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One thing I don't know why,It doesn't even matter how hard you try,Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme,To explain in due time,All I know,
Time is a valuable thing,Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings,Watch it count down to the end of the day,The clock ticks life away,It's so unreal,
Didn't look out below,Watch the time go right out the window,Trying to hold on, but didn't even know,Or wasted it all just to watch you go,
I kept everything inside,And even though I tried,it all fell apart,What it meant to me will eventually be,A memory of a time when..

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Feelings: MOOD
Origin: .hack//GU
Location:Hades with Jeane

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When Alkaid successfully got through to Jeane she started to smile which was short lived. Soon her eyes went wide as her collar was grabbed and her body was pulled closer to Jeane. This caused the red head to basically freeze in the moment. She knew that Jeane was a killer, she stated before but Alkaid was a kid at heart and it was going to take her time to get used to it. At one point Alkaid tried to break her gaze from Jeane but it seemed as if it was pulled into it, learning she was unable to do so. Though the threat was quite absurd she felt as if the woman was truthful about it. When she was let go she seemed to grab her collar and fix it, her gaze falling to the ground. "I may be a kid but I am not dumb, I heard ya and won't forget alright? You really think I would break your trust? That kinda pisses me off, I don't do that sort of thing. When I put myself into someone, they are the one to break it not me...got that sis? " Alkaid sounded a bit stronger at the end of what she said, her eyes darting up to look at Jeane and even in the eyes. She hated being doubted, even if it was only a little.

Though before she could address anything it seemed like a group of people had come up, a white haired man and a guy in a hoodie? This caused a frown to form as the hooded man seemed to go on and attack Jeane verbally. Though it seemed that Jeane had handled it herself which caused Alkaid to sigh a bit. Then it seemed that Alex wanted to address her, this caused her brow to furrow and then she seemed to grit her teeth, back away? She was not the type to run and hide because some guy got his panties in a twist. She would bet if he worth them they would be pink hearts. "If you want to settle this 'score' with my sister then you gotta handle me too ya idiot! Do you normally do this with women? No wonder you are walking around with a guy! Go get a life and leave ours alone, Jeane told you she didn't know you so thats that. Go away. " Alkaid said as she turned her back to the man and started to walk off and then glanced to Jeane, her anger apparent on her face. That guy had some balls to come up to Alkaid like that after what Jeane and her just went through.

Though she decided to walk off a bit and crossed her arms, letting out a slight sigh. She had a feeling that this might escalate and that Jeane might be pissed if she interfered so she would just wait for her chance to prevent the death of Jeane if she could. She glanced back to Jeane and spoke up, wondering what her plan would be now. "So we going or not sis? I don't got all day. " She had a slight smirk on her face as if she was trying to show the other woman she was joking.

Alkaid then seemed to get lost in thought, she had been through a lot in this world, Between Drake vanishing and her helping him with his injury. Meeting up with Jeane who seemed to be a killer in her world and now was her sister. She was also severely injured against a Haseo copy as she let her hand fall down to her side where his chainsaw blade had dug into her flesh. She then continued to kill the man, the person she once had a crush on and still might, she killed a exact look alike. Alkaid's eyes hazed a bit as her young mind seemed to be changing at a dramatic rate. A few days before she was worried about homework and athletics and now she is a killer and worried about being killed, meeting exotic people that a high school student might never meet. Alkaid then started to chuckle, in a broken sort as it was a little here and there. She then covered her mouth as she then started to laugh a little more. Then she stopped and looked to the sky, was she becoming a different person? Was it for the better or worse? She was kinda eager to find out.

It was then her eyes moved back to Jeane and for a split second she thought that it might not be bad that she could end up a killer. Though it slipped her mind for a moment as she ruffled her own hair and then crossed her arms as she looked to her sister again. "So whats the plan? We leaving this place or we stayin' sis? Its got a ugly air to it now so I am more comfortable to leaving but , eh, your choice. " Alkaid really didn't care, she just wanted to stick by Jeane's side, after all she was the only family Alkaid had, even if she was adopted.

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To remind myself how

I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised

It got so far
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end
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                                                                        The woman then watched as Garrus decided to show off the skill she was taunting him with. In all truth it was far fetched to be able to kill 3 people with a single shot, then again if the gun had enough force and damage to it then perhaps it may. Though the true reason to it being able to do such a feat would lead back to the concept of the user. A gun after all was only as deadly as the weilder. She watched as the Turian seemed to switch his weaponry to his trusted rifle. The Asari watched curiously as Garrus spoke, she wanted to see it to be honest, to make sure it wasn't just some tale he told. Though when he spoke up and fired she watched as two of them fell over, her brow rose a bit when the third finally took its fall as her mouth fell open slightly. "Impressive.... " She spoke at a decent volume to where Garrus probably heard it. "your skill definately lives up to your stories. I can now understand why you hold such a title. " She said to assure the man she was impressed and now she knew why Garrus won the firing competition between Shepard and himself.

                                                                        It was true that the person that stole away the two android women had no device, so he had to have some sort of power? This caused her curiousity to perk even more as she was half tempted to find the man that did the action and inquire more about it. Though she didn't want to vanish into thin air like they did so that urge quickly fell. "Perhaps it is a mystery that we will never find the answer for. Perhaps its best that we never do. " She spoke calmly as she then seemed to take a few shots at some clones. Wanting to get this fight over so she may get all the answers she desired so much. After all her curious mind never liked to be denied answers.

                                                                        Liara seemed to look over to the Geth as her eyes soon widened, he had vanished. This caused the Asari woman to grasp her omni-tool and attempt to look for any signs of Legion but it seemed to come up empty. That was a true oddity. It was just like how the man before had robbed the world of the two women that were standing there. She then seemed to glance over to Garrus with a worried look over her face. "Lets hope for his safety and that we are not next on that list. " She tried to joke about it as she then watched the fight end shortly after. Perhaps that being had a way to end it? Well the saying never look a gift horse in the mouth applied in such a situation. "I care not to be brought to where ever that power takes someone. If I go home I wish for it to be under my own power. " She stated sternly as she then wonder if there was even a way home.

                                                                        "I hope to fight none of my own clones either...as for your clones being ugly, they looked just like you without color. Are you insulting yourself Garrus? " She posed the question but it also was a joke, her eyes looking over the edge as she noticed Garrus standing and she soon followed in the action. She then heard his offer of answering any questions but not all at once, his joke didn't go unnoticed as she seemed to laugh faintly. "I see...well perhaps you can answer the first question that comes to mind. What was the last memory you bear from our galaxy before coming to this world. Also is there anything that stands out and shows the chance for us going home? Have you encountered Shepard as of yet? Also, where are we? " She then realized that it might be too many questions as she then raised her hand ."Forgive me, was that too many questions? You may answer only a few if you like. " She said as she then looked down to her pistol and then slipped it back into its holster, not wanting a bystander to think that she was a enemy or going to shoot them. "I will also answer any questions in return if you like Garrus, after all it is only fair. " At least she thought so considering it was a eye for a eye situation.

                                                                        "It may also be best if we leave this area, if there is any form of authority they may come looking for the source of the conflict and seeing as we are the only ones here then we may be arrested. I care not for such a complication, plus we need to find more answers. " She advised as she then looked around for the man that took T-Elos and Kos-Mos away. If he was still around then perhaps they would be in trouble but she couldn't tell.

                                                                        Location: Opetter with Garrus
                                                                        Feelings: slight worry and curiousity
                                                                        My heart belongs to : It was Shepard...

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                                                                        Cordelia seemed to furrow her brow a bit as she looked to Link's response to her greeting. Was ths man sheltered or grew up in a shoe. Either way she just nodded. "Yeah, you got that part right. " She said clearly to make him feel better. Though she seemed to be a bit marveled at the concept over him being a elf. Even when he pulled on his ear to show it was real and his pain in his face was a sure sign they were! She then smirked. "Bad a**. Good to know you aren't the crazed elves. I don't want to kill ya if I don't gave ta' " She said as she then seemed to adjust the strap on her body that kept her gun on her back.

                                                                        The Starling sister saw the elf marvel over her weapon or she hoped considering the only thing left in that area was her dirty pillows and those weren't for touching. She confirmed that it was her rifle as she seemed to smirk in pride . "Like what ya see ? Well show me yours and I will show ya mine...deal? Oh yeah, you can touch it too, she is a real beaut. " It was then she un-clipped it and caught it as it fell. She swung it around to hold in front of her offering it to the elf man before her.

                                                                        The next part was really a killer as she noticed him inspecting his hands. This caused her to let out a small laugh ." You are a trip dude... You got a lot to learn if ya don't know what I meant. " She said as she held her rifle in one hand with ease, showing how strong she was or just giving a little insight. Though when he gave his name, or well thats what she thought it was she tilted her head. "Huh....Link, thats kinda simple but hell of a unique one. Fits ya I guess. " She said bluntly as she really wasn't one to care about someone's feelings. After all she was a adult, seasoned hunter, and well a Starling, they stepped on toes constantly.

                                                                        When he pointed out something Cordelia seemed to look over her shoulder at it, it was a map? This caused her to smirk a little ."Bingo, way to go Link...with eyes like that I am pretty sure you might be a good sniper. " She said simply as she then followed the man to the map. The name of the place made her chuckle ."Hades...really well now I am in hell... " She said as she leaned in towards it and started to stroke her chin and look over the map as well as the notes. "Well seems they got a train station which might lead out of this hell...and a prison? Oh...that sounds fun, might be some fun game in there. Then a arena to test our skills? Well damn that sounds fun. Uh...other then that, not much is ringing a bell. Oh well there seems to be food and place to crash over this area but yeah...wanna go check out something Link? "

                                                                        Cordelia then seemed to pull out her cell phone and then frowned a bit. "Not a damn signal. What ever brought me here best know its going to get its a** kicked because it was my lil' sister's birthday. If they touched one hair on either of their heads....oh this places name wont equal to the hell I will bring down on em' " She said to herself as she realized she might have unsettled her friend ."We are a tight family, protective older sister and s**t ya know? " She offered a half smirk as she plucked one of the papers off ,"Seems this says there is a job board near the arena, perhaps we can get some cash and then get some answers? " She asked with a slight shrug, seemed like the best plan in her own eyes.

                                                                        Location: Hades with Link

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Jeering Darling

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                                                          When Rei commented that the current point in her life wasn’t the right time for her to consider having children at the moment, the assassin nodded in agreement. “It is always best to think of your well-being and happiness first before having thoughts of bringing a child into the world, so I say yer thinking responsibly,” he responded, an easy going grin spreading across his face. “No rush anyway. Won’t be the end of the world if you decide not to have little Rei’s running around.” Henry wasn’t sure if the Japanese woman was only thinking of a having a child one day just to fulfill the wishes of family or because she genuinely wanted to, so he decided to add the latter to the rest of his comment just in case she needed to hear it. He knew it would be something he would like to hear from time to time since his parents always questioned about whether or not he and Sylvia were going to leave a legacy behind…

                                                          “Hmm, I guess you can say I am,” Henry gave the raven-haired woman a playful smirk when she supposed that he was an important person from where he lived, keeping the same expression despite the fact she followed up with a question asking whatever it was he did for a living. He wasn’t going to tell her he was an assassin for he would be a fool if he did that so with everyone else in his life who wasn’t his wife or anyone he could trust with such information since being a contracted killer wasn't considered "good", he settled with a half-truth. "Though as I said before, my interest in swords is more of hobby. I work in a business with my father. Specializing in fine Irish liquors. Been around for a long time so you can say I'm next in line in overseeing the family business once my old man kicks the bucket."
                                                          He sounded oddly impassive talking about his adoptive father dying because, well, Henry knew that there will be a day he won't be around anymore. He did love him, but he accepted that life wasn't always promised... He was sure the old fart will be resting somewhere peacefully with his whiskey in the afterlife if there was one.

