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                                                                        Green Mage

                                                                        Fran seemed to be riding on the Strahl with Balthier as she seemed to be lost in thought. After all autopilot was engaged. The woman was more or less confused to why to Balthier had saved her when she was knocked unconscious during the destruction of Bahamut. In truth most sky pirates would leave someone like that but Balthier protested against it. He wouldn't even give a good reason to why he had risked his own life for her. She was left to believe that it was due to their partnership, after all they were partners in crime. Fran decided to not dwell on it too long as they were going to meet up with Ashe. Though something was quite wrong with the situation. The Viera seemed to raise her guard as the color fell from the area. Though as they were about to land she suddenly went through some sort of portal and found herself in a very odd place.

                                                                        Her heels clicked on the ground as she landed, her arm reaching for he bow on her back as if she was about to be attacked. Fran was a cautious woman as she looked around, her nose twitching slight as even the scent didn't match. "What sort of magik is this? " She asked herself as she then rose up from her crouching position, standing at her full height as Fran left her bow untouched. After all there was no one coming to harm her as much as she could see. She looked around for the Strahl and even was looking for Balthier but there wasn't a single sign of him or their precious ship.

                                                                        The tall woman started to walk around looking for a familiar sign of anything she might know. Though her heels came to a stop as her sensitive ears heard a very familiar voice. This caused the usual stoic Viera to bear a very faint smile. "Balthier... " She said only for her to run in that direction as fast as she could. After all she didn't want Balthier to fly off without her, it was odd considering she had told the sky pirate to leave her behind a few times that this one time she didn't want to be left behind.

                                                                        When the sandy blond man came into view she seemed to slow her pace and then walked over to the man. "Balthier, where is the Strahl? " She asked as if nothing odd had happened, after all why state the obvious when the man probably was as confused as her. Though it wouldn't be bad to expand on what had happened. " Last thing I remember was we were about to land the Strahl to meet up with Ashe, then I was pulled here. " She said as she scanned the man up and down looking for any sort of injury, after all she had to make sure she didn't get harmed. Though she didn't want to speak her worry as she then crossed her arms and looked around, trying to figure out what needed to be done. "We may have to acquire another ship until we find the Strahl. " She said calmly as it was the truth. They would need some mode of transportation just encase they had to travel large distances.

                                                                        "Do you believe that anyone else might have been drawn here? Perhaps we should go look in the town to see if that is so? Also, I can no longer sense any signs of the mist anywhere. " She said in her usual accented and stern tone. Her red eyes looking down at Balthier as she waited for the leading man to well lead. She seemed to have a very faint look of relief on her face and it would take a trained eye to see. It was all due to being back at Balthier's side, the place where she felt she needed to be.

                                                                        Location: Eden
                                                                        Feelings:Happiness but well covered up and hidden

                                                                        Weapon: Sagittarius (Bow) , Assassin Arrow.
                                                                        Inventory: Potions x9 , Antidote x2, Hi-potion x4, Phoenix down x2
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                                                                        Cordelia seemed to smirk a bit as she was about to celebrate Juliet's birthday finally after beating that emo's a** named Swan. He seriously had a lot of issues and some Cordelia didn't even want to think about. She was just glad that Nick got her sister's heart over that man, she might have to go to prison for shooting his head off. Though her 'friends' would have her back and bail her out of jail. She was walking in through the doorway only for a sudden change to happen and the place she saw before her was not her home. This place looked straight out of a damn horror hell hole. It was like off one of those caved creatures places but it seemed people lived her. The zombie hunter seemed to frown a bit as she had to wonder if she was in hell itself. Man it would be awesome if it was, she could try to kick Satan's a** and then get the answer if the douche was a male of female.

                                                                        Though she just adjusted her rifle over her back and then walked through, her eyes canning around for any signs of life or undead. She was kinda curious if this was the World of Rot. Might be cool to kick some major zombie's asses. She sighed a bit in disappointment as she noticed that the inhabitants were humans.She wasn't a murderer, unless it was some super natural jerk that was killing humans, then she would murder them til the sun comes up. "Well this is lame... " She sighed and shook her head only to continue her traveling. After al she had to find a way home, no way she was going to miss Juliet's birthday party. She was going to take her little sister to buy her first porn magazine , she didn't have to read it or nothing but it was her right as a 18yr old.

                                                                        The Starling stopped as she heard a man yelling at someone and no verbal responses back. This caused her brow to arch a bit as she had to wonder if someone was fighting with a mute. Well she guessed this place had a high school level mentality if they did that s**t. She started in that direction only to see the guy yelling at someone in green pajamas? Well hell this made it worse, this man was walking around in his PJ's and was getting yelled at for not talking...oh hell no.

                                                                        The blond saw the man walk off only to start her path towards the rude man as she unhooked her gun from her back and then held it to where the butt was poised to attack. She then lifted it up and slammed it on the back of the man's neck only for him to fall limp and unconscious. "Take a nap loser, ya need it. Don't pick on people or you will answer to me, got it? " She said as she walked towards Link now as she had to make sure the guy was alright. When she made it to him she waved. "Sup. " Se realized that was a horrible way to introduce herself as she then saw something that caught her attention. "Whoa...you got like pointed ears...are those fake or are you a elf? If so, you the friendly kind or the ones that like to kill people and dip their hair in their blood...if so, then I gotta say hi with this. " She patted her sniper rifle as she knew the man wasn't a Red Cap but it was more so a joke. She crossed her arms and then offered a half smirk. "You alright? I don't really know sign language so...yeah... I only know the middle finger...but the name is Cordelia Starling. Ace Zombie Hunter. " She said with confidence as she then sighed a bit. If he was mute then he might not give a name.

                                                                        She then started to look over his armor and weaponry, it seemed like he crawled out of some geek convention and came runnin' . Cordelia seemed to look around. " So guess we gotta find answers huh Peter Pan? " She said with a hint of a joking tone. After all she didn't know his name so he would get catchy nicknames.

                                                                        Location: Hades with Link

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Shirtless Star

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                                                              Alone for a while I've been searching through the dark
                                                              STRIFEL o c a t i o n HadesSTRIFE

                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: SurprisedSTRIFEFor traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart

                                                              Zidane was pretty sure when he moved in to kiss her that she would push him away. He hoped that wouldn't be the case, but knowing their history, and they fact she seemed kinda mad at him right then, he thought for sure that she would force him away. He wasn't going to give up trying though, if she pushed him again, he knew it wouldn't be hard enough to knock him over or anything... she wasn't that mad, and he had his tail to help keep him upright anyway. He'd just have to apologize again for taking so long, even if he was still tired and sore, he should have been faster at getting back to her.

                                                              She put her hands on his chest to push him away, and her body went rigid, but after a moment she relaxed, her hands even curled around his damp vest, holding him closer. He moved his arms to support her more, so she wouldn't feel like he was going to leave again, every person wanted to push away when their heart was on the line, he understood it was a self preservation need, something that a person did to protect themselves... but she didn't need to do that. She might have never kissed a boy before, in fact he was pretty sure she hadn't, so he kept it gentle and soft, but lingering and meaningful as well. He wanted her to feel the intent, he wouldn't leave her again if he could help it.

                                                              When they parted and she said that it wasn't her song, it was their song, an amazing warmth started in his chest and radiated out, into his fingers and his toes, making him feel so completely loved that he felt the loss of her for those months all the more acutely. When he was fighting to survive, the song was enough to sustain him, to push him forward, the promise of this... this reunion where she insulted him and called him names, only to admit that she loved him back. He knew, the whole time that she cared about him more then a friend, even if he pissed her off all the time, but to hear her say it, it made a huge smile break out on his face.

                                                              "I know, I'm all those things, and I'm sure I drive you crazy, but you love it though, admit it."
                                                              His smile turned to a grin after she rocked forward and kissed him. It was just a peck, but it was more then she'd probably ever initiated. Did she have any idea how adorable she was? Probably not, but she was, as cute as any girl he'd ever seen, maybe cuter... and he loved girls, all of them were beautiful in their own way, and he was rather bad about having a wandering eye and appreciating the female form in all it's glory and variation, however now that he had his little Dagger, his beautiful summoner/princess/queen, whatever she decided she was, to him she was just his Dagger, and he would marry her for real, and be faithful, and for him, that was saying a lot!

