look when Leonardo made a similar comment. He felt like something just slipped past him that he should have noticed. Though, Ezio felt worse about it when it happened with Leonardo than with Seven. For he had known Leonardo for years! If it was an important detail about his friend, he should have figured it out by now! Yet, his mind still seemed to not hit the mark.

Though, clogs inside his head started to turn when Seven clarified for him what she meant. He blinked for a few moments before he found himself snapping his finger. “So that is what he meant!” Ezio chuckled slightly when he realized he said that out loud. “I apologize, but I remember a dear friend of mine, Leonardo, said something similar to what you said, and now I believe he might be like you. One that prefers the…same sex.” The idea felt completely foreign in his brain. He had always looked at males as simply companions and allies. He could never fathom what it would be like to look at them as possible romantic partners. But, at least with Seven, Ezio could see how women were desirable. Thus, it was bit easier imaging it with her than when it came to Leonardo.

“But yes, that does clarify what you meant perfectly…” His brown hues picked up on the nervous fidgeting and placed his hand on Seven’s shoulder. “Though do not worry. While what you and Leonardo prefer is quite a…odd concept for me, I still see you both as friends and allies. I just wish I am able to tell that to Leonardo as well.” Ezio frowned slightly as he wondered if Leonardo worried he would reject him. After all, such relations were usually frowned upon. However, the idea of simply tossing a friend away over their bed partners seemed so illogical to the assassin. Especially when he would be tossing a friend that had been with him since before he became an assassin. Thus, Ezio would just have to do his best to ignore the strangeness and accept it. “So, you may stop fidgeting now.” He smiled at her in hopes of easing her worry.

After they got off the train and he talked to the person with the odd object, he couldn’t help but ask Seven what a “computer” was. For while Ezio had seen some strange things in his day, that object had never been one of them. Though, the way a person appeared projected onto the screen that wasn’t actually there reminded him of his encounter with Minerva. However, unlike that encounter, at least the person appeared to be talking to them and not to some “Desmond”. Thus, that was a bit relieving, but still quite confusing. Luckily, Seven appeared to know what a “computer” was, causing Ezio to listen closely. Her description did kind of remind him of a book. But, a very odd book to say the least. His eyes briefly trained back on the “computer” before looking at Seven as she finished her explanation.

“I see….it does seem to be like a book….But, not one I have ever encountered before. For I cannot recall ever having a book talk to me before.” He lightly jested before they soon found themselves talking to Vergil and Alex. Once again, Alex seemed to be permanently stuck in an unpleasant mood. Ezio found himself simply shrugging off the insults as he more took note of the fact Vergil’s turquoise hues appeared to be colder than they were before. Had Alex said something to put Vergil in a foul mood? With how Alex had been so far, Ezio didn’t find himself too surprised by the possibility. But, at least Vergil seemed willing to give the plan a chance. Whether or not that would mean the plan would go through was unknown to Ezio. He didn’t even truly know why Vergil agreed.

The fact he didn’t know caused him to feel a bit suspicious. However, Vergil so far hadn’t displayed any extremely intolerable qualities, unlike Alex. Thus, Ezio felt that keeping Vergil around would be invaluable. Alex was still debatable. But, if he could only get one by having the other around, Ezio would find a way to tolerate the very unpleasant Alex. Though, for now, him and Seven would get a break from Alex as he and Seven went the opposite way Vergil and Alex did. That led them to being able to talk about their loved ones. He went first and told Seven about his Sofia. Just talking about her caused his eyes to appear warmer and his smile to appear more relaxed. Unfortunately, Ezio also felt reminded of the fact she wasn’t here. A fact that would have caused him to frown if not for Seven staring to talk.

He looked towards her before looking forward. Had he told Sofia all of those things? Ezio knew he had started to open up to her about him being an Assassin and the Assassin order in general. But, had he taken the time yet to tell her how she made him feel? Ezio furrowed his eyebrows before he shook his head slightly. “I…am not sure. I might have told her some of this…But, I believe I have been so focused on telling her about other things that I have not taken the time to be so blunt about my feelings for her. I hope I am able to do so upon going back.” His heart clenched faintly at the possibility he wouldn’t get that chance. But, Ezio forced himself to believe he would. Otherwise, Ezio knew he would feel heartbroken. Just like he did with Christina.