                                                          It didn't take long for the Irish man to tease Rei when she suggested that he could make a silly face for her so she could photograph it, the Japanese woman looked to be turning pale and her expression was mortified when she was under the assumption that she offended him. He would have liked to keep her thinking that, but he thought it would be a bit cruel to do that to her especially when she was obviously troubled by a lot of things, so he toned down his mischievous ways for her sake, but it did look like she needed a laugh. "As long as you don't see me whipping it out to relieve myself then no it is not literal," he responded to her with a chuckle.

                                                          Henry shrugged his shoulders, an easy-going smile etching across his features as she expressed her gratitude for agreeing to come along with her on her sudden journey of ghostbusting,"Whatever makes you happy. No problem for me."
                                                          It seemed he opened up a painful subject when he asked about her. His forehead creased with concern as he listened to her pained explanation of this Miku she hoped to see again. A dead fiance and now a dead friend...no wonder Rei had this subtle morose air about herself. He almost opened his mouth to say that he was sorry and shouldn't have brought it up to begin with, but Rei beat him to the punch and stated that she needed to open up to someone, almost making the assassin give out a relieved sigh. Placing a hand on the Japanese woman's shoulder, he gave it a gentle squeeze and offered her a smile, "No...I don't think so. I'm sorry about your friend and fiance, Rei. I'm sure they cherished their time with you as much as you did them."

                                                          He reached into the inner pocket of his trench coat and pulled out a handkerchief, holding it out for her to take as he continued to speak,"Now dry those eyes. I'm not sure they would like to see you cry. They might want to beat me up if they think I had something to do with your tears."
                                                          Henry lightly chuckled as he gave a small jest about the ghosts of her loved ones attacking him if they thought he made her cry, hoping to lighten her mood a little. Suddenly Rei came to fall to floor of the cart on her behind once they docked, he was about to reach down and pull her back up, but she managed to get back on her feet just as quickly as she had fell, nodding when she suggested they get a move on. He continued following her lead, eyebrows furrowing together as his eyes witnessed her tattoos beginning to spread across the rest of her skin. Now that was freaky! This ghost business was no ******** joke and he was positive that tattoos appearing on Rei's body was not going to be the only crazy thing they'll be seeing!

                                                          "Yeah, that could be useful if we want to see what is further ahead since my katana will only illuminate my surrounding area like a torch. Lets keep an eye out for any stores," he agreed on possibly purchasing a flashlight for they didn't know if the place they were going to was pitch black, and considering he was anticipating all of this to carry out like a horror film, he wasn't going to assume that there would be light. His blue eyes shifted to look out of the corner of his eye when he heard a feminine voice call out Rei's name, seeing a woman running towards them. When she stopped and offered him a smile, Henry returned it, never one to be rude to those who were showing good manners. Little did he know Rei was finally about to get her wish...

                                                          ⅰ⇜locationAssyria||Transport station
                                                          ⅱ⇜moodAt ease, but confused.
                                                          ⅲ⇜weaponsCross Sword
                                                          ⅳ⇜currently With Rei and another young woman (Miku)

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"Henry speaking"
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Garrus Vakarian
~Mass Effect 3

Why give up?
Why give in?

It’s not enough
It never is

Admittedly, Garrus hadn’t been too sure he would get the triple kill with one shot. After all, as he had told the story, the third person had merely died in fright. Thus, he hadn’t actually ever achieved the fret before. However, when a challenge was thrown his way, there was no way Garrus was about to back down. Though, it would be him that would have to deal with the teasing if he failed. But, that was a fact of life. Sometimes a person failed, and sometimes a person achieved their goal. Also, that goal was sometimes achieved easily, and sometimes it was hard to do. But, in this case, the fret had been both achieved and had been surprisingly easy to do. The Turian had to keep himself from looking shocked, or else he would give away his own surprise.

“Yes. I may have some pride to my name…” Well, a lot of pride actually. But, technicalities! “But, I like to stay as mostly truthful as possible.” He chuckled a little and gave a Turian version of a grin. For Garrus liked to consider himself a very honest individual. However, a person could not be honest all the time. It was just a fact of life. There would also be no way to joke around or trick others if lies were never done. Though, the latter form of non-honesty was something Garrus preferred to avoid. If only to keep himself from feeling guilt at tricking others more than needed. “Maybe I could even teach you and the others that trick sometime. It isn’t that hard. Just some luck and some good aiming is all.” He patted his sniper rifle as he grinned. “Oh, and the perfect pack of heat too.”

The Turian knew the fact the person appeared to have no device was unnerving. That meant that possibly, in Nugascen, there was a sense of the “supernatural”. If that was the case, there would be plenty of unexplained occurrences. A fact that both unnerved Garrus and excited him at the same time. After all, if he could show a thing or two to someone that had such abilities, then he really could call himself the best sniper ever to exist. However, like Liara said, it was likely best they didn’t know. Not when they could be next. “Kind of like the Reapers? I think a lot of us could have gone without knowing they actually existed.” The moment they knew that truth, their whole worlds were shattered in a way. Then again, it was better the illusion be destroyed than for them to get wiped out by the Reapers.

He blinked a little at Liara’s wide eyed gaze. Did she see something? When he looked in the direction she was looking, Garrus realized it wasn’t something she was seeing. It was something she was not seeing! Where was Legion? His eyes darted about in search of the Geth. Yet, all he could see was a one or two of his discolored clones. Though this time, there had been no white haired male in sight. Unless the white haired male could simply teleport people without actually being there? The Turian quickly shoved that thought away. For if he could not allow himself to start getting paranoid. But, Liara’s worried look was completely justified. Even if Garrus wished there was some way he could ease her worry. “Yeah. I wouldn’t be next on that guy’s “hit list”.”

Garrus tried to joke back. Yet, it was bit hard considering how he felt. However, like always, he kept himself calm. A leader, let alone any warrior, couldn’t show any form of weakness, especially around their comrades. But, as Liara soon sternly stated, Garrus knew he felt the same way. However, with three people having just been teleported away from them, he could only hope lack of choice would be the least of their problems. “I agree. While I like being dragged around by someone every now and then, I don’t care to have no choice in the matter.” He found himself laughing at how ironic that was. Considering when he agreed to go with Shepard, he had no idea what he was being dragged into. But, Garrus wouldn’t regret his choice for the world. “After all, makes things less fun when it is forced.”

Sometimes, he couldn’t tell if Liara was joking. Then again, it wasn’t like the Asari was the Queen of jesting just yet. Thus, he looked towards where his clones had been. His talon lightly scratching along his chin. “Hmmmm….maybe? Guess it depends on if you believe discolored and highly unskillful versions of me are the same as myself…Though, if that is how you view me, I would gladly beg to differ.” Just in case, Garrus allowed himself to sound teasing. But, if she wasn’t joking, then they might have problems. But for now, the Turian let that go. His mind now focused on trying to answer Liara’s curiosities. Even if he wasn’t sure she would believe half of what was going to come out of his mouth. Thus, Garrus felt the one question at a time approach would be best.

But, he should have known Liara would not be able to contain herself. His hand went cover his mouth to keep himself from chuckling. She really was the curious Asari wasn’t she? He kept his hand over his mouth even as Liara apologized. Though, once Garrus felt he could move his hand, it was obvious from his grin that he had taken no offense. “Naw. I should have realized the Shadow Broker could never contain herself.” He teased her and gave a light chuckle. Though, as Garrus tried to figure out which question to answer first, Liara offered the same to him. “Duly noted. But, I got to answer your questions first before I start blasting you with some.” Then again, due to his days as a C-Sec officer, Garrus knew how to keep himself contained. Well, most of the time anyway.

However, just as Garrus figured out the first question to answer, Liara gave a very good suggestion. So far, no one had approached them. But, it likely wouldn’t stay that way for long. “Good idea. We’ll move away from this area first, and then I’ll answer your questions.” With that, the Turian started to move away from the station. He assumed Liara was following him as he took random turns down random streets, not caring if they got lost at the moment. Once they got some distance away from the train station, Garrus stopped himself and turned to face Liara. “Alright. I think that’s far enough, don’t you?” With that, the Turian remembered the first question he was going to answer. “Now, I hope you don’t mind me going out of order here. But, that will just make it easier for me to cut to the chase.”

He made sure no one was close by before starting to answer Liara’s questions. “Location wise, I want to say I saw the name “Opetter Train Station” in the area we were previously in. So, I believe that means we are in the city of Opetter, which is in a country or world called Nugascen…I don’t know for sure on the latter.” After all, Garrus couldn’t remember if T-ELOS described Nugascen as a world, or a country. “As for Shepard, no I haven’t seen her. Last time I saw her was when she and I were having a conversation before she went to see Admiral Anderson.” Garrus did wonder if Shepard was alright. But, the Turian knew she could handle herself. She always had…“Which leads to the answer to my last memory before coming here.” Garrus shrugged a little as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Last memory was after that conversation with Shepard, and I was just standing around waiting for orders to move on that Reaper device. The one that we believed to be a teleporter from Earth to the Citadel, with the Citadel orbiting Earth then due to Reaper interference.” He hoped Liara would also be from the same timeframe since her outfit was the same. But, he could not be sure with how Legion was from the past. Even further back than when the Reapers had actually started to attack! “And as for getting home part…Unfortunately…I haven’t seen anything to indicate a way home.” He wasn’t sure if he should tell Liara about T-ELOS rant. Would she lose hope of going home if she heard the gynoid’s words, or would she remain stubborn like he and Legion did?

In the end, he decided to put his faith in Liara. “The white-haired woman that you saw, before she disappeared, mentioned how we weren’t able to go home. However, without really knowing her, I felt her thought process was just a little too…pessimistic for my liking.” Garrus relaxed his arms before he trained his eyes on Liara. “But, one thing she did say was there were other towns, and that the town she had been to previously was backwards in technology. Not extremely far back mind you…Maybe…the equivalent of 20th century Earth?” Since T-ELOS didn’t give a lot of detail, his guess was as good as any. “So, it seems the other places in Nugascen are very different based off her comment, which is odd to say the least.” Then again, there were parts of Earth that were still in the 20th century technology wise. Thus, he had to admit it was possible.

“And that should answer all your questions…Though feel free to add any more if you feel the need to.” He grinned a little before a question of his own came to mind. “Though now, I have a question for you, and I shall make sure it is only one.” Garrus couldn’t help but tease her about that. “What was your last memory before coming here? Legion’s was from the suicide mission me, Shepard, and the others took to the Collector base. Which would have been more than a couple of months ago from my last memory.” Which was still a strange to say the least. “So, it seems possible for people to be from different times even if they are from the same place…Very strange to say the least…” With that, Garrus went silent and just looked around with his eyes to make sure they weren’t snuck up on.

We’ve become desolate
It’s not enough

It never is

But I will go on
Until the end.

Where I can be found: Opetter Streets with Liara
My heart lies with: No one
Weapons on my person: M-92 Mantis V(Sniper rifle) and M-76 Revenant VII(Assault rifle)
Tools on my person: OmniTool and Visor
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~ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Now I know
What I believe inside

Now it’s
My time

Link felt a bit of relief that he had responded correctly. It was always a bit awkward to mess up in such regards. Especially since his lack of knowledge worked against him most of the time. Though, other than appearing to be more relaxed, Link didn’t show a lot of obvious signs of happiness. Then again, it wasn’t like the Hero of Time was very emotionally expressive either. Not when he appeared to be mute half the time, and kept a calm expression on his face. But, to show he had appreciated the greeting, Link gave a faint smile. One that could be easily missed if one did not pay attention. But, the faint smile soon went away at the talk of elves. He did not know what elves were, since only the race he knew that had pointed ears were Hyrulins.

