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                                                                        Liara seemed to hold her head a bit though as she groaned, "Sorry Garrus.... I gotta...my people... " She said as she seemed to stumble back a bit only to start to run off ,"Wait here Garrus! I will return shortly! " She said as she hated for the whole conversation to be cut short but she felt terribly ill. Something she dare to not burden Garrus with after all. She then ran off and down the stairs trying to get her body and mind cleared again. Though as she ran she seemed to vanish a bit, a man standing before her only to wave his hand again, causing a new person to slowly take her place. " The entity had a error inside of her, replacement is needed to fill the void. " He said as a red head seemed to appear before him but she fell limp onto the ground, as he seemed to vanish as well.

                                                                        The last thing that the red head remembered was the attack on Paris as she seemed to groan, slowly pushing herself up as she gripped the bridge of her nose. "Did someone get the name of that Krogan that hit me...? " She said as she stumbled to her feet, her balance caught as she placed her hand on the wall. This place...where in the hell was she? Was this one of her nightmares? She seemed to frown a bit as she realized what she had left behind if it wasn't. "Well , I can't stay here much longer, I got to get back home... " Shepard then slowly pushed herself up the stairs, trying to regain her health as she searched through her pack for a med pack, she almost chuckled at the result as she realized she was out. " My day just gets better and better. " Well she couldn't let all this get her down, she fought through more hordes of enemies with worse wounds right? "Well only way to go is up from here. " She started to go up the stairs, wanting to get a better view of the area so she could get her bearings back.

                                                                        Nina paused then lifted her arm up and activated her communicator ,"Normandy, this is Shepard, I need immediate retrieval and medical " She paused for a moment only to get nothing, this caused her eyes to narrow ,"Normandy, come in.....s**t.. " She then noticed it said there was no connection and wondered if there was some sort of damper field here to prevent her reaching them. Who ever brought her here was through and did what they needed to do. Shepard decided then to continue her quest up the stairs hoping to get a better signal or something.

                                                                        When she reached the top though she seemed to narrow her eyes and rubbed them a bit to see if what she saw was a trick or something. It was Garrus?! She then waved her hand at the man only to chuckle a bit to herself ," Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes...mind if I ask what the hell is going on here? A shortened version would be great. If you want to give it all then just get me some place to sit... " She said as she was bleeding a little but nothing too serious, she walked over to her ally and hoped that it was really him, though she knew what he looked like so that wasn't the question. She was more so worried it was her mind playing some sort of tricks on her.

                                                                        Nina then made it to the edge of the building as she seemed to cross her arms, supporting herself standing quite well considering she was pretty banged up. "Well this isn't London and it isn't under attack so something changed or brought me here.... I wonder if it can take me back...but with my track record and luck, I am going to guess asking nicely won't get me there and also going to think that its going to be quite a task....well whats a reward with out a challenge huh Garrus? " She offered a half smirk as it was the most she could muster considering the situation. "We need to move out and see if there are any others. " She said as she started to walk away, a slight hobble to her step.

                                                                        "Hey Garrus, was everything alright in London? You were there with me after all, as wel as Liara... was she brought here too? " Shepard asked as she seemed to look to the stairs wondering how to get down them, she guessed it was one foot ahead of the other. She glanced back at Garrus and seemed to wonder what he had experienced here, after all he was here before her or so she thought. " Either way we need to find a way to contact the Normandy and get back to the mission asap. We don't have much time. I just.... " She then found her legs a bit weaker as she fell down to one knee and gripped her side,"Just give me a moment to rest and I will be right as rain.. " Nina coughed a bit as her vision burred, trying her best to act her usual self but being pulled out from where she was, well lets just say her shields took one hell of a beating.

                                                                        Location: Opetter with Garrus
                                                                        Feelings: In pain and confused
                                                                        My heart belongs to : Classified
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                                                ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                ▸▸▸ NERGAL // streetsxxxxxxxxx
                                                xxxxxxxxxxFINAL xxx FANTASY xxxVII I
                                                xxxxxxxRᵻɴᴏᴀ Ħᴇᴀʀᴛᵻᴌᴌʏxxxxxxxx
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!

                                                The dark haired “witch” chastised and teased her knight, but she really meant no harm by it. She did not want people to be scared of them, but at the same time, she was just the exact sort of girl to really like the way her boyfriend sometimes acted… just a little jealous and protective. He wasn’t overly macho like Seifer was. That was too much for her… over the line. She thought it was pretty cute at first, but in the end, his excessive pride was not something she could tolerate. She cared about him. That didn’t change, but the truth was, she really just didn’t want to be with him. It was too much stress for her to be with him, and she felt relieved when he wasn’t around, which really was not the start of any relationship.

                                                Love was not about being with someone that you could put up with, but it was about being with someone that you couldn’t live without. It sounded like a passionate sort of love, and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t the kind of girl that really had a hankering for that. Rinoa certainly got quite a cup of that, but she thought that love… a love for someone that she couldn’t live without could also be soft… almost looked over… She would just get so used to Squall being there… always being with her that it felt normal to be with him like another part of her body. And then to be without him, he would be all she thought about… all she remembered… missed and craved to be with again even if for something simple and mundane like the way he scowled.

                                                She had a love-hate relationship with that scowl of his. Regardless of the expressions he made, he was beautiful… okay handsome because he would probably scowl at her if he caught her thinking he was anything so feminine. She couldn’t have him worrying and questioning his already sensitive masculinity. Anyways back to that scowl… it was because of that scowl that she loved his smile and his vast variety of expression that almost never saw the light of day when they were in public. He scowled at the time, but then when it was just the two of them, there would be something else. Those moments when Squall let down his guard, it made all the difference. Whether or not he knew it, he was good at making her heart flutter. She should tell him more often. It’d probably make him blush-something else she didn’t see quite enough of but was one of her life goals to see more of at least when it was just the two of them.

                                                It was okay though. She’d be lying if it didn’t make her feel special that the only person he consistently smiled for was her. No, he didn’t do it on command. However, if she tried hard enough, he might crack that stoic-cool expression that he had and look a bit silly himself. A quick tease here and there was something she thought might loosen him up a bit. Just something to remind him that she was there with him. Maybe they weren’t the only people in the world here, but at least they were together rather than separated. Of all the situations she could have picked, the silver-lining was that she got to be there with him. They could always figure out the rest.

                                                The brunette grinned from ear to ear when he gave a soft and rare compliment. She practically glowed with the way she beamed. She stood in front of him, rocking on her tip-toes so that she could look at the pamphlet at the same time as him. In the end, she found herself looking at it upside down, but she could read it all the same, although slower than usual as she rearranged the letters in her hand and then rearranged the words in the right order like a puzzle. After several moments, she said, “Looks like we’re partially underground. I guess that explains all the semi-artificial lights. But it looks like we’re not completely stuck under though.

                                                She really wasn’t talking for his benefit as much as her own. She was just talking as she thought. “Apparently, there is a sheer cliff so we should be careful. But there also looks like there’s a neat waterfall that goes down for miles from an underground river.” She had skipped sides of the pamphlet, looking at some of the tourist attractions. She casually glazed over the fact that as beautiful as the scenery was, getting there was fairly dangerous because there were roaming underground creatures that wound between the caves that were hollowed out by the river.

                                                Rocking back and relaxing on her heels, she suggested, “So, Squall, what do you think? How would you like to take a walk with me?” She gentle swung their joined hands for a little bit of emphasis while waving her free hand, almost flourishing it but the roll of her wrist was just a little bit too playful than seductive, although not any less flirty. She really didn’t expect him to say ‘no’… well, no, she expected him to say no, but she also expected that she was going to have to do a bit more convince him. And she would convince him because Squall was a softy like that regardless of how stern and stony he seemed to be.

                                                She amended nevertheless, “Well, it sounds like more of a hike, but the view sounds pretty. ” With a bit of humor she added softly as if to wager a bit more, “Besides, it’ll just be you, me, and maybe some monsters, but they might sound more preferable to you than staying here.” She didn’t mean it, but she recognized that he was a bit more visibly uncomfortable with foreign people. As a SeeD, he was fairly good at dispatching monsters and beasts of all sorts, fighting whatever came his way. It was just his forte. She wasn’t worried about the danger. They’d been in worse.

                                                      xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // full
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // calm

                                                      xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ WEAPON // shooting star
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ JUNCTION // mag - ultima, spr - reflect, spd - haste, eva - triple. hit - aura
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ JUNCTION // st-atk - sleep, st-def - silence, elem-atk - holy, elem-def - full-life
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEM // hi-potion x 2
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEM // necklace with wing ring && griever ring

                                                locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                                ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

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                                                xL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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                                                    detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ NERGAL // down from the surface liftxxxxxxxxx
                                                    xx R E S I D E N Txxx E V I L
                                                    xxȻᴌᴀᵻʀᴇ Ɍᴇᴆᵳᵻᴇᴌᴆxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!

                                                    At least she wasn’t going crazy. Leon saw what she was seeing. Everything had changed, although Claire could not really pinpoint when exactly everything began to shift to this new location. Hopefully, the locals were friendlier than the previous ones. Maybe a little less genetically altered saliva. That would be nice. However, there was no guarantee that the city she saw before and beneath them was even the least bit welcoming of newcomers or even had people in them to welcome foreigners.

                                                    And Jill was right. Getting moved around so often was quite old. However, she had to admit that at least this one was a fairly smooth transition. Claire would not have noticed unless she had been really paying attention, which she was simply because they were in a situation that if she let down her guard even for a moment, it could have ended in death. And with regards to her last transition, she was quite thankful that she had been transported early enough… at least to a location that would not result in a penguin Claire Redfield. There was a mutant-chew-toy Claire Redfield, but she could fight mutants. Trying to win against mother nature was not a good way to go.