Luckily, Seven appeared to take the bait to talk about her own lover, allowing him to not think about the negative possibilities. He looked at her and listened carefully as she went into a description of Sice. Ezio was not sure what the term tomboy meant. But, with the way Seven sounded, the term to be a form of endearment. Combine that with all the other terms Seven associated with Seven, and it was obvious Seven cared deeply for Sice. Before Ezio could comment though, Seven added about how Sice had fighting experience of her own. He briefly wondered if he should ever teach Sofia how to defend herself. But, without her here, Ezio knew that train of thought would be a bit pointless. “She sounds like an amazing woman as well, Seven. I hope you are also able to tell her what you told me.”

However, now they needed to focus on getting supplies. Ezio pointed out what appeared to be a “grocery store”. But, even with the odd name, Ezio could tell it sold food like the stalls in the marketplace back home. Thus, he knew it was worth checking out. As he moved towards it, he focused his gaze on Seven, who had asked an important question. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly and let himself grip his chin slightly. “Hmmm….” While he thought, Ezio heard Seven’s comment about Alex and indulging themselves, which caused him to chuckle and grin slightly. “Yes, that we can…But now let’s see here…we need to try to get foods that won’t perish quickly in case this job takes a bit….and we definitely need to get some salt…for salt will help us preserve any meat we come across.”

As they entered the store, Ezio tried to see where they kept the salt. That way, they would already have that necessity out of the way. “Also….we should try to get fruits as well. We would not want to get what I believe they call…”scurvy” after all.” He had never experienced the condition himself. But, he had heard tales from people that traveled the seas. From what he heard, the sickness did not sound pleasant. “And dried grains would be good…or things like bread. For as long as we can at least keep a basic diet going…we’ll be good.” He blinked a little when he finally found the salt in such an odd package! He had never seen salt put into a metal box before! But, upon opening it, Ezio could tell that was salt inside. Maybe that was to keep them from losing any?

While he gripped the odd salt container, he chuckled at Seven’s suggestion. “I do admit to liking sweets on occasion…especially this stuff that was recently brought over from the New World called “chocolate”. Now that is a delicacy worth dying for.” He meant that jokingly of course. “So…if you are able to find some of that chocolate, then I say we could bring some….after all, no one is around here to object.” They would just need to make sure chocolate was not the main staple of their diet. For while it was good, Ezio did learn quickly that it had a tendency to perk one up before causing them to feel like they had no energy. That was something they could not afford to have happen too often. “Though…how about this, you find the candy and fruit….and I’ll find the spices and the grains?”

And I had love
but I did not feel it

Many decades would pass,
before I understood the meaning
of all three.

Where can I be found: Eden Streets, then Eden Grocery Store with Seven
Love: Sofia Sartor
My weapon of choice: Cherry Bombsx3(These bombs are distraction bombs and are not intended to harm people), Hidden Gun with Bulletsx10, Hidden Blades(One normal blade, and one hook-blade), Persian Shamshir(Basically a Persian Scimitar), Kurdish Jambiya(A curved knife), Poison Dartsx5, and Throwing Knivesx5
Armor: Ishak Pasha’s armor(Without the mask)
Language Translations: None
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Jeering Darling

User ImageUser Image

                                                                As she sat on the edge of the bed, sorrow had taken over the once calm and at ease disposition Eva was keeping up, but that was shattered when she finally got the chance to tell Sparda about what happened to her and the twins. She was completely unaware of how her words of "losing" him had left her husband puzzled and conflicted as her tears continued falling. Feeling the warmth coming from her husband's body as he wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to comfort her made the blonde melt into him. Her own arms wrapping around his waist as she buried her wet face into his chest, fingers curling around the fabric of his black clothing with no intention of letting go any time soon.

                                                                Her breathing was shaky as she tried to calm down, tears still coming despite herself, but she was more thankful to have Sparda there with her. Comforting her like he usually would whenever she was upset before he had passed away. His voice low and soothing as he told her that she was far from being the idiot she was thinking herself to be. He was reassuring her that she was doing that best she could to protect Dante and Vergil even though she didn't feel she deserved such kindness when she let them down. Sparda wasn't blaming her for anything at all, but as he continued speaking she was beginning to get the idea that he was more than likely blaming himself. Her frown on her lips had deepened as she felt sorry about having him to hear that he was dead before them meeting again and also at the fact he was feeling guilty.