Though, Link supposed there could be a sub-branch of Hyrulins, or another race entirely with pointed ears. However, by the sounds of it, elves could be a nasty brunch. For his mind could still not figure out what race would want to dip their hair in blood! The image still disturbed him. Even if he kept his feelings inside and did not express his disgust outwardly. Then again, it also appeared there were good elves. Ones that did not do such atrocious things. It reminded him of the race Gerados. Not all of them were like Ganon. Naboru had ended up being the Sage of the Spirit Temple! Thus, Link gave another faint smile as his ears twitched a little. However, he appeared to grow tense at the mention of her possibly killing him.

Even if he knew what she meant, that still didn’t mean he liked the prospect. But, that just meant she likely killed only if threatened. For she did not come off as a bad person. Odd yes, but not bad. Her methods with dealing with people were a bit strange though. After all, it wasn’t everyday he saw someone knock out a person for being rude. However, it was the same weapon that she used to do that, that held his curiosity. His mind tried to figure out what kind of weapon it was. Yet, it appeared to be only a metal club to him. Though, by its odd design, Link had a feeling it served as more than a blunt object. Luckily, Cordelia seemed kind enough to show him the weapon. Even if her deal unnerved him slightly.

It wasn’t common for him to just willingly show the Master Sword and let someone touch it. Not with how valuable it was in defeating Ganon. But, with Ganon defeated, maybe he could allow someone to look at it? Cordelia hadn’t given any reason for him not to trust her. Thus, as Cordelia unstrapped her weapon, he took the Master Sword from his back. Once she took the sword from him, Link took the possibly blunt force weapon. He almost dropped it at the unexpected weight. It was much heavier than he thought! However, Link easily kept himself from losing the weapon. He did not want to damage it after all. He would just have to grip it with two hands like Biggoran’s sword was all. Thus, he gripped the slender long part while his other hand gripped what appeared to be the hilt.

He tilted the weapon up and down, and turned it side to side. But, not even observations really allowed him to figure out what it was. Eventually, Link turned it to where he noticed a hole within the slender long part. The naïve Hyrulian placed his eye near the hole. Unfortunately, he only saw darkness. What was contained inside the hole? His ears drooped a little as he soon positioned the hole away from his face. “What…is this?” His curiosity finally won out and made him speak. For there was no way he was going to figure it out on his own! Though, as he waited, Link started to feel a bit uncomfortable. His nerves started to get tense as he still found himself without the Master Sword. However, a deal was a deal, and he would let her inspect it as she willed.

The Hyrulian felt relief once they gave each other back their weapons. He felt himself relax once the sword was placed on his back. Link wasn’t spared from confusion long as Cordelia said an odd expression. He looked towards his hands in search of an answer. Just like with Cordelia’s weapon though, Link could not find the answer on his own. A part of him felt frustrated at the fact. But, another part reminded him that such situations were going to arise. It was how he handled it that determined the outcome. He looked up from his hands as Cordelia said another odd expression. He was a trip? He thought a trip was another word for a relaxing excursion? He titled his head and raised his eyebrows at the strange expression. However, unlike with the gun, he only showed his confusion instead of expressing it with words.

Link didn’t know how to take the comment to his name. Simple, but unique? He supposed that could be fitting traits for his name. He hadn’t met another Link during his lifetime. Also, Link had never had someone mispronounce his name. An occurrence he had seen with more complicated names. Though, did the traits for his name really fit him? Maybe he should ask Zelda that. However, at the thought of Zelda, a brief frown formed on his face. Not knowing that his anxiousness towards Zelda’s condition could come off as taking offense. But, it wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it now. He would have to find his way back to Hyrule first. Hopefully with Cordelia’s assistance, that would be a much easier task. Even if Link wasn’t exactly used to working with others. At least, more than some assistance here and there.

As he pointed out a map nearby, Cordelia made a remark about him being a good sniper. He seemed to shake his head at that. For while a long range weapon was simple, the strength it took would require some practice. For if he could only hold that sniper with two hands while Cordelia could hold it with one, then it was quite obvious who would be better at it currently. But, as usual, Link didn’t make a comment as he moved towards the sign. Cordelia appeared to be closely behind him. He stood there as he listened to Cordelia. His eyes trailed to the name Hades at her comment. He could not recall hearing of such a place before, let alone Hell. However, by the sounds of it, it didn’t sound all that good.

A bit of a frown formed on his face as he could only hope they would be able to get out of here. At least, if this place gave off bad vibes like Cordelia made it seem. The frown soon went away as Cordelia made more comments. A train station? What was that? He titled his head as he noticed the place marked on the map. Yet, that gave no clue as to what a train was. The only clue was that it sounded like a form of transportation, like a horse for example. But, why would horses need a station? He tapped his chin as Cordelia now made a comment on the prison. Now that was something he recognized. At least, if prisons were the same as dungeons anyway. He definitely didn’t want to go there. Unless he had to of course.

Then, Cordelia mentioned the arena. That had been something that Link had wanted to check out. For something about it drew his curiosity. Though, without knowing much about the arena, he couldn’t be sure if that was a good idea or not. After that comment, Cordelia mentioned a place for food and…crashing? He tilted his head once more at that word. Was that yet another word for something else? Cordelia seemed to use a lot of replacement words! However, it wasn’t until Cordelia asked him a question that he looked back towards the map. Without hesitation, his finger tapped against where the arena was marked. For while he didn’t know much about it, Link knew that had to be a good place to check out. His instincts wouldn’t want to draw him there otherwise!

Before Link could figure out how to get to said arena, Cordelia pulled out what another strange object. It appeared to be a small metal contraption. Though, why did it need a “signal”? Link tried to not look terribly confused. However, his blinking eyes and almost childlike wonder showed his emotions without his consent. The expression faded a little at the talk of siblings and possible harm. His lips formed into a frown. For he never liked anyone to get hurt. But, without knowing where her sister was, how was he supposed to help? The frown grew only more at the unknown. Link relaxed the frown a little when Cordelia seemed to explain herself. While he didn’t know what having a sibling was like, he considered the Kokiri to be like his family.

Thus, in some small way, he understood her concern. He gave nodded as he looked at her. “I would like to help you find your sister and help you protect her, if you wish for assistance.” Link found himself always offering to help when such a need appeared. No matter the task or the person, the Hero of Time lived up to the Hero part of his name. In his mind though, Link was just being helpful. He didn’t think he was necessarily being more helpful or more “hero like” due to his good deeds. But, in other eyes, it came across that way. He just didn’t seem to get the memo so to speak. After that, Link watched Cordelia rip off a piece of paper from the board. He moved closer so he could see what was on it.

Just like Cordelia said, it appeared the paper was informing them of a job board. One that happened to be located nearby the arena. The Hyrulian gave a nod and looked back at the map. His finger placed itself by the X and started to trace the quickest path to the arena. Though, without some parchment and ink, he would have no way to copy the route he had just shown. Let alone actually draw a line on the map to visually show Cordelia. But, if she had some way of remembering, Link would likely be grateful. If only because it would keep him from having to speak, or repeat the same motion over and over again with his finger.

I’ll do
What I want

Cause this
Is my life

Where can I be found: Hades Streets with Cordelia
Love: Love?(No one)
Weapons on my person: Master Sword, Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield, Fairy Bow(Arrows x 30. None, Fire, Light, Ice) Bombsx20, and Bombchux20
Items on my person: Ocarina of Time, Longshot, Lens of Truth, Iron Boots, Hover Boots, Golden Gauntlets, Zora's tunic, and Goron Tunic
Magic: Naryu's love, Din's Fire, Farore's wind
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Fluff Bunny

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                                        xxxxO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
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                                        detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                        ▸▸▸ CRYSIS // innxxxxxxxxx
                                        xx FINAL xxx FANTASY xxx VII
                                        xxȾᵻϝᴀ Łᴏᴄᴋʜᴀᴙᴛxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.
                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.
                                              [ W o r d s ] aren't the ONLY way to .t.e.l.l. someone how you feel.

                                        The martial artist would have tried considerably harder to escape and get more champagne if she truly wanted any more. It was the middle of the day, and as a bartender, she was well aware of the repercussions of drinking too much too early. However, a little bit of champagne in the middle of the day really was not going to hurt anyone. In fact, it was sure to make her a bit warmer in the cooling bath waters, which seemed rather heavenly against her moist skin and warm tension that was increasing slowly but steadily between herself and the completely bare swordsman that she was presently sharing the bath with.

                                        To be honest, she rather enjoyed her present position… on the high ground that gave her a clear advantage to their present position. She was sure there were other places where she would find equal if not more enjoyment, but this compared to leaving the fragranced water and equally pleasantly scented body of her fiancée… there was no competition. She just wanted a little revenge. There was no way Cloud was allowed to give her such a warm kiss and leave her high and dry… well… alone and wet actually if they were going to be literal and slightly figurative.

                                        I guess we can save it for later then.” Her heart thudded loudly in her chest, and her entire body was flush with all sorts of anxious and excited emotions. How she even spoke so calmly echoed miracle in her thoughts. The lascivious smile that laced her features faded into something more sincere when he requested that she should not leave him. She was almost tempted to give him a taste of his own medicine but perhaps on another occasion. On this occasion, it was far better to stay right where she was if not close the remaining distance between them because she wanted to be there as much as he may have wanted her there as well.

                                        Adjusting her position a bit, she felt his hands on her hips. They were lightly touching the skin there, but she was sure the moment that she attempted to rise any higher in order to escape him, his grasp might tighten. The idea was almost worth testing out until his hands continued their slow climb and gentle but firm encouragement to hold her solidly in place. The textured pads of his battle-worn hands traced lightly up her body, imprinting his unique experience on her skin that as a fighter herself could well appreciate. She loved everything about him from the deep blue of his eyes to the scars on his chest… the subtle intensity of his passions to his natural simplicity-naïve, honest and gentle.

                                        She met him half way at the gap not that a few inches meant miles to finds his mouth. Her mouth was met with warm breath, and the corners of her lips pulled upwards into a smile. His light and likely unintentional mix of gestures caused her to gasp and allow a moaning sound of approval escaped her also parted lips. For several moments, she had forgotten that up until a short awhile ago, Cloud had never laid hands on any sort of girl at least in this way. She turned her head, sighing and allowing herself to forget just about everything except this person before her.

                                        When they pulled back, she felt breathless. Her head rested against his forehead as she attempted to catch her breath, which eluded her time and time again. However, she had a sneaking suspicion that Cloud was taking a leaf out of Yuffie’s book and stealing it away just when she thought she had it again. She didn’t mind at all, and she considered thanking the ninja later. She chuckled softly and said, “Cloud, did I have tell you that you’re a real natural at this?

                                        A sincere smile bloomed in her features when he repeated three words that she thought she would never tire of hearing. She could have thrown her arms around him and pulled him tight, but she had other plans for her hands. However, she could not hold back the light in her eyes and the warmth she felt that was not just the physical passion but an emotional one that caused her to respond without missing a beat, “And I love you.

                                        Meanwhile those hands that were held back from being thrown around Cloud’s neck to smother him in an embrace now glided across the planes of his muscles, brushing and gently massaging the most sensitive tips of his skin there. It seemed like well deserved equality for his previous actions and his sweet ministrations now. When he took one of those hands away, the other continued steadily and softly. She could feel the metal ring on her left hand slide back and forth courtesy of Cloud’s hands that was rubbing the band.