                                                    She sighed and shook her head as Jill suggested that there might be people that were too welcoming. That was one of the way things could go wrong, which wasn’t totally improbably. By the same token, it wasn’t the absolute worst thing. After all, if they wanted people, they might have been able to use the situation to gain an advantage. They might earn a little rest from having to run and fight. Maybe they could even find a way to restock and be on their way. They really didn’t have to stay long. Whether or not she would eat what they provided or sleep where they provided…it would depend on the feeling she got from them.

                                                    Leon seemed very comfortable with the latter. Sleeping and resting for a short while rather than being on the walk or run. Claire had to admit, a nice warm bed sounded nice and a hot shower sounded even better. Having trudged through the sewers, she thought she could really use one. She sighed, letting Leon and Jill make the decisions. They were the experts on the situation. She would just follow along with them, make sure to keep useful and not drag them down in a fight. She knew what it was like to have someone act as a burden. It wasn’t bad… like having a child to take care of, but it caused a lot of stress on everyone else. She preferred not to be a stress if she could avoid it.

                                                    The redhead crossed her arms, tilting her head and studying the town while Jill and Leon discussed their options and preferences. She could see people moving around. They didn’t act strangely so they seemed normal from the high vantage. “Well, if we make it to the center, I don’t think Jill will have to worry about missing the sun much.” She said lightly, looking around. She glanced over the signs that warned against going to the top that had dangerous beasts. No civilization. All of it seemed down there.

                                                    She nodded and agreed, “From the looks of it, there are normal people inhabiting it. We might be able to restock on bullets or at least Jill since she said she might be getting low. And maybe Leon can find that comfortable bed for the crick in his neck.” She looked over, glancing at Jill, who seemed to be studying something-probably the lift intently or so Claire thought. She began to head in that direction, following behind the two more experienced people.

                                                    She raised an eyebrow at Leon’s particular phrase. He had to be kidding her. She chuckled and said lightly, “Just for that, I’m thinking about waiting for the next one.” She really didn’t have the heart to rag on him about the statement. Maybe her brother would have. Maybe Jill would have. But she just thought it really wasn’t worth it. Either Leon was really into cheesy pick-up lines, or he was really great at digging his own grave. She couldn’t be sure. Judging from his sincere look, it had to be the latter. Poor guy.

                                                    She swung her hand around the metal bar into the lift. Her eyes drew up to Jill to gesture her inside. When the other woman was inside, Claire moved to secure the doors to the lift, closing them while Leon activated their descent into the city. The redhead could peruse the city as they went down. Beyond the edges, she could see a large cliff. However, when she was low enough, she could see that there was a sky at the top of the cliff. They must have been in a chasm of sorts.

                                                    Once at the bottom, she unlatched the doors and stepped out. There was nothing out of place. The few bystanders paid them no real heed and just went on their way. She breathed out, “So… where to?” There were several options available… restocking or gathering information. Both were important. Showering and resting also seemed like a nice option if they could manage it.

                                                          xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // fine
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // confused

                                                          xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ flashlight ][ combat knife ][ glock17 (14) ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ lockpick ][ lighter ][ f.aid spray ][ empty ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ h.gun ammo (34) ][ empty ][ empty ]

                                                    locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                                    ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                    User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                                    xL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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                                                xxxxO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
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                                                ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                ▸▸▸ OUTSIDE crysisxxxxxxxxx
                                                xxxxxxx FINAL xxx FANTASY xxx VERSUS xxx XIII
                                                xxxxxxSᴛᴇᴌᴌᴀ Ɲᴏᶍ Ƒᴌᴇᴜʀᴇᴛxxxxxxxxxx
                                                      No ( m a t t e r ) WHAT kind of power it is, if it's at the c o s t of somebody's l i f e...
                                                      No ( m a t t e r ) WHAT kind of power it is, if it's at the c o s t of somebody's l i f e...
                                                      No ( m a t t e r ) WHAT kind of power it is, if it's at the c o s t of somebody's l i f e...

                                                Once a Fleuret, always a Fleuret, it seemed. The reach of her family was an extensive one despite how far they had fallen. They were still sufficiently wealthy and powerful, but without a crystal, no family had any rights besides those strings they controlled as puppeteers from behind the scenes. The Fleurets were not the only ones that had experienced a fall from grace with regards to a lost crystal, but they were one of the few that still had their claws elbows deep in the politics of things and were climbing back up the ladder back to power at any chance possible. It was a cutthroat world.

                                                Her father always told her that quite some time ago, she might have been something like a princess. Whether or not he spoke the truth or simply humored her because he called her his princess, she would never know since it was too long ago to say for sure where her family would have been at this point in time should they have had the crystal. Then again, they might have also fallen behind the scenes, mixed dark with mafias and various other gangs like many other families that were practically mobs at this point. She had no doubt that her own family had connections like that. How else did they survive as well?

                                                Who was she to judge her own family’s business? They had raised her. They provided her with food, lodging, education, skill, and all the things any parent would have wanted their child to have. Whether or not she appreciated their efforts, it was still up for debate. Her delightfully upscale upbringing led her to become well-versed in socialite dynamics as well as the news itself. However, in some ways, she lacked the sense to hold her tongue. In her family, one had to be a little more assertive and bold to survive. Being the subtle, well-groomed young girl was not an option. Otherwise, they would not have handed her weapon after weapon until she found a foil that she enjoyed as her favored weapon.

                                                What Stella lacked in tactfulness, she more than accommodated in her winsome appearance and unabashed eloquence. Of course, it depended on who was asking, but generally speaking, her more or less refined appearance mixed with her forthright manner of speech usually caught people off guard enough to be a little friendlier with her. They might have expected a quiet and modest woman, but they received someone a little wittier, some appreciated this more than others.

                                                This luncheon was no different. She attended social event with her family. She was required to attend, but she was glad to sneak out after coffee. They might miss her, but it was a warm enough day that the heat could have gotten her and made her tired. She wanted nothing more than to find a space on her balcony, with her shoes off and legs through the bars while the gentle breeze soared through her hair. She made it too her room without a single person attempting to halt or question her way back. She sighed in relief after she heard the distinct shut and lock of her door. Freedom.

                                                Just as she strode her way across the room, she felt her eyes betray her when she looked outside. The marble balcony seemed just as white as she remembered it being, but it was not a balcony at all. She looked around, rubbing her eyes in a bit of confusion. No, when she looked at her bedroom, it was surprisingly gray. She edged closer to the anomaly that was the balcony. She opened the door, and she could feel an icy breeze on the other side, practically pulling her in. It was not the cool breeze that she had initially wanted at all. She walked right through, the wind apparently forcing her balcony doors to close behind her. She though the glass would shatter upon the rough impact, but there was nothing behind her.

                                                She shivered, her light white blouse and dark skirt at the mercy of the chilly winds. She called out, wondering if this were an illusion of sorts, “Hello? Is someone there? Can someone hear me?” She looked around, looking for some signs of life or something. However, she only saw that there were quite a few evergreens around her. Only her voice came echoing back.

                                                The sky above her swirled with an ominous gray. A storm was coming. She could feel it. With no other choice than to try to find civilization, she began to walk ahead. She undoubtedly did not come dressed for this particular brand of weather. At first she was determined to see out the cold, but eventually she gave in. She rubbed her arms together, trying to create a bit of friction to warm them. She could see her breath, fading and lightening as her core body temperature lowered enough to her surroundings.

                                                She could only hope that she find some sort of person or some location quickly. But until then, she did what she could, focusing on her hand and summoning a fire spell to the tips so that they did not freeze. She held the flame in both hands, focusing on its power and warmth and trying to emulate it within as a sort of mental task rather than a literal task. She felt that she was lucky just to be able to cast any magic at this point, and if she had none, she would truly be stuck. Perhaps someone would see the smoke and heat rising from her flame as she walked. Then again, who would actually be out in this sort of weather to see it?

                                                      xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // full
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // concerned

                                                      xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ EQUIPMENT // none
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEMS // 2 x potion, 2 x phoenix blood
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEMS // none?
                                              locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                              ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                              ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                              User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                              xxxxL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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~ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Now I know
What I believe inside

Now it’s
My time

Link looked up from his examination of the gun when he heard Cordelia speak. He almost tilted his head at the idea of a “false sword”. But, then Link remembered how Dark Link had a copy of the Master Sword. While it looked real, and hurt just as badly, Dark Link’s blade could never be the real Master Sword. With his mind having rationalized what Cordelia meant, he looked back down at the barrel. He could see nothing down the long dark pipe. What was in there that was so deadly? As he continued to examine it, Link continued to hear Cordelia. She mentioned swords called “ninja swords”. His mind tried to picture what those swords would look like. However, without having heard the word “ninja” before, Link couldn’t figure it out.

Though, his curiosity towards Cordelia’s weapon overrode his curiosity about “ninja swords”. Thus, Link focused on her as he nodded to her question. His dark blue hues looked towards the weapon as Cordelia explained what it was. Unfortunately, she was right to assume Link didn’t know what a sniper rifle was. His eyebrows furrowed briefly before they relaxed slightly. For the analogy Cordelia now used made sense to the Hyrulian. Even with the more relevant analogy, Link still found himself wondering where the “arrow” was in this case. Was it inside the “bow”? Did the “arrow” still need to be put in place? He tilted his head slightly as they soon exchanged their weapons. As he put up his sword, Cordelia seemed to want to show him something. He just stood there as Cordelia appeared to pull out something.