                                                                Green eyes meeting turqoise, Eva's lips spread into a smile as he told her that they will find their sons together, being thankful for his optimism. "Together," she said quietly, gaze not leaving his as she nodded. When he spoke of the "elephant in the room", she looked away sheepishly for a moment as she knew exactly what he was talking about, nodding her head again. She looked back up at him when her health became the subject of their conversation, almost wanting to tell him that he didn't need to worry about that, but she knew he was not going to be satisfied with the answer so she went ahead and explained what happened to her. "One of them threw me against a wall so my right side is kind of sore, but I think it should pass soon. His claws also caught my shawl, but I think his nails only managed to graze my arm since it doesn't hurt," Eva answered.

                                                                The blonde woman looked at her husband for a moment in silence, seeming to be lost in thought as she smiled faintly at him, happy to have him there with her. She never forgot how upset she suddenly was for no reason on the day of his death and that was before she even found out. It was like she knew something horrible had happened and when one of the demon hunters came to their home, giving her the news she never thought she would hear, Eva finally knew why. But now here he was, holding her in his arms like nothing had happened at all.

                                                                Releasing her grip on his clothes, Eva moved one of her hands to the back of Sparda's neck, gently pulling him towards her as she moved forward and pressed her lips against his in a kiss filled with longing. Her arms had wrapped themselves around his neck as she kissed him deeply, uninhibited in her passions that she kept locked away for so long after he was taken away from her. She wanted to kiss him for as long as she could, but Eva had to break it for air as deeper the kiss became, the heavier her breathing was. "I missed you so much, Sparda," she said, catching her breath. Removing her arms from around him, the blonde reached into the collar of her dress and pulled out a thin necklace that held her wedding ring. "This always stayed right here," Eva held the wedding band between her fingers as she placed her free hand on the area of her chest where her heart was. "Where you were."

                                                                "I guess I can wear this again, huh?" she said with a smile. Eva was no longer a widow anymore and she was hoping that it was going to stay that way from now on. Feeling another tear rolling down her cheek, Eva wiped it away, spoke of needing to dry her face before standing back up and heading towards the bathroom to get a towel or tissue, upon opening the bathroom door, the blonde was met with something that was definitely not a bathroom. It looked like a tunnel with a blinding light at the end of it, surprising Eva when she saw it. "Honey?" she called out to Sparda, concern in her voice.

                                                                LOCATION - Marvel City/Hotel room and tunnel leading to another place (Arcadia)
                                                                MOOD - Feeling horrible at first, but feeling a little better
                                                                COMPANY - Sparda
                                                                POSSESSIONS - Wedding ring and magical ring

                                                                Eva Speaking

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User Image
~ Devil May Cry

Who’s gonna fight
For what’s right

Who’s gonna help
Us survive

His lips formed into a small smile as he moved to kiss her forehead. “Yes…together.” The demon emphasized the word slightly. Not just for her, but for himself as well. For he did not know how he died, and the thought still unnerved him greatly. But, he was alive currently, and his wife was beside him. Thus, Sparda knew there had to be a way to keep himself from dying or dying again as Eva would likely think it. But for now, the demon forced himself to not think about that as he mentioned the “elephant in the room”. Well, so much for not thinking on the subject of his hopefully not inevitable death. However, with him seeing Eva tensing up as if she was hurt, that easily brought his mind to focus completely on his wife and not possible future circumstances.

The demon stopped himself from growling loudly at the answer. He could hear the inner demon in him yelling to be released. Though, like always, Sparda repressed the urge. But if he ever saw those demons for himself, Sparda would gladly give in and tear them apart. “Alright….but, if you need to take it easy, just let me know.” While Sparda knew Eva wouldn’t want to worry him, he trusted her to be honest about her injuries. Even if he still heard growling deep inside of him at her being injured at all. The growling lessened slightly at the smile Eva gave him. A smile appeared on his face to mirror the look. A part of him still found Eva’s smiles to be so powerful. For no other human could simply smile at him and cause his inner demon to start to calm down.