                                        She pulled back just enough so she had room to lean to the side and meet his gaze. With a smile, she said, “Of course, I do.” She leaned forward and found his lips again, wanting as much contact with him as possible and trying to put all the love she felt for him in the kiss. Perhaps he would understand how much she felt for him. She loved him to such a degree that even if he did not love her in the way that she loved him, she would only want the highest form of happiness with him even if it was not with her. He deserved whatever would make him happiest. Of everyone in the world, Cloud was the most deserving. She could not say that could provide him with that, but she was hell as sure willing to try.

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                                              xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // happy

                                              xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                              xxxxx▸▸▸ EQUIPMENT // Leather Gloves, Mystile
                                              xxxxx▸▸▸ MATERIA // ( Counter Attack :: Counter Attack ) ( Counter :: Deathblow ) ( Time :: Seal )
                                              xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEM // 1 x hi-potion, 2 x ether, 3 x phoenix down, 3 x remedy
                                              xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEM // fenrir ring, cloud's jacket (?)
                                        locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                        ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

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                                        xxxxL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
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Jeering Darling

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                                            "I'm going to shove my katana straight up your a** and make you into a god damn shish kabob in a minute," Travis stated to Yuri, eyebrows pulling together as a scowl came across his features. Annoyed at the other male as he kept referring to him as a *****! He might as well call Yuri a ***** as well since Alice did seem a little younger than him! When Yuri claimed that he was off by a century after Travis said that he must have been living in the 1800s once the red eyed male admitted no kind of knowledge about anime, the otaku cocked his head to the side as he looked puzzled. Off by a century? The ********? Yuri and Alice were seriously from the past? That would explain their choice of clothing and not knowing the best thing to come on television at least...

                                            He kept his astonishment to himself for the moment as they had killer clones to worry about, killing off X's and suddenly landing on top of Shinobu after he took a leap off the roof, breaking his fall. He continued on with his joking, but the words the dark-skinned girl had to say to him left him with his jaw opened. She was twenty-one?! "Okay, this is some Twilight Zone bullshit going on! How the ******** three years passed already? I know I haven't been stuck watching wrestling at my house for that ******** long! First Yuri talking about their from the past and now you talking about you're from the future? I'm mind ******** right now!" Travis threw his hands up in the air in defeat as he decided to give up on trying to make sense of everything. His head had a habit of hurting when he did any kind of intense thinking in the first place! All he knew was that Shinobu was there with him from the future somehow and now it had him mildly wondering did anyone else he knew get sucked into this world? "Looks like you're wrong, Yuri. She's not jailbait, you cocksucker!" He yelled out to Yuri as an after thought, sticking his tongue out at him childishly before running off towards his clone.

                                            Diving right in to fight Yuri's clone that was now some freaky monster thing which looked like it belonged in an anime, the otaku managed to slice off one of its wings, but the tables quickly turned on him when the damned thing turned and clawed him right in his chest; knocking him off of his feet. He was ******** pissed! Not because he got injured, but more so one of his favorite Bizarre Jelly shirts was ruined. He spent twenty LBs on it and the strange ******** had to tear it up! Pushing himself up on his elbows as he cursed at the monster, ignoring the sting coming from his wound. He heard Shinobu shout at the monster as well, but she kept calling him "Master"! How many times is going to have to tell her to stop calling him that? Her attack stalled the monster for a moment and Travis caught Yuri's teasing words, [******** you, dude."

                                            He was royally pissed so the harmonixer better think twice about busting his balls right now! He had a score to settle with that ******** t-shirt-destroying-turd-with-wings! He winced a little as he shifted his body to try to stand, but before he knew it a bright light surrounded him and the pain vanished. His brows furrowed and he began patting at his chest, seeing that his wounds had disappeared and left only his blood, his head immediately looking off to the side in Alice's direction as she finished the last words of her spell. "Holy s**t...I ******** owe ya one, Alice!" He waved his hand as he gave her thanks, though he had a feeling she was going to tell him that she was merely doing what she was suppose to do.

                                            When Shinobu suggested that they take down Yuri's clone together, Travis pushed himself on his hands to gain leverage as he raised his legs up, flipping himself off the ground and back on his feet,"Alright, whatever you want to do." Little did he know that his words to the woman were something that she might have wished he would have said to her when she was last with him, going in for the kill and trying to kiss him. "But, I'll get the killing blow," his lips formed into that signature cocky grin of his as he looked at her, always having to remind others that he was "the best" or so he thought in his mind. The moment was cut short when a sudden bright light engulfed Yuri and a strange feminine-looking monster took his place. What the ********? Travis' eyebrows furrowed at that before his lips stretched into an impish grin as he called out, "Hey, Yuri? Why you look like a woman wearing a damn Halloween costume?"

                                            The next thing Yuri did had the otaku feeling like he was in a damn video game as a light engulfed him, Shinobu and Alice, but he didn't have time to think about that as the Yuri/monster clone came straight for Shinobu. Travis ran forward and cut straight through the arm the thing was preparing to swipe at her with and he quickly brought his leg up to kick the monster as hard as he could to get it to take a few false steps back.

                                            ① (location) - Zion//Outside Inn
                                            ② (mood) - Confused, pissed off, and everything else that is under the damn rainbow!
                                            ③ (weapons) - Tsubaki Mk-III
                                            ④ (currently) - with Alice, Yuri, and Shinobu

                                            "Travis speaking"

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                                                    Shinobu (Scarlet) Jacobs
                                                    xxxxx No more Heroes 2

                                                  Shinobu looked over to Alice who seemed to say that her skills weren't much. So she was a modest chick huh? This caused Shinobu to roll her eyes a bit and just speak her mind, after all she wasn't a fan of beating around the bush. "Don't ever belittle your skills got that Alice. Ya helped out big time and you are the only one ever to have that kind of power were I cam from and all of us would kill for it. So you are pretty damn strong....and thats my pep-talk for the year. Later. " And off she was back to the battle but it seemed that the Yuri clone had it out for her, great. Was it because she killed the Alice clone? Man even these carbon copies had hard ons for each other? This was getting lame quick and she wanted to end it now.

                                                  She then seemed to look to Travis as well his mind was ********. This caused her to sigh and raise her gloved hand up to her forehead and shook it. "What ever master. This place is a whole load of what the ******** so me being from three years in the future isn't that big a stretch. Trust me, I remember well what happened when you pissed me the ******** off too...master... do you? " She was obviously referring to when she offered herself to him and was rejected. A moment she wanted to beat his a** over to be honest. She sighed a bit and just chuckled. "Your idiocy is part of your charm ya know that master. But what ever, the past is the ******** past and the future right now is trying to kick our a**, we will compare stories after thi alright? Just shut up and fight got that? " She said simply as she dodged one of the clones attacks, not wanting to be injured again.Though she knew telling Travis to shut up would never happen, it was that strength she admired, going against what usually is told.

                                                  When Travis spoke to her when she offered to work with him for the kill her brow rose as she seemed to frown a bit. If she could do what ever she wanted then she would have gotten to get much further with Travis sexually and perhaps handled his beam katana (pun intended) . Though she just seemed to smirk a bit as she wanted the competition in the matter. "If you can beat me to it master! After all I am a lot better then I was three years ago, maybe you are a little rusty now? " She said as she launched another sonic sword at the creature causing it to howl in pain as she then caught something out of the corner of her eyes, was Yuri changing too?

                                                  Though she was expecting some bad a** demon that looked like it would be from hell, instead he changed to something very....gay.... looking. Shinobu seemed to look at it with a expression that could only be labeled as a 'what the ********' one as she spoke up ."Okay...what the ********... Alice did you know your boyfriend was a woman or drag queen...or what ever the hell is that....Don't you have a damn form that can do something other then make us question your preferences...? " She said only to raise her brow as she had some sort of spell casted on her, she looked over her body and shrugged. "Alright, stand corrected, guess girly form has some perks. Well back to business. " She said as she ran at the clone again only to have a bit of a slip up. When she went to attack it her eyes went wide as she noticed one clawed hand came down on her black gloved hand. This caused the false mechanical arm seemed to be knocked off and send tumbling away. "Oh ******** me... " She said as she rolled out of the way only to see her sword off in the ground. She ran towards it and picked it up with her only hand as she saw her robotic one at Alice's feet she called out. "Hey Alice! Watch that for me! Kinda like clapping ya know? " She said as she seemed to launch a few more sonic swords at the clone ."Over here ya big idiot! I killed that damn girl so you want me! Come on guys, finish it off or I will! " She hated not getting the kill but right now she wanted to give it to her master or Yuri, who ever really got to slice it down first.

                                                  Location: Zion
                                                  Feelings: Pissed
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ϓuri Ѵoltϵ Ңүuɠa(Shadow Hearts 2)

~ The God-Slayer

I know that
I'm not perfect.

But I keep trying

That's what I said I would
from the start

Maybe it was bad that Yuri found Travis’s comment more amusing than unnerving. After all, while he was definitely unnerved by homosexuality, he didn’t actually think Travis would do that. Besides, Travis wasn’t Joachim or Meiyuan, who were a bit too forward with their non-straightness. Let alone the fact being turned into a shish kabob didn’t sound like a move male would make towards another male. Even if-UGH! No! He was not thinking on that further. “It would be amusing to see you try. But, I would rather you didn’t to be honest. I could go my whole life without being turned into a shish kabob thanks.” More like he would go his whole life without something being stuck up his a**! But, no need for him to be vocal about his slight issues with homosexuals. They would learn that in time anyway if they encountered someone as forward as Meiyuan.

Just thinking about the acupuncturist caused a chill to go down Yuri’s spine. If he could go his whole life without being touched by that creep, he would be good! Luckily, the fight that was still going on quickly carried his mind away from that. When Yuri referenced the general time frame he was from, he had no idea just how much of a mind ******** that was to Travis. Due to his recent experience, time travel wasn’t all that foreign of a concept. However, he still had enough inexperience to not realize just how easy time travel was, or how unexpected it could be. Thus, when Travis started to yell out something about the “Twilight Zone” and Shinobu being from the past, and himself from the past, even he felt a bit of the mind ******** effects.

His mind tried to figure out how that could work. He could feel his temple throb just thinking about it! The thought process stopped the moment Travis threw a random comment his way. He shook his head a little and smirked his way. “Oh? Is that so? Bet if she had been jailbait, that wouldn’t have stopped you from ******** her.” A bit of his crudeness slipped out there. But, not like he really cared. He only tried to control that around Alice, and with her hiding at the moment, Yuri didn’t feel the need to keep it under wraps. “And, no thanks. I’ll leave that to someone else.” Yuri had to hide his unnerved feelings at the insult. It was the first time he had been called that. Yet, it would have to take a complete idiot not to get what that meant.

However, the fight called back to him once more. By now, Travis had been caught off one of the clone’s wings. That was progress in the right direction. In return though, the clone slashed at Travis’s chest. He knew that had to hurt. But, at Travis complaining more about his shirt than his wound, he couldn’t help but comment. The insult back caused him to shake his head. “No thanks. I’m not into that kind of thing.” There was just too much fun in pissing off Travis. It reminded him of how he would purposefully piss off Zhuzhen or Gepetto. Just hit the right buttons, and they would get fired up with ease! Maybe that made him demented. In the end though, Yuri could give two shits. Even if he did expect that messing with Travis would not end well. Just like it never ended well with the two older males.

When light briefly engulfed Travis, Yuri had a feeling that had to do with Alice. It was only confirmed when Travis yelled in Alice’s direction. Though, he didn’t want Alice to have to do all the work. As he prepared to change, he knew changing to a light element fusion was risky. It was both a strength and a weakness against darkness. For it could deliver more powerful blows to Dark elements. Yet, Dark elements, in return, could deliver powerful blows to Light elements. But, it was a risk he was willing to take. It would take more than a couple of blows from his clone to kill him. Thus, Yuri changed into one of his light elemental fusions. However, Yuri hadn’t taken into account how others might perceive the form. For the members in his previous group had not commented on its appearance.

