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                                                          When Helena confirmed that she was who he thought she was, he felt a sense of relief rush over him. He didn’t want to find out his mind was playing one huge mind trick on him. Though, when Helena went on to mention Simmons, he nodded slightly. “I didn’t know a lot about Simmons. But, if Leon and you were after him, I’m not too surprised that he was hard to kill.” Leon, like himself, seemed to always pick the best ones when it came to being hard to kill. Chris with Wesker, and Leon with Saddler. However, the light mirth that had been on his face disappeared at the mention of Ada. While Chris knew justice had been done, a part of him still felt sore that the chance to avenge his teammate’s deaths was taken away from him. By strangers no less!

                                                          “Yeah. She’s gone as well. Though, unlike Simmons, she went down easy. But, only because someone else seemed to have wanted her dead.” He shrugged slightly as he rubbed his temples a bit. “And here I was actually trying to be nice and bring her in alive.” Yet, fate seemed to have other plans. Even if Chris still remained unaware the Ada he knew had never been Ada at all. “How’s Leon faring about the news? I remember telling him she was dead and all…But, we both were more focused on other things at the time that I…didn’t deliver the news as nicely as I could have.” Then again, Leon had his own bomb shell to throw at him in the form of Jake Muller being Wesker’s son. He supposed in a way, that was simply fair trade.

                                                          However, Chris felt they needed to focus on other matters. Thus, he started to ask her about where they were. Unfortunately, Helena appeared about as clueless as he was. Great. “I don’t recognize the town name either, and I think I would with how much I travel around.” He smiled faintly before the smile disappeared and he went on to describe his very recent experience. The fact the whole thing felt like a drug trip made him still want to question whether this was real or not. But, Chris knew he never had this active of a wild imagination. Besides, why would he imagine Helena across from him when he would likely imagine his fallen comrades, like Piers or Finn? Chris pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind as he watched Helena check her gun, and then listened as she started to speak.

                                                          Luckily, either they both were high on shrooms, or the whole experience was real. Due to how Helena acted, and his normal tendencies, Chris believed it had to be the latter. “Yeah. I’m not much for getting high off drugs either. Got to have a clear head to lead, let alone shot straight.” He tapped his forehead and smiled faintly. “Trust me, I learned that lessons years ago.” Chris couldn’t completely recall that night even now. But, he knew it involved him, Barry, and a few other Air Force Members getting drunk and somehow having access to guns. After finding himself with a hole in his foot, he learned never to shot while drunk again. Though, there was no need to go into a huge spill about that story as Helena commented on the lack of phone signal. “Hold on. Let me see if I’m having the same issue.”

                                                          Due to how surreal the experience was, he hadn’t immediately tried contacting the B.S.A.A. But now that he was out of the underwater facility, maybe he might be able to patch through to them. “This is Alpha, can you read me?” While he was doing that, he didn’t notice the look on Helena’s face. If he had, he might have grown concerned and asked her what was wrong. Since he hadn’t though, he didn’t comment. That was yet another thing that proved having insane amount of focus was both a good and bad thing. “This is Alpha, do you copy?” He tried again in hopes of getting an answer. Just like before though, he got nothing. “Damn. Looks like we are doing this the old fashioned way.” Chris felt a bit odd being disconnected with the B.S.A.A. He had been with them since they were founded after all!

                                                          But, there was no time to linger on that as he watched Helena stand up. When she moved to pat him on the shoulder, he smiled faintly at her. The gesture was appreciated, and also proved once more this likely wasn’t some post traumatic hallucination or something along those lines. He moved to stand up as Helena started to talk. The course of action sounded plausible to him. However, when she mentioned refilling a bullet, he raised an eyebrow at her. “Since I didn’t realize a bullet could be refilled, I suppose I don’t know how to do that.” Thus, out of curiosity, he watched as Helena talked to the bartender. He tilted his head slightly and soon realized the expression must have meant getting canteens of water. He found himself shaking his head slightly with a sad smile on his face.

                                                          Wish I could have taught you that, Piers. He forced himself to stop thinking about his loss as he caught the canteen Helena tossed at him. “Thanks.” He opened it up and took a small swig of it. The liquid seemed to reduce the dryness of his throat. But, Chris knew that wouldn’t last long if they stuck around the bar. “Guessing that is what you meant by refilling the bullet?” The B.S.A.A. captain followed directly behind Helena. For while she wasn’t his partner, he did want to watch her back for Leon’s sake. Besides, Leon would likely try and kick his a** like he tried to do in China if he didn’t. The cocky D.S.O agent. He held back a chuckle at thinking of Leon as cocky, especially when he couldn’t say he wasn’t much better at times.

                                                          Once they left the bar, Chris looked around with his eyes. He could see a couple of places they could check out for supplies and information. Eventually, his eyes rested on a building nearby that looked like the visitor’s center. While that wouldn’t contain supplies, the place would hopefully have a map of the city they could use for future reference. “I could use the same, but let’s check out over there first. After all, if we can get a map of this place, we won’t have to go on a wild goose chase for supplies or hotels.” He smiled faintly as he started to move towards the visitor center. However, as he looked towards his right, his body stopped in his tracks. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched what appeared to be three figures coming out of a store nearby. But, it was their appearance that caught his attention.

                                                          The male in the group had a similar haircut to the D.S.O agent. But, that was not enough for him to identify the male as Leon. One of the females had red hair similar to his sister Claire. However, without a closer look, he couldn’t determine that to be his sister. But, the blonde haired female…her outfit just looked way too familiar to the outfit Chris had seen Jill in back in Africa to be a coincidence. “Jill?” He whispered the name softly as he looked over at Helena. “Change of plans. I think I see some people I know over there. Maybe they will have some answers.” The B.S.A.A captain didn’t give Helena much time to answer as he quickly started to move down the street. He did his best not to shove people out of the way, but his hurried movements sometimes made him do it by accident.

                                                          Chris didn’t have any time to apologize though, since he didn’t want to lose sight of Jill and the others. He could only hope to whatever was out there that his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him. For after what just happened to Piers, he wasn’t sure he could take the loss of another partner, especially one that had been with him to Hell and back more times than he could count. “JILL!” He felt his chest tighten for a few moments. Those few moments of silence felt like eternity. However, those moments were soon ended when someone called out his name. “Leon?” He grinned slightly as he looked over at Helena. “Looks like we found your missing partner.”

                                                          The B.S.A.A captain soon pushed his way through the reminder of the crowd and looked at the three standing before him. His mouth moved to try to form words, but in the end, he found himself unable to say anything. For apprehension started to crawl at his chest as thoughts of them not really bring there swarmed through his head. However, Chris pushed past it all of that as best as he could, giving a faint smile that felt a little too hard to make. “Long time no see huh? Hope this place has been treating you better than it has us.” That felt so lame the moment the words came out of his mouth. But, it was better than nothing….right? “Otherwise, I might have to go teach some people a lesson.” Light jest entered his voice as the smile became easier to make.

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                                                          LOCATION :....Is that them? ((Nergal Streets))
                                                          TEAM : Helena Harper // Helena Harper and possibly Leon, Claire, and Jill?
                                                          WEAPONS : Combat Knife, Nine-oh-Nine (x30), Assault Shotgun (x12), Grenade Launcher (x5), Assault rifle (x80), and Semi-auto sniper rifle (x15)
                                                          INVENTORY : Green Herbs (x2), Ammo for his gun, Ear Piece for communication purposes, and a cell phone
                                                          LOVE : That's....confidential....

Former Arena Emperor

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One thing I don't know why,It doesn't even matter how hard you try,Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme,To explain in due time,All I know,
Time is a valuable thing,Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings,Watch it count down to the end of the day,The clock ticks life away,It's so unreal,
Didn't look out below,Watch the time go right out the window,Trying to hold on, but didn't even know,Or wasted it all just to watch you go,
I kept everything inside,And even though I tried,it all fell apart,What it meant to me will eventually be,A memory of a time when..

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Feelings: Pissed and annoyed
Origin: .hack//GU
Location:Hades with Jeane,Vergil, Alex

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Alkaid seemed to hear what Jeane had to say as she sighed a bit, it seemed anything she said and promised to the blond would bounce off. The red head was getting a little frustrated but she hid it to the best of her ability. After all frustration wouldn't help the situation at hand and get Jeane to trust her and love her like a sister. Though Alkaid was pointed out something that made a bit of sense, the fact that the two had only met and known each other for a day. Though in Alkaid's mind that was plenty of time considering how she had met so many people here and they vanished from her life, Drake being one of them. Not to mention she partially owed Jeane her life with the little pep talk that the blond gave her when she was attacked by the colorless Haseo.

Though it seemed that Alex was bound determined to get their attention and even punt her? Man this guy was annoying and a jerk, she really wished he would leave so she could hang out with her sister a little more. Even though Jeane seemed on edge lately, but the fact that Jeane was telling er some much was some sort of progress. When she was told to not waist her breath on the man she shook her head. "Yeah, guess you are right ...ah well, not all are worth our time. " She had a smug smirk on her face as she seemed to glance over to Jeane wondering if her new atittude would be approved or not. What? Alkaid had a idol , no matter how much Jeane tried to change that with how she mentioned she was a killer and all, Alkiad still looked up to her.

