I am done here for awhile. The obsessive, force-it-down-your-throat advertising and monetization is too much... advertising in PMs put it over the top. I may come back someday, who knows. All I know is that I am done with this absurdity for a bit.

My name is Michael, however, on here I prefer to go by Gavyn the Mighty [or Krovahn]. I am currently 25 years old, and I am in graduate school. I have Bachelor's in both Meteorology and Water Resources, though my main focus of the two is Meteorology. I also have an interest in Geology as a hobby. I intern over the past three summer at a Science Lab, working mainly on a project funded by NASA. I've progressed into graduate school where I am studying a Master's in Imaging Science. Imaging is a combination of Mathematics, Physics and Remote Sensing and it is able to encompass most of the sciences in on discipline. I still have my love for Meteorology... once I get my Master's hopefully I can combine Imaging and Meteorology into a PhD. I am no longer in the Imaging Science graduate program; instead, I am back to where I went for undergraduate school to get my masters in Environmental Science.

Music, what can I say about it; Like most people, I enjoy it. I prefer mostly Rock, but am beginning to come around on country music as well as I get older. My favorite bands are Smile Empty Soul, Linkin Park and Shinedown. Sadly, I have only been able to see one of the three in concert, Smile Empty Soul being the band I saw. It was an incredibly ridiculous show, epic beyond belief. Hopefully I will get to go next time they are in the area, providing I have enough cash.

On Gaia, I frequent the z!F, HoC and the GCD, though I am just beginning to come out of my "forum lurking" phase. I used to love playing zOMG! and I played when ever I had free time. I beat the End Boss for Chapter 1 in January of 2009, you know, when he was still a challenge. I am very proud of that fact. Recently, at the release of the coliseum, I got to crew up with [ JK ] one of the artists for zOMG! and a really cool person, it ranked right up there with my first time of beating C1-EB as my favorite zOMG! experience. I also realized that he is the same artist behind my favorite item on Gaia as a whole, the Ancient Katana. Now, I am in the Beta of HoC, and I love it... Avalon all the way!

If we are having a debate and all you do is rant, act childish/immature, do not provide factual evidence and/or are to conceited I will promptly stop discussing anything with you as I take it you are to dense to even attempt to see both sides of the argument. Additionally, if this keeps up in several places, I will free to add you to my ignore list. I try to have nice conversation and debate on this site; I try to do this in an intelligent and mature manner. I expect the same out of you.

Don't violate the ToS. Seriously, don't do it! If I see it, I report it so it can be taken care of... there is no need for it, so please just abide the rules.

That is quite a bit more than I expected to write about myself, if there is anything else you are curious to know, drop me a PM, I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have!



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Thank you for the purchase!
Have fun with it!

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thank you for the purchase~!

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Happy Bday bro! have a good one man!

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Happy birthday! gaia_crown

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Yeah... x P

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One thing I think I remember is that that system was kinda hacked together and wouldn't be fit for widespread use.
But don't quote me on that x P

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fudge AtA closed on me...

Afraid I don't remember the details but positive it was asked and they answered...

Question's been on my mind ever since you started asking... so I'll try again, I want to know!! Dx

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Thanks! I like your unique take on the armor as well. ^_^

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I did draw it, Thank you very much~ X3
Marvelous Deadpool

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Marvelous Deadpool

ah yes its an amazing addition to an avalon themed outfit


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