Then again, such small reminders allowed him to remember just why he loved her. Well, more specifically, he felt reminded of one of the many reasons why he cared so much for Eva. He could go all day, and possibly even longer, about all reasons he loved Eva. Thus, while he would love to do so, he was sure no one would want to hear that, including Eva. But, that only proved more that no other person, other than maybe his sons, would ever have such power over him, and he was completely fine with that. His mind went away from those pleasant thoughts when he felt a hand on the back of his neck. His turquoise hues met those beautiful green hues once more as he felt himself being pulled towards her. His hands moved to place themselves on Eva’s cheeks the moment their lips met.

As he closed his eyes, his hands move to rest at her sides. His hands clenched the fabric of her outfit the deeper the kiss became. His lips moved in response to match the longing Eva expressed to him. His arms moved to wrap around her waist as he felt her arms wrap around his neck. His hands once more gripped the fabric as he pressed his lips more against Eva’s. However, before his tongue could flick out of his mouth, the demon felt the softness of Eva’s lips. He suppressed the urge to frown while his wife caught her breath. Soon though, Sparda found himself with his turquoise hues becoming warmer and his smile expressing that same warmth. “I missed you too, Eva.” Even if Sparda knew the time apart for him was lesser than the time apart for Eva, he still didn’t like to be apart from her.

He just wished that the time apart between them was the same. For he had no clue what it would be like to be permanently separated from her. Sparda could only guess that he would feel empty on the inside without Eva. That he would simply not be himself anymore. Though, like Eva, Sparda supposed that if he still had their sons, he would find some way to make it through. But, how would he have been able to do it without her? Just the fact she was able to do it on her own proved she was just as strong, if not stronger than himself. At least, in some ways. However, Sparda quickly got off that train of thought when he noticed Eva pulling out a necklace with a familiar ring on it. He would know that ring from anywhere. The sight of it caused him to almost grin.

Though, Sparda felt his chest warm up at the words his wife spoke so sincerely. If he was a more emotionally expressive man, he might have even found his cheeks heating up at those words. However, Sparda could rarely recall flushing. It seemed not even now his cheeks would gain any pinkish hue. Even if his lips did turn faintly upward into a sheepish little smile. “Is that so?” The sheepish smile quickly went away though as Eva asked an important question. He smirked faintly as he moved to take the necklace from her. “Let me answer that through action.” The demon took the ring off the necklace and moved to grip Eva’s hand. Then, gently, Sparda put the ring back on the proper finger. “Does that answer your question?” After that, Eva mentioned needing a tissue, causing Sparda to nod and just sit on the bed.

The, he heard Eva call for him, causing him to go towards the bathroom. When he looked inside, he blinked at the sight of the room being nothing but light. While the light wasn’t insanely bright, Sparda found his eyes closing just slightly. For his heightened vision could tell the strange light contained many moving colors. The movement reminded him of the many portals he had seen in his lifetime. To test the theory, he tried to stick his head through it. But, the moment he got closer, Sparda felt like he was being pulled inside. Thus, the demon stepped away from it. “It appears to possibly be some portal, my Lady.” Unfortunately, before Sparda could advise leaving the portal alone, he thought the light was beginning to spread. As if giving them no choice but to go inside the likely portal. “And a forceful one at that.”

Quickly, Sparda gripped his wife’s hand and looked at her. “I wish that was not the case. But, as long as you hold on, I promise we won’t get separated.” He looked towards the light and started to take a step forward. “So, we might as well just comply for now and hope it will lead us to our sons.” He tried to keep positive about the odd situation. Even if he knew most portals were never a good sign. However, with his wife upset, Sparda threw realism aside for a moment. After all, maybe they would be able to return home and everything would be fine? Though, before Sparda could think on the possibilities some more, he closed his eyes tightly to shut out the light. He made sure that he still felt the soft warmth of his wife’s hand before allowing his eyes to open.