It became quickly obvious based off Travis’s joke that this fusion was not a good choice. Not because of its lack of usefulness. But because now he was the butt of jokes. His eyes could only narrow as Travis since he was unable to form any words. Unfortunately, Shinobu jumped on the band wagon. Though, her comments seemed to infuriate Yuri more than Travis’s. His hands clenched at his side as he frowned greatly. Just wishing he could give her and Travis a piece of his mind. However, he couldn’t defend himself verbally currently. That would have to wait until he had done what needed to be done fusion wise. Thus, Yuri had to grudgingly swallow his pride. Making himself focus on casting spells to increase the special defense of his allies.

As he did so, he noticed a familiar attack being sent at the clone. He looked quickly over to see Alice moving from her previous spot. He knew that had to have gotten the clone’s attention. Yet, strangely enough, the clone only appeared confused, as if unsure why it was attacked. The harmonixer could only shrug at the odd occurrence. For there was no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. He used the opportunity to cast the spell, which earned a comment from Shinobu. He could only shake his head as the clone seemed to remember Shinobu was there. Immediately, the clone appeared to become enraged and went towards Shinobu. He watched as Travis intervened and cut off one of the arms of the clone. His eyes filled with faint wonder at how powerful that katana was!

But, as the clone was forced to move a bit back, he noticed Shinobu go at it. That was not a good idea. For while the clone was stunned, it had recovered quickly. Its rage immediately made it go for another swipe at Shinobu. This time, the clone did not miss. Instead of seeing blood though, all Yuri saw was…metal? His eyes blinked in confusion as the metal “item” seemed to have rolled in Alice’s direction. Maybe she would know what it was? Not like he could ask in his current state. However, as Shinobu started to fire some kind of attack at the clone, Yuri realized he needed something more offensive. Even if it wasn’t necessarily the wisest idea, he decided to fight fire with fire so to speak. Thus, he was engulfed in light once more as Shinobu made her comment.

In place of the feminine like monster was now an exact copy of the clone. Well, if it still retained both its wings and arms anyway. With the clone stunned once more by the strange attacks, Yuri used the opportunity to launch himself at the clone. He used the blade on his arm to slash it as his fist connected with the clone’s jawline. The cry of agony was ignored by the harmonixer. For he went right into using his wings as an advantage. Allowing him to move his body to where he could kick it across the face as well. With the two successful hits, the clone was brought down to the ground. Though, how long it would remain on the ground Yuri could not tell. Before Yuri could cast a magic attack to finish it off though, a bit of pain shot through his skull.

s**t! Had he overestimated how much time he had in the fusion forms? He did use mid-level fusions, which meant more strain had been put on him than if he used low-level ones. But, he hadn’t been in either that long, had he? Either way, Yuri didn’t want to risk losing his sanity. Not when they were so close to ending the fight! Thus, reluctantly, light engulfed him once more. The harmonixer now back to his normal human form as he cracked his neck a little. The smirk that came across was his way of playing off his unexpected mental exhaustion. “Now, who should have the honors of taking it out? I don’t mind doing so if you two think you can’t. Wouldn’t blame you if you two wanted me to do the dirty work.” That was his slight revenge for their earlier comments.

Though, anything wittier would have to wait till later. Right now, he focused on hiding the fact he was rubbing his temple, and especially hiding the fact he might not have the mental strength to kill the monster. Not without a pure leaf to get his mental strength back up, which unfortunately, he did not have.

I'm not alive
if I'm lonely

So please, don't leave

Was it something I said,
or just my personality?

Where I can be found: Outside of Zion Inn with Alice, Travis, and Shinobu
Love: Alice Elliot
My weapon of choice: None at the moment since fists and feet don't seem to count as weapons.
My Appearance: Human, Fusion Form – N/A
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                                                                          Jeanne seemed to narrow her eyes a bit over the woman saying that she would have to blind her of the sight. She was upset? Or was the thought of being blindfolded by Bayonetta unsettling her in a good way. "I would shot you down before you could blind me----- " The next comment caused Jeanne to lose her ability of speech. Did Bayonetta just admit to wanting to see Jeanne in the nude or close to it? Was Bayonetta attracted to her? This caused Jeanne to blush again . "Tsk..... you are just full of hot air Cereza. I don't think you are the type to stare at a type like me. You are just toying with me like you usually do...... " She said as she crossed her arms and looked away, trying to hide her blush considering she was just not wanting to admit that she wanted Bayonetta to look at her and for herself to look at Bayonetta. To think that the pure Umbran Witch was attracted to a half breed witch...but in truth that was part of the allure, after all how could you resist something that was 'tainted' in the eyes of the other Umbran Witches when they were around.

                                                                          Jeanne snarled slightly as she seemed to now be teased again for cuddling up to Bayonetta and how she sould just accept the truth and what she fancies to do. This caused Jeanne to huff and then glare. "What would you say if I prefer the warmth of another over a blanket , Cereza? Would you stop bringing up my weakness?! " She said in defiant tone and her voice a bit whiney and annoyed which meant that she was a flustered. Of course she wasn't about to say that Bayonetta was the best cuddle, and only cuddle she had ever gotten unless when she was a child considering her mother allowed her to rest on her leg.

                                                                          " I know for a fact that I am the better Bayonetta, I will beat you in this simple contest and show you that you belong in second best place. " Jeanne said in her usual way as she put her hand on her hip and smirked her cocky little grin at the other woman. She jut chuckled and shook her head ." Keep telling yourself that my dear Cereza, fool yourself in hopes that you will win.~ " Jeanne was a very competitive type after all so this was just feeding into her desires.

                                                                          Jeanne rolled her eyes when Bayonetta spoke so ill of moral codes that were called manners. She just simply shrugged. " It is alight, I have enough class and codes for the both of us...plus do you not believe that something is even more delicious if you sit there smelling the scent, looking at the intensity that it bears, only to slowly sip it and enjoy its flavor slowly only to sigh in relief over how lovely it was? " Jeanne said that with a slightly flirty tone as to if it was meant to be sexual she would leave that Bayonetta to discover. After all they both could flirt but Jeanne was simply describing why it was best to have her 'codes' in certain moments. Then again she just did take a shot but that was in hopes it would help her deal with Bayonetta and her damn power to make the white haired witch blush!

                                                                          When Bayonetta was talking about looseness she seemed to raise a brow and frown a bit was the woman describing her sex life? This caused a slight tinge of curiosity to fill the pure witches mind. "Are you well balanced Bayonetta...and trust me, I never forget advice. " She said only to glare a bit at the woman over how it was funny when Yuri tossed the swim trunks on her head. "Why would I find something humorous at my own expense? If it was done to you, then perhaps it might be funny. " She said as she seemed to look for where Yuri went, it seemed as if he had almost vanished, how odd...

                                                                          It seemed Bayonetta had gained a little more ammunition against Jeanne when her own flustered stated caused her to stumble personally and over her words. "Fine!---get what you like!..... " She said in retort as she was changing, luckily she didn't hear the next part as it would infuriate her further. After all it was teasing not only her but the fact on how highly she held herself. Plus in her mind she was already imagining Bayonetta in the swimwear and thats what caused her to lose her senses.

                                                                          Though when Jeanne came out of the changing room she nearly went pale. Did she just get called sexy by what she saw as sexy? Did this mean that Bayonetta was checking out what she saw? This caused her to blush even more and looked away. "I was just looking for something to show that I am not as modest as you make me seem I----- " It was then when Jeanne's eyes traveled over to Bayonetta as she caught such a beautifully exotic and hot sight. Jeanne's jaw dropped as her eyes wandered along Bayonetta's body. "By the Umbran code... " She muttered under her breath as she couldn't really contain herself right now. When the woman stretched Jeanne was enraptured by the sight, unable to pull her gaze away. But after a few moments she gained her concious back and looked away quickly. Her face felt very hot as she seemed to walk off or start too.

                                                                          The discussion over Yuri's swim trunks caused her to twirl her hands. " Leave them, his loss to chase down a woman. If he wants them he will return, we have a competition to do... You, I would like to buy this one and the one she has on over there. " She spoke to the man behind the counter who was gawking as she rolled her eyes. " Mam...are you overheated...your face is very red...? " He asked as Jeanne stomped her foot on the ground ."Just give me the damn swimsuits! " She was angered as she seemed to pay for them and left. Though as soon as the sun hit her skin she froze up and walked back in and grabbed some sunscreen lotion, the strongest, and tossed the money on the table. "No way in hell am I letting my pure skin burn up...lets go Bayonetta. " She said simply as she walked out and started to apply the lotion to where she could, missing obvious spots considering her reach wasn't the best.

                                                                          "Now...where would you like to have our little competition, certainly one of the little humans will judge it for us. " She said as she continued to attempt to apply the lotion, she really didn't want to get sunburned right now. Her eyes looked to the ocean as a small smile appeared on her face, enjoying the sight of the water. This was much better then this damn cold weather they were once in.

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~ Umbra Witch

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

She chuckled a little as a smirk lingered on her face. “Is that so? We shall have to see about that.” Though, it seemed her next comment was the real kicker. For that was the one that seemed to cause Jeanne to stop talking. The smirk only grew. However, the fact the smirk stayed there meant it would be unknown, physically, if Bayonetta was just messing with Jeanne. Internally though, small part of her wasn’t entirely joking. Her curiosity was peaked at the idea of seeing Jeanne naked, or close to it. Why though, the Umbra Witch wasn’t entirely sure. “Maybe, maybe not. You know it is bad to assume.” There was no way she was going to be open about her tiny desire. “After all, as they say, it makes an…oh….how do they say it…an a**…out of you…and me.”

Bayonetta couldn’t help but joke about waking up to Jeanne cuddling her. What she didn’t expect was for Jeanne to admit such a thing! It almost caused her to pause. Yet, like always, the Umbra Witch kept such emotions of confusion and surprise to herself. “Well, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Let alone a weakness. After all, bodies do tend to give off endless amounts of warmth unlike a blanket.” Her smirk gained a bit of coyness as she crossed her arms underneath her breasts. “So, it is only…reasonable…that you are wish to know you will be warm throughout the night…” The coyness grew over her face. “And wish to be able to…depend on your source of warmth to stick around through the night.” She chuckled some before looking away briefly. “I just hope you able to find such warmth.” The Umbra witch winked in Jeanne’s direction.

The Umbra witch shook her head. She never accepted herself as second best to anyone. Especially to Jeanne. Whether Jeanne liked it or not, Bayonetta would not be second best. She would be best of the best. “I am sorry to disappoint you, but you shall always be second best to me. This competition shall only prove it.” She noticed the cocky look and pose that Jeanne had. She knew she wouldn’t have had it any other way though. For it was that cockiness that made her want to beat Jeanne so badly. Just to prove her wrong. “You are the one fooling yourself, Jeanne. For I don’t need to fool myself to know I will win. I already know so.” Bayonetta grinned now as she placed her hands on her hips. Her own expression and body gaining a cocky posture as well.

Her grey hues watched the way Jeanne’s rolled. It was not her fault that manners seemed so…boring and unnecessary! If she could get what she wanted quicker and through more fun means, that was the more preferable route. However, as Jeanne went on to defend her position, Bayonetta noticed how Jeanne’s words become more and more…suggestive? Her eyes blinked at the interesting turn of events. Her mind had to actually process what Jeanne was saying bit by bit. In order to make sure that she was actually hearing Jeanne right. Also, Bayonetta had to pay attention to her tone of voice, which came off as…slightly flirty. Who knew Jeanne had it in here? Once Bayonetta made sure she heard Jeanne right, she found herself grinning a little. The Umbra Witch looking forward to speaking her response.