Alkaid blinked a few times as she sat there, then one comment rung in her ears and it belnged to Jeane.Her eyes widened as far as they could as she shot her glance towards Jeane as if the woman had just killed a sick puppy as her jaw dropped. She then looked back to Alex and eyed him up and down as she almost stuck her tongue out in disgust. her words soon seemed to show her disgust though." Wait what ew!!! Hell no! No way would I even think of dating a weirdo like him! He isn't even cute! Jeane! That was totally uncalled for! He is just....ewwwww!!" She shook her head trying to get the image of Alex and herself kissing as it caused her stomach to turn and twist. " I gotta go...my lunch... I might lose it..." She stumbled back and seemed to cover her mouth, okay so this part was her joking around but hell it was still fun in her eyes.

Unfortunately the game was over when they tried to leave and Alex had the balls to grab Jeane, something Alkaid knew would go sour really quick. This was when Alkaid used her speed to suddenly zip back a bit and land on her feet only to sit down, as if she was watching the show. Even her twin blades were now summoned in her lap as she sat there resting her cheek in the palm of her hand as her elbow balanced on her inner thigh. "All yours sis, kick his a**... " She said as she watched with the intention of only watching. After all she was certain if she jumped in the midst of the fight Jeane might get pissed at her, something she dare not test.

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To remind myself how

I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised

It got so far
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end
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                                                              She seemed to smile a little more as Ezio continued the joke, he was really trying his best to make her happier. Well after dealing with Alex you really did need that sort of thing. Though to hear Ezio's threat she faked a gasp as if she was shocked as she seemed to add. "You truly are a villian if you bring such things up. " She was a bit happy to hear that she was going to get the man's first double date! In truth it was hers too considering she never really had anyone to date until Sice got up the courage to ask her! "From what I understand it is quite pleasant. It is a memorable event amongst friends. Well when we find Sofia then we must do so....and Sice... " She sounded slightly saddened at the fact that the other woman wasn't around but that soon washed away as she smiled at Ezio which meant it hadn't gotten too far too her, considering she had such great company. "Though, I do not mind learning more of the enjoyable friend I have before me. "

                                                              It was great to hear that Ezio would not betray her trust as long as she didn't do it first and he even swore it like some sort of knight. She smiled at the thought only to continue with it. "Then we make a pact here? A friendship pact? We will watch each others back...as allies and friends. I will never let anyone harm you or Sofia. " She put one hand over her chest and bowed a bit, what? She had a slightly playful side even though she was usually quite serious. Seven wasn't honestly joking over what she gave her word to, in her eyes Ezio was her ally to the point she gave and swore her word.

                                                              Seven was caught off guard by the sudden snap and out burst that Ezio said about something someone meant. She sat there stunned for a moment and blinked as she seemed to glance around as if she was searching for a answer of if she did something wrong. After all why would such a outburst happen? The statement that danced in her mind from Ezio caused her face to heat up like wild fire as her preference was said so bluntly as if it was a wonder. She bit her bottom lip only to smile faintly soon after as he apologized for the proclamation of her sexual preference. "Umm...yes... I am a uh... like women...mainly Sice... " She cleared her throat in hopes that the man before her wouldn't get a thought she might pursue after Sofia. It was certain that Sofia was a beautiful woman but Seven only had her eyes for one girl at the moment.

                                                              She felt the hand on her shoulder as it tensed slightly as she listened to the man intently, ignoring all the background noise around the two. She smiled a bit more hearing such reassuring words from the man ,"Well I am glad that such things would not stop a bond that I enjoy...and maybe we can find your friend so you can tell him what you told me. After all I am certain he will be as happy as I am to hear that. " She said calmly only to blink as she looked down at her fidgetting as she then stopped only to look at the man and giggled. "Alright.. I will stop... I didn't even really notice it was happening... " She said only smile more as she felt relieved over all this, after all it eased her worry over losing a friend. Though Ezio seemed to be a better man then that.

                                                              When they talked about the computers she seemed to shake her head and then pushed some of her hair behind her ears ." Well a book that talks is easier to read is it not? " She jested back, realizing how comfortable she felt around this man, it was heart warming to be honest. When they talked about Sofia and Ezio she seemed to smile a sweet smile, similar to the one she got when she thought of Sice recently. "Well we will make certain that the chance of you seeing her again shall happen. I put my own word on it Ezio... what do friends do for one another after all. " She reached out and punched his shoulder lightly, as if to remind him that she was there and meant it....its what friends did after all. "Sice is...one of the best I have ever met. I will get a chance to tell her, I know it...you gave me hope. "

                                                              It seemed their goal was to shop til they dropped, well not literally but it was a figure of speech. She listened to what the man said as she really had never heard of scrubby but the rest made sense. After all she knew hope important it was to get food that would survive just encase they needed to survive without sight or presence of civilization. The subject of chocolate seemed to chuckle at the man, oh she was so going to find him the best chocolate possible. "Alright, I will do my best for you my friend. " She said as she walked off in hopes to find all they needed.

                                                              Seven seemed to walk around as she gathered a few things but then she found the true gold, the chocolate. "May I have one of those....and one of those..... oh and those.... " She said as she gathered up what they needed only to spend some of the money on it. When she was done, Seven eventually found the man she was with only to present a basket filled with bananas, apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, and carrots. Though she seemed to then pull out another one, this one had a couple chocolate bars, powdered sugar and the best part....chocolate covered strawberries. She smiled and looked at him with a eagerness , after all she just filled one of her friends desires. "Here you go, I even got somethings you may not have ever tried... I hope you like it. Oh...how did your quest go? Did you find the spices....do we need anything else or perhaps we need to locate our allies? " She said as she frowned a bit, more so as a joke as she really wasn't all too eager to run into Alex again though Vergil seemed rather bearable, considering he wasn't a anger issue stinky hobo.

                                                              Location: Hades with Ezio
                                                              Mood: happiness

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Jeering Darling

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                                                                Hearing Sparda tell her that he missed her made Eva smile and chuckle some as she wiped away another tear. She was sure that his time apart from her was far more shorter in comparison to her time being apart from him, but it just proved how much her husband didn’t like being away from her. Though she would have been lying if she said it didn’t bother her sometimes whenever he left to go do his duty to the world. As much as she knew that he was protecting the world, the selfish part of her wanted him to stay with her and their twins, but she always chided herself for feeling that way as most would have thought it to be inappropriate when he was helping to keep everyone safe. Eva never expressed those selfish feelings to Sparda despite the fact he always made it known she could tell him anything because she didn’t want to disappoint him.

                                                                Looking at his attire, Eva recognized them as the outfit he was wearing on the day he had died. No matter how many years have passed, she couldn’t forget every detail of it. She remembered telling him that she thought he looked very handsome and teased that the women were going to be more bothersome than the demons. The smile stayed on her lips as the memory ran across her mind, but the blonde wasn’t going to plan to tell him that the outfit he currently had on was the one he died in just yet…

                                                                Remembering her wedding ring she had kept on a necklace around her neck, Eva reached beneath her collar and pulled it out to show it to him. Even though she was made into a widow and no longer had a reason to wear it, Eva still kept it because the ring meant a lot to her. When the question of the possibility of her being able to wear the ring again came up, Sparda decided to answer it by “showing” her and he took her necklace from around her neck. She watched him take her ring off the thin chain before sliding it back onto her ring finger. Eva couldn’t help, but smile to herself at the familiar feeling of him taking her hand and placing it on her finger just like the day they were finally pronounced husband and wife after saying their vows. Looking up at him, Eva’s smile broaden and she leaned forward, pressing her lips onto his in a kiss, but before it could have another chance of deepening, the blonde broke it as she responded, “Perfectly.”

                                                                Eva was still feeling a little emotional, but she was getting calmer by the minute, getting up and making a beeline to the bathroom so she could grab a towel and dry her face which she was sure was red and puffy from all the crying she was doing. I probably look like a mess, she thought to herself as she opened the bathroom door, only to be stopped in her tracks when she saw something far different from an actual bathroom. It was a tunnel with a light at the end which made her all the more concerned, calling Sparda over to look at it. The blonde couldn’t help feeling apprehensive as she waited for his answer, thinking that the portal was another part of these gods’ little game that involved them. She frowned slightly as it seemed the portal was trying to pull them in so she held onto her husband’s hand a little more tighter than usual when he grabbed for it. Listening to him, Eva nodded, trying to stay positive despite herself, following him into the tunnel as she kept her grip on his hand. She held up her other hand to block the bright light from her eyes, but before she knew it the pulling sensation ended.

                                                                Dropping her freehand back to her side, Eva was relieved to still be there with Sparda even if the location they were at was completely different from where they were a couple of minutes ago. The smell of an ocean nearby filled her nose and while the fresh air would have been soothing to some, Eva felt a little disheartened. Being jerked around from place to place so randomly was beginning to unnerve the woman. Like she felt someone was playing with her and she was fed up with it. The blonde squeezed Sparda’s hand in response to his usual concern over her as he asked her if she wanted to find another hotel so she could have some time to recollect herself, thinking it was the best option for her at the moment as she didn’t want to be a crying mess while still looking for their kids. “I would like that,” she answered softly, wanting to rejuvenate her mental state.

                                                                She had let go of Sparda’s hand to pull off the warm ring they received from Jarlaxle as it was obviously nowhere close to being cold now, pocketing it for later use, but she notice that her pockets felt lighter, except for the two pieces of wrapped chocolate squares she kept as she had promised Vergil a piece after they had dinner. The only thing that was missing from her pockets was the vial Amor had given her. “Oh?” She said to herself in confusion, green eyes looking up at Sparda, wondering if his vial was missing as well. "My vial’s gone.” Patting her pockets one more time, she felt no sign of the object on her person, thinking did the portal pull them away from Amor and his fellow gods’ world? Just as she gripped Sparda’s hand once more, a shriek had came from the distance, making Eva blink as it sounded like a child.

                                                                “HELP! SOMEBODY!”