He observed that they were now on a street in a city he had never been before. The faint scent of sea salt that went across his nose made him believe they were near an ocean. Luckily, due to him being naturally of a fire element, the heat of the place didn’t bother him. Though, the fact they were near a coast made him wonder if they should get some lighter clothing. However, with their previous discussion still lingering in his mind, Sparda realized that would likely not be the best thing to bring up. “It seems we have been brought somewhere else…But, hopefully this means we are one step closer to finding them…” Sparda smiled faintly at his wife. “Or just finding some answers in general.” He would prefer the former of course, even if the latter would be nice as well.

“Though, since you are possibly still in a…upset mindset, do you wish to find yet another hotel room until you are able to collect yourself?” He did not want to force his wife to cry in public. For that would be just cruel and unnecessary. “But, if you wish to move on with our search instead, just let me know.” While Sparda knew his wife well and loved her dearly, the demon never wanted to force a decision on her. After all, that would be controlling her, and Sparda found himself frowning just at the thought of controlling his lovely wife. Thus, the demon would wait for her decision, no matter how long it took.

A hero’s not afraid
To give his life

A hero’s gonna
Save me just in time

Where can I be found:An Amusement park Casino/Hotel Room(Marvel City) with Eva, then Streets of Somewhere(Arcadia) with Eva
I am willingly tied to: Eva
Weapons on my person: Yamato, Luce and Umbra
Current Form: Human, Demon
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Divine Demigod

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                                                              Forgetting, all the hurt insideSTRIFEL o c a t i o n Outside ArcadiaSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: shockedSTRIFEYou've learned to hide so well

                                                              Faize smiled a little since it seemed not only was Sophia pretty, cute and talented, but she was something of a symbological prodigy. He watched her with rather rapt attention as she reasoned out a way that she could imbue something he had on his person with light. It was fascinating really, he'd never thought to use a symbol in such a way, it was mostly for healing or battle, but something like this would be extremely useful. As she reasoned through it, her bright and pretty eyes locked on his, obviously excited, and he felt a rather curious sensation touch his cheeks. He knew he was blushing, he just hadn't really had it happen with only a earnest and sincere look... usually it was because he's embarrassed himself somehow... it wasn't at all like that sensation.

                                                              He readily nodded when she asked if he would be her guinea pig, to see if something he own could be made into a light source. He pulled up his sleeve of his jacket then and he unclasped his tri-emblem from his wrist, thinking that could easily be augmented and he could hide it under his sleeve in a pinch. "You can use this, I think it will work nicely and leave my hands free." He offered it to her, so she could do what she needed to make it do what they needed, trusting her with his equipment. The rather young and wide eyed Faize that was still deep inside him somewhere came out, his glowing purple eyes following her every movement as they walked.

                                                              When she sketched out the complex pattern he smiled widely, not having seen someone just make a symbol, and so quickly. She certainly was brilliant, Sophia was truly amazing! He looked down, having to be rather close to her as they walked so he could study it, and he looked at the over all design and nodded. "Simple, elegant... and quite brilliant Miss Sophia. I've never seen someone invent a symbol before, and certainly not as quickly as you just did. I've only ever learned what my superiors told me to learn... to see this... you are certainly a rare talent. I would love to learn it sometime, if you would permit me."

                                                              He felt a little of that attraction he'd felt toward T-Elos that morning, but it was a lot different. It wasn't a completely physical thing, it was almost as if he was more attracted to her personality and mind then anything physical. It was different then almost anything he'd felt before... Eldarians didn't have children, simply because of their sun they couldn't, but removed from that environment it was possible, that was part of the reason he was sent out into space to make contact with the humans, to find a place where his culture would be preserved. From what Sophia said, his people seemed to be gone, but it was probably because they became one with the Lemurian people... and there was no distinguishing it. He was a young adult, and even if his people didn't have children, that didn't mean they didn't do things that people in love did...

                                                              Faize realized what he'd been thinking and he blushed a bit brighter then, knowing that he couldn't be feeling this, he'd just met her that morning... he was always jumping into things, which was part of the reason he'd felt so much pain... his emotions were rather heightened, most of his people were rather calm and collected most of the time... but not him... and he knew better then anyone what kind of problem he could make for all of them if he gave into his emotions. Not to mention, he didn't even know if she had a boyfriend at home or not... he might be coveting someone else's loved one... and that wasn't right.