                                                              He moved his hand to help her wipe the tears away, not minding that she'd cried on him, he deserved it really, making her worry so much, but they were together now, that meant everything would be alright. No matter where they were, or what they were doing, if they were together, they were fine. He slipped his hand down her arm to grasp her hand in his, kissing her forehead before he pulled them apart, but maintained contact with their joined hands. "Come on, let's go find out where we are now, and how we get back... or at least find somewhere I can get us some cash." He gave her another mischievous wink and he started to lead her into the traffic of pedestrians, hoping that they would take him to where the money was... he was a skilled enough thief that he could get all they needed from several, wealthy people... they could eat and get a room, and these people would probably never notice.

                                                              L o v e DaggerSTRIFETo weave by picking up the pieces that remainSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              Melodies of lifeSTRIFEW e a p o n s Ultima Weapon
                                                                              Melodies of lifeSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Brave Suit, Thief's Hat, Power Wrist
                                                                              Melodies of lifeSTRIFEI t e m s Hi-potionsx3
                                                                              Melodies of lifeSTRIFEP a r t y Dagger

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                      AS A n g e l STRIFE o f STRIFE D e a t h AS
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Miku Hinasaki
~ Fatal Frame 3

Our memories
Still drift vividly

I had been drowning
In my own sorrow

She felt a bit bad for not knowing what a chocobo was. Yet, she wasn’t about to lie and act like she knew something she didn’t. Though, from the way Rosa spoke, it seemed not knowing a chocobo was a bit of an oddity. The photography assistant shook her head slightly, indicating she hadn’t encountered one. But, that did cause Miku to completely focus on Rosa as she started to explain chocobos to her. In a way, they kind of reminded her of ostriches. Though, last time she checked, they didn’t come in a variety of colors. However, Miku wouldn’t be surprised if someone had tried to ride them before. Whether or not they were successful…she would have no idea. Since she was not an ostrich expert, she couldn’t be sure if chocobos and ostriches had anything more in common.

“They kind of remind me of these animals I know of called ostriches…They are a large bird that I suppose could be mounted if someone tried. Though, I don’t know much about them other than they stick their heads in the ground to protect themselves, and usually have black and white feathers. So, I’m not sure how fast they are or if they can’t cross mountains or rivers.” The logical side of her made her believe they would have that in common. For if she remembered right, ostriches lived Africa. Which didn’t really make her picture a mountainous or a water filled area. However, Miku decided it would be best to save such thinking for later. That allowed her mind to focus on Rosa as her fellow companion started to talk about Baron’s other methods of teleportation.

Airships and seaships? That sounded like different names for airplanes and boats. But, she couldn’t be for sure. Though, her head tilted slightly when Rosa mentioned a spaceship. Miku had heard of shuttles being referred to as spaceships. However, the photography assistant had never heard of one called the Lunar whale! She was about to ask about that when Rosa continued to speak. The blonde haired woman soon revealed that Cecil would likely have more knowledge on transportation. She gave a small nod as well as a small smile. “Airships and seaships sound possibly similar to airplanes and boats…But, I’ll make note to ask Cecil once we are done with our meal.” After all, he may not want to talk while he was eating. Thus, Miku was fine with having that curiosity satisfied at a later time.

Her eyes widened a little at Rosa’s reaction. They had experienced the same thing? That either meant Rosa was in a malice filled area as well, or there was something really strange going on. “Does that mean you also saw something that was more colorful compared to everything else?” Now that Miku thought about it…When she had ran after the ghost of her brother, the area he disappeared to had seemed so colorful compared to the greyness around her. Yet, the photography assistant had assumed that was simply because the realm of the dead was possibly more vibrant in nature. But now, she started to wonder if that was really the case. “Like all the color had been placed into one spot and was insanely bright due to that?” She could only hope she had phrased that in a proper manner.

The photography assistant focused on Rosa’s advice involving the currency. It seemed they were willing to barter here. That was a good thing, if she had anything to barter. She supposed if need be that she could barter off some of her Herbal Medicine and Sacred Water. Even then though, Miku wouldn’t be able to barter it all. Since Herbal Medicines and Sacred Waters were her way of healing herself. But, it was better she tried than have no way to access food and shelter while in this place. “I’ll keep that in mind if or…whenever I need to get something.” Miku wondered if maybe there weren’t any jobs she could take. After all, she felt she was a hard-worker, and there was no way she was going to mooch off Cecil and Rosa the entire time she was here. But, where would she find one?

When Rosa started to assure her, she found herself smiling more than she normally did. For it was not often she heard the words “our” and “friend” in the same sentence. With how Rosa seemed to come across so far, Miku knew those words were genuine. That only made the content feeling inside of her grow more as she found her fingers running across her bag. Her mind already focused on the one possession she would not want to sell. Even if it brought many terrible memories along with it. “I thank for your kindness. It means a lot to hear those words from you, and I hope I am able to make it up to you two sometime. But for now, I shall try not to abuse your kindness until then.” Not like she even know how she would abuse it currently.

After that, she asked Rosa what Baron was like since she knew nothing about it. She felt happy to hear Rosa sound so enthused about the idea of learning about Japan. Admittedly, that made Miku all the more attentive when it came to Rosa’s answer. The landscape of Baron kind of reminded her of a mix of different landscapes of Earth all placed into one area. It made it both easier and harder to imagine. For while she was familiar with forests, deserts, plains, and mountains, Miku found it hard to imagine all the landscapes in one concentrated spot. Though, when Rosa mentioned a double moonrise, her eyebrows raised a little. Did they have two moons in Baron? The idea was quite fascinating yet odd at the same time! When it came to the technology though, Miku gave a faint chuckle.

“It is alright. I wouldn’t call technology my expertise either. I know enough to get the information I want and to get by, and that’s about it.” She gave a faint sheepish smile of her own. “But…if you don’t mind me further inquiring, you mentioned a double moonrise…does that mean you have two Moons instead of one?” Miku didn’t know if this would be yet another moment like with the chocobo. But, that would only just prove they both had experienced things the other hadn’t. It was then that her eyes caught sight of Cecil coming towards them. The photography assistant gave a faint polite smile in his direction. She gave the show of affection between Cecil and Rosa little mind as she took a drink of her tea. Since staring at people having romantic moments was something she was taught not to do.

The photography took a bite of her sandwich at the moment Rosa had commented on the sandwiches. She quickly finished the bite off and swallowed it. “Yes. It is quite good. The tea is good as well.” She gave him yet another polite smile. Due to her attention being on her meal, Miku hadn’t noticed any possible odd movements when it came to Cecil. Thus, she had no reason to ask about his condition. The photography assistant took a drink of her tea while Rosa filled Cecil in. Her cheeks gained a faint hint of color at the mentioning of her dress. Then again, she supposed her outfit might be interesting considering hers greatly differed from Rosa’s. “Well…I wouldn’t say Japan is anything like Baron. For we don’t have such a varied landscape, or have two moons shining over us.”

Miku decided not to mention the fact Japan was just a small country in a huge world so to speak. For if she did that, the photography assistant would have to possibly go into other countries. While she would be willing to do that, Miku was sure it would only end up being terribly boring. “But, Japan is surrounded by a sea by all sides, and we have some mountains and forests as well. We also have a volcano called Mount Fuji. I’m not sure if Baron has volcanoes though.” If they did, then she wouldn’t need to explain volcanoes to them. But if they didn’t, she would be glad to give a better description of the slumbering force. “We have a couple of cities that I would say are about the same technology wise, which is about on par with everyone else or just slightly more advanced.”

It was so odd trying to describe Japan to people that had never heard of it. Most at least had some kind of knowledge of it. But, Rosa and Cecil had none. However, before Miku could continue trying to give them a picture of Japan, she caught something out of the corner of her eye. Her gaze focused on two people that had come from the station nearby. Both appeared to be dressed in clothing she was familiar with. Yet, what caught her attention was the fact the woman looked familiar to her. Due to distance though, Miku couldn’t be quite sure who it was. “I’m sorry, but I believe I recognize one of the people over there…I promise I’ll come back over and tell you two more about Japan once I get done checking.” She gave them a faint smile before she got out of her chair.