                                                                Eva’s eyes widen as she shared a glance with her husband, before dashing off in the direction the cry came from. The voice didn’t sound like one of their children, but the fact it sounded like a young person in trouble drove her to investigate the situation. She almost passed an alley way when the sight of a dark figure towering over someone smaller caught her peripheral vision and stopped the blonde woman in her tracks. “Hey! You leave her alone right now!” Eva shouted, getting the attention of the tall man who looked to be trying to rob from a young girl who looked to be in her early teens at knife point. The distraction earned the girl a chance to try and push the man away, but right when she tried to make a run for it towards Eva, the man managed to grab one of her arms and pull her back.

                                                                “Dumb b***h. Get lost…or better yet, come over here and hand over everything you got or her smile’s going to get a lot more wider,” The man threaten Eva, holding the tip of his knife at the corner of the young girl’s mouth.

                                                                LOCATION - Arcadia alley way
                                                                MOOD - Nervous
                                                                COMPANY - Sparda
                                                                POSSESSIONS - Wedding ring, magical ring and two chocolates

                                                                Eva Speaking

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                                                                        So the last thing Dana ever remembered was that she was attacked in her on ******** apartment and was taken away by some freak of nature. Not to add onto the fact but she was also taken by that creepy woman with the bad haircut but after that she didn't remember that much. Though she knew her brother Alex was attempting to save her from it as she was certain he would. Unfortunately for her when she was saved she was in some sort of coma so she really didn't notice. Which she was about to get a rude awakening and not like the outcome.

                                                                        She felt the cold ground below her as she started to wake, her body twitching as her fingers seemed to follow. Her consciousness coming to as she started to go from a foggy mind to a clear one. Though as soon a she was able to grasp a thought Dana seemed to wake up, her eyes widened as she shot up as quickly and clumsy as possible. She raised both of he fists up in some sort of boxing stance in hopes she could fend off that ugly b***h and get away. Though her face went from a aggressive one to a dumbfounded one as she saw the scenery around her ."The ********....? " She then felt her body get weak as she stumbled a bit back and forth, holding her head as she realized that she may have moved a little too fast.

                                                                        Ms. Mercer was quite shocked as she saw and felt the coldness around her. This caused her to quickly zip up her jacket and scrunch into herself as much as possible. She looked around extremely confused as the buildings looked old and like they were out of some vampire movie or something. Did she stumble upon some sort of geek convention or some s**t? Or did that crazy woman drop her off in some winter wonder hell, she honestly couldn't think right now as she only wanted to warm up her body and get the hell out of the cold.

                                                                        Dana started to get her strength back after a few moments, though the major headache wasn't leaving which thrilled her. She then slipped both her hands into her jacket's pockets and started to walk off down the streets in hopes to find some sort of clue to what the hell was going on. As she walked she frowned a bit, noticing more that this place looked a lot different then home. After all her home was getting that infected crap but still this place was nothing like home, no tall building or cars, oh god...what if the internet didn't exist. She would go crazy, it was certain...she need her information mainframe.

                                                                        The woman then walked into what looked like a bar as she sat at the bar itself and held up her hand, a slightly pissed expression on her face. "Hey...can I get some coffee and aspirin if ya got any to spare...my wallet was ....ugh... " She winced a bit as she started to rub her brow , trying to dismiss the headache she had. The man slipped her some coffee in a cup and shrugged saying he had no clue what aspirin was as she groaned. "You gotta be kidding me...either way thanks. " She took the cup of coffee and walked off to the fire as she sat near it, trying to get the blood flowing in her very cold body. Especially considering she was wet from the snow.

                                                                        She sipped her coffee and then soon took her phone from her pocket in hopes that she could reach someone that might have a idea to where the hell she was or what was going on. Though she saw the screen as it said -NO SIGNAL- only for her to glare at it as if it kicked a puppy down a hill as she shoved it back into her pocket only for her forehead to land slightly hard on the table as a thud sounded. She really wasn't all too happy with what was going on. Dana knew that Alex would come find her...because he was her brother and the only family each other had. She just hoped she didn't have one of those weird a** parasites and this was the wonky side effect of the s**t. Cause if so, Alex would get so pissed, man she didn't even want to think about it. "Just my luck....just my freaking luck.... " She grumbled into the table as she laid on it fo a while, trying to think of all she could on what to do next. What she would do for her laptop and comfortable chair, sure this one wasn't bad but she missed her stuff and home and she just got her brother back too.

                                                                        Location: Crysis bar
                                                                        Feelings:pissed, lost, and a head ache.

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~ Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas

Do you remember?

Do you remember
your words that you gave to me?

There was some faint part of him that wondered if Carol was upset by him killing the dog. She had grown more attached to it than he had after all. However, she seemed to once again just be her chirper self. Scrooge just couldn’t understand how she could be so happy no matter what. For while his memory before waking up in that lab was still fuzzy, he was sure all the death they had seen was not a happy matter. Then again, there was no other way around the issue. It was killed or be killed, and he was glad to be the killer when it came to Da’ath. But, while he sometimes wished to remind Carol there was nothing cheery about their situation, he was strangely thankful for her attitude. Though, if he had to be honest, he was grateful to her in general.

After all, she had given him a name and a way to fight using this strange “Power of Kings” and the Voids her body was able to produce. She had helped him escape from the facility they had both found themselves in, and always came to help him when he needed it the most. He was not sure if that was normal behavior or not. Even if it wasn’t normal though, Scrooge could give two shits. Carol was Carol to him, and in the end, he wouldn’t have her any other way. “Carol…you aren’t upset about the dog…right?” Such questions were the closest Scrooge came to showing concern. Well, at least verbally. However, instead of an answer of ‘It’s fine’ or ‘I’m sure that was the best decision in the end’, he heard nothing but silence.

While sometimes Carol got a little too talkative for his liking, he always found himself unnerved when she didn’t answer. “Carol…answer me.” His voice became a bit stern as he looked to his right. His eyes widened when the familiar blue haired woman was nowhere in sight. “Carol!” He didn’t give a damn if someone heard him. He needed to find her! “CAROL!” As he turned around to look back at where he came, his eyebrows furrowed and a scowl formed on his face. Not only wasn’t Carol anywhere in his sight, but everything seemed to have changed. Everything suddenly looked more grey than usual and everything around him seemed too silent. His dark red hues became brighter as he glared and turned around once more. “Is this your doing, Da’ath?” Scrooge started to clench his fists while he moved to hunch over slightly, taking on the appearance of a predator.

“If that’s the case….just wait till I’m through with you.” Any previous hints of humanity seemed to be wiped from his face as he started to move forward. His steps were languid and slow. His body looked completely tensed and ready to spring forward at a moment’s notice. However, instead of finding more soldiers wanting to kill him, he noticed what appeared to be a bright colorful light ahead. His scowl and glare slowly started to relax as he approached the light slowly. Once in front of it, his right hand started to move towards it. At remembering what his right hand did however, he pulled it back and moved his left hand towards the light instead. What he thought might have been more of that strange crystal appeared to be not solid at all.

After all, last time he checked, he didn’t have to ability to phase through solid objects. Thus, whatever this light was, it wasn’t like anything he had encountered. He shrugged slightly as he realized maybe Carol had seen this before he had, and had run towards it. The idea of Carol being so careless didn’t surprise him. “Guess I got to follow you huh?” The words were spoken with almost an uncharacteristic softness. He moved slowly towards the light with his lips faintly twitching upwards. “After all, I can’t let you get yourself hurt.” With that, Scrooge stepped through the light, prepared for what enemies were waiting on the other side. For nothing got between him and Carol. Nothing!

He closed his eyes tightly as the light blinded him. Luckily, the light disappeared after a few long moments. However, Scrooge soon found a sharp wind blowing across his figure. He raised his arm to shield his exposed face while the other kept a tight grip on his hood. Eventually, Scrooge looked up to see something white falling from the sky. Didn’t Carol call it snow? The curious part of him wanted to examine the white substance for just a minute longer. Yet, the way the cold felt harsh against his skin made him decide now was not the time. Thus, he furrowed his eyebrows as he moved against the wind to get out of the cold. Eventually, Scrooge found himself in front of what appeared to be a bar. He couldn’t even recall if he had ever been in one, but anything sounded better than staying outside.

With his right hand still tightly gripping his hood, he pushed open the door with his left and walked inside the building. He did his best to appear relaxed as he moved both of his hands into his pants pockets. “Have you seen someone with blue hair, and acts kind of like a child?” The barkeeper appeared to shake his head at that, which earned a shrug from Scrooge. “Thanks.” The word always felt odd coming out of his mouth. But, Carol did say that tended to keep people from getting angry and possibly wanting him dead. He didn’t need any more people to place him on their s**t list. Though, even if he wanted to leave the bar to go find Carol, Scrooge knew he would freeze if he stayed out there. A frown appeared on his face at that while he walked towards the fireplace.

His eyes took in briefly a woman that appeared to be suffering from a hangover. The only noticeably odd thing about her was that she dressed in a similar manner to himself, while everyone else had a distinctively odd style. He merely brushed that off though. After all, who he was to get on people’s choice of attire? He soon sat down on the floor nearby the woman. His back rested against the edge of the fireplace to try and catch some warmth. Also, without Carol around, Scrooge didn’t feel he could trust anyone to not attack him from behind. Thus, if his back was pressed up against something, the only way someone could attack him was if they came towards him. But for now, all Scrooge could do was wait for the weather outside to die down so he could start back on his search. How peachy.

Do you remember?

Do you remember
that day, the day you....?