                                                              L o v e No oneSTRIFEPretending, someone else can come and save me from myselfSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              I can't be who you areSTRIFEW e a p o n s Onyx Saber
                                                                              I can't be who you areSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Universal Armor, tri emblem, sacrificial doll
                                                                              I can't be who you areSTRIFEI t e m s Assorted berriesx20, fresh sagex2
                                                                              I can't be who you areSTRIFEP a r t y Rydia, Edge, Sophia

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                      ASE l d a r i a n STRIFE S u r v i v o r AS
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Divine Demigod

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                                                              Hold on before its too lateSTRIFEL o c a t i o n Outside ArcadiaSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: Kind of ExcitedSTRIFEUntil we leave this behind

                                                              Edge noticed that something seemed to be bothering Rydia a little, and he wasn't sure what it might be. She had a distant look on her face, staring in the direction of Faize and Sophia, but not directly at them... more like through them. He guessed that maybe it was because the brunette girl wanted to walk with Faize, and she didn't see that there were little seeds of romance blooming there like he did. She wanted to walk with the green haired boy for the same reason he wanted to walk with Rydia... you normally wanted to walk with the person you liked, in more then a friendly way... that was just how it went.

                                                              That, and he and Rydia were foreign, while from the conversation before, Faize was connected to some famous people that Sophia knew about... he got that, being a prince and all, his people liked to hang around with him because he was known to them, even if not personally. Rydia experienced this as well, being close to Cecil and Rosa, the summoner was something of a famous person herself. People that did extraordinary things often were. He was certain that Rydia's sweet personality and cute little quirks would win Sophia over and they could do girly things together... like get up in the middle of dinner and go to the bathroom in a group, or shop...

                                                              "Yes, I am a ninja, and you are right, keeping my hands free would be best, but I was trying to be a gentleman... what?" He saw the look on her face, it wasn't completely strange he'd want to do something for the girl he was courting, was it? He was a prince after all, and just because he didn't have the moral compass Cecil did, that didn't mean he couldn't open doors for girls, or hold the light so they didn't have too. He wondered if Rydia might ever decide that he was trustworthy on his own... or if he'd always be on his toes with her... then he decided he rather liked it like that, since normal was boring anyway.

                                                              "Well, I appreciate that, I don't think I'd make a very good dragon snack," he smiled a little, then looked up at Faize and Sophia, talking about their magic form, or whatever it was, and he grinned under his mask and nudged his girlfriend a little, whispering to her, "I think the seeds of love are blossoming up there." He chuckled a little, feeling a little smug that he'd totally called it, and he was comfortable with Rydia to rub it in just a little... besides she couldn't get all the points in the relationship, and so far she'd been zinging him with her words constantly since early in the morning.

                                                              It didn't take them long to get to the cave at the base of the mountains, but he needed to let Faize and Sophia get the light source together, so he kinda stopped them near the entrance. He stood with Rydia and waited, and after a few minutes, he felt a rumbling under his feet. He frowned and grabbed his sword, small rocks started tumbling down the slope, and a strange slurping sound could be heard from the mouth of the cave. There was a pause in the noise, and he wondered if whatever it was had gone by, but no such luck as a rather large, nasty looking Cave worm shot out of the entrance to the path they'd picked, shooting a nasty looking, corrosive goo at Edge and Rydia. He grabbed her around the waist and jumped back in time, landing right behind Faize and Sophia. "To arms then..." he muttered grimly... he hated worms... they were nasty business.

                                                              L o v e RydiaSTRIFEDon't fall just be who you areSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              It's all that we need in our livesSTRIFEW e a p o n s Kiku-ichimonji
                                                                              It's all that we need in our livesSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Ninja Gear
                                                                              It's all that we need in our livesSTRIFEI t e m s Shurikenx5
                                                                              It's all that we need in our livesSTRIFEP a r t y Rydia, Faize, Sophia

                      User ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser Image

                      ASP r i n c e STRIFE o f STRIFE E b l a n AS
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Divine Demigod

        User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                                                              My hands, they only agree to hold your handsSTRIFEL o c a t i o n OpetterSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: HappySTRIFEAnd they don't wanna be without your hands

                                                              Snow smiled when Serah said they should get some groceries then find somewhere that she could cook him one of her amazing dinners, or whatever time it was... late lunch? It didn't matter since she was there, and wanted to cook for him, he would do whatever she wanted. Everything she made was amazing, his little wife to be was the best cook ever. The fact he was an orphan and had pretty much fended for himself mostly didn't make his pallet a rather refined one, but that didn't mean that he couldn't tell between what was really good, and what wasn't.