She pushed it in before walking towards the two people. The closer she got, the more she knew that the woman had to be…”Rei!” Miku waved her arm back and forth to try and draw the woman’s attention. “Is that you?” Last time she could remember seeing Rei was before she had gone to sleep. Yet, the photography assistant could remember hearing Rei as she chased after Mafuyu. A faint hint of guilt ran through her system. But, now was not the time to apologize. “Are you alright?” Miku could not help but express concern towards the person she called her friend. However, the photography assistant also noticed the man nearby Rei. She gave him a polite smile. But, until Rei confirmed that the male was indeed traveling with her, Miku would not assume his connection to Rei.

You’re gone

I know

I know….

I am in: Nearby Tea Shop in Assyria with Cecil and Rosa, and possibly Rei and another person(Henry)
I am in love with: No one
Weapons on my person: Camera Obscura(Loaded with Type-14 film x 29) and Sacred Stone Amulet
Items on my person: A bag containing a Flashlight, Herbal Medicine x 4, Sacred Water x 2, Type 61 x 20, Type 90 x 10, and Type Zero x 5
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~ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Now I know
What I believe inside

Now it’s
My time

Link noticed someone walk past him. But, other than noticing a strange looking metal object in her hand, the Hylian didn’t give her much mind. However, at the sound of a loud whack, he turned around to see the woman had attacked the male! Eyes widened a little as his hand instinctually went to his sword. Link kept himself from pulling the sword out fully, since he had no idea why the woman had done that. It appeared from her words she had acted out of kindness. While Link appreciated the motive behind the action, he wasn’t sure how he felt about the action itself. For he had never seen kindness displayed in that manner before. Did that mean rudeness was kindness here? He scratched the side of his head as his eyebrows furrowed a little.

Link didn’t have a lot of time to think that over. Since his dark blue hues caught sight of the woman approaching him. He stood still to make sure that she could approach. Though, her odd greeting caused him to tilt his head. He raised his hand slightly and waved at her. However, by the way his expression oozed confusion, it was easy to tell he wasn’t sure if waving was the right response. Luckily, the woman didn’t seem offended. But then, she pointed out his ears oddly enough. He pulled at one of them lightly and winced a little when he had misjudged how much he was pulling. It was his silent way of showing her the ears was real. Even if Link hadn’t meant to pull at his ear that hard! When the woman got into whether or not he was someone that liked to kill people, Link frowned slightly.

Who in their right mind would want to dip their hair in blood of their victims? Maybe Ganon or his servants might do something so low. But, Link could and would not stoop to those levels. However, his train of thought focused on the odd object she patted. He leaned forward just lightly so he could get a better look at it. Yet, other than the material it was made out of being metal, the rest didn’t have any familiarity to him. Was it a close range weapon like his sword, or was it a long range weapon like his arrows? Maybe it was even a combination of both? He raised his hand slightly. Though, Link stopped himself at remembering most would not like their weapons touched. Thus, the Hylian stood up straight once more as the woman gave him a half-smirk.

His eyes blinked a little as he listened to the woman. Sign Language and the middle finger? Was there a language here involving the middle finger? Link lifted his hand and looked at all five of his fingers. There was nothing special about his middle finger, other than it was longer than the rest of his fingers. What could the middle finger even mean? He titled his head while still focused on the hand. However, his gaze moved back towards the woman’s face at her introduction. Link had never heard such a name before. Let alone of a Zombie Hunter. Maybe Zombie was another word for Re-dead or Poes? He wouldn’t know until either he asked, or she elaborated. Knowing how he tended to not speak, he likely wouldn’t get an answer until she elaborated. “….Link.”

After all, from what he had seen, when people said their name, they expected the other person to give theirs. Then again, this place might not have the same custom. He just hoped that Cordelia would give some kind of indication if he said the wrong thing. The Hero of Time glanced around him to try and see if he could see anything useful. As he did so, Cordelia said an odd name. That caused him to blink a little. Who was this Peter Pan? As he moved his head from side to side, Link noticed something that might be of use. Even if what he saw didn’t look like a Peter Pan. He raised his hand and pointed to what looked like a poster board. There appeared to be a map and some other pieces of paper on it as well.

However, from this distance, Link couldn’t read much of it. Thus, he moved towards the poster board. His dark blue hues took note of pieces of paper that seemed to hold requests of sorts. Though, Link mainly focused on the map. It seemed the male hadn’t been lying when he had called this place Hades. Other than being able to confirm that, the place seemed to reveal some landmarks. A train station, which he had no idea what that was, a prison, and an arena of sorts. Link looked towards Cordelia and pointed towards the map. He wasn’t sure if any of these landmarks might be of any significance to her. But, since she looked to blend better than he did, maybe she would know the best place to go. Otherwise, Link planned to head towards the arena. For areas of fighting had tended to be places of information, or so he had learned.

I’ll do
What I want

Cause this
Is my life

Where can I be found: Hades Streets with Cordelia
Love: Love?(No one)
Weapons on my person: Master Sword, Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield, Fairy Bow(Arrows x 30. None, Fire, Light, Ice) Bombsx20, and Bombchux20
Items on my person: Ocarina of Time, Longshot, Lens of Truth, Iron Boots, Hover Boots, Golden Gauntlets, Zora's tunic, and Goron Tunic
Magic: Naryu's love, Din's Fire, Farore's wind
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Shirtless Star

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                                                              Kiss me goodbye for love's memorySTRIFEL o c a t i o n EdenSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: DeterminedSTRIFEFollow your heart and find your destiny

                                                              Basch watched the Dalmascan regent, seeing that she was regarding him with a fond look, that it didn't seem as though she was angry or cross that he'd assumed his brother's place to assure that Larsa make it into his teenage years and cement his role as the Archadian Emperor... as a ruler she would understand it was necessary for everyone's safety... the Archadian people had been just as trodden on as the rest of Ivalice, and as a good and gentle ruler for his people, there were bound to be people opposed to that. But everything was solid and sure in Archades right now, Larsa should not have to worry about coup or other troubles, but Rabanastre lacked a lot of the good, true knights it had had before, they had all been decimated in the war...

                                                              And then, the soft remark from the Queen, saying that she needed a friend, he understood then that his presence was best served as her knight, so that he might protect her, but also ease her loneliness. She was never alone, but always lonely, and he would do what he could to be her friend, he would support her... she was still young and shouldn't have had to live through all that she'd been forced into. He regretted his own brother's involvement in all that had happened, all he'd personally done because Basch did not know that Noah had lived through the sacking of Landis, thinking both he and his mother lost... only to find out his twin grew up to have a terrible resentment of him because he'd gone to Dalmasca and abandoned them... he hadn't been there when their mother passed... maybe part of him blamed himself, at least for the loss of King Raminas... if he hadn't been so consumed in what he thought was best he might have been able to heal his twin's anger before the King was killed...

                                                              There was no point in thinking about what might have been, Noah had died honorably protecting Larsa and their party from the madness that had been Vayne Solidor, and Basch had completely his dead bed promise to protect and guide him. Larsa was a good young man, and he was far more mature then even some of the men he knew... a certain Sky Pirate came to mind, then Ashe mentioned him, that Basch should take a page from the Book of Vaan, a terribly long book to be sure... but she seemed rather intent on having him call her only Ashe...

                                                              He did agree, and when she said something a little playful about him being Captain Ronsenburg, and he sighed, realizing that calling her simply Ashe was going to be hard. "Apologies, but old habits are hard to break." A little smile came to his lips then and he walked beside her, instead of to the back and side of her, as he normally would have. He took a page from that tome that was the Book of Vaan and walked with her as a friend would, not a subordinate.

                                                              "Ordering me to call you Ashe is not necessary, but I do warn you, with our stations, it will take time for me to get used to calling you by only your nick name..." he then looked down at her and smiled a little more, raising his scarred eyebrow just a bit to look at her quizzically, "I did not even call you Ashe on our journey, perhaps you have missed me a bit more then you are letting on... Penelo wrote to Larsa and told him you missed me... at first I didn't believe it because you were home, surrounded by your people... and you was I? Kingslayer... but, maybe that young lady has more intuition then I gave her credit for."

                                                              So, he wanted to tease her a little, but he had also wondered for a while if it was true... that Ashe did miss him... the man inside the knight felt a little happy at the prospect... but he wasn't going to admit to why he felt like that... it wasn't proper for not only a knight to care for a princess, or Queen, more then just as his liege, but he was also much older then she was... but that didn't mean in the privacy of his own thoughts that he couldn't think that she looked as beautiful now as she had on her wedding day those years ago.