He furrowed his eyebrows a little as he leaned forward slightly. His eyes took note of the shape of the “arrow”, as well as the fact it looked like it was made out of metal. Before Link could look at it more though, Cordelia put the “arrow” back into an odd metal casing. Then, the metal casing was put back into what Cordelia had called a “sniper rifle”. He blinked a little when Cordelia suddenly told him to cover his ears. While a part of him wanted to ask why, Link decided he should just do that. Thus, his hands quickly went over his pointed ears. The Hyrulian found himself grateful for just going along with the advice. For even with his ears covered, he cringed slightly at the loud bang.

He moved his hands away from his ears the moment Cordelia started to speak. His eyes watched as Cordelia appeared to catch an apple. The Hyrulian didn’t know that apple had been her target until she tossed at him. His eyes widened as he realized the stem of the apple been shot off. But, the most surprising aspect was that no other part of the apple had been harmed. “That weapon…is impressive.” He took a bite of the green apple and smiled a little at the crisp taste. “And…thank you for the apple.” While Link didn’t speak a lot, he did try to be well-mannered. Thus, it was only polite to thank Cordelia for the apple as he focused on eating the apple. Though, just because he was eating didn’t mean he couldn’t express himself.

As usual though, his expressions were the only indication of the emotions inside of him. However, Link never did think about what impressions his facial expressions could give. Especially when he usually traveled by himself, and didn’t have to worry about such things. But, luckily, since Cordelia didn’t point out anything, Link didn’t feel the need to be embarrassed. He just simply walked over towards the bulletin board and started to look over the map. After some conversation, Link tapped the location of the Arena. When he looked over at Cordelia, her words caused him to blink a little. One after her own heart? What did that mean? The Hyrulian could only assume that meant they had a similar thought process, or that she thought he was literally after her heart. Why someone would think that, Link had no idea.

After that, Cordelia told him about her situation. While he was not usually vocal, Link always felt the need to help others. Thus, even if it felt odd to talk so much, the Hyrulian wanted Cordelia to know that he would help any way he could. Luckily, Cordelia did not seem to be the sort that felt offended by people offering to help them. He never did feel comfortable around those people. Simply because he still would feel compelled to help. But, unless they consented, he knew the help would possibly be non-beneficial. He could only nod though at the description of the two sisters. Link did not know what it was like to have siblings. The closet comparison would the Kokiri children he had been raised with for ten years of his life. But by the sounds of it, siblings were nice to have.

When Cordelia complimented him, he found his ears heating up as well as his cheeks. He had been given compliments before. But, that did not mean he was used to them. The redness left as quickly as it came though as he soon nodded to her, unable to bring himself to say anything. Luckily for his sake, Cordelia went on to offer him something back. His eyes blinked as he tilted his head slightly. It was not common for people to offer the same thing back to him. They usually took his kindness and his only payback was a “thank you” or maybe an item. Rarely would the payment ever be anything more than that. Unless under special circumstances of course. Thus, Link felt his lips forming into a faint little smile. “Thanks.”

He was not sure if he should mention how he did want to make sure Princess Zelda was safe. He had no idea if she was even here, or if she was even in danger. After all, the fact she was a Sage, and had been Sheik the whole time, showed to him that Princess Zelda could take of herself. Though, that didn’t stop Link from wanting to keep her safe as best as he could. He bit his lip slightly to force himself to keep that information to himself. For the Hyrulian didn’t want to make it seem like he only offered for the sake of return payment. Maybe later he would mention Princess Zelda to Cordelia. But right now, Link needed to focus on how to get to the Arena. However, Link soon found himself looking towards that odd object again in Cordelia’s hand. His eyes widened when he realized that the map was now on the odd object!

The Hyrulian wasn’t able to examine the object as he soon found an arm around his shoulders. His body tensed as he was suddenly found himself looking towards the odd object. He faintly flushed again while his eyes remained focused on the odd object. When Cordelia told him to say….that…he just blinked before a flash assaulted his eyes. He closed them tightly and rubbed his eyes. The odd object now reminded him of a Deku Nut. They did a similar effect on the monsters he had faced. Though, why would Cordelia use a Deku Nut on them? Let alone a metal Deku Nut? He slowly opened his eyes when Cordelia started to speak again about a….Face….Book? Was that a book of faces? How would the flash get into a book of Faces? He blinked more now out of confusion as Cordelia seemed to want to move forward.

He simply nodded and followed after her. It was a bit of an adjustment following someone other than Navi. But, the Hyrulian would get used to it. After some time passed, they soon found themselves at the Arena. His eyes trailed over the structure before landing back on Cordelia. For it seemed she wanted him to make the decision on their next move. He crossed his arms over his chest as he started to look around them. He did his best to try and remember what the bulletin board had said about the jobs. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked down towards the ground. “Wasn’t there a job involving one of the districts having no…power as they say?” Link didn’t know what that exactly meant. But, if power equaled proper lighting, then that wouldn’t be good for whenever it got dark. If it got dark around here.

“Maybe we should do that? Otherwise…the arena sounds good.” Right now, Link wanted to stick in Hades and thoroughly explore that city before trying to go to another. After all, if Princess Zelda was here, he couldn’t afford to do a sloppy job of searching for her. Thus, those options seemed the best to him. “If you have any suggestions, I believe now is the time to say them.” The way he spoke those words in an almost awkward manner showed he was not used to having to agree with someone on where to go next. However, Link was one that did his best to go along with change. No matter how odd or how great the change ended up being.

I’ll do
What I want

Cause this
Is my life

Where can I be found: Hades Streets with Cordelia
Love: Love?(No one)
Weapons on my person: Master Sword, Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield, Fairy Bow(Arrows x 30. None, Fire, Light, Ice) Bombsx20, and Bombchux20
Items on my person: Ocarina of Time, Longshot, Lens of Truth, Iron Boots, Hover Boots, Golden Gauntlets, Zora's tunic, and Goron Tunic
Magic: Naryu's love, Din's Fire, Farore's wind
User ImageBayonetta(Bayonetta)
~ Umbra Witch

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

“At least you can say you know how to stand your ground. In some circles, that is quite the admirable trait.” She smirked slightly and chuckled a little. Bayonetta almost felt tempted to add on more to the comment. However, the Umbra Witch bit her tongue slightly. After all, no need to reveal to Jeanne just one of many kinks that people tended to have involving dominant women. When Jeanne mentioned about getting right on it, Bayonetta shook her head slightly. “Is that so? I shall have to wait and see if you actually do, Jeanne.” Her voice once more oozed teasing as Bayonetta soon heard Jeanne admit something. The smirk grew greatly as the Umbra Witch immediately pointed out how Jeanne’s statement made it sound like she trusted Bayonetta. What Bayonetta didn’t expect thought was silence.

The smirk lessened slightly as she looked towards her fellow Umbra Witch. She could rarely recall any of her comments getting this reaction. Maybe sometimes Jeanne would need a pause in order to come up with a response. But, in this case, Jeanne could have just been…overly shocked, or something else entirely? Though what other option was there? Before Bayonetta could throw in another teasing remark, Jeanne answered her. For once, the Umbra Witch found her eyes widening and the smirk completely wiped off her face. The words repeated in her brain, as if checking to see if she really heard Jeanne right. However, Bayonetta knew her hearing was nothing but perfect. Thus, Bayonetta recovered herself and smirked faintly. “I see…Well, let’s just when we aren’t fighting against each other?....Feelings mutual.” That was the closest Bayonetta would get to admitting trust in Jeanne.

But now though, their conversation had turned into what appeared to be a discussion on manners and wine tasting. Bayonetta had a good feeling though that this conversation was simply a façade. However, without Jeanne outing herself, the two were at an impasse. For once though? Bayonetta found herself liking how they pushed the other yet never crossed the line. That made the conversation so much more interesting. The only frustrating thing was not being able to predict what Jeanne would say. It wasn’t like they usually bantered this way. But, the Umbra Witch got over it as she listened to Jeanne’s most recent response. She smirked more as she lightly tapped her chin. “Well, I would say it depends….you into more…rigorous activities, or ones that require simply sitting down and enjoying the concept that is relaxation…or…maybe you like both?”

After that, Jeanne had seemed to ask the Umbra Witch about her sexual life. At least, it appeared that way. Bayonetta had no reason to hide her previous experience. Then again, the Umbra Witch didn’t feel ashamed of how sexual she could be. If someone took offense to it, then they weren’t her time. Simple enough. The conversation seemed to end though as Jeanne stated she would remember. A devious glint appeared in her grey hues while she looked at Jeanne. “You better, or else you might find yourself regretting it otherwise.” She winked before chuckling faintly. How Jeanne took that would be up to her. However, Bayonetta was already focused on how Jeanne seemed determined to prove her wrong on her modesty. The Umbra Witch knew she had this banter round hook line and sinker.

What Bayonetta didn’t expect was Jeanne’s offer to prove her wrong. She tapped her chin a little as if contemplating what Jeanne had offered her. A faint part almost wanted to make Jeanne squirm by making her dress like that in public. But, Bayonetta decided to be just a little merciful. After all, she wasn’t about to pass up the chance at seeing Jeanne in something skimpy. “Hmmm….alright. I’ll be nice enough to let you wear the outfit behind closed doors since you will be wearing the dress in public.” She chuckled when Jeanne told her that she would have to do the same. “I wouldn’t expect anything less. Though…since my outfit already shows a lot…Guess I’ll have to find something skimpier if I lose…or just…go around nude.” She almost grinned at that before waving her hand dismissively. “Whatever you say, Jeanne.”