“I will admit…you have a very valid argument, Jeanne…” Her finger lightly tapped her chin as her grin slowly morphed into a small little smirk. “But…are you sure we are talking about manners here?” Her grey hues focused completely on Jeanne’s hues. “Cause that sounds almost too…fun and…delicious to be about manners.” Her voice oozed teasing. The little smirk growing just a bit larger now. “Almost like you are describing wine tasting…or something…of a naughtier nature.” Due to the flirty tone, Bayonetta had a feeling it would be the latter. Though, whether or not Jeanne would admit that…the Umbra Witch had a strong feeling she wouldn’t. But, one never knew. “Then again, I wouldn’t call myself the Queen of Manners…So…maybe someone can feel that way about manners…and not secretly be some…well…hidden innuendo. But, I’ll leave interpretation up to you.”

Bayonetta had no idea that she might have peaked some curiosity in Jeanne. She was only describing her sex life. In a discreet kind of way of course. Why would Jeanne be curious about that? Though, the Umbra Witch was proven wrong when Jeanne asked about if she was…”well-balanced”. She seemed to become silent for a bit. Tapping her chin before yet another smirk appeared on her face. “I would like to think I’m well-balanced…Loose enough to know how things work…yet tight enough to where things can still be…enjoyable.” But after that, Bayonetta watched Jeanne get swim trunks thrown at her head. How could she not find it funny? Though, Jeanne did have a point. Not like she would agree with her out loud. “Maybe so. But, there are people that laugh at their own expense you know. Makes things more…fun.”

The Umbra Witch grinned as she realized for sure she had gained more ammunition against Jeanne. The more she got, the more she could mess with her. Now that was amazing right there. She chuckled at Jeanne’s reaction and smirked once again. Even if Jeanne wouldn’t be able to see the smirk. “I’ll make sure to remember that.” However, by the fact Jeanne didn’t say anything to her next comment, Bayonetta realized Jeanne hadn’t heard it. That was too bad. She had looked forward to Jeanne’s reaction. But, she was not going to linger on it. The Umbra Witch could just bring up the comment at a later time. If she even cared to remember to do so. Though, her mind completely pushed that away when Jeanne came out of the dressing room.

Yes, yes she was calling Jeanne sexy. Jeanne really did look sexy in that bathing suit. Much better than her previous choice. As she decided to some stretches to test out her bathing suit, Bayonetta listened to Jeanne’s reply. Though, if she knew the way she was affecting Jeanne…the Umbra Witch wasn’t making any obvious signs of it. Almost seeming oblivious as she noticed the way Jeanne stopped her own sentence. However, Bayonetta had been unable to hear Jeanne’s muttered words. “Well…your new bathing suit does prove you aren’t as modest as I thought…But…you still appear modest compared to others who wear skimpier looks…” That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Jeanne pulled off the look well. She was just only telling the truth. “Though, I have a feeling you would have a heart attack wearing anything more skimpy.” She couldn’t help but chuckle.

When Bayonetta asked what they should do about Yuri’s swim trunks, Jeanne seemed to answer in a predictable manner. Not like she could blame her. She didn’t care to wait for someone that seemed to have disappeared. Though, she wondered if chasing women really was the reason. Bayonetta would never know until she was able to ask Yuri in person, which may or may not happen. “Alright. Sounds like a plan to me.” She stood around as Jeanne got the swimsuits for them. She shook her head at Jeanne’s impatience. However, all Bayonetta could do was wait. It did not take long for that to be accomplished. Before they could fully leave the place, Jeanne seemed to remember something. Her grey hues watched as Jeanne came back in and bought herself some sunscreen.

Oh yeah! She might need some of that lotion herself! She wasn’t too worried about it though. She would just borrow it from Jeanne when she was done. “You that touchy about your skin getting burned, Jeanne?” She teased her a little as she followed after Jeanne. As they started to move down the street, Bayonetta watched as Jeanne was applying the lotion. She knew that one person couldn’t get to all the areas. Not when the back was usually inaccessible to a person. Thus, Bayonetta had an idea already forming in her mind. Though, the Umbra Witch waited on offering her suggestion. For that reason, she remained silent as Jeanne asked her about where competition should be held. Bayonetta looked towards the beach the same time Jeanne did, before looking back at Jeanne.

“I say over there is a good place…” She pointed to a particularly empty part of the beach. That way, they wouldn’t have too much inference. But, they would be able to easily find a judge as well. “But…before we do our little competition…” Bayonetta grabbed the sunblock lotion from Jeanne and moved behind her. “We need to make sure you don’t get your skin burned, and I know you won’t be able to reach your back at all…” She placed some lotion on her fingers tips and started rubbing the back of Jeanne’s neck. “So, since I feel nice today….how about I do that for you?” Bayonetta started rubbing the lotion Jeanne’s exposed back.

“Though…” The Umbra Witch leaned her head forward, which allowed her mouth to be close to Jeanne’s ear. “I do expect some help in return when it comes my turn to put this on…After all…” She teasingly breathed against Jeanne’s ear. “I wouldn’t want to suffer from sunburn either.” Bayonetta moved away from Jeanne’s ear and acted like she hadn’t done that. The Umbra Witch now completely focused on getting sunblock lotion soaked into Jeanne’s back. Her hands moving in a massage like way as she kept up with her skillful work.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more

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                                                  Rei smiled at the compliment she had received by Henry over her life long choices. Though her eyes did widen a bit when he mentioned little Rei's running around. This caused the raven haired woman to gulp a bit, she never really thought about having children. After all she was still decently young and just engaged recently. So she wasn't even married yet! "Yeah... I don't think there will ever be any little Rei's running around. I don't want to lose my figure... " She tried to pass it off as a joke as she rubbed the back of her head nervously. She was too caught up in her work and these ghost stories to even dare think of such a subject. Luckily she could tell that Henry was being well Henry and as playful as usual. Which made her feel a little more at ease.

                                                  When Henry talked about what sort of business he had she seemed to listen intently as the playful Irishman seemed to speak of what his father does. This caused her to smile a bit as she missed his impassive tone over his father dying. She was more caught up in the whole concept. "That's amazing, I wonder if I can try some. All we have had is Japanese rice wine and beer... I am certain you will do a amazing job Henry-san. You have my support. " She was a honest and sweet woman to a fault, even when he was joking she took him seriously. She sighed a bit in relief when he said he wouldn't be whipping it out anytime soon. This caused her to let out a sigh of relief, it would be very awkward if he did.

                                                  Rei could feel herself slipping away after she had opened up to Henry over to what caused her so much grief. She could feel her knees weaken up to the point that she felt his hand contact her shoulder causing her head to snap up and look him directly in the face. His sweet words soothed her pain a little as she tried to smile but her lips just twitched a bit. " I hope so... I just wish I had another day with them...either of them... I just...feel like I failed them...they would still be here if it wasn't for me.. " And there was her laying all the weight on her shoulders as unhealthy as it was.

                                                  Though the master with humor, or so she thought he was, seemed to joke about her tearing eyes and how her friends may beat him up thinking he had caused it. She reached for the cloth as she chuckled softly. "Miku...is kinda protective....and has a mean hook. " She said as she wiped her eyes clear of all te tears welling up in them. She then seemed to slip it in her own pocket and offered a small but honest smile to the man ."I will return it when I wash it.... thank you for everything Henry-san...your significant other is a very lucky woman. " She was speaking from her heart as she wanted him to know that.

                                                  She was quite glad that the man wasn't questioning the cursed tattoo that her body had. It wasn't as severe as it was in the mansion so perhaps here the Tattooed ghost couldn't reach her? She could only hope to be honest. Though as they were heading to the store she heard a very familiar voice which caused her to pale but also be extremely hopeful. She slowly turned her head with wide eyes only to feel her heart jump up into her throat as she saw Miku. The tears had returned a bit as they weren't falling yet but they were daring to. She saw the woman coming towards her as she called back ,"Miku!? " He bewilderment filled her tone as she saw the woman come up to her asking if she was alright. It wasn't but a second later that the woman took one quick step forward and suddenly embraced Miku as if she had returned from the grave, which in her eyes she did. She held her tightly as the tears fell a bit. "Yes...its me... I thought I lost you.... I ....Miku... I am so happy you are alright...So happy... " She spoke as she seemed to smile a smile even Henry hadn't seen yet. One filled with unbridled joy and happiness. "I am a lot better now... " She whispered in the other woman's ear as her hand strummed through Miku's hair as if to see if she really was there.

                                                  Though after a few moments of her happy reunion she had realized she had Henry there. She then pulled away from Miku quickly and turned to the man bowing her head. "Forgive me.... I couldn't restrain myself...ahem... Miku, this is Henry. I met him in this world and he has been protecting me sense. Henry....this is the Miku I was talking to you about. " Now Rei was smiling more, the tattoo was more dormant now as she looked back at Miku , her smile growing ever so slightly more.

                                                  "Oh yes! Um... Miku...do you want to go ghost hunting with us...? We are helping people out and clearing up some evil spirits...." She didn't know how much Miku wanted to go back diving into that sort of thing considering how badly they were in it before. It was up to the two before her as she stood next to Miku, her body not wanting to leave her side considering the situation it made perfect sense in her mind.

                                                  Location: Assyria with Henry and Miku
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Devil Trigger: ●●●●●●●●

MOOD: Slightly annoyed, a bit....stunned, loving, teasing, and affectionate
LOVE: Kyrie
LOCATION: Arcadia // Outside Lighthouse then Arcadia inn with Kyrie but about to leave
ITEMS: Vital Star(m)x4, Devil Star(m)x2, Holy Waterx2
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                                                          Seriously what was it about any version of the half demon Son of Sparda that he eventually found a way to piss him off? First time they met, the whole ambiguous act and capping the head of the Order of Swords hadn’t exactly been the best first impression. After all it wasn’t exactly a great way to say “Hey name’s Dante nice to meet cha”. To be frank, it wasn’t even the fact Dante had just dropped from the heavens (….window….sue him) and offed “Your Holiness” (Why the hell did people get wrapped up in this religious s**t anyway?). Nero wasn’t a religious guy to begin with after all, it was a bunch of pointless preaching to a “God” that didn’t really appear like he cared. As pessimistic as that sounded, really the reason Nero first couldn’t stand Dante at first was a total misunderstanding. He’d been under the impression, blood smeared over the guy’s face and Kyrie cowering on the floor that he was going to do the unthinkable. And in Nero’s mind that was to lay a hand on her, to hurt Kyrie. The moment he witnessed that, instinct took over, the truest of ones. Protect the ones you love no matter the cost. Really that’s what spurred it, Dante not exactly helping to blossom his annoyance with the whole teasing act! Their fights he’d come to learn weren’t serious! This guy….was toying with him the whole damn time! But he also learned…Dante wasn’t his enemy, Sanctus was, and from there his opinion had changed of the red cloaked jackass. From growing contempt to….a mutual respect. …..Alright fine he said it okay!? He….respected the old man! Cause without him? Well…..he wouldn’t be here currently annoyed with Dante 2.0!

