About me

Hey Im Nikki. I'm a female Im 17 going on 18 *smile* I love anime manga music.

I dont know that much about stuff like the world outside of books and computer. I do go to school. I have short red/brown/blond hair. Im 5/6 height. Im emo and gothic. I believe in one thing and one thing only there no such thing as god but there is a goddess and her name is Nxy the goddess of the night. Im bisexual which for people who dont know I like both boys and girls. Im a vampire lolI'm fat like most people on this website and if you dont like it get the hell off my page and burn in hell I dont care for people that think there all that in a bottle of rum okay? okay because I am not a a stupid idiot like most wanna be are. I am the real deal what you see is what you get