Though, like always, time moved forward and now Bayonetta was focusing on putting sun-block on Jeanne. However, after she was done, it was soon her turn. She had to admit for someone that likely didn’t do it often, Jeanne did it quite well. Thus, Bayonetta felt it only “good” of her to compliment the other Umbra Witch on her massaging skills. The fact Jeanne proclaimed to have never touched a woman’s body only added to her point. However, Jeanne appeared to cut herself off when she had gone into how someone could teach her to be even better. The Umbra Witch had to wait and see how Jeanne would take it. If Jeanne would take it as just anyone would be willing, or her specifically. What she didn’t entirely expect was the way Jeanne leaned over her shoulder and breathed into her ear.

Normally, that wouldn’t be bad thing. She had a strong resistance to such things after all. However, with how her stomach already felt like it was filled with tightened coils, Bayonetta barely kept herself from shivering. Though, at least she had enough control to keep herself from flushing or looking overly pleased. If either of those had happened, the Umbra Witch would not be able to get over that for a while! Luckily, the words themselves distracted her from the warm breath against her ear now. She blinked slightly as she turned her head slightly, enough to show she was listening. Did Jeanne want to be taught how to better massage someone, or had Jeanne taken it in the more…sexual way? Guess Bayonetta would just have to find out. “I will keep on the lookout then. For you would only take the best…correct?”

After that, the race they had concocted in the train had started. Luckily for Jeanne, once Bayonetta got into a competitive mind set, she didn’t really pay attention to much else. The only thing she made sure to pay attention to was her position in relation to Jeanne. Beyond that, Bayonetta focused herself completely on winning. That made her not notice the nosebleed her fellow Umbra Witch had. Something that Umbra Witch was likely very thankful for as Bayonetta soon reached the shore. She turned around just in time to see Jeanne standing in the water behind her. She couldn’t help but grin smugly at the fact she had won the race, meaning Jeanne now had to uphold her part of the bargain. When Jeanne tried to throw a comeback at her though, Bayonetta found herself simply chuckling.

“Un-huh. Either way, that means you have to fulfill your end of the bet.” She took a few steps towards Jeanne before motioning for her to follow. “Now, I do admit we could take our time in getting to the dress shop though…But, that’s up to you as to whether or not you wish to shorten your misery.” After all, Bayonetta had no idea where a dress shop was around here. It could be on the other end of the beach for all she knew! Thus, if they wanted to be lazy and lie around a bit? Hey, as long as Jeanne fulfilled her end of the bargain, Bayonetta could really care less. For what woman would pass up the chance at relaxing under the sun? Not her!

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more

Where can I be found: Arcadia Beach with Jeanne
Love: You shouldn't ask a lady such things~
My Weapon of Choice: Scarborough Fair
Powers Active: None
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Miku Hinasaki
~ Fatal Frame 3

Our memories
Still drift vividly

I had been drowning
In my own sorrow

Miku found her heart warming at hearing Rei chuckle. The sound had been so rare right after Yui died. She almost thought at times that she would never hear it again. But, it seemed Rei was really on the road to recovery. Even with the curse bearing down on both of them so heavily. She couldn’t help but smile a little more as Rei whispered to her again. For while a part of her wanted to frown for making Rei upset, she found Rei’s happiness rubbing off on her, if only just a little. “I am glad you are happy, Rei….and I am happy to see you are fine as well.” After that, the two separated and Rei introduced her to her new friend Henry. She politely introduced herself to him as was habit of hers. When Henry responded back, she simply smiled at him.

When she thanked Henry for protecting Rei, he seemed to just brush it off. Before Miku could say anything, Rei spoke about Henry protecting her from…doppelgangers? She blinked a little as she looked between the two. “Doppelgangers? Did they happen to be….grey in color…and happen to act very violent?” She paused briefly before continuing on with her statement. “Because if they were…I encountered some myself earlier…But, they were…very odd…and were able to do things I had never seen anyone else do before…Was that the same with you two?” Miku didn’t immediately want to go into how the doppelgangers seemed able to wield magic! She could only see how they both would look at her crazy! Then again, Rei might not since they had been dealing with ghosts. But, it was still something Miku wasn’t willing to risk.

Miku nodded when Henry told her Henry would be fine. She felt a little bit of relief since she hadn’t when she messed up on accident. However, Miku soon watched as Rei joked around a little. She placed a hand over her mouth to muffle the light giggle. But, the photography assistant didn’t say anything as Henry went on to answer her question. She almost found herself feeling happy that they seemed to be from the same place. For Ireland was definitely familiar compared to Baron. “Yes. I do agree that I never thought I would find myself on a floating sky city.” She actually couldn’t recall if she knew that before. Though, to keep from being rude, Miku decided not to linger on that detail. “Though, I do recognize Ireland. I have never been there myself. But, I have heard it is interesting place”

Rei added onto the discussion after that. When she started to mention a wife, she blinked a little. Henry almost looked too young to be married to someone. Then again, that was likely because Henry looked like someone in their early twenties. Though, Miku knew prodding about someone’s age rarely went over well. Thus, she kept quiet on that matter before Rei addressed to her about the ghost hunting job. A part of her still felt a bit apprehensive about the idea of hunting ghosts willingly. However, if she could keep someone else from being haunted, Miku felt it was only right to try her best to put the ghosts to rest. “You’re welcome…Though, I am sure you two would have been able to do it without me.” Ever the modest one, even if she wasn’t sure if Henry had hunted ghosts before or not.

After that though, Miku remembered the two people she had departed from. She had told them she would return. But, she did not say she was going to leave them. For that reason, she thought it was only best to ask if they wanted to tag along. However, Miku wanted to make sure that was ok with both Rei and Henry. Luckily, they both appeared ok with it. She smiled faintly and nodded to the two of them. “I am glad that you two are willing to let them come al-” She cut herself off when she felt her hand gripped When she realized it was only Rei, Miku relaxed the tension she hadn’t realized had been there. “long.” The photography assistant kept herself from flushing as Rei tugged them towards the tea shop. “That’s fine. I wouldn’t expect you to know what people you haven’t even met look like.”

Her hand was soon let go of by Rei when they got close to the shop. Before Miku walked over towards Cecil and Rosa, Rei asked both her and Henry a question. She did not know about Henry personally. But, the photography assistant wouldn’t mind eating after the ghost hunt. For even if she likely wouldn’t be really hungry, the idea of spending time with Rei and Henry sounded nice to her. Thus, there was no reason for her to take a pass on the idea. “I would be fine with that.” She started to move towards Cecil and Rosa before turning towards Henry and Rei. “Here they are.” Miku made sure to do that so Henry and Rei would know to follow if they wished to meet Cecil and Rosa. Since she was so close to the tea shop, it didn’t take very long for her to find herself nearby Cecil and Rosa’s table.

She coughed lightly to try and get their attention in case they were talking or were focused on doing something. While Miku didn’t want to be rude to them, she didn’t want to keep Rei and Henry held up either. She could only hope the compromise would work. “I am back….Though, I am wondering something…” The photography assistant looked towards Rei and Henry before looking back at Rosa and Cecil. “Would you two wish to travel with me, Rei, and Henry? I didn’t want to exclude you two since you two have been so kind to me. But, if you two wish to travel on your own, that is fine too.” Miku realized though that maybe Rosa and Cecil should know about the ghost hunting job. In case either Cecil or Rosa did not take well to ghosts.

“Though, as a forewarning, I and my friends are going to be going on a ghost hunt so to speak. I just wanted to let you know in case that will affect your decision in anyway.” Once that was said, Miku fell silent and placed her hands in front of her waist.

You’re gone

I know

I know….

I am in: Tea Shop with Rei, Henry, Cecil, and Rosa
I am in love with: No one
Weapons on my person: Camera Obscura(Loaded with Type-14 film x 29) and Sacred Stone Amulet
Items on my person: A bag containing a Flashlight, Herbal Medicine x 4, Sacred Water x 2, Type 61 x 20, Type 90 x 10, and Type Zero x 5
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Garrus Vakarian
~Mass Effect 3

Why give up?
Why give in?

It’s not enough
It never is

He blinked slightly when Liara appeared to be gripping her head. Had he said too much perhaps? If that was the case, the urge to joke was quite hard to ignore. However, when Liara literally let out a sound of pain, Garrus frowned slightly. Not only at his urge, but also out of concern for his fellow crewmate and friend. “Liara?” The way Liara spoke caused Garrus to do a Turian equivalent of furrowing the eyebrows. For she spoke like she was out of it, which only caused his frown to grow. It did not help that she seemed to ignore his attempt to get her to try and elaborate more. Instead, Garrus watched as Liara told him to wait and that she would be back. “Wait! Are you sure you are alright? You don’t seem like yourself!”

However, Liara simply went down some stairs nearby and disappeared from sight. “You know…I’m starting to think there are just some things I just will never get.” He shrugged as his talons moved lightly over his forehead. Even if the skin was not soft or squishy like with an Asari or a Human, that didn’t mean the motion didn’t work the same against pounding heads. But, Garrus did like Liara said. He stood there and waited for his fellow crew member to come back. Though, the longer she was gone, the more Garrus started to wonder if he should go after her. After all, maybe there was something seriously wrong? But, Garrus knew that even with Liara being a friend, that he shouldn’t be extremely nosy of her business. For she was the Shadow Broker after all.

That didn’t stop him from taking some steps in the direction Liara had gone. He was even tempted to send a message via his Omnitool just to check up on her. But, Garrus reminded himself he was not a worry wort. He obviously cared for the people he worked with yes. However, there was a difference between caring and being overbearing. Garrus always preferred to either be right in the middle. Though, that never meant staying there was easy. Thus, the Turian started to pace back and forth. Eventually, Garrus started to work on his Omnitool. He found calibrating anything to be a soothing activity. Even if most likely wouldn’t understand how calculating numbers and adjusting the efficacy of tools to be relaxing. As he did so though, he thought he started to hear footsteps.