                                                          And what heinous act had set Nero off this time with the guy? Well….apparently this guy couldn’t keep the sword in his own damn pants! Their little banters alright cool whatever. Spilling demon dust on him….annoying but he’d live. Saying he’d hit on Kyrie and calling him “ Kid” just like old damn times? Uh….that was a no go, joking or not? Dante invoked the wrath of the over-protective youth. Eyes widened in disbelief when Dante actually had the damn balls to shout that down. The little…the hell was wrong with him!? Was he on perpetual sword into sheath mode!? He should be focused on sheathing his sword with Lady not Kyrie! “ The hell you just say!? And I would’ve shoved my damn boot so far up your a** that they’d just use your damn head with all the lights that’d be going off in there!” Nero all but growled back up, by the time Dante chuckled (a*****e…) and……s**t. He couldn’t see him now! Damn old man…why’d he always piss him off somehow!? Did he have an “Annoy Nero” sense that was constantly tingling? Oh…..oh….fine! Dante wanted to have wisecracks? Fine…..but what Dante didn’t realize was that Nero was going to have his revenge! Mark his words! For now Nero could merely scowl up at that window, azure eyes briefly visualizing with sadistic glee his summoned sword making a Dante kabob. Wasn’t that just a precious little thought for someone he felt he could never re-pay back for what he’d done in Fortuna. Not like the guy ever….well complained, he was like the poster boy for abuse? …Maybe he should make a wise crack to Lady how Dante must’ve been into kinky masochism! …..Huh….could that even be kinky? Unaware it actually….could.

                                                          Least he wasn’t totally corrupted, a naïve air keeping him thankfully less educated in the field of….provocative crap like a certain cheeky half demon might be versed in. Nero not wanting to find out about that….stuff, he had no need, because in his mind all he needed was to know Kyrie loved him. That alone was all he ever needed, he had the real deal love, he loved that girl with every fiber, and there was no need to butcher it. As uh….awkward as this was gonna sound ( damn it Dante for earlier!) if he was going to get intimate with the auburn…..he’d rather figure out um the details with her. And not be versed, because from now he wanted to do everything he could with her, and wanted his first time to be with her, and his last breath to be hers. He was that devoted but….it didn’t seem like devotion to him, how could it…..when loving Kyrie was as natural as breathing? It just came naturally to him. So….when the realization came that his devil triggered form was most likely witnessed by her he felt guilty. He….didn’t want her to be scared of him now, that would’ve killed him. Course…Nero didn’t want to think of that, what he wanted to focus on was after his compliments how Kyrie’s cheeks would cutely turn a shade of pink. Ever the modest girl she was, something about that was just so endearing about her, proving her to always be the genuine girl he fell for. Pure luck though huh? For most of his life, Nero didn’t really believe in that phenomenon, always too damn cynical to really consider it outside of joking.

                                                          After all he never considered it luck that luck he’d been adopted by Kyrie’s parents, shown love and compassion, and was able to meet her. His parents tossed him aside, Kyrie’s parents adopted an orphan, he happened to be one, an odd one, with white locks they claimed made him special. What was lucky about that? He never considered it luck that Kyrie’s parents had been killed but Kyrie and Credo weren’t claimed. Demons had done it…after all, and it just proved God abandoned those that truly deserved by letting them get killed. It proved Nero was weak for not being able to save those that welcomed him into their family. So….where the hell was the luck there? As for….falling for Kyrie, he….considered that a privilege that she felt the same way he did. It wasn’t luck, because that would mean there had been a chance he wouldn’t have. The thought alone terrified him, that it wasn’t his actions but chances, gambles that had earned him her heart. Nero couldn’t stomach it, the idea that maybe it was just “luck” that he was with Kyrie. The woman who had accepted who “he” was when others would shame him? It was devastating….so you see….he couldn’t believe in luck. Shaking his head, blue hues looked upon hers. “Pure luck doesn’t exist in my dictionary Kyrie, just pure action and you did an amazing job, never doubt that” he urged.

                                                          After all he never wanted her to doubt that, for her first time she did wonderful, that was a lot to ask out of anyone. Especially against demons when the normal human response was to run like hell. So really that wasn’t luck that was determination! Not to mention Kyrie was smart, she caught on quick as he blinked at her words brows furrowing. “ Me? Come on Kyrie I didn’t exactly play nice with the others in the Order…” brows relaxed a bit giving her a faint smile. “ Sides, everything you do Kyrie is for the good of others, not to mention without you I wouldn’t be the guy I am today, so if anything? You deserve all my thanks so…..thanks Kyrie “ well that seemed to be finished a bit lamely. But really how could she say that!? This was coming from girl who helped orphans, always offered a helping hand, was a loving daughter, sister, girlfriend, and…brave. She had run out even with demons nearing and threw her arms around that boy! A random kid! Not….many would do that and what made it more astonishing Kyrie then didn’t have the means to fight those demons off! So it that wasn’t good then Nero had no idea what was! “ Course you know I’m a stubborn a** either way~ Won’t change my mind on the fact you deserve that and more” Nero finished.

                                                          She really did though, even if she didn’t see it, he did, and damn it he’d make sure she knew how much of an angel she really was! It might’ve sounded dorky, but hell it wouldn’t change his mind on the matter, as he soon felt slender digits against his cheek. That soon slid into his now gritty white locks. Another….reason Dante pissed him off with the weird a** shower, but he’d get him back. For now his mind went back to Kyrie as he gave her an affectionate chaste kiss on her cheek. Even her brief little smile caused his heart to slightly pick up in pace, even if…..explaining his devil trigger soon made his heart clench. He really didn’t want to, he wished he could bury that side of himself from her gaze. But she was his equal….and deserved to know what she got herself into with loving him. He started his explanation noticing the once smile on Kyrie’s face disappear. Even if her hues were still bright, Nero’s insecurity over himself made him slowly feel deflated over this talk. Nero decided, it best to leave out the details of Agnus’s lab from her. No need for her to know all the screwed up s**t if she didn’t need to….right? Experimentation of demons was just….off putting considering what the goal had been as he motioned to his devil bringer. Kyrie’s gaze making him wish he had the ability to cloak it. If only because to him it was an outward sign of the demonic blood that he was going to be stuck with for all times. Sometimes….he really did wonder if Kyrie ever felt uneasy about the demonic appendage. He knew when she first saw it, she thought he was attacking Credo and thus he couldn’t blame her. Even if part of him had felt….betrayed, only because he never wished to make her question his loyalties.

                                                          They’d always be with her…forever till the end of time, he just hoped she knew that. The more he explained the more he noticed the fact the one radiant smile turn into a frown. Wishing he could hide more at it, hating to distress her. Especially as he began to talk about the moment Agnus stabbed him, again leaving out the detail it was….well more than once. She….didn’t need to picture that. Even if…that moment was still so clear in his mind, he could actually feel the twinge of the blade each time it stabbed him. Wondering if this clarity would ever truly fade, as he began to talk about the first time….the devil bringer presented itself due to an injury in Mitis Forest. Keeping that secret from her till now as azure eyes blinked the moment he felt her hands against his. A comforting warmth there now as he faintly smiled and continued about….well the damn voice. The deep voice that had echoed in Nero’s head for power that had been there during the metamorphosis of human to well screwed up demon thing. Pausing as he wondered…what that voice was….was it the devil bringer? As screwy as that sounded, or….that blue….ethereal demon? Unsure really and not wanting to find out really as he admitted all this was that catalyst to his devil trigger forming.

                                                          And while…truthfully it had been an unsettling discovery with maybe becoming the very thing you hunted Nero also knew something. It spoke true to him, clear as day…he killed demons sure but those demons also lacked something. A heart, and just like Sparda in the once “fairy tales” he’d heard back in the orphanage that…was all the reassurance he needed. As long as he loved….Kyrie, as long as his heart beat, as long as Kyrie was around, he could never be what he killed. Those guys lacked the drive, the heart, and while sure he might admit he wasn’t up there on Sparda level power wise (well no s**t…). He knew it and felt it, that he’d never give in to temptation of power….not when he might lose the very person in the process. The one that…was his power and with her? Well….it didn’t matter if he was facing Sparda himself! He’d never the damn well give in! That…..that was something no one could take away from him, demon, angel, human, whatever. And as he said this to Kyrie and he saw those eyes widen in surprise and those cheeks darkened, it felt right. No matter what he was….he’d always be Nero, and as Nero he’d always love and protect his Kyrie. That was the obligation his soul made, and nothing, nothing in this whole damn world would deter him as he gently stroked her cheek.

                                                          She was….his everything, and while he didn’t believe in luck, god, and Son’s of Spartas not annoying him. He did believe in love, only because….she was right here, nuzzling his hand, making him smile slightly. Those loving hues, centered on his, and he hoped they matched hers, that she could feel what he sometimes bashfully sucked at. And that was the honesty in expressing his love to her. …Even if he sort of felt tongue tied and had to be a wise a** and make a joke, it kept Nero from trying to what an ostrich might do. Smash his head in some dirt and refuse to budge till his nerves settled. See? Kyrie just had this effect to make even he, a pessimistic, sarcastic demon hunter fluster like a high school boy crushing on the prettiest girl on campus. Well….Nero might correct that and say prettiest girl in the world, but for the sake of appearing like a love sick puppy…he’d keep that one safe in his noggin. A chime of sweet laughter ushered from Kyrie’s lips, their hands still joined as she finally spoke. What with yakking her ear off and all. And what a way with words she had as his smile turned boyish and his nose twitched but with their hands joined, no finger could resolve the little nervous tick. “Well….least I have a back up job of writing cards, though have a feeling they’d only be for you” he teased, her smile, making his ears flush slightly. Eyes softened the more she spoke. “That I swear….well….that’s why you got me, cause I’ll always view you as my angel Kyrie” the white haired youth replied softly.

                                                          And as her digits moved to intertwine against his, he gripped them; eyes basking in that endearing smile Kyrie always seemed to pull of flawlessly. One that was radiant because of how earnest and true it was. “…I don’t need to wish not when I’m the luckiest guy alive to have your love” he smiled more. “ And that’s all I’d ever ask of you, fighter…or songstress, you’re still my Kyrie and I’ll always be with you demon hunter or as the punk you never listens to preaching” Nero commented, before he blinked, where his words really that cheesy? Kyrie’s face was red again but now he felt his clawed arm moved by her. Wondering what she was doing, before Nero’s eyes widened, at Kyrie….pressing her lips against the back of his hand, the hand that was an abomination deformed by demon blood. His breath hitched, unable to process this with a defense mechanism of sarcasm and wit. He for a short moment was stunned by affection, at the simplest of gesture. It was as if…..no to him, it was her way of….accepting him….for him not with words this time. But action, as his girlfriend spoke and Nero felt his heart warm more. How he ever deserved someone as loving as her he wasn’t sure, but….he was thankful for this blessing. ….Didn’t mean he believed in God still though. “Think….you just found a way to make me speechless” he stated after a moment. “ But….” He paused to gather the words. “ …you a hypocrite?” he shook his head. “ Nah…could never peg you as that…because Kyrie when you talk about me being the most human, I can’t help but think…you’re the most truest, think in a way you’re what humans reach for but can never quite get….honesty like yours. Not only that….but Kyrie you’re the most loving and I can only try to inspire what you inspire in me….that even a devil may have a heart, and can just as well love an angel” Nero’s words were slow, yet held an air of compassion always reserved strictly for her. Nero could never….think of her as a hypocrite, and sure he might’ve been scared she rejected what she’d seen of him when near a fallen Credo. But that….was simply a misunderstanding, she didn’t have to accept him afterwards but she did. And despite that uncertainty….she….still reached out for him. And he felt that only made their bond stronger, there was going to be no more hiding from him. No more cover ups, she knew…and still held open arms for him.