                                                              L o v e AsheliaSTRIFEDon't shed a tear for love's mortalitySTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                        For you put the dream in my realitySTRIFEW e a p o n s Excalibur
                                                                        For you put the dream in my realitySTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Carabineer Mail
                                                                        For you put the dream in my realitySTRIFEI t e m s A few potions, ethers and antidotes
                                                                        For you put the dream in my realitySTRIFEP a r t y Queen Ashe

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                AS K n i g h t STRIFE o f STRIFE D a l m a s c a AS
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                                          Another One Bites The Dust

                    Acacia = #bd7ba8Trian = #464ba3
                    Legion was found with a malfunction in his system. Zenith appeared to remove them both. He teleported quickly into Opetter but kept off to the side so that he was not noticed. Just as he had done with KOS-MOS and T-ELOS, he caused Legion to disappear and then disappeared himself just as quickly.

                    Likewise Yuri and Yudith faltered briefly before Zenith appeared off to the side and unseen-obscured from the vision of most except a rare few. He felt bad that the two had just met up. His job was always a hard one. He was supposed to keep his interference to an absolute minimum. With a flick of his hand, Yuri and Judith were gone and then so was he.

                    Finally, the last on Zenith's list as a machine in Zion-X. There was a fight going on, which made the entrance easy for him. He teleported off to the side, keeping a close eye on things. The blue figure was easy to spot amongst the chaos. He like Legion was afflicted with a malfunction, and then he, too, needed to be removed. He waved his hand, and X was gone. Then he, too, followed suit.

                    The_Lust has quit so please post around her. SwDrake has been removed for his inactivity and lack of response toward me in a long time so please post past him. Halibel Fang has also dropped Judith.
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                                                  Someday I will be ( q u e e n ), BUT I will always be myself.
                                                  Someday I will be ( q u e e n ), BUT I will always be myself.
                                                  Someday I will be ( q u e e n ), BUT I will always be myself.

                                            Zidane was an idiot, a grinning fool despite the fact that she was berating him with a number of insults. And of course this was after she had thought her weak and tiny fists might do more damage against his chest as well as her attempt to push him away when he thought he might silence or perhaps appease her with a kiss. She was not that sort of girl. She was not in any position to miss what she had never had prior (a kiss). She wanted to continue to yell at him just to lay upon him all the grief that she had experienced while he was gone. It had to go somewhere. He had to know how afraid she was and how much she had missed him. He had been gone for a year, and he appears to kiss her nonchalantly as if she had just seen him yesterday.

                                            However, it was that very same roguish and natural quality of his that drew her towards him to begin with. Even though she was angry, she would never have expected anything less of him. In fact, if he showed anything but fair humor and simplicity, she would have been worried about him. She rolled her eyes just a bit. He was the only person that she would show anything but complete regality towards. It made Zidane unique in the way that she hardly let down her guard against anyone save for him. Unfortunately, she might have shown polite mannerisms more often towards him were she any less familiar with him. For better or worse, she was ensnared by his easygoing personality.

                                            Regardless of what she said, what he said was the truth. He took all of what would have been insults in stride and even added another, which was also true. It was the very last of all those things that hit home. She did not verbally confirm his statement, but she physically did so. With a smile and a light peck against his lips. She was still fuming, and she refused to let him off the hook. However, she could admit to the fact that she would rather be angry at him and be with him than be worried sick and not be with him. Therefore, she knew how to eat her pride if only because the benefit of being at his side once again outweighed everything else.

                                            If put to the test, she would give up her crown without so much as a double take. Just like Zidane might know that she would go to the ends of the world to be with him, she knew that he would never ask her to choose between him and her kingdom. It just wasn’t fair to the people for them to lose their leader even if she knew they could go on without her. She loved her people, and they in return respected her because she was firm and fair. With Zidane’s influence, she was no longer above coming down and meeting and greeting her people in person. She was not a Queen to remain locked in a tower but one dressed like her people among her people as was right.

                                            A warm smile flooded her lips when she felt his hands touch her cheeks to dry them off. She doubted it would really help. She was likely to carry the tear stains for some time until she could properly was her face. However, she did not care how she might have looked, streaked features or puffy eyes from crying. What mattered was that their hands were conjoined. She would never had said it aloud at least at this moment, but she really enjoyed the barest touch of their fingers. She mused, “A whole year, and your fingers are still sticky.” Taking her free hand, she covered the other side of his hand and squeezed with both as if to emphasize her words.

                                            Dagger made sure to keep pace with him. He was very light on his feet, and now that she had a link to him, she was going to get her shoulder tugged if she let herself get lost in the crowd. She was sure Zidane would wait for her, but she did not want him to wait for her any more than she wanted to wait for him. She could afford to skip several steps. Her heart had done so enough with its erratic beating. With a few extra steps, she lightly buried her face into his shoulder, brushing her lips over the skin in an unintentional kiss but a very intentional touch of her nose and the rest of her face. She whispered, “I’m glad you’re okay… I’ve missed you…

                                            She rushed forward a little bit, beginning to pull him as she got ahead of him by a few steps. She turned on her heel a bit just so she could look at his face-one that she had trouble seeing from being tugged along behind him. With a small bit of mischief saved just for him, she added softly, “Sticky as they are. You may be a bit out of practiced.” There was a glint in her eye that practically dared him to put his thieving skills to the test. It was something she had learned from him. Not everything could have been or should have been done the noble way. There was something just a little bit exhilarating with bending the rules… as long as they weren’t hurting anyone.

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                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.
                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.
                                                  I am simply myself. NO ( m o r e ) and NO [ l e s s ]. And I want only to be FREE.

                                            It had only minimally occurred to her that Basch might have had difficulties referring to her as simply Ashe. Vaan and Penelo had become accustomed to calling her Ashe and even Amalia. After being “dead” to her kingdom her title was practically a death sentence should anyone utter ‘your majesty’ to her. She supposed that nowadays, she was far too used to the title, but amongst kin like Basch and the others, she felt a tugging within her for a bit of familiarity upon which she could briefly remove and hang up her heavy royal mantle. Those words, she supposed, had long been ingrained to the ever polite Basch that had only given her the highest of admiration and respect through her journey together.

                                            Just as she had always been referred to as majesty or highness depending on her station of princess or queen, she supposed she would have looked rather cross at a person that referred to her as anything but either of those things because it was due respect. Yet that seemed all but forgotten in these moments, and she even tripped over her own memories as if she had morphed them all as to suit her comfort level. However, it seemed like she was demanding him to act outside of what was comfortable for him and enforcing upon him another order that he might not approve of. If he did not desire to refer to her as Ashe, he did not have to.

                                            He revealed a familiar crinkled smile, but she was not sure if he was simply smiling because he felt he had to. Suddenly a round of unease washed through her as he spoke so properly to her. The only thing that kept her from completely falling for her concerns was what seemed to be the rather warm smile on his features that she rather enjoyed basking in for the moment. It was the smile of a long time companion, one that was reliable and someone that she could trust above all others to be honest with her. She dearly hoped that he could be honest with her. Yes, their stations were very different at present but a short while ago, his station as the traitorous captain and her station as the dead rebel princess were not very different at all and both worthy of death sentence.

                                            She carefully added, “Should the request of calling me Ashe be too cumbersome, I shall not force you to call me that. I only mean to tell you that we were once not so very different at all.” She almost added that it was a liberty that she would have given to very few people. Even with Vaan, she might have warned him to still speak to her as her majesty in public as to not give the public a negative view that she might have been consorting wildly despite her young widowhood. However, she little gave that warning to Basch because they both had similar backgrounds. He understood the need for a public face as well as a private one.

                                            A light color tinged her cheeks when he reminded her that he still remained respectful throughout the journey. She did remember that now, but she had forgotten that before. He inferred quite a bit from her statement, darkening her cheeks all the more when he asked her about how much she might have missed him. She narrowed her eyes a bit and looked away as her stomach lurched when he correctly unveiled her as if she had been hiding. Ashe had little realized she was until he had spoken so poignantly and bluntly.