He looked up to see a familiar red head. While it wasn’t Liara, the fact it was someone he knew caused him to grin slightly. He finished his work on the Omnitool before relaxing his arm at his side. “I could say the same for you, Shepard.” The Turian chuckled before cracking his neck a little. “Long story short…We aren’t on Earth. We got brought to this world called Nugascen by very odd means, and this place is full of very odd things like black and white doppelgangers. That short enough for ya?” Garrus knew that might have been a little too short. However, Shepard had asked for short version, and he gave it. “Or do you need me to somehow make it shorter…or longer perhaps?” His voice held a light tease as he watched Shepard come towards him.

Though, she didn’t come completely towards him as she watched her lean up against the building nearby. His dark blue eyes kept themselves focused on her as she once more entered “Commander Shepard” mode. Since he had worked with her since after they met pretty much(If he didn’t count the time she was dead), he had gotten used to her ways about things. Thus, he simply remained silent as he nodded to her. “Yeah. It seems you have to get friendly with a white haired disappearing guy to have any chance of getting back. But, once you encounter him, it seems there is no way to contact you. At least, it seems that way.” It was only a theory since he was sure Legion would have sent something if he had simply been taken somewhere else in this city.

Garrus could only hope wherever Legion ended up, it wasn’t a horrible bad place. But, the Turian didn’t linger on that as Shepard told them that they needed to get a move on. “That we should Shepard. After all, like you said, this isn’t London, and we need to get back before the party ends without us.” He didn’t want to be blunt and say how they could lose the War if they didn’t get back. For that would just make their circumstance much more worse mentally. Especially since he knew he would find himself lingering on the fact he could have done something if he was there. Though, his focus soon went back to Shepard, and he noticed what appeared to be a slight wobble in her step. His mouth opened to ask about it. However, like always, Shepard kept to business.

“Well….You might think I eat some amino-acid based food….But, before I found myself here, everything looked like the color had been sucked out of it…and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone…and my only option really was to go through this…bright colorful light.” He chuckled some as he started to follow after Shepard. “Damn does that sound like I had a drug induced hallucination.” Garrus couldn’t help but joke as he nodded slightly. “And yeah. Liara was here. However, she left to go check on something before you showed up…I haven’t seen her since.” The Turian looked down towards the ground. Though, at the realization Shepard was walking in the same direction Liara went, he perked up slightly. “Actually, she went the same direction you are going right now…Maybe she is still down there?”

Garrus hoped Liara hadn’t become a victim of the white haired male. After all, the motives of the white haired male were still unclear to Garrus. Something that bothered him greatly. He looked towards Shepard before he looked down the flight of stairs. If this was the direction Liara went, she had run off somewhere else, or had been taken. His mandibles formed into a faint frown as Shepard talked. The Turian did his best to focus on her words. Though, before she could finish, he watched as Shepard suddenly drop down to one knee and grip her side tightly. “Shepard!” He called that out almost on instinct as he moved to catch up to her. As usual though, Shepard did her best to act tough. He found himself only frowning as he tried to look through his gear for some Medi-gel.

“Yes, we do need to try and get in contact with the Normandy. But right now, we need to get that wound treated.” He found some Medi-gel on him, even if it was only one of two Medi-gels on him. Though, at the moment, two was better than none. “So, if you would, it would make this so much easier if you just moved her hand away and let my skillful talons do the work. Otherwise…I might have to be a bit forceful, and you know who would win in that bout.” He did his best to smirk in a way Shepard would be able to see. However, without a pliable mouth, Garrus would only do so much. Though, without even waiting for Shepard’s decision, Garrus already started working on preparing the Medi-gel for application. For admittedly, Garrus wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

We’ve become desolate
It’s not enough

It never is

But I will go on
Until the end.

Where I can be found: Opetter Streets with Shepard
My heart lies with: No one
Weapons on my person: M-92 Mantis V(Sniper rifle) and M-76 Revenant VII(Assault rifle)
Tools on my person: OmniTool and Visor
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Jeering Darling

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                                        Jeane arched a brow in response when it seemed Alkaid was bothered by the fact she doubted the redhead to be trustworthy, hearing the redhead tell her that she was anything, but an underhanded person. “I only knew you for a day, Alkaid, so don’t you dare expect me to have a blind trust in you. I put nothing past anyone,” the blonde countered matter-of-factly as she felt the girl needed a reality check. The redhead was going to have to learn that just because they got along well so far, it didn’t mean Jeane was going to give her trust to her completely. Her trust had to be earned and it was going to take a whole lot more than just spending one day with her for that to happen.

                                        Telling her “I love you” suddenly wasn’t going to make any difference to the blonde either, as it only made her uncomfortable and question the girl’s intentions behind saying those three words to her. Life had taught Jeane that those three words were used by treacherous people who only sought out to manipulate others for their own benefit so the blonde wasn’t going to readily accept the phrase as easily as some others would. She was ravaged by her own flesh and blood and she was not going to let it happen again by anyone else.

                                        Red eyes having diverted from Alkaid after hearing someone address them, Jeane looked up to see a man staring down at her with menace in his eyes as he told Alkaid to get lost. Not knowing who this man was, it didn’t take long for the blonde to conclude that she didn’t want to waste anymore of her time on him and whatever “score” he had to settle with her; ignoring his angered response when he overheard her call him a mental patient as she “kindly” told him to leave before looking away with disinterest, like he was a pesky fly she was swatting away. It seemed whoever he was traveling with didn’t want to stick around either as she vaguely remembered seeing someone moving along after observing the situation. Before she and Alkaid could continue on with their exploration of this strange world they were in, it seemed the redhead had some words for the man herself, shouting at him that he had to deal with her if he was ever going to try anything with the blonde; the defiant and rowdy spirit the redhead possessed not faltering once.

                                        Although Jeane appeared to be bored with having to be dealing with the mental patient, she was quietly thinking about Alkaid’s display of trying to defend her and whether or not if it was only for show or did she really do it because she felt some kind of concern for her? She guessed she would find out in due time depending on the level of the girl’s consistency as it was hard for Jeane to not always question every nice act someone did for her.

                                        Watching as the man rebuffed Alkaid’s verbal attack, threatening to punt her, Jeane could only sigh impatiently, red eyes fixing on Alkaid as she said, ”Don’t waste your breath on him. He’s obviously touched in the head.” There was no point in trying to reason with crazy people and the guy before them was going to keep barking for their attention no matter what kind it was. “Oh?” Jeane raised a brow when the redhead jokingly played bossy with her. “I was waiting for you to finish speaking to your boyfriend so we can get a move on.”

                                        A slight grin had formed on her lips by the end of her comment as she implied that the mentally deranged stranger was the teen’s mate. She started moving ahead, listening to Alkaid ask her if she felt like staying in the area, but before the blonde could fix her mouth to answer her, Jeane’s muscles tensed as she felt a presence coming behind her, always having been sensitive to the changes in her surroundings ever since the day her instructor had taught her how to become one with them, heightening her reflexes as expected, but unexpectedly faster than her instructor was expecting for it to be…just like her strength… She wasn’t sure of what to say to him when he stated that she was “different” and she never tried to get to the bottom of the oddities of her skills. Probably because Jeane felt it was better for her to not know at all… She just accepted them as it was.

                                        The blonde then heard that mental patient’s voice again, coming from behind her as she felt something reach out for her like a hand, but before those fingers could make contact with her shoulder, Jeane’s hand suddenly smacked it away from her as she turned around on her heel. Her other hand curling into a fist as she spun around to face him, red eyes glaring dangerously back into blue as Jeane swiftly drove her fist forward; aiming squarely for his face as she was being a little more generous with the force behind the punch, "I told you to ******** off!" Wanting to knock him out cold so she and Alkaid can get on with their lives without the creep cawing in their ears like a damned pigeon.

                                        Location - Eden//Streets
                                        Mood - Annoyed
                                        Weapons - Own body
                                        Currently - With Alkaid...and a funny farm escapee (Alex)

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Current Outfit

"Jeane speaking"
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▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ↙↙▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅
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                                                          Dante chuckled loudly. It was so easy to piss Nero off! In some ways, Nero reminded him of Vergil. For once he found the button to piss them off, that button was always guaranteed to work. Even if now, Dante might actually be more inclined to just keep Vergil around. For there was no way Dante was going to allow Vergil to die if he could help it…He shook his head of the thought as he looked down at Nero. “Hey, not my fault you don’t seem to be putting those moves on Kyrie just yet. Means she is open playing field in that regard.” Not that Dante would ever try to steal Kyrie from Nero on purpose. He did have some honor to his name. However, just because Kyrie was Nero’s didn’t mean she was saved from his flirting.

                                                          If anything, that made her more of a target since flirting with her pissed off Nero. But, for now, Dante stopped his teasing. If only to keep himself from having a summoned sword stabbed into him. Besides, the demon hunter needed to try his hand at fixing this damn light! Luckily, for once, his hands were actually able to fix something! Well, and it not break again like his damn jukebox! Though, with his shop still destroyed, the jukebox would be the least of his problems when he got back. He shrugged at remembering that as he moved his way down the stairs. A part of him still wondered about what had happened between him and Lady. For he had wanted to kiss her back in the Tower. Yet, the Lady in front of him was a much older Lady.