                                                              They passed a little apartment building that had a huge banner that said 'Newcomers welcome, move in specials' and he slowed down a little. The guy had given them a pretty good chunk of change, plus Serah had the crystals left by the mock up them fight... he was pretty sure they could probably sell those for more money if they needed... he didn't know how long they would be there, but it seemed silly to pay for a room every night when he could just rent a place for a week or something... he was also rather frugal with money, since he didn't normally have a whole lot of it. The 'newcomers' bit was what caught his attention... maybe this wasn't strange to the people here, to have others just show up that didn't belong there.

                                                              "Hey Serah, that's a cute little place, we should come back and see how much it is... it would probably be cheaper then renting a room every night..."
                                                              He made sure to remember the address so they could find it again before he kept going down the street. Serah had said she wanted to go to the market first, so that was where he was going. They didn't have anything here, and if everything was so messed up, maybe staying for awhile wouldn't be that bad... maybe they could find the others too and Serah could have her family... her happy ending. If anyone deserved it, it was his fiancee... he wanted her to be happy.

                                                              It took a little while to find a market, and when he did, it was pretty large. He helped Serah off they bike and dismissed the girls so he could summon them later to get back to that apartment building. He knew they could only stay for short periods of time, and he didn't want to tax Stiria and Nix if he didn't have too. They were special girls, and even if they were extremely powerful, they weren't tools, they were people, and he wanted to treat them fairly.

                                                              He put his arm around Serah's waist as they walked into the huge market, and he went over and got a shopping cart so she would be free to do the browsing. "So, where to first?" He couldn't help but be happy and optimistic with Serah there with him... he'd missed her so much, and was so worried for her, to see her here, and so happy and strong... well it just made everything he'd been through seem like nothing at all. He could do it a thousand more times.

                                                              L o v e Serah FarronSTRIFEAnd they will not let me goSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              No they will not let me goSTRIFEW e a p o n s Save the Queen
                                                                              No they will not let me goSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Ribbon
                                                                              No they will not let me goSTRIFEI t e m s White Cape
                                                                              No they will not let me goSTRIFEP a r t y Serah

                      User ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser Image

                      ASL ' C i e STRIFE O f STRIFE A n i m a AS
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Divine Demigod

        User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                                                              Love of mineSTRIFEL o c a t i o n CrysisSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: AmusedSTRIFESome day you will die

                                                              Vincent smiled a little when the ninja decided to fight back. That was one of the things he really loved about her, she was feisty and she didn't give up. If he'd upped the stakes, she just took it a step further. At one point that trait might have made him rather crazy, but now, he loved that she was who she was, and he could count on that. He knew that he would never walk in on some deep, dark secret of Yuffie's that would shatter any hope of happiness because Yuffie was simply not the kind of girl to keep a secret like that. He could love her completely, like he hadn't been able too for so long simply because she was who she was.

                                                              That spicy side of her came out again when she countered his fiery kiss by wrapping herself around him, quite literally. She managed to wiggle her arm free and her fingers were in his thick hair, her greedy little hands pulling and tugging at him to get him to do what she wanted... her hot mouth was softly moving across the soft skin of his neck, sending a shiver through her that he couldn't contain. The affection he was feeling coiled down lower, and his body was starting to respond, not only to her feathery kisses, but also to the position she was in...

                                                              So, they were going to try to out seduce the other? That seemed a far more interesting game then a pillow fight, with better results as well. He actually took the pillows he'd taken and he threw them behind him, so his hands were free and he started at her ankles and he ran his hands up her legs, to her hips then with a firm grip he pulled her closer, a soft moan escaped him then, the pressure he was feeling, coupled with the kisses she was littering his neck with caused the tension to increase ten fold.