                                            Her physical reaction was to be the truth of the matter despite the way her mind worked to perhaps not allow her to be seen with such vulnerability. “Penelo is a very intuitive young woman, too intuitive for Vaan but perhaps best for him. She has a sound head on her shoulders for Vaan to benefit from to be sure.” She said, slightly evading the feeling that she had in fact felt quite at a loss without the firm pillar that was Basch. She little knew how much she needed it or had relied on his advice and support until it was gone from within her easy reaches.

                                            During the moments when she had absolutely no power and absolutely nothing to her name, less than the lowest of commoners, he remained at her side. He treated her with dignity despite her disdain towards him. He stood behind her regardless of her choice, wise and reckless-they were all the same lest she walk into the mouth of a dragon’s breath alone because he would be there as her ward. She might have been aggravated at his presence, but gradually he had shown her that she was wrong about him. In many ways, she was always wrong about him. He was a genuine and loyal man that put his best foot forward.

                                            Refusal of any request of his seemed impossible to do should he ask it. She scowled a bit and almost childishly so because she little knew how to react. Were he a suitor attempting to win the hand of the Dalmascan queen, she could reply with vague coldness. However, he was a friend that she wished to keep and one that she had great troubles finding any fault in aside from a loyalty that went far above and beyond to the extremes that cast even her in shadow. She quipped lightly, “You underestimate yourself quite a bit as you always have before.” Not that she could blame him in truth with all that he had been faulted for.

                                            Her tone softened as she walked on, trying not to meet his gaze as she said, “I may be a queen, but with you, I feel that I need not always be such. Of all those in the world, you have seen me at my highest and my lowest and have treated me all the same. No other certainly can say the same. I cherish and value your companionship…” her voice faltered upon saying ‘all others,’ and her pride little enabled her to say it in fear. Her love had once been trodden upon before and lost to her. To allow it free once again and lost again, it seemed almost too difficult to tread down the path. Yet still, she wished to walk as close as she was able with Basch because none other had ever edged so close and would know her as completely as he had.

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Jeering Darling

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                                        Jeane’s body convulsed as she was on the ground, gasping for air as hard as she could because it was becoming difficult for her to breath. Claustrophobia was setting in as it felt like the world was closing in on her; no where for her to escape. Tucking her head beneath her arms, the blonde closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down, trying to fight the panic she was in over not recognizing her own reflection. She felt hands on her which almost made her jerk away and scream out “Don’t touch me”, but hearing the familiar voice she was becoming used to hearing since the day she came into this world made her stop. She coughed as she tried to catch her breath, willing her eyes to open and meeting Alkaid’s face as the younger girl tried to calm her down.

                                        She knew that her name was indeed Jeane, but her reflection felt like it was not her own. This wasn’t the first time it happened. It occurred on rare occasions where she was unsure of the person she was looking back at in the mirror, but when it did happen, it freaked her out the most than feeling like she was detached from herself. As the redhead started talking about who she was before being brought to this world didn’t matter and whatever happened was now gone because she could be a new person, Jeane brows furrowed. She knew very well that the things that happened to her were done and over with because she took care of it! No one else, but her so what was Alkaid trying to say? That she could start anew? No longer be an assassin? Yeah she could change her occupation if she wanted to, but there was nothing left for her to change.

                                        She shed from her old skin and became who she wanted to be a long time ago. A woman who could take care of herself and not allowed anyone else try to run over her…which her disturbed mind made her instantly conclude that taking one’s life in an act of revenge was the way to go and she believed it. She was a passionate being who felt it was necessary to make the other person regret the day they decided to be careless with their own life by crossing her.

                                        She sat there on the ground impassively as it seemed a team of nurses and doctors came from the hospital nearby after witnessing her breakdown, but before they could get any closer to her, Alkaid barked out a threat, making them back off. Jeane still didn’t utter word; she just sat there and listened to the redhead as she told her that she “had a second chance to make herself the person she wanted to be” or killer, but the opportunity to be the redhead’s sister was still open. Feeling a hand pressing against her cheek, Jeane fixed her red eyes on Alkaid’s brown ones, the blonde was still on edge on the inside, but looked to be calm now as her breathing was back to being regular.

                                        “Fine,” she said in response to Alkaid’s reminder of what they were doing earlier, her tone matter-of-fact, but she didn’t leave that to be her only words as she suddenly reached out and grabbed Alkaid by her collar, pulling the redhead’s face towards hers so only she could hear. “But get this and get it right, if you ever do anything that betrays my trust in you, I will rip out your spine and dump your lifeless body in the ocean.”

                                        Her voice was in a calm whisper, but her eyes held a threatening glint to them as she never diverted her gaze from Alkaid’s own. “This is the only time you’ll be hearing this so you better heed my words.”

                                        She dropped her hand from Alkaid, her red eyes finally releasing the redhead when she heard someone address them. Red eyes watching a man with dark hair and a scowl fixed on his face, stopping not too far from them. Jeane arched an eyebrow in confusion as she wondered what the hell was the dude getting at? She never saw him before in her life. He spoke of having a “score” to settle with her as he ordered Alkaid to leave, making Jeane look him up and down before dismissively rolling her eyes and looking back at Alkaid as she said to the girl, “Where do all these goddamn freaks come from? I swear there must have been a security breach at a mental institution somewhere.”

                                        The blonde then pushed herself off her knees, red eyes fixing back on the strange man before them as she said indifferently,"I don't know you so you can turn around and ******** off to whatever c**t you came from."

                                        "Lets go," she then said to Alkaid as she turned her attention back on the girl, ready to leave and get back to what they were doing before all the bullshit happened.

                                        Location - Eden//Streets
                                        Mood - Calm
                                        Weapons - Own body
                                        Currently - With Alkaid...and a funny farm escapee (Alex) and another unknown person (Vergil)

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Alice Liddell
~ Alice: Madness Returns

So let go
Yeah let go

And just
Get in

Alice tilted her head at that. She supposed maybe that was the difference between her and a whore. She did not show off what the puffs hid any chance she got, and didn’t wear that odd clothing they wore. The clothing that almost looked like they were just trying to show off as much skin as possible. Also, Alice didn’t do what whores tended to do with men, which was an act she was only vaguely aware of. Only knowing enough to know that Dr. Bumby had done that with her sister, and that was a time that it was unwanted. “I suppose that could be the difference. Then again, there might also be the difference in that I do not do the things they do. Though, I guess I could do that too if I wanted to. Though, that would likely make me a whore and not an Alice then.”

Her naivety showed in that there was a sense of being a “whore” and an “Alice” at the same time. Then again, Alice’s logic seemed to bend and break, and then reform in a insanely fast manner. Making her brand of thinking one that easily adjusted to such a mad shadow like Dark. Even if Alice was unable to tell that Dark was crazy. It was yet to be seen whether or not that was a good thing. Her green hues looked towards the shadow. If she did notice he was getting giddier by the minute, Alice didn’t show it on her face. Her expression remained impassive as his giddiness was now exposed. Her gaze seemed to drift away from him before making any sound leave her lips. “And why is “Link” not fun?” That was likely a terrible question to ask.

“And I am not sure giving it back would stop them. Unless you aimed to make sure they couldn’t cause it anymore.” Like she had with Dr. Bumby. For after she knew what he had done to her and her family, she felt she could not let him live. Especially when she knew what he was doing to the other children in that place. What he had planned to do with her. The thoughts only caused her to faintly shudder. After all, there were only a few things that brought intense emotional reaction from her, and the truth about him planning to make her a whore was not one of them. But, as the “strange” conversation continued between her and Dark, she had no idea she was confusing the shadow. Then again, a lot of people would likely be confused by what she said. Let alone how she spoke.

She raised an eyebrow as he called her confused. She didn’t know why that was until he pointed to where her skin was exposed. Her eyes focused on her hands that were exposed. The skin pale just like her face. Yet at least she didn’t have the almost ashen look she had in “London”. Her eyes soon blinked when Dark said she was un-modest. Alice titled her head as she looked over herself. “Maybe? I feel modesty has nothing to do with showing the skin of one’s face or one’s hands.” Her hands pressed themselves slightly against her sides. “I believe it is showing more than need be…for who would want to cover their face and hands unless they are cold?” Alice did not have a desire to hide her face and hands. She didn’t even really have a desire to hide her body.