                                                          Didn’t she deserve someone older? Someone that wasn’t still between the transition of teenager to adulthood? He had to fight back a chuckle at the way he was thinking. Normally, Dante could have given two shits. But Lady? She wasn’t like everyone else to him. Even with having known her only for a day or more in his mind, she was still different. She had been through the same Hell he had been, and even met his brother who he rarely spoke about to anyone. Also, not only did he help her with Arkham, she helped him with Vergil. Those kinds of things Dante did not take lightly. However, did those feelings of gratitude ever grow into something more? He found it too hard to fathom an older version of himself, or at least the older version Nero and Lady seemed to describe.

                                                          The only thing he found easy to see was the famous part. He could see himself eventually becoming famous for something other than being a Son of Sparda. After all, Dante felt both love and hate for the fame that title bestowed upon him. Thus, if he could get fame that was truly from his own actions, then Dante looked forward to it. But, as he reached the bottom of the stairs, the demon hunter realized he had gotten off track. He needed to figure out what to do about Lady, and not about what he would be like as an older person. Though, it was hard to think of one without the other all things considering. It did not help that he was soon distracted by Nero. A teenager that knew his older self just like Lady did. However, just like with Lady, he didn’t really know where he stood with Nero either.

                                                          Why did he even care though? He had gone through life, since his mother’s death, not caring where he stood with others. He only cared to live up to his own expectations. Yet, around Nero, Lady, and somewhat Kyrie, Dante found himself almost wanting to live up to the image of his older self. How ironic considering Dante refused to live up to his father’s name. Not when doing so seemed to have ******** Vergil up mentally. But, with a silly little comeback from Nero, Dante silenced the thoughts in his mind. All those “petty” concerns could come later. He had a life to live and fun to be had. “You would’ve huh? Well, I’ll make sure to make note of that next time we ever need to fix a light of a lighthouse.” Though, luckily for Nero, Dante didn’t hear Nero’s concept of “helping”.

                                                          He chuckled a little as a brief flicker of something went across his turquoise hues. Whatever it was though, it was likely too quick for anyone to notice. “Don’t worry. I know that feeling that way too soon can lead to some pretty awkward situations.” Whether Dante was serious or not, his teasing tone would likely make that hard to decipher. He moved forward a little before stopping himself and looking back at Nero and Kyrie. Nero’s comment caused him to blink just slightly before chuckling some more. “I don’t think so, Nero. After all, I’m quite sure I was promised pizza, and no way am I not going to get said pizza.” Unfortunately, Dante didn’t notice the ambiguity of Nero’s statement. Then again, Dante rarely was good with ambiguity. Add hunger to that, and ambiguity was literally not a part of Dante’s vocabulary.

                                                          As they headed back towards the inn, Dante said something, which soon earned a retort from Nero. “Hey now. You just are jealous you don’t have my face.” He teased lightly and laughed as he continued to move forward. Though, when Nero mentioned “mom” beating him up, Dante blinked a little. Had he pissed off Lady? Then again, with how easily she was willing to shot at him in the Tower, and back in Eden, Dante had a feeling pissing off Lady was quite easy. The demon hunter never realized it might have been just him that pissed her off so quickly. “She couldn’t beat me even if she tried. So, even if you did stay around and watch…all you would see is me pinning her down to the floor and…enjoying my victory.” Ironically, Dante’s tone became ambiguous towards the end. He just couldn’t help but test and see just how perverted Nero could get.

                                                          He just waved at the last statement of Nero’s and moved towards the room Lady and he shared. After he went inside the room, Dante soon sat down and started grabbing some slices of pizza. He blinked a little as his mind remembered the bet. “That is true….” The reminder of the bet got his mind wondering once more who the person was. He couldn’t tell if his curiosity was fueled by jealously, or if he was simply curious. Maybe he was a little of both? After all, Dante did have an interest in the Lady that he knew, and the Lady before him didn’t seem much different than the one he knew. Personality wise anyway. But, Dante still was unable to come up with a clear answer. Thus for now, he shrugged it off and went on to comment about the pizza.

                                                          His eyes widened a little when Lady admitted to making the pizza for him! “Damn, you make some awesome pizza then.” Though, Dante soon found himself more focused on Lady than the pizza. He found his eyes wondering to see just how close a certain part of Lady’s anatomy was to his face. It was extremely hard for him to resist the urge to touch that part of her. Just to see if he could make her react. Just the thought of that caused his demon to growl lowly, and for once, Dante found himself agreeing with how his demon felt. However, unluckily for him, Lady moved away before he could place his pizza down. Damn. He did his best to hold back a frown as he soon nodded. “That can suck, though I’m sure you could pull off pizza sauce quite well.” He smirked a little as he went back to eating his pizza.

                                                          Unfortunately, Dante forgot to mention that Nero and Kyrie wouldn’t be joining them. It didn’t help that he kind of forgot due to pizza and a certain Lady. Thus, he didn’t realize why there was silence in the room. He just assumed Lady was busy eating her pizza. He continued to eat his like a person who hadn’t eaten in days. Then again, Dante would never deny he was a glutton for pizza. Though, while he was in the middle of eating a slice, he heard Lady’s voice. He looked over at her and nodded. He swallowed his current bite as he held the slice in his hand. “Yes. That you do.” Dante had to hold back the urge to purr or growl out those words. Either one would be showing his feelings a little too obviously for his liking. But for now, Dante went back to eating the pizza as Lady started to describe the male.

                                                          He noticed Lady walk around the room now. He raised an eyebrow slightly as he continued to listen to her. Huh, this guy had a twin like himself, and was cocky? That was a little too freaky for his liking. However, Dante kept himself silent for now. The demon hunter crossed his arms as he watched Lady soon disappear from view. The feeling of familiarity grew even more at the mentioning of “bad devils”. He could remember Lady had the impression that all demons were bad, and that there was no exception. Not even for a half-demon like himself. But, Dante did remember once they made it out of the Tower, Lady seemed to have changed her mind. He could still remember hearing those three fateful words that would definitely be the name of his shop.

                                                          His mind got away from that as Lady definitely started to sound like she was talking about him. For he was the only one that had helped her with her dad. He was the one that gave the name Lady to her because she wouldn’t tell him her real name…Just like that, it clicked. He was the one Lady was referring to. Eyes widened extremely as he turned to look at her, actually dropping the half-eaten slice of pizza in his shock. Though, yet again, Lady said three fateful words that threw his whole world for a loop. He placed a hand on his head, as if to try to make sure this was actually happening. Sure, Dante was attracted to Lady. He wanted to be with her. Yet, Dante never thought it would go further than a fling. After all, Lady still had issues with demons, and she deserved a human like herself.

                                                          Dante tried to speak the thoughts that were swarming in his mind. However, nothing would come out of his mouth. Maybe that was for the best as he watched Lady sit on the bed. He listened to her once more as she started to explain why she…why she…He could still not fathom it! Though, for a brief moment, his pride swelled at her confidence in his women wooing skills. See? Take that Nero! Dante quickly got his mind off that as once more Lady mentioned this Trish. Was this Trish lady really important to him? His eyebrows furrowed and barely kept himself from frowning. He really hated not knowing things! He felt like a child amongst a group of adults, and that was not cool considering Nero and Kyrie were likely around his age! The demon hunter did his best to keep the annoyance back as Lady continued to explain.

                                                          So that long huh? Damn. He really wished he had been able to kiss her then. Maybe his older self would have been together with her if he had. But, would that really have been the best thing for the both of them? Oh how he hated thinking deeply on such matters! He bonked his head lightly on the chair. He rubbed his temple a little afterwards since he kind of hit his head a little too hard. But, at least it proved this was all real. Even if he had more done it to shut his mind up! That would likely be a fruitless task as Lady appeared to be regretting what she said. Great. He didn’t deal with people in a regretful mood too well! Not when he had his own issues with regret! However, Dante would make sure she didn’t stay in that mood for long.

                                                          His eyes widened just faintly when Lady admitted to such a thing. While his demon growled loudly inside of him, Dante almost felt his heart drop yet almost felt it warm up at the same time. He just didn’t know how to feel about that. For on one hand, the possessive part of him knew that meant Lady would truly be all his. The slowly growing mature though knew that meant that Lady wouldn’t have a chance at a normal life. Didn’t Lady deserve such after all she went through? Then again, did she even want a normal life? She had stayed a demon hunter by the sounds of it. Maybe Lady would be fine with such, and yet…he just couldn’t shake the feeling him inside his chest. Luckily though, Lady gave a chance at a subject change.

                                                          “….Yeah…I think so….Nero said something about needing to do something important…and I would assume a date with Kyrie would be important…” Dante shrugged faintly as he looked down at the pizza slice on the floor. He got off the chair and picked it up. Then, he moved over to throw it away in the trash can. Though, for a few moments, Dante just stood in front of that trash can. His turquoise hues seemed to only focus on the wall in front of him. “….Though….about what you said…” The demon hunter moved away from the wall and turned to face Lady. He could actually feel his fingers faintly tremble. But, he quickly stopped the involuntary action by clenching and unclenching his hands. “What you said…isn’t going to ruin anything between us….you hear me?”

                                                          Dante hoped he never became so shallow to abandon someone over such a reason. Not when that person had done so much for him. More than he could ever likely express. “No matter what…I just know you will always be considered a partner in my book…and a friend…” Even if Dante didn’t know his older self, he just felt so sure of that fact. If his older self proved him wrong though, then damn. “But…I wouldn’t have almost kissed you if I just wanted a partner or just a friend…” Now that was something he could honestly say for himself. After all, while he did find all women attractive, he didn’t literally continue to hang around them if they didn’t show interest. Thus, the fact he had still stuck around even after Lady’s rejection? Well, that just showed he held Lady in high regard.