Location: Crysis Bar
Allies: Dana Mercer unknowingly
Love: No one
Current Void: None
Blade Havok's avatar

In a relationship with Many Fictional Characters

Fluff Bunny

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                                                    xO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
                                                    User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx

                                                    ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                    detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ NERGAL // down from the surface liftxxxxxxxxx
                                                    xx R E S I D E N Txxx E V I L
                                                    xxȻᴌᴀᵻʀᴇ Ɍᴇᴆᵳᵻᴇᴌᴆxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!
                                                          LOOK, you have t w o ( choices ) here: kill or be killed, y.o.u.r CALL!

                                                    Claire could stand a couple hours in the sun. She burned if she wasn't careful, but she could also manage to tan a bit after a short while. She wasn't wholly opposed to light, and she enjoyed a good trip to the beach for vacation times. However, those times for vacations were getting fewer and fewer. Maybe sometime in the near future, she would look to getting a little more sun compared to the dark and dank of what seemed to be most of her present. And maybe she could talk Chris into getting some time off. They could go together, but she wouldn't get her hopes up. The likelihood of her brother getting released even for a short while, like a weekend seemed just short of a miracle and getting them to beach successfully during a summer time and not have any attacks or interruptions... Haha, fat chance. Still, it was something she could hope for.

                                                    She simply nodded along with Leon when he suggested that they could have it all if Jill seemed intent on rejecting it. Jill could use a tan from what Claire could see. However, if she as the sort of girl that burned, that was up to her. She thought they could all use a little sunshine but most of all some R&R. She probably got it more often than anyone of them. She wouldn't trade it for the world unless she had to trade places with them... If that would give them a little time off, she would take their place not that she could really fill their huge shoes. The skill difference was too great, and she could admit that. Still, to give Chris, Leon, or Jill their fair share that they deserved, she would walk out on the front lines without fear not that she would take a walk of suicide. It was just a sentiment. They did it for the rest of the human race, she could do it for them.

                                                    "I have about two mags. It's not a lot. It's not like I came packing to face anything huge. I just have these for just in case. Good thing, too I suppose. Maybe find something a little more punch than this," she said, reaching back and pulling out her Glock 17. It was quite literally a handy handgun, but sometimes having something with a stronger knock gave them the extra seconds needed. Still, the Glock 17 was comfortable in her hands. It was lightweight, fired at a moderate pace, and stored a reasonable number of bullets. It wasn't the worst thing to have, but maybe that and an old favorite of a shotgun would be nice. She replaced the weapon back in the waistband of her pants.

                                                    Claire waited on the open elevator unabashedly with the control of the doors. She cocked a half smile at Jill when she came down on Leon. It wasn't hard, but it was something that caused her some amusement. Somehow, Leon's choice of words would always get him in to trouble. Then again, maybe it was the fact that he was traveling with a pair of women that really could not hold their tongues and were just as bold as the men in the lives aka Chris was a terrible influence on the both of them. Both would never have it any other way, Claire was sure of that.

                                                    After Jill was safely inside and they were on their way down, she lightly added to Leon, "It's a good thing you're a friendly but not too friendly express then, isn't it?" Particularly forward men weren't much her type. However, men that were by the book and too straight-laced were severely lacking. Steve Burnside was young and erred on the side of the former. At first she thought him absolutely aggravating, but she understood where he came from. No one should have to die like he should have. She felt sick thinking about his death sometimes, but his death among the others she had seen and the losses other people had faced like Sherry... the memory of those people that also strengthened and reassured her cause.

                                                    They hit the bottom with a firm thud, and she pushed the correct buttons to open the door again. Jill was already out and taking point. She didn't try to contradict in the least, "Sounds like a... sound plan." She supposed only a woman as powerful as her could actually temper her brother or rather strike a certain fear into a man as big as him. This was not to say Chris was afraid of Jill, but Chris certainly knew not to cross her if he did not have to. (He also knew that crossing Claire sometimes could be like walking into a nuclear reactor ready to explode.) She felt a little sorry for Chris on that way, but she really didn't feel that bad. He wasn't a docile puppy himself.

                                                    Her voice lowered when Jill was far enough away as she retorted to Leon, "You've met my brother, right? I doubt she was half of that before Chris. How else would you get a word in?" Her brother was fairly assertive and confident. He was strong and smart. That was what got him far in the world. One should always take his advice just like one should take the advice of Leon... both needed to be seriously considered. However, someone needed to act counterpoint to someone as strong and firm as that that was equally smart and serous. Jill seemed good at that. Claire was still the little sister so she couldn't do that as well despite the fact that she was older and smarter and experienced reasonably herself. She would always be Little Redfield.

                                                    They caught up quickly to go into the 'Rusty Shovel.' She sighed, shaking her head a bit. Well, if this wasn't the most stereotypical thing she'd ever seen like out of a bad sci-fi flick or something. She caught up and listened to the description of things. It seemed like they were out of luck in the currency department. However, the guy didn't seem the least bit surprised. However, he didn't think that would be a problem. He spoke about it with ease and even addressed it, implying it was something common so there was probably a way to earn money around there or credits or whatever. She glanced at Jill, cocking an eyebrow at her.

                                                    With only a single beat passing, she said, "I can pull my own weight if you both are in, but I think you and Leon might be better off at making them dance." It was just a simple reference to their shooting ability and intimidating factor. More seriously, she added, "Paper's a one up on me. I only have plastic, which might only be that here." It didn't seem like they were going to get much out of there or rather they had gotten all they could use out of this place. Now it seemed like they had to go on a quest for some sort of money. Too bad they didn't ask the guy at the bar where that would be. Once they had some money, they could get some rest and then figure things out from there.

                                                    "I don't think we've got much of a choi-," Claire said rather plainly with regards to Leon's suggestion and answer to Jill's question. She paused seeing a man that looked uncannily like her brother push his way through the crowd. He approached and spoke as casually as if he had seen them all like ten minutes ago. He had disappeared on the three of them... He also might have been wearing something else, although she couldn't tell in the dark at the time.

                                                    She raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is that all you have to say to us?" She sighed, breaking her frown into a reassuring grin, "It's lame, but it sounds like you." She glanced over at Jill, gesturing between herself and Chris, "What did I tell you? I'm the more interesting Redfield." Hopefully she could work to break some of the ice. Chris could berate her. She expected it and even welcomed it at this point. A strangling bear hug would be nice, but Chris might want to save face. She grinned and looked at her older brother once again, "I'm glad to see that you made it out all right and all in one piece."

                                                    Once she caught sight of the unknown young woman at his side, she added softly although all would likely hear her, "Maybe you're not as inept with women as I thought you were." She certainly didn't recognize the woman that followed and neared Chris towards the trio. She certainly had something very experienced about her... Claire felt a bit uneasy by this, but she tried not to let it come off as unwelcoming or something. If Chris trusted her, Claire didn't have reason to be wary. Without further adieu, she put her hand out towards the brunette, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Claire Redfield. Yes, I know. Even I think it's hard to believe that we're related sometimes, but we are 100% siblings."

                                                          xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // fine
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // good humored

                                                          xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ flashlight ][ combat knife ][ glock17 (14) ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ lockpick ][ lighter ][ f.aid spray ][ empty ]
                                                          xxxxx▸▸▸ ITEMS // [ h.gun ammo (34) ][ empty ][ empty ]

                                                    locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                    ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                                    ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                    User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                                    xL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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Garrus Vakarian
~Mass Effect 3

Why give up?
Why give in?

It’s not enough
It never is

Garrus chuckled and shook his head. He didn’t have anything better to do. In fact, he really enjoyed when he was able to talk to Shepard. Their conversations were always so amusing and full of insight on the part of Shepard. He could even remember back when he was still a C-SEC officer how he looked up to Shepard like an idol in a way. But, he wasn’t about to let Shepard know any of those little details. “Hmmm, I think I can make some time to tell you the longer version. After all, it would be not nice of me to leave you in the dust.” He did the best to intimate a human smirk as he looked at her. “So just say the word and I’ll be willing to tell all, Shepard.” The smirk only seemed to grow more at those words.

He listened to what Shepard had to say about the white-haired male. He couldn’t agree more with what she said. After all, the Turian didn’t want to find himself pulled away from Shepard. Let alone find himself in an even more undesirable place. “I couldn’t agree with you more, Shepard. After all, I wouldn’t want to find myself teleported into the stomach of a Thrasher Maw…No thank you.” Garrus obviously was teasing. But, that didn’t stop him from looking mostly serious about the matter. “Hopefully then, we’ll figure out more about him before we find ourselves encountering him again. That way, we won’t get into a sticky situation.” He shook his head a little and gave a small grin. “Knowing our luck though, that is just inevitable huh?” Garrus had lost count of all the sticky situations they had been in over the years.

The Turian chuckled when Shepard went along with the joke. He grinned a little as he looked towards Shepard. “Is that so? Well, the entertainment can only be had when the main attraction walks in.” He shrugged faintly and crossed his arms over his chest, as if trying to be non-chalant about the matter. “And if I remember correctly, the main attraction would be yourself.” After that though, Shepard appeared to become serious again. Garrus did have to admit that would be quite horrible if that happened. All that work they had done to ally the races only for them to all die, and all that happen because they weren’t there to stop it. He would definitely be pissed as well. “Let’s hope that we are able to make it back and we won’t have to kick the white-haired male’s a** for screwing everything up.”