It was just a force of habit that made her feel nice. Since having the stares the whores got didn’t look all too pleasant, and she could still remember her mother telling her not to run around without clothing or just in her underwear. At least one thing had stuck from her childhood. Alice hadn’t noticed Dark scowl at her words about Hysteria. Which, while it would change her appearance and her clothes, was a last ditch effort to keep herself alive. A defense mechanism so to speak. For after that, Alice was a little too close to “death” for comfort. But, now she decided to comment on seeing into the future. To keep herself from having to talk about a power she would rather not use. “The…Sheikah? Who are they?” If they could see the “truth”, then they would make quite good friends with the Caterpillar.

She almost appeared confused when Dark called her practical. She knew what the word meant. But, because she knew what it meant, that only made his statement possibly more odd. For why was she practical just because she didn’t think flashing what was underneath her poofs would do anything? Let alone to monsters! “I am not sure it is practical as it is more…just knowing that such a thing would not affect them.” After all, what would a monster get by seeing her drawers? Alice could not think of anything. Then again, maybe that was because she was a human, or an “Alice” as Dark kept putting it, and not a monster. Thus, she actually couldn’t be sure. Yet, the faint amount of sanity still inside of her told her that they would likely not care for such a thing.

In her impulsiveness, she had forgotten the rule she had put into place to try and be “fair”. However, it wasn’t like Alice felt a true compulsion to win. For if she wasn’t playing a “game” to keep herself from dying, what was the use of the game? But, once she started, she was not going to stop until it ended. But in the meantime, she and the shadow kept up their conversation. Likely appearing quite odd for having such a conversation in the middle of a fight. Though, Alice likely did not care. Her eyes trained on the shadow as he brought up an interesting point. If she lost her sanity, was it really that important? She supposed not considering she had “Londerland” now. Yet, Alice couldn’t help but wonder what life would be like with a truly sane mind.

“That is possible. But, I still view it as important compared to most other things.” After that, Dark asked her another question. She answered impassively which rewarded her with yet another reply. A brief moment of silence lingered before Alice made any move to speak. “I want it because I lost it. And what is lost should be found. No matter what that lost thing is.” It was almost childish. But, how else was she to explain such a desire? Even if her “promise land” had been given to her through her muddle mess of sanity and insanity! However, if Dark could give her sanity, that “promise land” might be something she was willing to sacrifice. Maybe. “Very well. Then you shall get Hyrule if you win.” She just hoped she would know how to give him that if he won the game.

The killing of the monsters went on between them. One sometimes getting one kill and the other sometimes getting multiple. Alice found herself not wanting to count the number of monsters she had killed. Since this was a game though, she went on ahead and kept track of how many she had ended, and how many Dark had ended. Though, the shadow seemed to take pride in his kills. Admittedly, Alice felt neither pride nor sorrow. Just…nothing. The only time she had felt something when she had killed was when she pushed Dr. Bumby in front of that train. She had actually felt…happy…and relieved…for the first time in years. Not because of the act she had committed. But because of the fact the man, who had destroyed her family and her sanity, had his just dues given to him.

“Maybe so. But then we wouldn’t have been able to play this game.” Her voice didn’t sound excited or sad about that. She sounded, like usual, like she was only stating fact. When Dark mentioned fear though, Alice appeared to almost show a flicker of emotion. But whatever it was, it was gone as quickly as it came. “Yes…maybe fearing nothing is best….But…maybe fearing something might be a drive to do things…or to have something to do beyond just…living….” Her words almost seemed like a jumbled up mess of out spoken thoughts. However, now was not the time for her to linger on such matters. She had a monster to kill. She jumped onto the monster using her ability. Then, she stabbed into the monster to keep herself from being flung off! Yet in the end, the effort was all for naught.

For while she was able to kill the monster, Alice found herself flung off the creature. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how one looked at it, she hit Dark and knocked him over. A normal person might apologize or feel terribly awkward at the position they were in. But not Alice. Immediately, she stood up as if nothing had happened. She heard Dark, but she chose not to reply until after she killed the monster for sure. “I can in the right conditions I suppose.” After that, Alice made sure to double check her math. Once she had, Alice declared, in her own way, that she had won the fight. She looked only blankly at Dark as he seemed to start accusing her of miss-counting. “I believe I have not counted wrong…but you may double check.”

Let her win? That was new! “Yes. I believe I did when I used my Pepper grinder. But, I believe you did as well when you flung your shield. So, we are even.” That would just subtract one kill from both of them if she remembered right. That would still make it nine to eight, with the nine in her favor. The shadow continued to whine though. It almost reminded her of the more intolerable residents of Wonderland. She spoke not a word though until Dark mentioned her poofs. An eyebrow faintly rose as she tilted her head. Waiting until he had mentioned fetching the gold before breaking the silence on her end. “My poofs? I thought you wanted Hyrule if you lost. Did you change your mind in the middle of the fight?” Alice did not realize he might mean using her poofs as a shield from the sun.

Alice waited for Dark to take care of getting the money. She supposed they would need to get on a train and leave town. But to where? She briefly remembered glancing over the choices of places to go at the train station. None of them were that appealing. After all, none of them were Wonderland! Maybe going by train to Wonderland was not an option? Her finger lightly tapped her chin as she stood there. As she did that, Alice thought she noticed something odd. Her eyebrows furrowed a little in an attempt to see it better. However, before Alice could see what or who that was, she heard a hollowed cry. Alice looked in Dark’s direction. Since the sound sounded like it came from there. Yet, she saw nothing. Having no idea Dark’s doppelganger had fled to find a darker place.

“Hurry? Are we in a rush?” She moved towards Dark. She felt the sensation of being watched. Yet again though, Alice saw nothing, or the object was too far away to tell. “Or is there something off about this area?” She asked because it was possible Dark was feeling the same way she was. If that was the case, they needed to move. “For if there is something off, that gives us more reason to leave.” Alice had taken the gold from Dark. She opened the bag and counted out the amount they had. It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was more than she had seen in over a decade. “Though to answer your question, we can buy tickets over there. Though, why do you not need gold?” Alice moved towards the train station more with the assumption Dark would be right behind her.

As she moved to pay for tickets, Alice noticed something a bit odd. A person just…standing there with something metal and flat in their hands. She felt insanely curious about the odd sight. But, that feeling of faint dread kept her still. “Dark…do you see that?” She pointed towards the person. “Do you think we should talk to that person, or should we just leave?” Alice only asked because Dark may or may not be hyper sensitive to whatever was off. Maybe he would be a better judge as to whether or not leaving was better than satisfying their curiosities? She had no idea that Dark might not be the best person to give the responsibility of choosing. Especially between satisfying a want and just getting something possibly unimportant in his eyes.

Oh it is so
Amazing here

It’s alright

Cause there is beauty
In the break down

Where am I?: Nergal Train Station with Dark.
Who I am fond of: “Wonderland”
Weapon of choice: Vorpral Blade, Teapot Cannon, Pepper Grinder, Clockwork Bomb, Hobby Horse
Hysteria: Active, Not Active
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                                                ▸▸▸ NERGAL // streetsxxxxxxxxx
                                                xxxxxxxxxxFINAL xxx FANTASY xxxVII I
                                                xxxxxxxRᵻɴᴏᴀ Ħᴇᴀʀᴛᵻᴌᴌʏxxxxxxxx
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!
                                                      You're the o n e that .g.i.v.e.s. ( me ) the m o s t comfort. Comfort AND happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!

                                                It seemed only fitting that Rinoa pick someone just as stubborn as her or else she was out of luck every time she decided to jump into some hasty plan she concocted of her own imagination. There needed to be someone to balance her out, and of the six of them with her being the only non-Garden member and one of the only two that were SeeD graduates. If the world were classified into two types of beings sun and moon, she, Zell, and Selphie would have fit the bill for sun while Squall, Quistis, and Irvine held cooler and more moon-like dispositions. Seifer, her previous boyfriend, was a bit harder to tell, but she was sure that he was also a sun.

                                                She, Zell, Selphie, and Seifer were just the sorts of people that could shine on their own and cast light on others. However, Squall, Quistis, and Irvine needed others to shine light on them, although she was sure Irvine might disagree, the fact that he did not try to garner attention but rather bask in the attentions of others made him a moonlight sort of being. To that end, she and Seifer simply did not work out. His bright flaring strength and attention certainly garnered her attention initially speaking. To that end, she cared about him. She cared about him deeply just like she cared about Zell, Selphie, Quistis, and Irvine. They carved a deep impression onto her heart.