                                                          That was enough to ease him somewhat, enough to finally be able to through a wise crack that made Kyrie giggle sweetly. “Course~ mean why else would a guy be covered in the stuff if he was just an average Joe~? “ Which….hey held some truth, Nero wasn’t exactly, normal….and he’d never be. That was too mundane now for the youth, and he had a big job of clearing demons away as well. As well as take out a certain redhead….but Kyrie suddenly did another action that left him stunned. And that was a rather forward kiss that has her cupping his cheeks and reaching on tippy toes for his lips. Hell he would never complain with soft lips against his, even if for a moment he felt like he was dreaming. But when his dream didn’t turn into some crazed s**t with voices and power deals…well he was relieved. Slowly his lids were coaxed to close, as he enjoyed the chaste kiss pressing her lips more against hers. He couldn’t even help with a clawed digit carefully stroked her cheek, as if to repay the kindness it was shown before. But like all good thing it soon came to an end (almost….too quickly for the still love shell shocked male). So much so he still looked stunned even after that he said something that quickly came to mind. Hell he wished he knew what it was then! The youth grinning slightly. “ Damn, then I got dressed up for nothing. “ he murmured in a stupid like fashion, possibly under his breath still in the daze. So out of it….he forgot out about the others, if for only a split second. ….What that kiss was pretty damn mind blowing coming from Kyrie!

                                                          Cue….Lady’s appearance for him to remember as “Mom” waltzed out of the light house, Danteless and….stuttering? Nero blinked As he went to tease Lady though she uh….wasn’t playing around, seeming to try and teach his a** how to be swiss cheese….or…scare him at a shoot that went by him. What the hell did Dante do to her, unaware the person in question probably had no idea himself. He only knew the shot had startled Kyrie into gripping his cloak for dear life. And had made a Son of Sparta only turn in confusion at the unexplained shot. As for Nero what was a punk to do, but make a smart a** comment, that made Kyrie try to be the voice of reasoning. Soon though…Lady was gone, and Nero to frown that Dante had done something well….stupid since it was in character for the red cloaked wonder. “ b*****d…” he said when Kyrie answered his question. ….It wasn’t to her but to Dante! Guy was! He made Lady….geez he didn’t even know what! After a brief….exchange with the ten times over dead Pops, Nero suggested to Kyrie they’d find the guy whose job they had finished. When she agreed and they found the guy and got their pay, they returned back. Nero intending to give an appropriate kick to Dante’s a** for…well he had a list. Hearing Kyrie’s question he snorted. “ Think my method of helping with the light might make Pops unable to sit for awhile…” he smiled in a demented fashion. Then oh…speak of the devil the guy finally showed his a**! Nero soon scowling “ Damn…would’ve loved to help….” Not sure if Dante had heard his intentions. His foot tapping soon halted at….Pop’s words making him rolls his eyes. “ Don’t get too warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of someone possibly giving a damn….” How “sweet” his a** as Nero watched Dante walk forward before stopping and looking forward. “ No thanks to you Pops….but I wonder now what exactly you’re starving for….cause I think ya might be left starving some more” leaving that ambiguous to what he meant. …..Why did he have a feeling Pops was going to think he meant moving….food? Shaking his head, Nero looked over at Kyrie and gripped her hand, saying nothing more as Dante lead them. ….Well there was Nero’s mistake there but strangely….it wasn’t leaving them walking in a circle.

                                                          As they walked more Nero heard Dante and raised a white brow, before a playful smirk danced on his lips “More like desperation, but if you’re talking pizza….yeah then again I’m not so obsessed but uh….when you have a face like yours guess you don’t have many options” he jested as they continued on soon arriving at the inn they had stayed at the night before. Though, the smell only reminded Nero of his own hunger, and….back to his “sandy shower” making him frown. “ Gee….thanks Pops, think I’ll pass I kinda wanna eat without “Mom” beating your a**…..even if that might be funny as hell” Nero smirked before he gave Dante a one fingered gesture at the “shower comment”. “ Don’t you got a last meal to attend to? Anyways I got something more important so catch you later…” Nero moving inside with Kyrie as he looked at her. “ Well guess he did have one point…strangely….” A smile soon showing. “ Gonna shower then me and you, anywhere you chose to eat”. He let go of her hand giving a grin. “ And I mean it!” before he ran up the stairs back up to there room. Taking a shower as quickly as he could before rechanging, annoyed at his cloak for still having sand. But he merely shrugged it off, as he put everything back, as a now trust worthy sand free Nero. Going back down the stairs, with gold in pocket, Nero extended his hand out towards Kyrie. “Believe me and you have a date with some food” what this new place had to offer he wasn’t sure. But….hell with Kyrie along, it didn’t matter, they’d find something to eat and they could finally have some time for themselves. A long awaited date between two love struck people.

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Ҝyɍiе(Devil May Cry 4)
~ Former Songstress of the Order of the Swords

They will see
We'll fight until eternity

Come with me
We'll stand and fight together

Kyrie found herself laughing as her and Nero gripped each other’s hands still. She couldn’t help but laugh after Nero’s little comment. Though, at least now she felt like she could speak. For before, Kyrie would have interrupted Nero during one of the few times he ever was so open. That was something she could not allow herself to do. But now, Kyrie did not have to worry about that. Her cheeks gained a bit of color at Nero’s words. But, that also caused her to smile. Her gaze too focused on Nero’s eyes to see Nero’s ears gaining color as well. “Is that so?” Her cheeks felt even warmer when Nero once more emphasized him viewing her as an angel. Her modest mind was just unable to see herself as such. “I see….and I…will always view you as…Nero…” That sounded extremely lame.

The former songstress started to intertwine their fingers. She smiled more when Nero helped out. She squeezed his hands a little when she felt her cheeks warm up even more. If anyone thought Nero couldn’t be endearing, they never heard him during these moments. Kyrie started to move Nero’s demonic arm towards her more. “I’m glad that you….know that…” Though, for once, she wanted to take a note out of Nero and Dante’s book. For both of them always came off as “actions speak louder than words” kind of people. Thus, she pressed her lips against the back of the demonic hand. She had to admit the texture was odd. The skin was rough, but it was insanely warm too. It was almost like the roughness was just protection instead of some disfigurement of a once human looking arm.

That impression only gave her more courage to completely accept the arm. For while the blue glow and the clawed fingers made a faint part of her unnerved, she knew the arm was Nero’s. He would never harm her, and the way the arm felt to her only proved that more. She broke the silence once she moved her lips away from the hand. Though, when Nero spoke again, Kyrie felt a blush faintly go across her cheeks again. She hadn’t meant to make Nero speechless. However, Kyrie did find herself storing that fact for latter. Not like Kyrie would likely ever use that against Nero though. Besides, Nero had more ways of making her unable to speak than the other way around. For when Nero spoke with such heart-warming sincerity, she always felt her heart warm up.

The warmness, like always, found itself showing up in her expression. The way her honey hues brightened up, and the way her smile became softer in nature. When Kyrie tried to figure out something to say though, she found herself the one speechless! She bit back a chuckle at the irony. “And….I believe you have found a way to make me speechless…for when you are so endearing and honest…I just find myself unable to say anything…and just find myself feeling so….loved…” The warmness that emitted off her also acted as a way to show her sincerity. Though, even after she had been able to recover herself, Kyrie still found herself feeling so warm on the inside. The pleasant feeling still lingered as she giggled at Nero’s wise crack. “I don’t know. Because he went to the beach and decided to roll around in the sand?”

Even after that talk, Kyrie felt the urge to reassure herself. She still felt nervous about the forwardness of her move. Yet, with them having kissed more than once already, she thought maybe it wouldn’t be too forward. It wasn’t like she was suddenly trying to take the relationship further, or anything like that. But, even with her mind reminding her of that, the former songstress still felt nervous about how Nero would take the action. Luckily, she felt Nero’s lips press themselves more against her own. Her hands lingered on his face as her own eyes remained closed. Feeling the warm clawed digits moving across her cheek. Though, even with the response back, Kyrie still felt too nervous to prolong the kiss. Thus, she broke it and found herself flushing a little at Nero’s almost off-handed comment.

She commented on it and thought she heard Nero mention something about getting dressed up. However, with how low his voice sounded, Kyrie couldn’t tell if she was just hearing things. “Did you say something Nero?” Unfortunately, Kyrie didn’t hear a response. That was because Lady soon came out of the lighthouse, stuttering and not exactly in the best mood. As usual, her boyfriend had a tendency to take advantage of people’s bad moods. Sometimes, it worked in his favor, other times…it didn’t. This happened to be one of the latter times. Her hands gripped tightly onto Nero’s cloak as Lady fired a shot in Nero’s direction. Luckily, the bullet did not hit. Though, that didn’t stop Kyrie from trying to be the voice of reason so Nero wouldn’t get shot again! But, with Lady waking off, that seemed to be unnecessary.

She blinked a little at the answer Nero gave her. Since she knew that word was used towards males usually, Kyrie had to assume Nero was talking about Dante. But, did that mean Dante was the reason for Lady’s state of mind? They likely wouldn’t know unless they asked Lady directly. Though, with Lady already leaving for the hotel, and Dante still working on the light, all she and Nero could do was get the money for the job from the person. Once they did that, they came back and waited for Dante. As they waited, Kyrie asked a question, which was soon quickly answered by Nero. However, the demented smile made her have a feeling Dante wouldn’t like that method. Before she could respond though, Dante came out of the lighthouse and started to speak.

Thus, she found herself once more just watching Dante and Nero’s banter. The two almost reminded her of brothers in some ways. The way the two poked fun at the other, and the way they annoyed each other. But, even with how much they teased and annoyed each other, Kyrie had a feeling they would come to each other’s aid. For neither of them gave off the vibe of completely hating each other. However, she had a feeling they would deny any sibling like similarities with all their heart. Then again, if they did that, wouldn’t that only prove the point more? Kyrie had to hide her amusement though, or else Nero might question while she was oddly smiling. That was made easier by the fact they were heading back to the inn now, and Kyrie could keep herself focused on her hand in Nero’s.

Luckily, they did not find themselves going around in circles again. While that wasn’t bad earlier, it was always nice not to be lost. As they entered the inn, it appeared Dante decided to pick on Nero for his sandy appearance. She supposed getting sand on a pizza would be bad. But, the former songstress didn’t think Nero was that sandy. Thus, Kyrie didn’t know how to feel as Nero gave an um…one fingered salute to Dante. She wanted to say something about how Nero should probably not do that. However, it seemed Dante didn’t care, or didn’t notice. The former songstress felt relieved that meant it didn’t turn into anything more than teasing banter. Once they parted ways, she and Nero went further inside the inn. A slight smile appearing on her face as Nero looked towards her.

She nodded as she felt him let go of her hand. “I know you mean it, Nero.” She smiled more as she watched him run up the stairs. She chose to sit down at a chair within the inn lobby. Her fingers fiddled with the necklace Nero had given her. Though, when Kyrie realized she still had her umbrella on her, the former songstress decided to place it in umbrella rake nearby. For she was sure there was someone else that might need it more than her currently. Then, Kyrie went back to fiddling with the necklace. Though, it didn’t take long for her to see Nero coming down the stairs. She stood up and smiled warmly at him. The smile only grew more at the extended hand. “I believe you, Nero.” Her hand soon found itself in Nero’s hands and they soon left the inn.

Her eyes looked about the streets. She saw many places, including a place that served pizza. Though, while Dante seemed to love that stuff, Kyrie didn’t find herself in the mood for it. However, nearby that place was what appeared to be a café. She always did find cafes to be nice, due to how peaceful they tended to be. Plus, they usually weren’t on the loud side, which made enjoying another’s company much easier. “How about there, Nero? That café looks like it might be a good place.” Of course, they would need to walk closer to make sure it was a café. But, if Nero found a better place to eat, she would go along with his suggestion. For there was no need to make Nero eat somewhere he didn’t want to after all.

Through our strength
We'll make a better day

Tomorrow we
shall never surrender

Where I can be found: Nearby Arcadian Café with Nero
Love: Nero
My weapon of choice: Lady’s glock
Objects on my person: The necklace Nero gave me.

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