                                                              The problem was, he had only had the ninja twice, and before that it had been thirty years since he'd been with a woman, so his discipline in that area had been worn down... Of course if they were in public, or there were people around, then he wouldn't feel this intense need to take her right then, but they were alone, and the feeling that filled him when they were as close as they could be... it was better then anything he'd ever experienced... and Vincent wasn't used to being allowed to feel good about anything... his heart craved it more then his body did to be honest.

                                                              The gunslinger pulled back a little and he moved Yuffie's face to look into his eyes, his hand gently caressing her cheek. "If I say you win, and promise to have a snowball fight with you tomorrow after the blizzard, can we just be together now?" She'd won anyway, he caved first... she had an unfair advantage over him though... he loved her so completely... and trusted her with his heart so much, that he just couldn't help what his heart wanted... and it wanted her, writhing under him and whispering his name in just the way she did it, like he was important and she was praying for him push their limits... he could be infinitely patient, but not with her... never with her.

                                                              L o v e YuffieSTRIFEBut I'll be close behindSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEW e a p o n s Cerberus
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Escort Guard
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkA . S T R I F Eescort guard Revive :: Thunder | Fire :: All | Restore :: All
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEI t e m s Ribbon
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEP a r t y Yuffie

                      User ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser Image

                      ASU n e m p l o y e d STRIFE G u n s l i n g e rAS
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Divine Demigod

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                                                              A life you don't live is still lostSTRIFEL o c a t i o n ArcadiaSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: AmorousSTRIFESo stand on the edge with me

                                                              Terra knew that he wasn't going to be able to keep going like this and not have it get rather painful for him, but he had no idea how to tell her that without completely freaking her out. She was finally relaxed against him, her hands moving across his body, their chests crushed together so that delicious skin on skin heat was so warm and bright that the poor boy was finding it increasingly hard to not touch her in more naughty ways. He didn't really know that it meant to want someone like this, he'd never felt this way before, but he had this overwhelming desire to kiss every inch of her skin... he had this need to hear her moan again, because the little one she'd given him before caused his insides to melt into liquid fire that shot straight to that uncomfortable knot in his belly.

                                                              The kiss was raw and needy and he never wanted to stop, but it got to the point where he had too, gasping sharply to try and catch his breath, his eyes opening just a little to see her beautiful and flushed face. "I love you," he whispered to her, his voice breathy, not because he meant it to be, but because he couldn't seem to catch it... she stole it all away. "I need you, I want to take you to bed, but only if you want that." He was ready to be told no, even if he didn't want to stop this, it was up to her...

                                                              Because in the end, everything was about Aqua... every feeling he had right then was for her, because of her... he wanted her to be happy, and he would never force her into something she didn't want. He loved her, and if that meant being the voice of reason before the passion took them away from the realm of sense and she regretted it when they were finished... if she wasn't ready, then no matter how much his body wanted her, he would stop...

                                                              "Because if you just want to kiss, then we should change positions,"
                                                              it was kind of embarrassing for him to even say that, and he was sure he would ruin the mood, but much more of her supple and beautiful body pressing against him and he would be very uncomfortable if she didn't want to love him like that... he was nervous all of the sudden, and now he was the awkward one, and he was going to kick himself for this, but he wanted to be a gentleman... a prince for her, because why should all those other girls get a happy ending and not Aqua?

                                                              His cheeks were really pink now, from the stimulation and the embarrassment of having to talk about his... situation... but he just hoped that she would understand. "I want to be your prince," he whispered to her, looking into her eyes... he wanted to be hers, and he wanted her to be his... but he wasn't the best example of a great guy, he was so easily corrupted in his need to protect the ones he loved... he wanted to be that perfect kind of guy, but he knew he never would be... and he wanted to be allowed to love her and not feel like he was sullying her clean soul every time he touched her...

                                                              L o v e AquaSTRIFEHold back your fear and seeSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEW e a p o n s Darkgnaw keyblade
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Fission Firaga, Quake, Curaga
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEI t e m s Thundaga, Trinity Limit, Aqua's Wayfinder
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEP a r t y Aqua

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                      ASK e y b l a d e STRIFE W i e l d e r AS

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