Soon, Garrus started to explain how he had gotten here. He still had to admit that the occurrence still sounded strange. After all, not every day that he found everything looking all grey and found himself going from one place to another by going through a colorful light. However, he knew his imagination wasn’t so wild to come up with something like that! Also, Garrus would have known if he ate some amino acid. Unless someone had slipped him something? Garrus shook his head to get rid of that thought. “Yeah. While I do think I can be quite the entertaining Turian, my imagination usually isn’t able to come up with such…interesting ideas.” Garrus turned serious once more when Shepard got into Liara’s status. He frowned slightly as he nodded at her words. “We’ll need to figure out if he has her for sure first. But, it wouldn’t hurt to figure that out either.”

Though, if they did find out, would that mean they would be able to encounter Legion again? Now that would be a bit of a mind trip for Shepard most likely. But, his attention was soon shifted from that to the fact Shepard was in a not so great state. He started to look for a Medi-Gel as he couldn’t help but joke about being forceful. However, his mind didn’t tend to think in the direction of dirty things. Though, if someone started to go down that route, he would likely catch up with them as soon as possible. Thus, after Shepard chuckled, Garrus started to think that maybe Shepard was…flirting with him? His eyes blinked a little as he found a Medi-Gel on his person. “Well….I was thinking more of a public kind of forcefulness…But, if you are interested in a more…private forcefulness…..I will……keep that in mind.”

If a Turian could flush, Garrus knew he surely would right now. Thank God for his skin being hard and not so easily changeable. Luckily, he was able to get his mind to focus on the situation when Shepard revealed the bullet wound. He started to get the Medi-Gel ready as Shepard spoke once more. Due to her previous statement, Garrus found himself swallowing a little. Why was his mind trying to take that in the wrong direction? “Yes I’ll….keep that in mind Shepard…since I wouldn’t want to hurt your ego by treating you like a damsel in distress.” He honestly said that only to save himself. Whether that would do the trick, he really wasn’t so sure. But, at least he could keep himself focused on applying the Medi-gel to the bullet wound.

As he focused on doing that, Shepard started to once more take on her Commander role. He simply listened as he applied the Medi-gel. However, when she mentioned his old Codename, his talons briefly stopped their work. “ArchAngel huh?” He chuckled as he slowly started to finish up his task. “Haven’t heard that name in quite some time, Shepard. But, got to admit. I still like the sounds of it.” The Turian briefly smirked before looking over the wound. “Though yeah. I think what you are saying sounds about right. Wouldn’t mind being able to find some fellow Turians around here. Reapers though? Not so much.” It was a bit hard to tell if he was joking about the latter. For he really didn’t like the Reapers. Yet, if they were around, the evidence would be quite obvious at this point.

“It might also be good to try to see what kind of currency they have around here. In case we run out of heat sinks for our guns or run out of Medi-gels.” Garrus wasn’t sure if this place even had either of those two things. Then again, he didn’t have much time to investigate before he found himself in a fight with doppelgangers. Thus, the possibility was still out there. “At least, if the information terminal doesn’t already tell us that. After all, no sense for us to go on wild goose chases when the answer is right there.” He grinned a little as he moved to stand up. “The Medi-gel should be starting to harden by now, Shepard. But the more important thing is….do you need any help up, Shepard?” He tilted his head slightly and offered his hand.

We’ve become desolate
It’s not enough

It never is

But I will go on
Until the end.

Where I can be found: Opetter Streets with Shepard
My heart lies with: No one
Weapons on my person: M-92 Mantis V(Sniper rifle) and M-76 Revenant VII(Assault rifle)
Tools on my person: OmniTool and Visor
User Image
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze(Assassin’s Creed Revelations)
~ Master Assassin and head of the Italian Brotherhood

When I was young
I had liberty
But I did not see it

I had time
but did not know it

He shook his head at being called a “villain”. Ezio had never considered someone a villain, let alone himself. He tended to view people in a more “good” versus “evil” kind of way, even if he knew more than anyone that morality tended to be not that simple. However, Ezio shrugged the debate off mentally and let himself chuckle. “Is that so? Well, I wouldn’t be so villain like if I didn’t have to deal with a….“villain”.” He was merely jesting of course. He didn’t think Alex was anywhere near the “evil” of the Templars he faced on a seemingly daily basis. However, Alex did have some unpleasant qualities about him. There was no denying that. But, just because one tended to be unpleasant didn’t mean they were “evil”, even if sometimes Ezio questioned how that worked.

But, Ezio got his mind off that when they started talking about “double dates”. He couldn’t recall ever hearing about them before this moment. If there was one thing he had learned though, it was always that there was always something new to be learned and to be experienced. Thus, Ezio found himself looking forward to this “double date”. However, when Seven started to sound a little sad, he kept himself from frowning. He could understand how saddening it could be without someone a person loved. Though, Ezio had to hold faith that he would be with Sofia again, and thus held faith that Seven would with be with Sice once more. “Yes, we should do so once we find both Sofia and Sice. I’m sure they both will enjoy the experience if it is as pleasant as you say.”

His eyes soon blinked before a bit of a warm smile appeared on his face. “I wouldn’t mind learning more about you either, Seven.” The assassin did honestly mean that. After all, he liked to learn more about his allies and his friends. For knowledge between people truly bonded them in ways that sometimes experiences together could never do. Of course, nothing could beat both knowledge and experience combined though. However, now was not the time for his mind to drift off onto the wisdom he had gained over the years. He needed to focus on the present, which was really oh so limited, yet oh so precious. The present that involved making a…friendship pact? Now that was something he hadn’t heard of before. Whatever it was though, it sounded like a good thing, and something pleasant.

The assassin chuckled when Seven bowed. He couldn’t say he had seen many women do that before. But, he had a feeling it wouldn’t be the first, nor the last. “Alright, and I will make the same promise as your ally and friend. No harm shall come to you, or to Sice once we find her, as long as I have control over the matter.” He was a little too realistic to promise that no harm would come to Sice now. Let alone that no harm would ever to come them. Ezio knew all too well how easily people could get hurt in the blink of an eye. That didn’t mean that Ezio wouldn’t try his best though, as he soon did a similar bow motion to Seven. “Just hope that keeping that promise won’t be difficult.” He lightly teased before straightening himself up.

Unfortunately, due to how fast the realization came to him, he didn’t exactly control himself as well as he should have. Luckily for himself, he was too focused on his realization to notice Seven’s shock or her embarrassment about his bluntness. When rationality finally hit him though, he apologized for his outburst, since he could only assume such matters were still private even now. “I see…that is a preference you have….and you are entitled to it…” Ezio didn’t even have the remote thought of Seven going after Sofia. For one, he was just letting it sink in that such relations were possible, and secondly, Ezio didn’t think Seven was a person that stole someone’s lover from them. Even if she did seem the type, his mind just couldn’t wrap around the idea of Sofia getting stolen from him by a woman!

He placed the hand on her shoulder, and soon felt how her shoulder tensed a bit. But, Ezio kept the hand there as he started to try and ease her possibly worried mind. After all, he could only assume that maybe she was worried about him rejecting her. He couldn’t help but think maybe Leonardo could have felt a similar way that day in Rome. Thus, his mind was already set on making sure he told such similar statements to Leonardo. That is, if he ever got the nerve to ask Leonardo bluntly about his sexual partners. But, that was a matter for another time. “It is good that you enjoy this bond…and yes….I would love to find my friend and tell him the things I have told you…he deserves to know my feelings about the matter as well.”

Ezio nodded when she heard his comment on her fidgeting. However, he tilted his head at the almost serious way she had taken his statement. He hadn’t thought the fidgeting bad. He had only meant his comment as more a tease than anything. But, the assassin simply shrugged it off and smiled at her. “That is usually what happens with such motions. We don’t even know we are doing them until it is pointed out by another.” He smiled more as he once more placed a hand on her shoulder. “And I believe such things are better pointed out by a friend and ally than a complete stranger….or….an Alex?” A faint smirk replaced the smile before he chuckled and grinned. For Alex wasn’t around to get on him, and the man loved to try and mess with him. It was only fair to mess with him back.

Though, teasing soon dissolved into confusion at the appearance of “computers”. Seven had done her best to explain what they were, and her explanation did make some sense. But, that still didn’t take away the fact that such an object was very foreign to him. He might as well have been staring at “Minerva” for the first time again. At least this time though, he had someone to help him figure it out that knew what they were talking about. “I suppose you would be right there. It would take the effort out of having to look over a page. Though, I would wonder if I would really be paying attention as much as I would if I actually read the words.” He looked towards Seven and gave a small smile. “After all, if Sofia read to me…I have a feeling I might end up falling asleep instead of paying attention.”

After talking about his Sofia, he couldn’t help but miss her. He did his best not to let his longing for her overwhelm him to where he couldn’t focus on the world around him. Ezio knew that would be easier said than done. The words Seven spoke though did ease the sadness he felt at not having Sofia around, causing him to smile warmly at Seven. “….Yes….then it is only fair that I make sure you are able to see your Sice….for it would be unfair of me to be the only one that has their loved one by their side.” He blinked slightly when he felt his shoulder punched. But, by the expression on her face, he assumed that had to be a friendly gesture, causing him to do the same back. “I am glad that I am able to give you hope…for you give me hope on being able to see Sofia again…for that I thank you.”

It was then that they now found themselves in what appeared to be a store exclusively for food. The idea really made him think that someone should apply that where he came from. It would be quite handy after all. But, when Seven asked them what they needed, Ezio got his mind off that and went on to answer her question. He smiled at Seven’s eagerness and watched her walk off before he set off on to get his own supplies. He looked around the aisles and gathered the salt, as well as some bread and other food items that appeared to be easily preserved. Once he was done, Ezio started to double check over his items to make sure he had everything. After that, Ezio went and got a bag of sorts to help store all the food items they had gathered.