                                                However, Squall was different. From the moment she saw him, he had been different. Irvine was attractive, but Squall stood out… literally. He stood away from everyone else. He did not bask in well-deserved attentions despite the party being for him-a SeeD graduate. His eyes didn’t even glance up at the party once. She would know; did he have any idea how long she had watched him from the corner of her eye? He couldn’t have because he didn’t raise his gaze above his own feet once. It was no surprise that when she popped into his vision, he did not see her coming carrying her burning curiosity in tow.

                                                At the beginning, she was simply honest with him. She was upfront about how she saw him just like she would have been with anyone else. She put on her best smile, which was coy and flipped the switch for trying to learn more about him, which was teasing and flirting. Those two in combination like her and Angelo were always successful. However, Squall hardly perked. In fact, he seemed almost just as aloof and nonchalant as he did just then-a near perfect representation of her first meeting with him that caused a scowl to rise in her features. He was still being stubborn, although she would not have expected anything less.

                                                From the moment she had seen him, she had her eyes on him waiting for the moment that she would see his eyes on her. It seemed that from that moment on, Squall would have no choice but to watch her. She danced dangerously on the edge at all times. Whether he liked it, he was there to catch her every time she fell but also graced with those moments as the one person that was also able to see her fly. In those times, there was only one person she wished to bring along with her-him. Metaphorically and perhaps literally speaking, she could open his eyes and show him the world through her eyes. While her eyes trained on him, she might… just might catch a rare smile from him.

                                                His attempts to dissuade her never worked. She persevered, taking his hand and pulling him along with her. Even though this might have seemed forceful from any other perspective, between the two of them, she was the only person in the world that could get away with tugging Squall along like she did. In every way, he was her equal. When she was determined to lock herself away in the Sorceress’s Memoriam, he was determined to not let her chain herself for forever. He was just as unreasonable as her, knowing full well that if she was ever taken over, she would become a force to be reckon with… a power that could hurt anyone. Even when he had her convinced to come back out to walk amongst them, he cut through her rational that of all the people in the world, she would have wanted him to kill her… If she sounded crazy by making stoic Squall dance, he sounded just as crazy if not crazier when he vowed to be her knight. Who could refuse that? She certainly could not.

                                                Perhaps it was that very same bond, the one of the Sorceress and Knight that kept them together even in this strange place. Perhaps they were simply Rinoa and Squall-equal parts stubborn and crazy that if separated would have torn up the world to find the other person. It was safer that way. ‘Heehee… Seifer. ’ The blond gunblade specialist would have certainly been amused by this, but Squall would probably not think it was so funny.

                                                Rinoa trailed her gaze up Squall’s arm, the only arm that was still attached to hers, his left hand to her right hand. Although Squall was always quiet and tense, there was a specific kind of Squall-tension for fighting and danger. She wondered if something was happening. She couldn’t use her projectile shooter because her dominant hand was covered. However, she was far more formidable as a sorceress, needing no weapon at all if her emotions were strung high enough. She gripped his hand tighter as she scanned their surroundings. The fight with Ultimecia was not long enough ago for her to be rusty in a fight. Even though she wasn’t trained, the best sort of training was real scenarios to which she learned very quickly.

                                                She whispered, “Where? I don’t see anyone.” From the looks of it, no one was primed to attack them. Squall had his weapon out and was getting strange looks, but everyone was going on their way. She grit her teeth and muttered, “Squa-aall.... Can’t you see all the weird looks you’re getting? I think it looks more like we’re the attackers. Now put that away before someone arrests us for… I don’t know… disturbing the peace or something.

                                                She used her freed left hand to light squeeze his shoulder through the fuzzy collar and leather jacket since her right hand was otherwise occupied with Squall’s left hand. She needed him to relax. If she didn’t know that the scar across his brow was a scar, she might have thought it was a vein. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought that scar had once been his vein that he must have popped after all the times he had furrowed it. “If someone wanted to attack us, don’t you think they would have done so already? I also don’t think it would have been very smart of them to not separate us,” she said, trying to convince the brunette to lower his guard.

                                                Meanwhile, she glanced nervously to pedestrians that were looking on to the couple with equal nervousness. She could only raise her hand and wave back, trying to smile and show as much geniality as possible. They had just gotten out of a fight. They didn’t need to start another one again so soon after.

                                                      xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // full
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // calm

                                                      xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ WEAPON // shooting star
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ JUNCTION // mag - ultima, spr - reflect, spd - haste, eva - triple. hit - aura
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ JUNCTION // st-atk - sleep, st-def - silence, elem-atk - holy, elem-def - full-life
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEM // hi-potion x 2
                                                      xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEM // necklace with wing ring && griever ring

                                                locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                                ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                                ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                                User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                                xL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
                                                              User Image
User Image

                                                              It seemed that Ezio took joy in Seven's joke over her concept of Alex, it even got him to laugh. Though he did have a good point when he stated that without his anger he might just be....blank. Which could explain why he stuck to his anger as if it was glue. She nodded in agreement that she really didn't wish to bring the kitten concept up with Alex, she really didn't want to have to fight him unless she had to. Her brow rose at the last bit as a more....playful?... side came out of her companion Ezio who stated that they could speak of this out of earshot of the anger issues case. This caused Seven to laugh a bit as she brought her hand up to conceal her mouth a little. "We are in agreement then, we will only speak of this to where he can't here and if we need something to pick up our spirits. " She decided to add her own jokes in as well, after all why not enjoy it if she was in good company?

                                                              She nodded softly to his statement as she added to it. "Yes, like go see a movie or go to a park, even share dinner together. It makes a date even more enjoyable and memorable. After all why not enjoy time with the one you love and a friend you hold close. " She seemed to be glad she held his trust though she was still in a good humor feeling as she responded. "Though if you do betray me, I will cut you down in a instant....... that was a joke, I don't ever see it happening. " She winked as she really was honest with it, after all if Ezio wished to stab her in the back she was certain he would had done so on the train ride they shared considering how weakened she was.

                                                              Seven waved her hand at the man as he thanked her for being understanding. To her it really wasn't a big deal to be honest. Though she was a bit confused to what he asked next. She thought everyone knew that a girl could like a girl and a boy could like a boy. She then smiled a little more as she decided to speak up, after all she could tell he meant no offense. "Well to put it simply.... I like to be with women... I am a lesbian....and prefer to um....bed women? " She blushed very faintly at the forwardness of her statement. "I hope that clarifies it... " She said as she seemed to fidget her hands together a bit behind her back, it was rather bold statement on her part.

                                                              As the two went off she looked over to Ezio as he asked what a computer was as she seemed a bit stunned that he would ask that. Though she quickly got over it as she decided it was best to explain it. "Well a computer is like a device someone uses to communicate and store information or even talk to others. In this case they are used to accept jobs and check in to see if there is anything around of interest. Um...think of it as a book maybe? " She was trying to figure out the best way to explain it as she hoped her friend wasn't too confused over the concept. Though she looked over to Alex as she seemed to watch the man rant and yell causing her to only sigh, was he always full of hot air. She was now getting used to the abuse which was a sad concept. She noted the glare as she then looked to her ally as she had decided it was best to let him do all the talking, after all the things she had to say weren't all that nice.

                                                              When Ezio started to describe Sofia she started to picture the woman causing her smile to grow a little. "She sounds like a truly amazing woman, I am jealous.... You are really a lucky man. I really hope to meet her. Though have you told her all these things you told me just now? " She had to ask honestly as she wondered if Ezio had opened his heart at all to the woman he held up in such high regards. After all it was never good to hide your emotions unless you had a darn good reason to do so.

                                                              Though when Seven was asked about Sice her smile got wider, showing how thinking of the other woman made her happier. "Well...she is a tomboy. She keeps her long white hair up in a ponytail and she really isn't good with words. But...she has a gentle side that she started showing eventually hidden under her tough girl tomboy side. She really is a beautiful woman. I compare nothing to her. " Seven said with a full smile as she seemed to cup her own cheek, she could feel a blush forming as she thought of who she thought was her girlfriend. "Oh yes, and she is very skilled wit a scythe...as I am with my sword. " She thought that was worth adding as she didn't want to leave anything out.

