All About The Y.B.P!

Hello and welcome to my humble profile!
Please don’t mind my choice of music; it’s more for my enjoyment than for annoying you.

Super-mega-nice to meet *ALL* of you! I'm just your friendly-neighborhood 19 year old magical-girl! User Image

So in case you didn't notice the massive set of interest tags, I’m into many different things. However if I had to choose a few interests to mark as my super-all-time-loves…

• Ball Jointed Dolls,
• The Lolita Fashion,
• Baking,
• Fluffy-Cute things,
• Giant Robot Mecha stuff

…definitely stand out for me!

I wanted to be many things in life, but now my dream is to be a Jack-of-All-Trades of all of the things I ever wanted to do!

Some of the things on my list include, but not limited to:

• Designing a cute and amazing Mahou Shoujo work, in a genre deconstruction kind of way.
• Working in or owning a Dessert Cafe, It most likely will have something to do with monochrome shading and lacy frills
• Know how to design a wedding dress, and then have the know-how to sew it
• Learn Sign language in English, French, German, and Japanese. If possible.
• Becoming minor astrophysicist/astronomer, then discovering a major previously unknown astrological event
• Becoming the first Government-Licensed Astrologer, and then LOLing to the bank

And etc!

Now for some awesome details about yours truly:

• Milk chocolate is my favorite type of candy, and I love it more so than I do most others, but Strawberry lollipops comes at a close seconded!
• I’m an American chick, but also a POC. Why yes! American is the best country, thanks for agreeing with me, Broham!
• I have slight case of Ichthyophobia, but more so fish are just the hell spawn of the Earth c:
• I'm trying my hand at video games, however I must admit, I suck terribly at most
• I’m socially awkward in the sense that I really have no idea what to say to people; Coupled with the fact that I’m a bit hyperactive and extremely happy to converse with folks doesn't help either
• The GCD is like my home away from home! Only I’m at my home when I go to the GCD most times.
• I've logged onto Gaiaonline more or less every single day since March 3rd 2007. I’m (semi) proud of that.
• My First account is Arkhangel Hamatiel Zuriel and even back then I had a fetish with Religious stuff. Not a Religion per se, just Religious stuff associated with it
• Sailor Moon was my first Mahou Shoujo and my all time favorite. Sailor Chibi Moon is my favorite Scout, and Kousagi Tsukino is my favorite all time Parallel Scout xD
• In fact, I’m a huge fan of the concept of Mahou Shoujo too!
• Kurt Wagner from X-Men and Garfield Logan from Teen Titans/Young Justice are the two characters I have a huge crush on. *Fans myself*

Well that’s it for now! I love getting random messages, comments, and friend invites, but don't be weird with it, okay? There be some mighty big creepers out yonder!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to drop a comment, I want to know what’s your favorite Magical Girl anime/movie/manga/etc!

Some of my favorite pictures!

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