As he did that, he noticed Seven coming towards him. He smiled at her and moved towards her. He stood in front of her as he watched her present what she had found. There were some vegetables and fruits that he found himself quite unfamiliar with! However, Ezio trusted Seven’s judgment as Seven soon showed him a basket full of chocolate items. While his brown hues glanced over the food items, Seven started to speak to him. “I’m sure I will like it…though you would be correct I’ve not tried these before…” He pointed towards the chocolate strawberries. Before he could ask what they tasted like, Seven asked him about his own quest. He smiled as he showed her a basket with bread and another basket with spices such as salt. “Mine went well, and yes, I have found the spices.”

When Seven asked if they should do anything else, he furrowed his eyebrows as he went over to pay for his items and the bag. Once he did that, he started placing his objects into the bag before tossing another bag towards Seven. “Well first, we should start putting the food we have gotten into these bags so they will be more easily carried around. And then….” He tilted his head as he looked towards the streets. He once more noticed how his attire looked nothing like the attire people wore around here. While he was used to at least somewhat standing out, he felt he might be standing out a little too much. “Maybe I should possibly get another outfit? For I feel my current attire is not going to let me blend well around here.”

As an assassin, blending in was an important aspect of his job. Thus, not being able to blend was not a good thing(Even if that is ironic considering the assassin’s normal attire compared to other’s). “It is not an important necessity though….so if you wish to go ahead and try to find Alex and Vergil, we can do so.” He was going to leave the decision up to Seven as he worked on arranging the bread and spices in his bag.

And I had love
but I did not feel it

Many decades would pass,
before I understood the meaning
of all three.

Where can I be found: Eden Grocery Store with Seven
Love: Sofia Sartor
My weapon of choice: Cherry Bombsx3(These bombs are distraction bombs and are not intended to harm people), Hidden Gun with Bulletsx10, Hidden Blades(One normal blade, and one hook-blade), Persian Shamshir(Basically a Persian Scimitar), Kurdish Jambiya(A curved knife), Poison Dartsx5, and Throwing Knivesx5
Armor: Ishak Pasha’s armor(Without the mask)
Language Translations: None
User Image
~ Devil May Cry

Who’s gonna fight
For what’s right

Who’s gonna help
Us survive

Sparda felt his wife squeeze his hand as he asked her what she wanted to do next. He smiled a little when Eva wanted to find a place to continue to collect herself. His turquoise hues started to move about for any signs of a hotel, or any place that tended to not be overly crowded. “Alright. Then I hope we shall find a place that is to your liking soon enough.” He didn’t want to make the search an all-day thing, or even something that took a few hours. But, Sparda knew that realistically, it would take them a bit to find a place when they didn’t know where they even were. He held back the urge to shrug as he noticed Eva let go of his hand. He looked over to see her taking off the ring Jarlaxle gave her.

The ring made him briefly wonder how Jarlaxle and Sinayne were doing. However, from first impressions of them, as well as the battle they fought together, he had a good feeling they would be able to care of themselves. Though, whether or not Jarlaxle would get his ring back anytime soon….that was a huge unknown. As he stilled look around with his eyes for a suitable place though, he heard Eva make a sound of confusion? He looked over at her just as she looked over at him. His eyes blinked as he now wondered if his own vial was gone. His hands quickly felt through his pockets and blinked more. “Huh….my vial is gone as well…” He furrowed his eyebrows before double checking his pockets just in case. “I’m hoping that is a good thing…” He more muttered that to himself as he soon felt Eva grip his hand once more.

Then he heard a cry for help. The demon looked towards his wife as she looked at him. He was not surprised when she started to run in the direction of the cry. Though, he didn’t let her go alone. Quickly, he followed after her and heard Eva call out for someone to leave the other alone. His lips formed into a frown while his eyebrows furrowed. If the two people were humans, like he suspected, this was going to be slightly hard to deal with. Only because he couldn’t exactly go about this the quick and easy way and just kill the perpetrator. He would have to find some way to get the person to stop without killing them or harming them greatly. Though, the challenge was what always brought him back to involving himself in such situations. After all, life that was too easy was just never his style.

The demon moved to stand a few feet behind Eva just as the criminal started to threaten his wife. He could hear loud growling inside of him. However, Sparda wasn’t about to allow another mishap like the one at the Amusement park. Thus, Sparda forced the anger back as he took a few steps to where he was standing beside his wife. “Now why would you want to take this woman’s belongings?” He smiled faintly, even if the smile appeared to be hiding something. “When you could have more expensive belongings that could easily fetch you a pretty penny?” The demon unstrapped Yamato from his side and gripped the sheath tightly while moving to hold it in front of him. “After all, I’m sure you know as well as I do that antiques like these are well sought after.”

He took a step into the alleyway. He almost appeared like he was going to hand Yamato over to the thief. But, if there was one thing someone learned quickly about Sparda, it was that he was quite possessive of his weapons. Only certain people were allowed to touch them. Let alone wield them, and this thief? Well, he was definitely not on that list. “So, what do you say? My sword for the girl?” He tilted his head slightly and merely watched the thief. After what felt like an eternity, the thief nodded slightly with a hint of a smirk.

“Alright…But, both of you have to come forward, and no funny business.” Sparda briefly glared at the thief when he turned the tables and only would agree if both he and Eva came towards him. The thief didn’t say in what order though. Thus, he bit back the urge to smirk as he tilted his head in the direction of the thief.

“Very well. Let’s go.” He made sure to be the one to move towards the thief first. His hand that gripped Yamato stayed extended out towards the thief in what seemed to be a peace offering. He waited until he was close enough to the thief before thinking of an idea in his head. The idea solidified itself when the thief started to reach his hand towards Yamato. Within the blink of an eye, his free hand gripped the thief’s hand and forced the hand that gripped the knife away from the girl. Then, quickly, Sparda let Yamato drop to the ground as he gripped the thief’s other hand. He pushed the hands back enough to where the thief started to look pained. “….Now why don’t you be the better person and just walk away? After all….I don’t think you want to find out how long it takes for two broken wrists to heal…”

He assumed the girl used the chance to get away from the thief. But, his focus was more on the thief to really take notice. “And why don’t you see what will happen to you when I’m through with you?” Sparda shrugged slightly as he raised his knee forward and hit his knee against the thief’s stomach. He let go of the thief’s wrists and allowed the male to double over and find himself on the ground.

“Sorry….I don’t have the patience to let myself see what that would be.” He made sure to pick up the thief’s knife before choosing to do one last measure. “But…I also don’t have the patience to deal with you possibly trying to come back for yet another round….So….forgive me for the neck-ache you will likely deal with….” With a quick hit to a pressure point on the neck, the demon had knocked out the cocky thief. Out of precaution, Sparda made sure to press his finger against the thief’s pulse point. After making sure there was still a pulse, he gripped Yamato and placed it back on his waist. Then, he stood up and turned to face Eva and the girl. “Now then….are you alright, Miss?” He smiled with ease at the two as if this wasn’t any big deal at all.

A hero’s not afraid
To give his life

A hero’s gonna
Save me just in time

Where can I be found:Alleyway of Somewhere(Arcadia) with Eva
I am willingly tied to: Eva
Weapons on my person: Yamato, Luce and Umbra
Current Form: Human, Demon
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                                                                        Cordelia seemed to smirk as Link said her weapon was impressive as she seemed to have a very smug look on her face. "Thank ya, she thinks the same of yours. Her and me been through hell and back so she could use a compliment every now and then. " She patted her rifle softly only for her to glance at the apple as she waved her hand a bit. "Your welcome, no big deal. " Cordelia wasn't a fan of getting thanked for much. Considering she would rather just kill s**t and thats that, praise was a little too noisy and what not. Though praise from Daddy or her sisters was always welcome, especially from Rosalind considering she kept that one close to her heart.

                                                                        She almost noticed the blush on Link's face but she barely missed it as she shrugged a bit, " Eh, no big. I kinda work the market of savin' people and what ever...plus last time I checked we are weapon buds ain't we? " She said with a slight smirk and wink as she seemed to now wonder on what they had to do next. It seemed though that Link had a idea and wanted to save some area and restore their power? This caused her to chuckle softly as she ruffled her hair a bit. "Well look what we have here, a regular hero that saves the day. Gotta say if ya have a girlfriend she has one hell of a catch, not many of ya heroes left. " She patted his shoulder only to cross her arms as she thought over what to do next. As much as she wanted to just hit up the arena she knew the best choice was to help people.

                                                                        "Well ya made the choice, lets go light up the city! " She punched the air as she started to walk off, slipping her phone from her pocket as she looked at the map ,"Hey, this way.... no s**t this way. " She said calmly as she wandered towards the area to where the issue was. After all the sooner they got it done, the better. As they walked together she seemed to clap together and point to the building. " There it is in all its glory, the Hades Electrical Facility. Now lets go kick some a**! " She said as she seemed to have a eager grin, ready to shoot anything and everything she possibly could. She just hoped that this mission wasn't as boring as possible. She glanced around and saw that some of the lights were off, if not all of them. So this really was the place then, perhaps it would be quick and they could enjoy their money.

                                                                        When the pair made it into the facility she seemed to wave someone down. " Hey, we are hear to uh...turn the ********' lights on and s**t.... " She rubbed the back of her neck, a bit uneasy over it all as she wasn't much of a talker. Though a man came up and grinned. " Oh hey there lass, we got a princess and a fairy here to help us? Well just my luck, I'm gonna die..ah well, lets just hope ya will be some help. Lets get movin' " This left Cordelia a bit confused as she pointed to herself and then Link as she was trying to figure it out. "So which is which...kinda mean to call Link a princess ya know? " She nudged her friend a bit as they were lead to the lift that would take them there.