                                                          “And I still want more than just a partner and a friend….” He fell silent and looked down at his feet. The silence lingered for a few moments before he looked at Lady’s heterochromatic eyes. “I just….are you sure? I mean sure…I know you are an Older Lady…and that must mean you have….loved me for quite a while…” His eyes briefly darted to the side before looking back at Lady. “But…I’m not the older me…I’m not the me that helped Nero save Fortuna from this crazy Holiness he mentioned. I’m not the me that is famous for my own deeds. I’m just…the guy that has just been struggling to live above the shadow Pops casted on me…and my brother.” He frowned briefly as the words Nero told him still rang through his head. Just the idea of Vergil being dead…he could feel his heart clench tightly.

                                                          “Is that what you want? I mean…now that you told me…I’m sure my older self will remember this…and if he is like me…he won’t let you get away after saying all of that.” He chuckled in what appeared to almost be a nervous manner. But, with how short the chuckle was, it was hard to tell. “I know I wouldn’t…” He took a step forward, but he soon stopped himself. “I just…I need to know for sure alright? After all, just because I’m a cocky a*****e doesn’t mean I don’t have…moments…” Dante looked away and crossed his arms in front of his chest again. He closed his eyes tightly and forced back the embarrassing emotions. No way was he going to act like a nervous schoolboy around his crush! No way! No how!


                                                          Where can I be found:: Arcadia Inn Room with Lady
                                                          Love:: I do love me some pizza…and maybe…Lady…
                                                          My weapon of choice is:: Rebellion and Ebony, since a certain Lady still has my Ivory…But, I will get it back!
                                                          My appearance:: Human // Demon
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                                                                  Jill was quite glad it seemed that this was Claire and Leon from the same point she was, the one where they seemed to be some entities play thing and torn form one place to the next. After all she would seem less crazy if she had ever explained it to anyone else with the back up of Leon and Claire backing her up. Though Jill nodded ,"I would rather sit in the darkness seeing how this sun will fry the skin from my flesh. Not my kind of tan. " She joked as she looked to where the town was, they seemed friendly. Well its hard to be less friendly then those damn mutants in those sewers. After all they ones held some sort of promise that they might have a conversation.

                                                                  When they were about to board the....well as Leon stated...the Kennedy Express. This caused her to pause for a moment and her expression went blank only for her to lift her hand in front of her mouth as she chuckled. A few moments later she crossed her arms and then tilted her head and heard Claire's response. It made her glad that she wasn't the only one to understand it in that sense. She seemed to press her lips into a fine line to hide her smirk. "Well is this express going to be short and leave us unimpressed? Though I gotta say I am not much into group trips. " Jill said as she seemed to then look inwardly wondering where that side of her had come from. It seemed that Chris was rubbing off on her with his bad humor , also it was quite obvious that Leon and Claire were helping fix what has been broken by all of what has happened recently.

                                                                  Jill hopped on and then walked to one side as she crossed her arms and leaned on the guard rail. "This express seems nice, though its not my type. " She decided to get that out there just encase it was needed. Leon was a handsome man but she wasn't into him that way, plus she wanted to knock his ego down a few notches. As far as her actual type of express , well tat was a secret she wasn't going to let go of any time soon. "Well lets get going.... " She said as the thing began to move, taking them closer to what she hoped was a civilized civilization. After all she was running low on bullets and killing a town with a knife was a bit of a stretch.

                                                                  The transport had stopped as she looked around with her hands on her hips, Claire asking a rather valid question. "Well.... " She cupped her chin and then seemed to look for where they needed to go ."We can always go to the local meet up place and dig up some answers. Though it might be in our best interest to get some food, rest, supplies, and a shower as Leon said. So maybe we hit up a local market and ask them whats hot and not and the best place to prop up our feet? " She said as she turned to the group with a confident look on her face. Hoping they were alright with it, considering she was a lot better then she was back in that sewer where she almost committed suicide , they might appreciate her bossy and go get it atittude . She glanced over to a map nearby as she studied it for a moment ."Seems a shop is this way, lets get going. " Jill said as she already started to walk off, not wanting to waste any time.

                                                                  "The Rusty Shovel....well that sounds pleasant. " She shook her head a bit as she walked in and directly up to the shop keeper. "So, care to help us out. We are a bit lost and need supplies as well as some answers. We need to know where a place to rest is and a good place to get some information. Also if you have bullets too that would be great or just some gun powder and we can try to do the rest. " She chuckled only fo the man to pass her a map that had a few bars as well as inns on it that gave her a idea where to go next. "So what sort of money do you use here? " She asked only for the man to respond with gold, silver, and copper. This caused her to frown a bit and turned to her company. "Well I don't have any of that, not many pockets on a battle suit for that. Seems we might have to earn a silver or two. Can you dance Claire? " She said as she was purely joking, especially considering Jill was wearing the more revealing outfit in the group . Though seeing Leon on a stripper pole would be a fun site. "So the best plan right now would be look around for a job or something, unless you guys have money? " She waited to see what they wanted to do , after al Jill didn't have many options considering the situation called for something she didn't have or a idea on how to get it. Plus these two might have some pennies on them so there would be some copper!


                                                                  Location: Local Store in Nergal.
                                                                  Allies: Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy
                                                                  Feelings: Content and better

                                                                  Weapons: x2 Skorpion vz. 61 , Heckler & Koch P8, combat knife.
                                                                  Ammo & Supplies : Sub-machine gun clips x3, Pistol x4, Green herbs x2, First aid spray x 1, Lighter, Lockpick.
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User Image

                                                                        Helena was a observant sort as she sat there for a moment waiting for what ever scoped her out to get as close as it so desired. Though to her surprise it seemed that it was something rather familiar. Well sorta familiar considering on how much they interacted with each other. Helena heard a deeper voice as her brow arched onlly to look to the source seeing the muscle mass named Chris...Redfield? Yeah that was it but it seemed she made a big enough impact to be remembered, which she was kinda honored by. It seemed that Chris went on over the events that had happened between them as she seemed to sit there listening wondering why he was relapsing what happened. She could guess he had delt with these sorts of things where memories had to be brought up or rebuilt. Though that wasn't the issue at hand and she needed to clarify the stuff for the BSAA soldier. "Yeah, thats my name and last time I checked that was when we last crossed paths. If it means anything Simmons is dead. " She hoped that would be good enough news for the other man ,"He was a pain the kill though. " She took a sip of her water as her lips curled slightly into a smile, hoping he wouldn't mind the light humor. After all Helena may be more so a serious one but she had her moments, especially after teaming up with Leon for what time she did. "Any chance with Ada? " Was it wrong that a very small sliver of her wished Ada was no more, after al then maybe Leon would get his head on straight. Then again she wasn't one to interfere with love or what ever the hell they had.

                                                                        When Chris started to ask on if she knew where she was she sighed a bit and shook her head negatively. "Not a damn clue, well other then it being some mining town under the name Nergal. Last time I checked that wasn't on the world map. " Though as Chris continued to talk she seemed to scrunch her brow a bit as she heard how he got here. That sounded a bit too odd for her liking and it was kinda how she got here. This caused her to reach around her back and slip out her pistol under the table only to check the clip residing in it. A sigh of relief echoed as she realized it was a full clip only for her eyes to move up the the man before her. " Thats about how I got here too, so that means one of two things. Either we both were on some serious narcotics before this or something stronger then any virus we have seen brought us here. I am going to guess the latter considering I am not much into the first part. " She shrugged as it was her poor attempt at humor. She slipped the gun back into its resting spot as she seemed to looked around them. The locals seemed pleasant enough but what they needed was a local with a answer or two.

                                                                        "Also its a bit disheartening my government satalite phone doesn't get a single bar here. This place doesn't seem the kind of place with damper fields. Well guess it seems we gotta get our asses in gear and find answers. " She said calmly as she got up and stretched a bit, trying to get the wear and tear out of her joints after all the hell she has been through. Though her eyes widened for a moment as Helena froze in mid-movement as she realized something about this place. If it was able to bring them here what could stop them from doing it to the dead or other people. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she cleared it as well, it was best she not think or hope that her sister was here and virus free. After all she didn't know if she could handle that loss twice.

                                                                        Helena walked over to Chris and patted his shoulder, a sign that she was happy to see a familiar face as well as to make sure he wasn't her mind playing some sort of trick on her. She then crossed her arms and cupped her chin. " Well no matter how we got here we need to figure out how to get out of here and if thats not a option we have to go buy supplies just encase something like the outbreak happens again. Going to guess you don't know how to refill a bullet right? " She asked with a slight and faint smirk as she walked up to the bartender and spoke to him ."Can I get two canteens filled with water ? Here. " She then seemed to toss some money on the counter as the man gave it a odd look only for him to take the metal coins and then handed her the water and pushed the bills back towards here ."Thanks. " She said as she walked towards Chris and then tossed a canteen towards him ,"Here, just encase we need it. Now lets go find some answers. " Helena said as she began to walk off only to glance over her shoulder to make sure that Chris was right behind her. After all she really didn't want to leave him behind.

                                                                        She then made it out the doorway and then set both her hands on her hips as she looked around. "So, where to now. We have a few steps to choose from like find a way out of this town , gather supplies, find a place to sleep, or see if we can find others. Though I know I could use some R&R though I kinda don't like being left alone in the dark. " She said as she seemed to sigh a bit, not wanting to just rest and like this isn't weird as hell. After all to go from where her sister grave was to being underground herself in a unknown place was kinda unnerving especially when it was less then a second of time.

                                                                        Location: Nergal with Chris Redfield
                                                                        Feelings:Good to see a familiar face.