                                                              "So...what sort of food should we get for the supplies, it seems we might have a lot of time to look around. Perhaps even get something to spoil each other. We deserve a little after dealing with Alex for so long. " She said as she leaned forward with her hands laced behind her back, a slightly playful grin on her face. "Do you enjoy sweets Ezio? Perhaps we can get some candy? " She said with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, after all what school girl could say no to the idea of candy? Even if she was more of a soldier trained to fight and kill.

                                                              Location: Shopping with Ezio
                                                              Mood: Happy

                                                              User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Image
AphroditeStrife's avatar

Shirtless Star

        User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                                                              I wanna let go of the pain I’ve felt so longSTRIFEL o c a t i o n CrysisSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Healing: In Love STRIFEI wanna heal, I wanna feel like I’m close to something real

                                                              Cloud let a little noise out when she moved to take his glass and drain it, the smirk on his lips turning up into an actual smile. She was pretty cute when she was being naughty, he liked seeing this side of her. She normally had to be very no nonsense, with being a mother, a business owner and a female martial artist, it wasn't very often that this side of Tifa came out... it really reminded him more of when they were kids, and they had time to play... or she did and he would watch outside the window and wish to be playing with her...

                                                              And now, they were together, naked, and so very close to being intimate that he felt his heart quicken just at the thought. So, he wasn't very experienced, but if he had anything to say about it, he wouldn't mind making up for lost time, as long as it was with Tifa... he couldn't see himself ever kissing or touching another woman like he did her... she was special to him in more ways then this... and those emotions he had for her just made the physical even better.

                                                              "No, no champagne, it's in the other room,"
                                                              and he certainly didn't want Tifa going anywhere at the moment. His eyes ran over her creamy skin, seeing the dark scar that Sephiroth had given her, but not seeing it at the same time... he understood what it was, but he didn't think about it, like he might have, even just the night before, when he would feel regret for not being there fast enough, carrying the burden on his shoulders alone... now he looked at it as a beautiful patch of skin that meant she was here, with him, because if all those things hadn't happened, then they wouldn't be here right now...

                                                              He moved his hands then, letting them run up her smooth thighs to rest on the gentle swell of her hips and he sighed softly, pulling her closer. He leaned up and breached the gap between their lips, kissing her with an open mouth, letting his tongue lightly tease her bottom lip. He moved his hands around her back, his battle calloused hands lightly ghosting up her spine in a seductive way, not that he was actually trying to seduce her, the movement just came naturally to him. His love for her made him want to make her happy, and she seemed to like it when he touched her like that.

                                                              When they had to breathe he didn't pull back far, his blue eyes looking into her mahogany ones and he smiled softly, his cheeks pink from the heat, "I love you," he whispered, moving enough so he could kiss the water drops off her skin, paying special attention to her neck... He wondered if she knew how pretty she was, her hair wet and sticking to her, the water beading on her skin, making it sparkle... he couldn't believe such an angel has waited for him, she should have been married already... he moved his right hand to take her left in his, his thumb running over the ring on that special finger... he still couldn't believe she'd said yes.

                                                              L o v e Tifa LockhartSTRIFEI wanna find something I’ve wanted all alongSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEW e a p o n s Tsurugi
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Mystile
                                                                      Somewhere I belongA . S T R I F Emystile Restore :: All | Phoenix :: Final Attack | Ice :: Cover
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEI t e m s Ribbon
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEP a r t y Tifa

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                      ASD e l i v e r ySTRIFE S p e c i a l i s tAS
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▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ↙↙▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅
▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ↗↗▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅

                                                          He shook his head and frowned a little. “Oh yes…I should have allowed myself to get stabbed by one of your summoned swords…” He had enough of getting stabbed by those when he fought Vergil three times the day before! “I’m sure that would have made you quite happy to see me having swords sticking out of me.” Dante had a good feeling Vergil got a messed up kick out of that too! Damn demented sociopathic brother! “But know that if that had happened, then you would have surely gotten a similar look sooner or later.” No need for Dante to point out he would likely never learn how to do the same thing. Not when he had his babies. Well, one of them. Lady still had Ivory. Damn! “After all, karma bites people in the a** for a reason.”

                                                          Dante almost wanted to come back and say it was Nero’s fault that he might have to get things moving if it took too long! Yet, the half-demon kept to himself. “Hey! You should be thanking me! I could be making you to do this!” He smirked a little as he knew exactly what would get Nero annoyed. “And I could have hit on your girlfriend in the meantime. Since you would be…too busy with the light up here and exercising your brain, Kid.” The demon hunter chuckled before immediately backing away from the window. No need to find a bullet from Blue Rose in his head. A faint shrug left his lips as he moved over towards the light. He had never had to fix a light on a lighthouse before. But, it should be simple like his jukebox…right? As he started to work on the light though, he realized it wasn’t that simple.

                                                          Now he wished he had made Nero fix the light! Though, the demon hunter had no idea Lady said for Nero to do so on her way out. That would have been ironic to him. However, instead of hearing her words, he heard a gunshot. He turned his head towards the window. When he didn’t see a bullet-hole in the window, Dante shrugged and went back to fixing the light. For if it was only one gunshot, maybe a stray demon had shown up, or Lady decided to give Nero some of her “Dante-medicine”. The latter scenario would have been perfect! Though, like a lot of things, the half-demon would never find out the latter set of events had happened. Thus, Dante continued to work on the light. Slowly but surely, the repair on the light was coming together. Good thing he was able to bs the “tools” a little.

                                                          The demon hunter had no idea how long it had taken him. But, once the light turned itself on, he started to move down the stairs. By the time he opened the door and left the lighthouse, Dante had heard Kyrie mention possibly helping him. “Naw. I got it fixed. So, no worries.” The moment he noticed Nero’s impatient foot tapping, Dante chuckled. “Awww. You two were waiting for me? How sweet.” He started to move forward before he stopped to look over his shoulder. “Now if we got the job taken care of now, let’s head back. I’m starving!” While he did want to ask about Lady, showing concern wasn’t exactly his forte. Thus, while the concern was there, his growling stomach overwhelmed most of his thoughts. Thus, Dante walked down the same path he vaguely remembered them taking to get here.

                                                          Luckily, his memory must have been decent since they didn’t get lost this time. Then again, that might have been because his sensitive noise started to pick up the smell of pizza! A grin formed on his face the more the smell became stronger. “Can’t you smell it? The delicious aroma of pizza?” He mostly directed that at Nero. Since he was trying to mess with the fellow demon hunter as usual it seemed. The smell led him towards the inn they had stayed at last night. His turquoise hues traveled across the building and noticed a window opened. He couldn’t tell for sure if that was his room or not. But, if it was his room, then it seemed Lady was feeling very nice! “If you two are hungry…I might be willing to share with you two…once you get a damn shower, Kid.”

                                                          Yet another jest about towards his fellow demon hunter. But, Nero did look like he needed a shower! The demon hunter moved inside then, and moved up the stairs. He gave only one knock before opening the door. If only to keep himself from possibly being shot. “Why hello there.” He noticed three boxes of pizza on a table. His tongue moved over his lips as he moved towards them. But, as he did, Dante caught a glimpse of Lady and noticed the outfit she was in. His turquoise hues did a quick glance over before blinking a little. “Well hot damn. I think this is my lucky day.” Lady in an amazing look dress, and three boxes of pizza? He almost felt like he was in heaven! He plopped down in the chair in front of the table and opened the box with the pepperoni.

                                                          He took out a slice and started eating on it as his eyes found themselves drawn to Lady. She really had the perfect figure to pull that dress off! However, Dante wasn’t sure he could point that out, any more than he already had, without getting shot! “Though, is this pizza just for me? I have a feeling it isn’t since there is three boxes.” Dante assumed Lady had ordered the pizza. “But, that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind sharing with you.” The demon hunter smirked a little while he took another bite of his slice. “I even offered to give some to Nero and Kyrie…But only after Nero got a shower. He looked like the damn Sandman when I saw him.” An exaggeration obviously. “Oh course…if Nero starts hogging….he’ll have to get his own.” Dante chuckled a little as he continued eating the delicious pizza!


                                                          Where can I be found:: Arcadia Lighthouse then Arcadia Inn Room with Lady(And maybe Nero and Kyrie)
                                                          Love:: I do love me some pizza…and maybe…Lady…
                                                          My weapon of choice is:: Rebellion and Ebony, since a certain Lady still has my Ivory…But, I will get it back!
                                                          My appearance:: Human // Demon

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