                                                                        When they got there she noticed something only to sigh rubbing her brow. "Great...we are in the damn dark... Got a light there Link? My scope has night vision or lame-o here might have something. " She pointed to the guy as he held up a flashlight ." Who ya callin' lame-o? I came prepared. He looked smug as she seemed to wave her hand a bit. "What ever lame-o... " She said as she seemed to feel the thing starting to move, she raised her gun and looked down the scope as she noticed something scurrying ."Hey Link...you ain't afraid f bugs are ya? Cause we got big ones.... " She said as she fired a round only for a loud screech to be heard and it plopped down. She then heard more screeching as she seemed to grin and licked her lips....oh yeah, this was going to be a great time.

                                                                        Location: Hades with Link
                                                                        Feelings:Eager to kill some s**t.

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Jeering Darling

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                                                                    Although he heard Shinobu shout for him to wait, the otaku didn't stop walking to his destination, figuring she, as well as Yuri and Alice, would catch up soon as he didn't want to waste anymore time without knowing how Jeane was doing in the care of the owner. Edgar was an old fart so he wasn't going to put it past the inn keeper to forget that he had a little cat to watch over...or was probably a cat molester. Hey, he may be a bit gullible, but he had his reasons to not trust too many people.

                                                                    Soon enough, the young dark-skinned woman appeared right next to him, back to her original ways from the stark contrast of the seemingly "damsel in distressed being saved by her knight" reaction he got from her when he stopped Yuri's clone from clawing at her. He wasn't sure what caused her to act like a blushing school girl since he remembered her being frustrated at the fact he spared her life because he felt she was too young to die just yet. He was naturally oblivious to things that weren't directly in his face, so whatever that was on Shinobu's mind he wouldn't have the slightest idea about and he blamed her sudden girlish reaction on just the fact she, the "apprentice", was being saved by him.

                                                                    Blue eyes glancing in Shinobu's direction as she started to speak, his eyebrow raised at the question as they walked. What did he remember the last time he saw her? As he registered it, he looked forward, but suddenly stopped mid-stride when he pictured Jeane holding her head up high with a gentle smile he hadn't seen in so long as she closed her eyes...

                                                                    "Goodnight, Travis."

                                                                    "...I hope your next dream is a more pleasant one."

                                                                    His head slightly nodded as he said in an even tone, "...The last time I saw you was the last time I saw her." With that he continued walking. Of course Travis remembered. It was burned into his retinas like a sudden bright light popping off in a dark room. He remembered being in a quiet daze from the shock he felt once he realized that he was going to die at his half-sister's hands. He remembered Shinobu coming in at the last minute in desperation to save him, succeeding in cutting him apart from Jeane's arm, thus giving him a chance to kill the blonde when he finally got it. Still to this day, Travis hadn't the slightest clue of why Shinobu saved him or why she was following him in secret to even know what was going on. He wasn't sure if the woman was expecting a "thank you" from him, but if she was it was going to be a half-hearted one... The otaku wasn't happy about the whole situation about his sister to begin with. Yeah, he was given another chance at life and was able to fulfill his revenge he thought he wanted, but he was left feeling empty and betrayed in the end. If he had known... No, payed attention to all the things that were happening with Jeane years ago maybe he could have given her the help she desperately needed since he always wanted her to be okay. She was dead now and although she said she wanted to be free from life itself, Travis wished he could have done their fight very differently.

                                                                    Travis' eyebrows knitted together as he was just trying to push all the thoughts to the back of his mind as he didn't like thinking about that moment, but he kept his lips in a straight line as he didn't want Shinobu or anyone else pressing him about it. He just wanted to get into the damned inn already. "You think Sylvia might have gotten chucked over here, too?" he said, changing the subject as he shifted his shades on the bridge of his nose. He wouldn't be surprised to see the crafty woman there as Shinobu was living proof. "Wish I had my damn cell phone so I can call Bishop and see what the hell is going on."

                                                                    Pushing through the doors of the Inn, the assassin didn't leave much time for Edgar to have some peace and quiet as the man shouted, "Hey, you old coot! Where are ya?"

                                                                    Edgar popped his head out from behind one of the doors, looking to be relieved when he saw that it was just Travis and Shinobu and not any thugs. "Oh, so everything is alright outside?" the man asked, worry creasing his brow as he fully stepped out into the lobby, but the crease only seemed to deepen as Travis began to scowl.

                                                                    "Yeah, but where the ******** is my cat?" The otaku becoming accusatory as he walked forward and Edgar jumped slightly.

                                                                    "Oh! My wife has her. Dear! Come out here...Now."

                                                                    Travis' hostile stance didn't ease until the older man's wife came out with Jeane in hand and the otaku walked over and took the kitten from her. "Hey, girl. You missed me?" Travis cooed, lightly scratching her behind one of her ears as he turned to face Shinobu.

                                                                    "So? What were you doing last before you got shipped here? Everything became gray and s**t?" he questioned, now thinking about what should their next course of action should be because he wasn't going to be staying in this place that was for sure. He didn't know what Yuri and Alice's plans were, but he was hoping that they all could come to a simple conclusion about all of the weird things that were happening and the fact they all weren't from the same time frame. He also needed to pay Alice back somehow as she not only got him and Jeane out of the rain by convincing the inn keeper's wife to bring him along, she also did some magic that healed him from a bad injury, so he needed to do something for her before they were ever to part and he wasn't going to allow her to decline like last time. There were a lot of things he needed to know about Yuri as well such as how in the hell could he transform into freaking monsters? It was cool...except for the turning into a fairy wearing a bikini part.

                                                                    ① (location) - Zion//Inn lobby
                                                                    ② (mood) - A little somber in the inside, but okay.
                                                                    ③ (weapons) - Tsubaki Mk-III
                                                                    ④ (currently) - with Shinobu

                                                                    "Travis speaking"

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                                                                  Jill seemed to give a slight stare at Leon as he joked about Claire and himself getting all the sun, her expression almost said 'oh really now?' in a sarcastic sense as she seemed to shrug a bit, tossing one hand up into the air. "Such a kind guy, I will let ya know when I really want the sun. " Jill listned to both of the list of the shopping list as she seemed to nod with it all. It would be wise if they all got more medical herbs and sprays, considering they didn't know what was in store for them. She glanced at Claire's weapon only to press her lips together, looking the fire arm over. "Yeah, we can do some shopping and get you one like mine or even hotshot over here. " She jetted a thumb towards Leon as she in all honesty was slightly jealous of his weapon, only slightly. Though she enjoyed the punch ad speed hers had to offer.

                                                                  It seemed that the joke over the tram continued as Jill chuckled softly, it was nice to be in good humor but it did remind her of her younger days and times with Chris. She then cocked a brow and put one hand on her hip ."So your ride is a show not tell sort of thing huh Chris? " She added only to hear the man state that one day he will find her own express preference as it caused her to think for a moment and then shook her head as if to toss out the thought. "Maybe, doubtful though. " She wasn't going to reveal that part of her mind or life to anyone. After all she was a fighter before a romancer or thats what her life forced her to be with outbreak after outbreak and all.

                                                                  Jill was glad that Claire knew she was joking about the whole dancing thing, though she would almost admit to wanting to see Leon do it considering well, he was attractive and al plus she could use it against him later. Sadly it seemed that their money situation was worse off then she had expected. This caused Jill to wonder how in the hell they were going to get all the s**t they needed. She simply shook her head for now as she was about to agree with Claire over not having much choice as she froze completely hearing a faint voice...Chris?

                                                                  She slowly turned her head in the direction of the source as she heard her name shouted this time which caused her heart to skip a beat. The man then seemed run towards her as she turned to face him, her body still numb as part of her worried that he might vanish before her eyes again. "Chris... " Though when he was within reach she was half tempted to reach out and touch him, her eyes still in a deep daze. She heard what Chris said only for Claire to be the one that snapped her out of it as she stated why she was the better of the Redfields. She looked over to the sister as she arched her brow, though a smile formed as she nodded ." Yeah, you kinda are. Though Chris has his puppy like charm. " She decided to take a jab at Chris...because she could and for once in this miserable trip she was happy. Not to say that Leon and Claire didn't make her happy but to find her partner, well they would understand.

                                                                  When Claire stated it was good to see him in one piece Jill was conflicted now on what to do. She wanted to hug Chris and never let him go but then she also wanted to slap him just because. Though before she could do that her eyes wanted over to Helena as Claire stated that Chris might not be that bad with women. A slight and faint ping of jealousy came and gone as she smirked. "No trust me, he is pretty inept. " She decided to take another hit at the man only for introductions to follow to their newest member. Jill offered her hand to Helena , after Claire got her introduction and handshake out of the way. "The name is Jill Valentine, I don't have family around here but I am Chris's long time partner. Thanks for making sure he is safe, he needs all the protection he can get. " Okay, that one was a little harsh as she then seemed to look to Chris and smirked to let him know she was playing.

                                                                  Though her eyes narrowed as she noticed Chris was different and looked like he had been through hell and back. If she knew anything it was how to read Chris for the most part. After you fought zombies for as long as they did you kinda get to know a person. She tilted her head and wanted to ask what was wrong with the man but there were too any people around. Instead she decided to bite the bullet as she moved in front of Chris and then hugged the man suddenly, resting her head on his shoulder. She had a feeling that she might get taunted for this but she had to make sure he was real....after all her luck she is imagining all this. Though as she sat there for a moment, she could hear his heart, smell his scent and feel his warmth. "Never disappear again got it Chris....I am glad to see you partner...we got a lot to talk about. " She said that loud enough for him to hear only as she let him go and then crossed her arms and looked around to group as Helena was looking away as she chuckled. "Well now we got plenty of people for information gathering and job hunting....plus we can make Chris do all the heavy lifting. " She said with a small smirk as she waited to see what everyone else was planning, after all she was in a bit of a haze. Though she could also note that Chris seemed slightly older or perhaps that was due to being worn out after the fight with Wesker, she really couldn't tell.