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                                                                        Shepard seemed to be a bit glad that Garrus was equally happy to see her, after all it would be some bad news if he wasn't. Though she seemed to frown a bit hearing the briefing she had gotten. It seemed Garrus was wanting to cause her mind to spin and even almost made her dizzy. Nina couldn't help but smile as she shook her head, "Well as much as that does tell me I might want the longer version when you have time for it, unless you have better things to do then talk to me? " She said in hopes he would get her teasing as well. After all they were old war buddies and had been through hell and back. Considering he was by her side from the very beginning.

                                                                        The next bit of news caused her to furrow her brow a bit, she had never encountered a white haired man and wondered if EDI would have any intel on him. Perhaps if they could get back to the Normandy they can find that out. The fact that they couldn't be contacted though caused a bit of Shepard's personal defenses to come up. Shepard wasn't the sort of woman that enjoyed others toying with her or her fate. After all Reapers were the end all that ends all but we all knew how that went. "I say we keep our distance from this white haired man for now until we get our information straight. I want to know what I am going to encounter before I encounter it. " She said simply as she then seemed to look off in the distance, noticing her vision was blurring a bit but did her best to ignore it.

                                                                        She chuckled softly as she heard Garrus refer to the all out war with the Reapers as a party. She decided it was best to continue the joke as she seemed to speak up ,"Whats a party without the two main guests and the entertainment isn't there, after all you are right here. " She teased a bit only to get serious again ."Though if that white haired man causes Earth to fall as long as all the allies we put together to die...lets just say, I will make his sorry a** disappear. " She smirked a bit as she had a rather large amount of confidence considering all she had gone through.

                                                                        When he explained how he got here she seemed to close her eyes and milled over all the information which he was right, it did sound like he ate too much amino acid foods laced with some drug Aria might have. She seemed to cough a bit only to then glance to where she had come from. Did that white haired man get Liara too? This caused a bit of anger to swell in her chest as she was half tempted to lure that man out but right now she couldn't considering her health condition. "As crazy as that sounds I think we got here the same way. Plus thats also a bit too far fetched to be false... Though, I got bad news... I didn't encounter or see any sign of Liara when I got here. The white haired man might have gotten her. If thats so we got to find out what he does with people. " She said as her protective side came out, Liara was part of her squad and she felt like the protector of them all. Then again it made her rather strung out and caused her to feel like she never needed protection at times. Though Garrus and her squad have saved her a** plenty of times.

                                                                        When her strength vanished it seemed Garrus noticed and came to her aid, which was appreciated but she wished she would have been able to ignore it for a while longer. She glanced out of the corner of her eyes to see Garrus looking through his packs, she had a idea on what he was looking for considering she was injured. Though his joke didn't fall on deaf ears as she looked to him as if she was making sure she had heard him right. Force? Who would win? Well she was definitely certain that this was the Garrus she knew and worked with. She couldn't help but chuckle a true chuckle. She then seemed to come back with her own words, after all this was too good to pass up ," What kind of forceful you getting at here Garrus? Its kinda early in the day don't you think? Though I am pretty certain I could still come out on top and overpower you.... " She said only to then shake her head, perhaps the loss of blood, which now was dripping on the ground, that caused her to be more flirty then usual. She then raised her hand up to reveal the bullet wound in her side ,"Well, I am all yours to use those skillful talons on Garrus, I would say be gentle but thats not really my style. " She said as she seemed to sigh a bit only for her to think on what to do next. She held her chuckle back a bit as she already saw Garrus getting the gel ready, wondering if he would have really forced her. Perhaps she should have pushed that label a little further.

                                                                        "When we are done here lets head to some source of information terminal and see what we can dig up. Also, we need to see what sort of transportation exists as well if there are any other alien species here. Unless you got any better ideas Arch Angel? " She took a glance at Garrus as she brought up his old nickname from when she first encountered him again after Cerberus brought her back to life. Wondering how he would react to hearing it again after so long.

                                                                        Location: Opetter with Garrus
                                                                        Feelings: Good to see a familiar face.
                                                                        My heart belongs to : Classified
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Leon Scott Kennedy
~ Resident Evil: Degeneration

I’ve had it
Up to here

You know
Your end is near

He nodded when Claire mentioned going towards the center of the area before them. For by the looks of it, the sun would likely hit the area down there. However, Jill jokingly acted opposed to the idea. His eyebrow rose a bit at that before he shrugged slightly. “Oh? Well, I suppose it is your loss then. Guess that means me and Claire can get all the sun then.” He couldn’t help the slight joke, for neither he nor Claire looked like they were best buddies with the sun. “But, don’t worry. We’ll share whenever you decide to change your mind.” After that though, they got into what was their best option when it came to the town before them. While caution fueled him greatly, he knew sometimes a risk had to be taken. He just hoped this wouldn’t be one of the times a risk ended up getting them in trouble.

He almost chuckled when Claire mentioned a crick in his neck. But, Leon decided he should likely stay serious for the current moment. “Hopefully, we can also get some medicinal herbs and first aid sprays as well. In case we find ourselves in another pinch like before.” None of them had gotten injured of course. However, it was better to be safe than sorry. Then, he double checked his two guns again before putting them back in their holsters. “And wouldn’t be bad if I got some bullets as well along with Jill. Probably best if you do the same Claire, just in case.” After all, there was rarely a sense of too much ammo. Only if the ammo started to wear someone down did the need for less ammo show up. Though, now that they had figured out their plan, Leon stood in front of the lever for the lift.

Unfortunately, his words were more towards sincere and joking than flirty and perverted. Then again, if they were not in some strange place, his humor likely would have gone that direction, if only temporarily. Thus, when Claire mentioned waiting till the next express, Leon furrowed his eyebrows. His hand continued to rest on the lever as his mind started to put two and two together. But, it wasn’t until Jill’s comment that he realized his joke had been taken in the other meaning. Oops? “I wouldn’t blame you Claire…after all, certain expresses can be only handled by some.” Leon simply decided to go along with it. For making a big deal out of a joke gone wrong was just not his style. “And you would have to find that out for yourself, Jill.” He shook his head and chuckled faintly as he waited for everyone get on the lift.

While Claire closed the lift doors, he heard Jill comment about the express not being his type. If he was interested in Jill, that might have actually hurt his ego. Since he wasn’t though, he shook his head and faintly smirked. “Very well. I’m sure you’ll find an express that is to your liking then.” He pulled the lever then and the lift started to go down. The government agent remained by the lever as he observed what he could of the city. Luckily, the risk proved to be a beneficial one. There were no signs of mutants, zombies, or anything of the virus deadly variety. Also, there appeared to be no apparent chaos within the city. That meant they hopefully wouldn’t have to deal with any fighting anytime soon. He didn’t need any more scrapes with death today.

Once the lift came to a stop, Leon moved to stand nearby Claire as she opened the door. He walked out with her and took note of the street before them. Just like from what he had seen before, the street looked to be like any street in any normal town. Bustling with life and full of regular old chaos, and not the kind of chaos associated with panic. His eyes looked away from the sight when Claire asked a quite important question. Before he could answer though, Jill appeared to have decided to be the one to answer. He found himself nodding since he agreed with her answer. For he couldn’t see any apparent flaws in the plan. Thus, when Jill seemed to take the role of boss and was already heading towards a store nearby, he shook his head and looked towards Claire.

“I wonder how your brother deals with that on an everyday basis?” The fact he smiled faintly and had a teasing tone showed he didn’t mean it. Jill appeared like she would be an excellent partner, even with her lapse of judgment in the sewer. He couldn’t entirely fault her for that since everyone had their moments. Even he could have been accused of having such moments when he put his life over the life of someone he was protecting. But, like always, Leon had yet to find himself six feet under due to his decisions. Though, Leon kept his mind from drifting so he could keep himself focused on what was going on. Thus, he decided to let himself be the one to hang back as he looked up at the name of the store. “Sounds like the most pleasant of places.”

He muttered that to himself as he entered into the store after the other two. He stood nearby the door as Jill started to talk to the shopkeeper. He crossed his arms slightly over his chest, letting his hands rest on his sides. That way, if need be, he could quickly pull out one or both of his guns. Luckily though, that didn’t seem to be needed currently. That fact allowed him to simply listen onto the conversation Jill was having with the shopkeeper, taking note of important details and keeping any other details just in case they may end up important later. The only odd thing that he found himself really taking note of was the currency. He remembered, back in the past, that most countries dealt with such currency. But, such currency had been eventually replaced with paper money.

Thus, when Jill started to jest to Claire about dancing, Leon chuckled slightly and realized they were in an interesting predicament. “I don’t have any of that type of currency either. Just good old paper money.” He shrugged slightly when Jill mentioned that they might have to look for a job. The concept was a bit odd to him since he already had a job. However, this place didn’t seem to run on the same exact premise America did. Thus, Leon nodded and looked towards the entrance/exit of the store. “Either that or hope they have a way to convert paper money around here.” He didn’t have a lot on him of course, probably fifty dollars at most. Just enough to possibly get him a couple of meals during a mission if need be. Most of the time though, he ended up too busy to even need it.

“But, since I probably don’t have a lot on me, let’s just try to explore around and look for information. Maybe while we are doing so, we can find some way to get some of the local currency so we can restock and possibly find a place to rest.” That was the best option he could come up with as he moved to leave the store.

You had to have it all
Well have you had enough?

You greedy little b*****d
You get what you deserve.

Where I can be found: Somewhere else(Nergal: Near the Rusty Shovel) with Claire and Jill Valentine
Who am I willingly bound to: No one
Weapons on my person: Silver Ghost, Glock 30, and a Mercworx Sniper Combat Knife
Items on my person: Radio and a crudely drawn map

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