                                                                  Location: Iria Underground // Sewers
                                                                  Allies: Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy
                                                                  Feelings: Happy but doing her best to hide it.

                                                                  Weapons: x2 Skorpion vz. 61 , Heckler & Koch P8, combat knife.
                                                                  Ammo & Supplies : Sub-machine gun clips x3, Pistol x4, Green herbs x2, First aid spray x 1, Lighter, Lockpick.
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User Image

                                                                        Helena seemed to tilt her head a bit, trying to add all the equation together as she seemed to close her eyes for the moment. A bit of information dancing on her mind as she remembered that Ada was there helping them when they were trying to take down Simmons. So how did she go from one point to another? "That so.... " It was clear that she was in thought as she was trying to put it all together. She then seemed to cup her chin as she seemed to look down to the ground . When the man asked how Leon took the information she seemed to frown a bit, "He took it as well as he could... " She added as she seemed to shake her head only to point at Chris. "The only thing that bugs me now that I can think about it is that Ada was there helping us with Simmons...seems that she lead him along like a lost puppy and he fell in love with her. Seems like a reoccurring theme with her. " She had a very faint bit of spite in her tone as she didn't like how the woman teased Leon, not because of her own feelings but she saw it as unfair. Then again Helena was a rather forward woman when it came to everything because she didn't enjoy beating around the bush.

                                                                        It seemed that Chris joked about the chances of this being a drug trip only for Helena's lip to barely tug up as she crossed her arms looking the man over. She noticed that he stated he had learned his leason before as her inner FBI agent wanted to pry into the subject but she respected Chris so she wouldn't do that. After all if Chris needed to get some s**t off his chest he could with her, she wasn't a therapist but she had been a shoulder to lean on. For the time being she decided it was best to remain on a friendly term and not analyze him and figure out if there is a deeper meaning to it all ." Oh? Well I have been there and done that myself. " She added as she was referring to her sister more in that sense considering she was the partier. Helena was quite glad that the man before her didn't catch her weak moment when she thought over her sister and hw she might be saved if she was here. After all if he saw it then he might let Leon know and that was a talk she kinda wanted to avoid.

                                                                        She noted that he couldn't get a signal as well which was kinda disappointing. She was half hoping that he would considering it would make their day a lot simpler. But she knew that it wasn't that easy though that made her day a lot better. She then cracked her fingers a bit ," Well, I don't mind the old fashioned way. " When he asked if thats what she meant by refilling the bullet she nodded ."Yep, you are sharper then you look. " Even Helena had a teasing side, just she rarely did so considering she was used to being serious constantly as someone had to be in her family.

                                                                        It seemed that Chris had a plan over it all as she tilted her head. "Yeah, I am not much of a fan to wild goose chases. I ike to know whats going on and why. " She said with assurance.Though as they walked towards the area she noticed that Chris had stopped in his tracks. This caused Helena to be slightly confused as she looked to where he was as she narrowed her eyes. She thought she noticed one of them but he seemed a bit different. Was that...no she wasn't about to get her hopes up.

                                                                        Though it seemed that Chris had a change of plans as Helena was about to say something as she noticed that Chris started to run off. She sighed a bit and shook her head. "Men... " This caused Helena to run after her as she didn't want to get left behind. Though the results she got was quite shocking as she stood there near Chris but her eyes were locked on Leon...he was a lot younger it looked or maybe he dyed his hair and got some skin products? Either way she stood there as she looked to the whole group. She felt like the new fish in the pond and that was for sure with how they bantered back and forth. Chris then stated that it was Leon as she felt a spark in her chest , a good one, as she seemed to smile faintly. "Yeah... " She muttered to herself for the moment as she would greet the man when all the conversation between the familiar faces was over. After all she had manners and was more of a listener then a talker at times and this was one of those moments.

                                                                        Though soon she seemed to see a hand before her as she looked to the source of it only to look at Claire. She listened to the woman only to offer her hand back with a slight nod. " Pleasure to meet you Claire, the name is Helena Harper and is that so? I still don't know if I could believe it. " She said calmly only to see another hand offered as she chuckled faintly. "Seems I am pretty popular... " She joked only to take Jill's hand as she shook that as well ," Helena Harper encase you didn't hear, and not a problem. I am used to protecting people. " Helena said as she glanced over to Leon and then decided now was the best time to talk to her.

                                                                        She seemed to set both hands on he hips and looked to Leon with her full attention ."I'm glad to see you partner, after all I just got the chance to join the team after all. I wouldn't want to abandon you....but have you done something new with your look? Or am I just going crazy? " She asked as she seemed to look at him hoping that this was Leon ," Well hate to be the bearer of bad news but we gotta keep on our mark and figure whats going on. Who wants to take lead? " Helena asked as she wasn't too much of a leader considering Leon had far more experience then her. So she wondered if her partner would pick up the role or perhaps Claire, Chris, or Jill considering they didn't know them that well.

                                                                        Location: Nergal with Chris Redfield
                                                                        Feelings:A bit out of place but at least a few familiar faces were around

                                                                        User Image
DominoBangBang's avatar

Jeering Darling

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                                                          Blinking his eyes at Rei as a small smirk spread across his features when she seemed to playfully object to him being so flippant about having protected her from the strange beings, Henry chuckled softly,"Sorry Ma'am, I clearly forgotten that there were no parks present earlier. Perhaps a "walk about town" then?" Upon hearing Miku inquire further about the "Dopplegangers" Rei had spoke of, it seemed she and her companions were met with the same situation.

                                                          "Yes...actually they carried the same weapon as me and mirrored me on down to my sense of style when it comes to handling swords. Rei's was swinging a camera around, too. Can say all of them had a menacing look in their eyes so they were meaning to do more than just harm us," Henry answered honestly, looking a little more serious. He didn't see no use in trying to sugar coat when it was clear as all could see that the evil "twins" wanted to have them dead. "They kept coming, so luckily Rei and I caught the next train that was leaving. I see you got around without a scratch so maybe Rei was right about you having a mean right hook."

                                                          The smirk reappeared on his lips by the latter part of his remark as he had noticed that Miku looked fine and had no injuries that he could see just by looking at her. After he had given Miku permission to address him by his first name instead of going by honorifics as he felt he wasn't of age to be called "Mister" just yet, Rei surprisingly decided to take that as her chance to be a joker as she teasingly questioned if she saw any stray gray hairs in his head. Henry's grin grew a little as he tilted his head to the side and arched a brow as one of his hands rushed his fingers through his hair, "What are you trying to say? Nice to see yer in a more playful mood." A chuckle then left his lips and he shook his head as he stood up straight.

                                                          When the question about whether they were all from the same place or not had come up, Miku seemed relieved that Henry had called out Ireland as it was a familiar place even though it wasn't Japan like Rei had said she was from. His grin broaden at her as she said that she heard nice things about his homeland,"Really? Then you and Rei should come visit sometime because you heard right." Even though Henry knew he wasn't born there, Ireland had became his home ever since his Irish adoptive parents made him their son.

                                                          As Rei commented about wishing to help him get back to Sylvia, only to get confused about what title she rightfully had, Henry smiled,"My wife and don't worry about it. I know yer quite excited about being reunited with Miku again so I understand being "frazzled"." He would have been happy to see Sylvia again, but he was more so eager to see the woman so he could get answers to the questions he should have been asking her a long time ago. He wanted to know was she really getting intimate with his own brother because the answer was going to ultimately decide what he was going to do about their marriage...

                                                          "Oh, I have no idea about fending off ghosts so I think Rei could really use your help because I'm guessing you have a lot more experience in the business," Henry laughed after Miku expressed that she felt they could do fine without her. "I might be the one needing the saving."

                                                          When it seemed that Rei was on the same ship as him when it came to Miku's suggestion of bringing her two companions along, Henry was waiting for Miku to lead the way, but Rei beat the other woman to it as she suddenly grabbed her hand and his, pulling them along. "Uh, yes. Food would be nice," Henry recovered from his surprise as he walked along side Rei and Miku. He suddenly wished that Sylvia wasn't around just yet to witness Rei holding his hand because even though she was holding Miku's as well and it was purely innocent, his wife was a very jealous woman and wouldn't spare Rei's feelings when it came to letting her displeasure with the Japanese woman be known. He didn't care about whatever choice words she had for him, but he was more concerned about whatever she might want to say to Rei and Miku as the two women had been nothing, but nice to him.

                                                          Soon enough Miku had pointed out her two companions and they had come to a stop in front of them. It didn't take long for the assassin to notice that they definitely were dressed differently in comparison to him, Rei and Miku. Like they were from the Middle Ages. He also noted that the man had bluish-white hair. An odd hair color for someone of his age to have in the first place as he didn't look like he needed a cane to help him walk around. He glanced at Rei wondering if she noticed as well before looking back at the couple as he offered a wave of his hand in greeting to them while Miku asked them if they wanted to accompany them on their ghost hunt.

                                                          ⅱ⇜moodAt ease, but confused.
                                                          ⅲ⇜weaponsCross Sword
                                                          ⅳ⇜currently With Rei, Miku, Cecil and Rosa

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"Henry speaking"

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